” I want for us to be united as we’ve all sired Diamonds children” Hamisa Mobetto to Zari and Tanasha Donna

Hamisa Mobetto has no bad blood with either Tanasha Donna or Zari Hassan since they all have thing in common; Diamond Platnumz!

Speaking to Tanzanian news channel Ijumaa Wikienda, Hamisa Mobetto made it known that she has been in effort to bring both Zari and Tanasha close. This is mostly because their children remain siblings despite the many issues surrounding their different relationships with baby daddy, Simba.

So far Hamisa Mobetto has managed to mend her relationship with Tanasha Donna; but when it comes to Zari things remain the same as the South African socialite remains bitter with Hamisa. Speaking during the interview, Miss Mobetto went on to add;

Diamond’s baby mamas:(from left) Zari Hassan, Hamisa Mobetto and Tanasha Donna

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“I love both of them. Even you can tell that I’m close to Tanasha and we consult each other on many issues as we run our different ventures to make money. I don’t have a problem with Zari; I want for us to be united as we’ve all sired Diamonds children, we’re related. Our children are from one family, why should we live hating on each other? Do we want our children to hate each other too? I don’t think it’s a good thing,”

Beef with Zari?

Although Hamisa Mobetto seems determined to fix her relationship with Zari; the mother of 5 has been making it impossible with her insults directed to Mobetto.

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So far Zari has not only called out Hamisa for being cheap; but insists that the young mum of 2 is a witch who ruined her relationship with Diamond.

However, speaking about his relationships a while back…Diamond made it clear that his religion allows a man to marry upto 5 wives. For this reason, no woman stole him from anyone. According to Diamond Platnumz all his wives remain equal to his eyes…I guess

Who is copying who? Tanasha Donna and Hamisa Mobetto step out in similar like outfits!

The battle for the sexiest baby mama in Diamond Platnumz life might have just become judging from photos shared by both Tanasha and Hamisa Mobetto.

Tanasha’s Kenyan bracelet

It was first brought to our attention that Hamisa Mobetto recently started rocking a similar like bracelet that Tanasha has been wearing for years.

Hamisa’s bracelet

Well now Hamisa Mobetto owns one with the Tanzanian flag and if I am not wrong; seems like she has been stalking to get every detail about Tanasha’s style!

Similar like tops

Well, just a few days ago Tanasha released new photos rocking a ‘one hand’ bodysuit with pink pants on her Instagram page. Judging from how fine the lass looks, we can understand why Hamisa Mobetto decided to once again borrow the look.

Well, as seen on her Instagram page Hamisa Mobetto stepped out in a black ‘one hand’ top and rugged pants; confirming that Tanasha’s page is now her look book!

It’s everyday we see drama from the two big fans are loving the tension between these two!

Tanasha Donna
Hamisa Mobetto