Alar! Photo from Hamisa Mobetto’s alleged first marriage surfaces online

At this point it’s either Hamisa Mobetto’s enemies are working overtime to ensure her down; or the young girl has a husband somewhere in Bongo town; that is judging from a new wedding photo shared by several gossip tabloids.

Hamisa Mobetto rumored to be dating Rick Ross

Judging from the photo, it’s clear to see that Hamisa Mobetto was dressed as an Islamic bride and the groom seated next to her; must have been the lucky fella to wife her for the first time.

Probably most will say that the lady’s face was photoshopped on the photo; but sadly this is not true as the lady seen on this photo is none other than Rick Ross; aka forever Rich’s new alleged bae.

Haters working on Hamisa Mobetto’s downfall

The photo has unfortunately surfaced just when Hamisa Mobetto is making headlines even on international blogs all thanks to Rick Ross.

For that reason, few characters from baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz camp (Juma Lokole) have been working overtime to make sure all Hamisa’s secrets are out in the open.

Hamisa with alleged first husband back in her teenage years

Anyway, as for now – chances are that the model was married back in the day by an average rich man; who left after discovering that she had potential to land even wealthier man. I mean, look at her now….isn’t she with Rick Ross?

Hamisa Mobetto allegedly bags herself wealthy married man (Photo)

Hamisa Mobetto recently went on to flaunt her new found love through her Instagram stories; and although she appears to have bagged herself a rich man – fans believe that he is married!

This is after she captured his hand in one of her videos and looking closely, the secret boyfriend is seen wearing a wedding ring. Of course fans did not hold back from taking screenshots which have since been circulating on social media.

Tanzanian fans are however convinced that the lady is seeing a married man as she is known to pull such stunts; I mean, didn’t she bed Diamond Platnumz knowing very well he was with Zari?

Hamisa involved with married man?

Looking for second wife position?

Well being a muslim, Hamisa Mobetto is allowed to be married as a second wife; and seeing how most of her relationships have turned out – we wouldn’t blame her for settling for the second position.

She however introduced her new man just a few days after handsome ex boyfriend Emmanuel Alex got engaged to the same woman he had dumped – for Hamisa.

Hamisa with ex, Alex

According to reports the Hamisa and Alex have never spoken since their nasty breakup. But rumor has it that their relationship may have been engineered using black magic; hence there current hatred towards each other.

Anyway so far Hamisa Mobetto has been involved with media mogul Majizzo, Singer Diamond Platnumz; and American video vixen, Emmanuel Alex among other men we haven’t yet seen or heard of.