Vera to Kenyan women: Stop pushing your men to change

Socialite Vera Sidika was on Instagram this weekend to share that a man will never change for a woman unless he wants to.

According to Vera, men should not be pushed because at the end of the day, they’ll decide what they want to do.

She further to women that men they are trying to mould will never change because to them, they are not the lovers they desire.

“I’ve seen men leave 5-10 years relationships, turn around and get married to a woman he’s known for 6 months,” she said.


Vera also believes that men only change when they like you a reason why women should stop pushing them.

“And does all the things his ex always begged him to do. Word of advice. Stop preaching to these men, they hear you.

“He’s not going to ever be the man you want him to be because you’re not the woman he wants to be with, people change for who they want, period,” she wrote on her InstaStory.  

“Avoid that woman. She’ll say you have a toothpick” fans warn Willy Paul 

Despite all the ugly break ups Willy Paul has had online, no woman has come out to speak about his sex game or manhood as we have seen several women do after break ups.

Well, fans are now warning him to stay away from Vera Sidika or that will happen very soon.

The two shared photos on their social media accounts after meeting. They were sitting on a white Mercedes Benz which means it might be a song or just another attention seeking move.

Keep off

Willy Paul
Willy Paul

After Willy Paul posted the photo, Vera commented with: “Bwana Mkunaji ????“. Fans were not impressed by the photo and warned Willy Paul to stay away from the controversial socialite who claimed Otile Brown had a small manhood after their break up.

Here some of the comments

Asma: I am not against the two fo you because I know if the two of you decide to work on a collabo, it will be a hit.

Ofwa: They do anything for clout????

Omina: Willy take care or you will be among those who were exposed for having toothpicks ????????????????????????????

Shack: Willy Paul I love what am seeing of late….always follow your heart coz haters will always be there. The new king of love songs. Big up

How many men will see your nakedness before you settle down? Vera forced to answer

Socialite Vera Sidika was recently forced to give a fan a rather unexpected answer after she took to instagram to announce her trip to the US.

The socialite, who has been in the news for dating several men now and sleeping with others, including older ones, posted a raunchy photo of Gucci man with his girlfriend while posting the announcement but a fan wanted to know when she’ll stop sleeping around and settle down.

“How many men will see your nakedness before you settle down?” asked a fan who goes by the name Frankutt.

Vera Sidika, who seemed not to have taken the comment lightly then sarcastically responded to Frankutt saying that the number may get to one thousand men.

“@Frankuttt maybe 1000,” responded Vera Sidika.

Vera was recently accused of dumping Otile Brown who she dated for less than six months. Before that, she was with a white guy who she dumped because he was too young. In the entertainment industry, the socialite has also been rumored to date several guys.


You are as fake as your t*ts! Hamisa Mobetto blasts Vera Sidika for insulting her children

Seems that the Tanzanian drama just moved to Nairobi city and truth be told, we love it since none of our celebrities have been pouring any interesting tea on social media to entertain their fans.

Well, Hamisa Mobetto is currently in town and as expected she is staying with her best friend, Cuppie who also happens to be among the low key socialites we have in the game.

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Anyway…yesterday the two best friends happened to bump into Vera Sidika who claims to have been heading for a meeting at Dusit and since the ladies were in different cars, Hamisa randomly shared a snapchat video showing how excited she was to see the Kenyan socialite.

Vera's snap
Vera’s snap

However, things did not work out as planned as Vera Sidika later started throwing tantrums on social media as she claimed that she was not aware that Hamisa had been snapping – since she could not be seen with her due to her friendship with Zari Hassan.

With this, the two ladies decided to go ham on each other exposing their dark sides and from the look of things seems that Hamisa Mobetto had quite some information to share about Vera Sidika who has been trying to befriend her on the low – but pretends to be friends with Zari.

Hamisa’s snap

Anyway all in all, I believe that Hamisa’s reaction towards Vera Sidika is simply because she attacked her children in her snaps forcing her to react just like any other mother would.

Hamisa’s snap

Before ending the fight, Hamisa posted to say;