Lanes! King Bae gifts Zari Ksh 2M grand piano to make a thirsty Mobetto jealous

Renowned husband-snatcher, Hamisa Mobetto landed in South Africa and Zari and King Bae know no peace.

Soon after Diamond Platinumz cheated on Zari with Hamisa, the Boss Lady moved on with a South African tycoon, known to us as Mr M or King Bae.

The couple is said to live in South Africa but just 3 days ago, Tanzanian socialite, Hamisa Mobetto landed in the country.

This has shaken the two territories with many speculating that the commercial model is there to investigate on and take over Zari´s man.

Hamisa and her mother are allegedly in S.A on a vacation but her presence there is just wanting.


Zari and Hamisa are not quarreling one-on-one, they probably have better things to do.

Fans have taken over the stage and are battling Hamisa´s presence in the Boss Lady´s ¨territory¨.

The petite model might have gotten away with snatching Zari´s Simba but not with King Bae.


To slam Hamisa Mobetto, Mama Tiffah´s die-hard fans are now flaunting a high-end piano that King Bae has gifted Zari and her children.

The mother of 5 lovingly captions:

Babe watapata tabu sana ????????????????????

According to Zari´s fans, that should be reason enough to make Hamisa jealous and ward her off where she is not wanted.

Additionally sharing with masses that the video vixen is here on a mission to snatch Mr M from the businesswoman.

However, they issue a stern warning to Hamisa is she to attempt to make any of the alleged moves on King Bae.


Here are screenshots captured by ´Daily Active Kenya´:


King Bae has lived his life on the first lane whenever he spoils Zari Hassan from High-end machines to bouquets of roses and recently a new home.

That might have slowed down Mr M in terms of spoiling the Ugandan socialite but he is back and bigger!

He now gifts Zari and her children an expensive grand piano to soothe his Queen when the world is so noisy.

She flauntingly captions:

When Bae buys a piano????, look at me????????

Well, for those waiting to hear the price, wait for it!

Just not your ordinary kind of piano. King Bae has gone for a Schimmel grand Piano ranging from $22,500 to $ 30,000 roughly Ksh 2.25 Million.

When Simba is busy slamming his ex-wife, King Bae is taking advantage by distracting her with goodies.

Watch this space!

Mama Hamisa Mobetto tells off Zari for crossing her daughter´s path

Diamond´s baby mama, Hamisa Mobetto has received mockery from fellow baby mama, Zari Hassan after putting up a house for sale but her mother now reveals it is just but a resemblance.

Bone of contention

According to Zari and the public, Hamisa Mobetto ran short on funds to pay up for rent for the house she is living in.

Therefore kicked out and put it up on sale.

Well, Zari clapped back at the model for not using her brains to fully utilize her time while with Diamond, and secure herself a future.

Zari Hassan literally mocked Dylan´s mother, Mobetto for getting thrown out calling her broke.

However, Mama Mobetto has proven her daughter is not so cheap after slamming back at Zari and haters.


The mother of the Tanzanian beauty clarifies:

kwa kuwa wengi wanaijua nyumba ya Hamisa wamedhani ni yake.

Lakini ukweli ni kwamba zinafanana tu kwani wanapoishi kuna nyumba tano za aina hiyo.

Well, according to Hamisa´s mum, the house was occupied by foreigners who after ending their contract in Tanzania, had to vacate.

Therefore, forcing Hamisa to look for other tenants.

The house apparently resembles the house Hamisa and her family reside in, but is not the actual house they live in.

Mama Hamisa further flaunts that if they desire to vacate the house her daughter lives in, they could easily leave and buy a new one.

lakini ukweli nyumba hiyo sio tunayoishi sisi bado tupo sana.

Na ikifika mahali tukitaka kuhama tutafanya hivyo

The mother comes out loud to prove the haters wrong and slam their mouths shut.


In case you forgot! Zari steps out in revealing dress to flaunt deep cleavage and tender thunder thighs(photos)

Socialite Zari Hassan has been in a lot of drama lately ever since Diamond Platnumz sent cheating allegations along her way.

The socialite has been fighting Diamond and Tanasha online, saying they can’t stop talking about her. The mother of five recently however, took some time off away from the drama after being invited at South African Pearl Thusi’s birthday party.


Well, in the event, Zari reminded many why Diamond first fell in love with her by showing her killer curves and classy fashion taste.

Stepping out in a red thigh-high dress, the mother of five left nothing to the imagination as she paraded her fine and tender flesh for whoever bothered to look.

She took to social media later on to share some of the pics from the event, proving that she still has a killer body and looks, and can for sure keep up with these 20 year old socialites that are dominating Instagram.

Here are the photos:

Zari Hassan leaves fans heartbroken after postponing Tiffah’s birthday Party

Zari Hassan has postponed her daughter’s birthday party hours before it kicked off.

The highly anticipated birthday party that had been scheduled for August 17 in South Africa has been shifted to a later date because of Zari’s tight schedule. Tiffah Dangote was set to celebrate her birthday alongside a huge crowd after she turned 3 on August 6.

Using her (Tiffah) Instagram account, Zari announced that the party won’t be happening this week. Zari is still in Uganda and it seems something might have forced her to cancel the party.

I will throw my bday Party before the month ends Inshallah. Change of plans. Mom is caught up” wrote Zari through her daughters account.

Diamond is expected to fly 30 fans from Tanzania to South Africa to join his family in the celebrations. Zari, severally, has hinted that she would prefer the party cancelled and the crowd set to jet in stays in Tanzania.


Boss Lady! Man who allegedly hacked Zari Hassan arrested(photo) 

The man allegedly behind the recent hacking of Zari Hassan Instagram’s account has been arrested. The man, a Ugandan, is identified as Jemba Farid Gilbert known to many as Omo Dada.

Surprisingly, he wasn’t just a random hacker but had been under Zari’s payroll a while back. Omo Dada is the man who also helped Zari get her account verified.


According to Ugandan media, Omo Dada was arrested and detained for almost two days for allegedly hacking the account, though he denied the allegations telling police that Zari Hassan has always proved the login details to him.

His laptop and other gadgets were confiscated and he was later released on a bond. Zari, who has been busy with her charity projects, has not addressed the issue yet.


Diamond is surrounded by birthdays! Zari Hassan’s firstborn son also celebrates birthday 

Tiffah Dangote has celebrated a birthday. Hamisa Mobeto’s daughter with Diamond has also celebrated a birthday and now Zari Hassan’s first son, who she had with late hubby Ivan, has also celebrated his 15th birthday.

Since Zari has been hacked on Instagram, the mother of five hasn’t posted any birthday message but Pito’s younger brother, Quincy, had a lovely message for him on Instagram.


“Happy birthday bro @pinto_bitw Though even the sun will one day run out of fuel, my love for you shall last forever. You are such a great role model for me because you are so loving and caring. Also You are my mentor and supporter in every aspect of life. I am indebted to you beyond repayment and I wish you the very best on this special day. A very happy birthday big bro lots of love @pinto_bitw,” he said. 

Ivan left most of the property to Pinto when he died. Once he clocks 18, the kid will be a straight millionaire.

Zari Hassan slams fan who attacked her for listening to Diamond’s songs

Zari Hassan was recently forced to fire back at a fan who wanted her to stop listening to her ex-husband’s song.

Zari posted a clip listening to Diamond Platnumz’ song but a fan wanted her to stop supporting her ex. She claimed that Diamond has dumped her but she’s still in denial.

 “Unamuwaza Mondina Nyimbo zake …..ukiachwa achika” wrote QueenBinkel.

Zari wasn’t so pleased with the comment and she fired back at the fan, slamming her.

@QueenBinkel Nanikipiga za Nigeria Wote nawawaza, mtu akisema akili ndogo mnahara wiki nzima” replied Zari Hassan.

Zari Hassan responds after hearing Diamond is coming with Wema sepetu to her house

Diamond has announced that at least 30 fans will be flown to South Africa for his daughter’s birthday party. His manager, Babu Tale, revealed that they’ve offered free flights to a number of Bongo Movie actresses who had organized Zamaradi Mketema’s son 40 days celebrations.

One of those offered the chance to fly there is none other than Wema Sepetu. She took to Instagram to share the news, saying she was excited to be part of the team picked.

On behalf on Wanakamati wote I will like trosay Thansks to Wasafi Compnay .maanake umetusprprise sana kwa hili lakini asante sana. We are looking forward for Tiffah’s Bithday” said Wema Sepetu.

Don’t come

Zari Hassan, the woman of the house, doesn’t look too happy about the 30 guys, especially Wema, coming from Tanzania to her house. On Instagram she answered a fan who alerted her that the 30 were coming, to which she replied they shouldn’t at all.

“Mama Tee Tiunakuja sauzi sisi shangazi zake Tee na mama zake wa Kambo” said the fan on her Instagram

Zari responded saying: “Haha sitakikunichafulia nyumba samahani. Mkai uko uko”

Other actresses expected to join Wema on her trip to South Africa include Shamsa Ford, Shilole, Irene Paul, Irene Uwoya, Lamata, Kajala Masanja.


Proof that Hamisa Mobetto is now laughing all the way to the bank

Hamisa Mobetto and Diamond Platnumz yesterday met in court to settle the child support battle. After living the chambers; the two seemed chilled out and relaxed meaning that they had finally found a solution to their problem.

When speaking to journalists outside the court, both parents refused to reveal the amount of money the singer will be paying on a monthly basis.

However, Hamisa Mobetto hinted that she is now contented with the cash given to her for her son’s upkeep. In a photo shared on her Instagram; the lady captioned the image a money bag emoji giving fans a reason to talk.

Zari tells Hamisa Mobetto to look for another baby daddy

A few months after baby Dylan was born, Zari came out to laugh off at Hamisa Mobetto for taking Diamond Platnumz to court over child support. In a live session on Instagram, the lady told off her co wife urging her to find somebody else to take care of her son.

But all in all, who is laughing now?