Harmonize Begs Hamisa Mobetto To Cheat On Her New Boyfriend With Him

Tanzanian Bongo star Harmonize has released a new song in which he begs socialite Hamisa Mobetto to cheat on her new boyfriend, Kevin Sowax, with him.

The song, titled “Plan B,” includes the lyrics:

“Don’t you see your beautiful face on my wallpaper? I know you have a man, but just make me your plan B. Let me be your side guy. I swear I am waiting until you will be mine.”

Hamisa Mobetto recently introduced Kevin Sowax, also known as Mr. Chopelife, as her new man. She gushed about him on Instagram, writing, “To the man who always gets me flowers and all the finest things in the world. I simply adore you. To this man right here, I love you beyond words and I hope you will always feel that even when I’m not around to tell you.”

In a recent interview, Kevin Sowax disclosed that he initially met Hamisa Mobetto at a private event in China.

Harmonize’s song has sparked controversy, with some people criticizing him for trying to break up Hamisa Mobetto’s new relationship. However, others have defended him, saying that he is simply expressing his feelings for her.

It remains to be seen whether Hamisa Mobetto will respond to Harmonize’s song. However, one thing is for sure: the song has certainly generated a lot of buzz.

Hamisa Mobettoe’s hubby buys home in Tanzania

Hamisa Mobetto is head over heels in love with her new boyfriend, Kevin Sowax.

The couple has been inseparable since Kevin arrived in Tanzania three days ago. They have been spending time together, visiting Hamisa’s mother and touring a project close to Hamisa’s heart.

Hamisa is so excited about her new relationship that she has even hinted that she wants Kevin to be the man who walks her down the aisle. In a message she tagged him, she said, “I pray to the ultimate God that it will be you @kevinsowax 🥰🙏🏽❤️ 🎶”

Kevin has also been very affectionate towards Hamisa. He has called her “My wifey” and has said that he is ready to spoil her endlessly.

It seems that Hamisa and Kevin are very much in love and that they are planning a future together. However, Harmonize, Hamisa’s ex-boyfriend, is not happy about her new relationship. He has been making comments on social media that suggest that he is jealous of Kevin.

Only time will tell if Hamisa and Kevin will get married, but it is clear that they are very much in love right now.

  • Kevin is a Togolese businessman and is said to be very wealthy.
  • He has paid the bride price for Hamisa, which is a traditional way of showing commitment in Tanzania.
  • Hamisa has two children from previous relationships.
  • Harmonize is a Tanzanian singer and is known for his flamboyant personality.
  • He has been linked to several women since his breakup with Hamisa.

Hamisa opens up about her friendship with Harmonize

Singer Harmonize and model Hamisa Mobetto have been the talk of the town lately, after Harmonize started flaunting their friendship on social media. Fans have gotten concerned, as Mobetto is in a serious relationship with businessman Kevin Sowax.

Mobetto has denied any romantic involvement with Harmonize, saying that he is just her “best friend forever” (BFF). She told reporters at the airport when she had just welcomed her boyfriend to Tanzania, “He’s just a friend, nothing more, nothing less.”

Kevin Sowax was also asked about his girlfriend’s close friendship with Harmonize. He said that he didn’t know all of Mobetto’s friends, but that it wasn’t a big deal to him. He also said that he doesn’t read his own DMs, so he didn’t mind that Hamisa was reading them.

Hamisa added that she is Kevin’s “gatekeeper” and that she is the one who filters his DMs. She said, “That’s why he has me.”

The close friendship between Harmonize and Mobetto has raised eyebrows, but both parties have insisted that there is nothing romantic going on. Only time will tell how long their friendship will last.

  • Harmonize and Mobetto have been seen together in public on several occasions, including at parties and events.
  • They have also posted pictures of each other on social media, with captions that suggest they are close friends.
  • Mobetto’s boyfriend, Kevin Sowax, has not publicly commented on his girlfriend’s friendship with Harmonize.
  • Some fans have expressed concern that the friendship could be a threat to Mobetto’s relationship with Sowax.
  • Others have defended the friendship, saying that it is normal for two people to be close friends, even if one of them is in a relationship.

Ultimately, only time will tell how long Harmonize and Mobetto’s friendship will last. However, it is clear that their friendship has caused a stir among fans and the public.

Hamisa Mobetto addresses Diamond Platnumz refusal to acknowledge their son

Tanzanian businesswoman Hamisa Mobetto has spoken out about her ex-partner Diamond Platnumz’s failure to celebrate their son Dylan’s 6th birthday on August 8th.

In an interview with Tanzanian bloggers, Hamisa said that she is not bothered by Diamond’s decision, and that she believes that life is predestined. She also said that she is happy with her current relationship with Kevin Sowax, a businessman with companies located in France, China, and various other African countries.

Hamisa addressed the allegations that Billnass, Nandy’s husband, is the father of her son. She said that she is not affected by the rumors, and that she believes that understandable matters do not need explanations.

When asked about whether Diamond is meeting his responsibilities as a father to Dylan, Hamisa responded that she prefers not to delve into specifics. However, she did hint that Diamond has not been upholding his paternal responsibilities in the past.

Baba Levo, a host on Wasafi FM, took to Instagram to share that he has evidence indicating that Diamond is actively contributing financial support for Dylan’s upbringing.

It is unclear why Diamond did not celebrate Dylan’s birthday this year. However, it is clear that Hamisa is not letting it get her down. She is focused on her son and her new relationship, and she is not letting the negativity of others affect her.

Hamissa Mobetto Addresses Relationship With Nandy Amid Social Media Controversies

Tanzanian actress and model Hamisa Mobetto has recently opened up about her relationship with fellow singer Nandy, as well as addressing rumors and controversies that have been circulating in the media.

In a candid conversation with Tanzanian media outlets on August 10, Hamisa shared some intriguing insights into her personal life.

She revealed that she is currently in a relationship with a businessman who has companies in France, China, and several other African countries. She said that he is not particularly fond of social media, but that he has embraced it in recent months due to circumstances. Hamissa also addressed the rumors that her husband, Billnass, could be the father of her child. She said that she has already discussed the matter with Billnass and that there is no need for further explanation.

When asked about why Diamond Platnumz, the father of her first child, did not celebrate their son’s birthday, Hamisa said that she is at peace with whatever happens. She said that she aligns her plans with a higher purpose and accepts life as it unfolds.

Hamisa Mobetto is a well-known figure in Tanzanian entertainment and her personal life is often the subject of media scrutiny. In this recent interview, she has provided some much-needed clarity about her relationships and her plans for the future.

Hamisa Mobetto Celebrates Diamond Plantumz’s Son On Turning 6 Years

Having a kid that she had with Diamond Platnumz, Hamisa Mobetto is enjoying the birth of her second child. Dylan Abdul will be six years old soon.

Mobetto has commended her son for being great, promised her a solid education, and predicted that he will one day play a significant role in the world.

Kuja Kwako Kumenifunza Vingi Na Kumenibadilisha Vingi Pia, Ahsante Kwa Kuendelea Kunifanya Kuwa Mama Wa Kipekee Kwako, Kila Nikuonapo Ukiwa Na Tabasamu Hunifanya Nijione Mwenye Bahati Kuwa Nawe. Umenipa Amani Pale Napokuwa Na Wasiwasi, Umenipa Furaha Pale Napokuwa Na Huzuni, Zaidi Ya Yote Umenifanya Niwe Bora Si Kwako Tu Bali Hata Kwa Dada Yako.”

Adding “Endelea Kukua Kwenye Njia Iliyonyooka, Ninakuahidi Malezi Bora Na Kwa Baraka Za Mungu Utakuja Kuwa Mtu Ambaye Dunia Itajivunia Siku Moja.Thank You For Being An Amazing Son. Happy Birthday Dylan.”

(Thank you for continuing to make me a special mother to you. Every time I see you with a grin, it makes me feel fortunate to be with you. Your birth taught me a lot and changed me too. Keep improving because you have helped me feel better for both your sister and yourself. You have brought me joy when I am sad and calm when I am anxious.

Hamisa Mobetto: Why she ditched Rick Ross for her new man

On social media, Hamisa Mobetto’s boyfriend has displayed the game he employs to court Hamisa. After spending many weeks partying in China with his boyfriend, the man, an entrepreneur named Kevin Sowax, stated he was missing him.

“Since you left, there are no more bubbles in the champagne. #Cheers #ChopelifeTu me manques ❤️…”

Hamisa’s response was:

“Tu me manques encore plus, mon amour (I miss you even more my love ????)”

Rick Ross Confirms Dating Hamisa Mobetto

Hamisa had been keeping her boyfriend a secret for months until Sowax recently uploaded a picture of Hamisa and the Range Rover her man had bought her, lavishing admiration on her.

“From the moment I saw you, I knew you were the one. The more I get to know you the stronger my feelings grow. I’m grateful to have you in my life and excited for the future experience.”

Previously, Mobetto had stated that she envisioned herself wed to this man.

“For a while, I was seeing that I didn’t have faith in marriage, during that period I had never really seen any example that I should have my marriage like a certain man and his wife.

But now I see the importance of marriage, considering that now I have children and I know that the importance of the husband will be this and that, now I see examples, I see things on the internet until I feel like getting married,”

Diamond Platnumz ex has secret wedding to multi-millionaire

Videos of the event have surfaced online, showing Hamisa being introduced to Kevin’s family and friends. The couple appears to be very happy together, and they were surrounded by loved ones on their special day.

Hamisa had previously expressed her desire to get married, and it seems that she has finally found the man of her dreams. She has said that she believes in the sanctity of marriage, and she is excited to start a new chapter in her life with Kevin.

The couple’s wedding was a private affair, but it was clear that they were very happy to be celebrating their love with their closest friends and family. We wish them all the best in their new life together.

Hamisa Mobetto’s New Boyfriend Sparks Unfollowed Drama with Rick Ross

Tanzanian socialite and model Hamisa Mobetto recently went viral after a video of her being surprised by her new boyfriend, Togolese tycoon Kevin Sowax, went viral. The video showed Sowax showering Mobetto with lavish gifts, including flowers, champagne, balloons, and Louis Vuitton goodie bags.

The video quickly caught the attention of fans and followers, who were excited to see Mobetto in a new relationship. However, the video also sparked some drama, as American rapper Rick Ross, who had previously been linked to Mobetto, unfollowed her on social media shortly after it surfaced.

Ross and Mobetto met in Dubai in late 2021 and were spotted getting cozy in several pictures and videos that circulated on social media. Though they claimed to be just friends and business associates, their chemistry was evident. Ross even expressed admiration for Mobetto’s entrepreneurial spirit and desire to support her in her ventures.

It is unclear why Ross unfollowed Mobetto after the video of her new boyfriend went viral. Some fans have speculated that he was upset about her new relationship, while others believe that he simply wanted to distance himself from the drama.

Whatever the reason, Ross’s unfollowing act has certainly raised eyebrows and sparked a lot of speculation about the nature of his previous relationship with Mobetto. Only time will tell what really happened between the two of them.

In the meantime, Mobetto seems to be very happy with her new boyfriend, Sowax. The two of them have been spending a lot of time together and have been posting pictures and videos of their travels and adventures on social media.

It seems that Mobetto has finally found her happily ever after.

Hamisa Mobetto Now Hopeful Of Getting Married

Tanzanian model Hamisa Mobetto has said that she is still hopeful of getting married, despite not having been proposed to yet.

Mobetto, who has two children from previous relationships, said that she believes that God’s timing is the best, and that she is not in a hurry to get married.

“There’s no woman who doesn’t want to get married, maybe a few,” she said.

In a series of Snapchat stories, Hamissa Mobetto revealed a picture of herself alongside a man she lovingly described as ‘my man.’

“To this man right here, i love you beyond words. And i hope you will always feel that even when am not around to tell you so,” Hamisa wrote.

Mobetto’s comments come just days after social media unearthed her rich boyfriend, Kevin Sowax. Sowax is a businessman who is known for his lavish lifestyle.

Mobetto has been praising Sowax on social media, and she has even thanked him for buying her a Range Rover.

It is unclear when Mobetto will get married, but she has said that she is hopeful that it will happen soon.

Hamisa’s millionaire bae exposed

The Tanzanian socialite and businesswoman took to social media on Thursday to announce her new relationship, sharing photos of herself alongside Sowax, whose face was concealed in the photos. However, online sleuths were able to identify Sowax using open-source intelligence tools.

Sowax is the CEO of Twinsk Company and Lemimozart restaurant. Twinsk Company is a logistics company that offers transport, sourcing, and production services. It is strategically established in Hong Kong and Guangzhou in China. Lemimozart restaurant is located in Bordeaux, France, a city known for its wine production and vibrant culinary scene.

Sowax also resides in Paris, France but frequently travels worldwide.

The timing of Mobetto’s announcement of her new relationship is interesting, as it came shortly after she revealed her new purchase of a Range Rover. Some Instagram users have speculated that Sowax may have gifted her the luxury car.

Sowax has taken to social media to express his love for Mobetto. In a post on his Instagram Stories, he wrote, “From the moment I saw you, I knew you were the one. The more I got to know you, the stronger my feelings grew. I’m grateful to have you in my life and excited for our future experiences.”

Mobetto has also shared her excitement about her new relationship. In a post on her Instagram Stories, she wrote, “This chapter of my life is called ‘Everything I prayed for and more’.”

The couple’s friends and fans have congratulated them on their new relationship, and some have hinted that Hamisa may have received the Range Rover as a gift from Sowax.

It remains to be seen how long Mobetto and Sowax’s relationship will last, but for now, they seem to be very happy together.

Hamisa Mobetto’s New Boyfriend Unmasked

Tanzanian socialite, businesswoman and singer Hamisa Mobetto has confirmed that she is in a new relationship with entrepreneur Kevin Sowax, also known as Mr. Chopelife.

Mobetto shared photos of herself posing with Sowax on social media, but his face was hidden in all of the photos. However, online sleuths were able to identify Sowax based on his clothing and other features.

Sowax is the CEO of Twinsk Company and Lemimozart restaurant. He is based in Paris, France, but he travels frequently.

Mobetto’s new relationship was revealed just hours after she announced that she had purchased a new Range Rover. Some people have speculated that Sowax may have bought the car for her.

Sowax has also taken to social media to express his love for Mobetto. He shared a photo of her on his Instagram stories and wrote, “From the moment I saw you, I knew you were the one. The more I get to know you, the stronger my feelings grow. I’m grateful to have you in my life and excited for the future.”

Mobetto has also gushed about her new man. She wrote on Instagram, “To the man who always gets me flowers and all the finest things in the world. I simply adore you. To this man right here, I love you beyond words and I hope you will always feel that even when I’m not around to tell you.”

It is unclear how long Mobetto and Sowax have been dating, but they seem to be very happy together. They have been sharing photos of their travels and adventures on social media.

We wish them all the best in their new relationship!

Hamisa Mobetto splashes millions on German beast

Hamisa Mobetto, a model from Tanzania, just acquired a Range Rover Velar for herself. The model, who is also a singer and businesswoman, expressed her happiness on social media and mentioned how hard she had fought to get there.

“Okay, so guys, I initially intended to enjoy my new baby in private, but then I thought, “Why not spread the love?” I worked really hard for this ????????, so I might as well show it off a bit. Congrats to me ???????? ????????” KUNA RANGE ALAFU KUNA VELAR” ????????GodDiiiid!

This chapter of my life is called, “EVERYTHING I PRAYED FOR & MORE”

Only a few months prior, Mobetto flaunted another Range Rover that she said her partner had given her.

Hamisa Mobetto reminds baby daddy why she does not need him in her life (Photo)

Hamisa Mobetto has been keeping a low profile since announcing her relationship with American singer Rick Ross; and although we all know it was a marketing strategy for the rapper – Netizens still chose to rub the alleged relationship on Diamond Platnumz face.

Okay. For a while now we havent seen Diamond Platnumz and Hamisa Mobetto linked in any way apart from the small small rumors that claimed Dylan was said to be another man’s son.

However,thanks to Diamond Platnumz video where he was seen having a discussion with his SA kids….we all heard him deny having other children on the side – something now that Bongo fans say was intentionally planned to hurt Hamisa Mobetto who allegedly pinned a son on Diamond Platnumz.

Hamisa clapping back?

Well, truth is the rumor has been there for a minute now and because of it – Hamisa Mobetto back in 2018 was forced to drag Diamond Platnumz to court for child support; but now that she has her own…looks like she cut off her son’s dad – which is why theyre now trying to humiliate her.

But again….having been here and having delt with Diamond Platnumz family, Hamisa this time around has no time for them but herself. She revealed this on a post where she wrote;

Whole time I’m the love of my life

well, seeing that she turned off the comments proves that indeed she needed to get her message to her haters….just incase they thought she needed them.

Hamisa Mobetto and Rick Ross jet into Dubai for ‘private’ meeting (Photos)

Mama, Hamisa Mobetto made it!

Well, that’s if the rumors claiming she travelled to Dubai to meet up Rick Ross are true.

For weeks, we have seen the American rapper drop obvious thirsty comments shooting his shot at Hamisa; and now, the two have separately travelled to Dubai as seen on their IG stories.

Clearly these two are telling us something is up; but sadly they ain’t using words!

Anyway, the unexpected trip has sparked a lot of speculations; as fans are convinced that the two will be linking in Dubai for secret meeting.

And if this is true – then it means; Hamisa finally gets a chance to prove herself to the veteran rapper who seems quite interested in her.

Hamisa and Rick Ross in Dubai

Through her IG page, Hamisa shared a photo while at the Dubai airport; while Rich Forever (Rick Ross) shared a photo at the airport captioning it;


Rich Forever and Hamisa Mobetto

As for now we cannot confirm whether the two are romantically involved or are working together; but all we know is that Hamisa Mobetto recently bagged a good deal with Belaire.

Change is inevitable

Unlike back when Hamisa Mobetto was clout chasing with baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz; lately the young mum of two has been putting in extra efforts in her businesses and deals.

Speaking about her new lifestyle, Hamisa says she had change her perspective of life; and clearly this is working in her favor.


Alar! Photo from Hamisa Mobetto’s alleged first marriage surfaces online

At this point it’s either Hamisa Mobetto’s enemies are working overtime to ensure her down; or the young girl has a husband somewhere in Bongo town; that is judging from a new wedding photo shared by several gossip tabloids.

Hamisa Mobetto rumored to be dating Rick Ross

Judging from the photo, it’s clear to see that Hamisa Mobetto was dressed as an Islamic bride and the groom seated next to her; must have been the lucky fella to wife her for the first time.

Probably most will say that the lady’s face was photoshopped on the photo; but sadly this is not true as the lady seen on this photo is none other than Rick Ross; aka forever Rich’s new alleged bae.

Haters working on Hamisa Mobetto’s downfall

The photo has unfortunately surfaced just when Hamisa Mobetto is making headlines even on international blogs all thanks to Rick Ross.

For that reason, few characters from baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz camp (Juma Lokole) have been working overtime to make sure all Hamisa’s secrets are out in the open.

Hamisa with alleged first husband back in her teenage years

Anyway, as for now – chances are that the model was married back in the day by an average rich man; who left after discovering that she had potential to land even wealthier man. I mean, look at her now….isn’t she with Rick Ross?

Hamisa Mobetto finally addresses haters praying and fasting for her downfall

Lately Hamisa Mobetto has been dropping some hot photos and rumor has it that she may have constructed her body; which looks like fire for sure!

With the new look and being single after (breakup with billionaire Fred Vunja Bei) the former socialite has not been giving fans any room to breath!

Hamisa Mobetto turning heads on social media 

So far we understand that she has American rapper Rick Ross in her DM; and from his latest comment posted on her photo – Hamisa might just be headed to the States.

But again, with these rappers – let’s hope that she will not be expecting a wedding or a ring like she did with baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz.

Choke on the success

Anyway, fans have been congratulating her for building herself and toning down the baby daddy drama that had been dragging her behind.

With a focused mind, the lady now owns several businesses in Bongo, drives a V8 at only 27 years (not so sure about age) and has ambassadorial deals left, right and center!

Yes, success is what has been happening in her life and after years of being trolled, used and embarrassed; looks like Ms Hamisa has the last laugh.

Just to prove that she can now stunt on her haters, the lady recently posted a photo and captioned;

No longer shrinking myself to be digestible…. You can CHOKE ????

Well, that message looks like it was aiming at Juma Lokole and family…but hey – it is what it is!

Per person sharing: American rapper Rick Ross can’t keep calm after Hamisa Mobetto posts new hot photo (Screenshot)

Hamisa Mobetto is hot. Yes she is and good thing about her is that she has mastered the art of using her beauty to get what she wants.

Hamisa Mobetto

So far she has several businesses on the side and rumor has it that apart from the child support she gets from her two baby daddies; her rich boyfriend Fred Vunjabei also chips in to help maintain her lifestyle.

Now that she is living the life, Hamisa Mobetto  has started to glow more and we are not the only ones who have noticed this!

American rapper Rick Ross proved this by leaving emoji comments on Hamisa Mobetto’s new post.

Rick Ross wants in too

As seen on the post shared by Ms Mobetto – seems like the thick thighs she put on display could not go unnoticed by the rapper.

As expected the socialite pinned the comment on the post, and yes…bongo fans joined in to talk to their shemeji as most believe that Rick Ross has been sliding in Hamisa’s DM – but again who hasn’t?

Checkout the photo giving many sleepless nights on social media.

Hamisa Mobetto’s new hot photo

Hamisa Mobetto shares secret behind her success

They say show me your friends and I shall tell you who you are. Well, after changing the people around her, Hamisa Mobetto is said to be dining with the likes of Fred Vunjabei; a billionaire also said to be dating the former socialite.

Ever since the two became an item, Hamisa Mobetto started disappearing from social media; and we believe this is because she now has a lot of projects to focus on – and at the same time make money.

Hamisa Mobetto

With two kids to take care of, I bet the lady hustles harder than anyone else; and thanks to Vunjabei the alleged 27 year old lass is now focused on making her future better.

In a new post shared on her page recently; Hamisa for the first time opened up revealing that the tough bitter life she had been facing in the past has now left her looking at life different. This is because she has since become wiser and stronger as she wrote;

Kuna Wakati Kwenye Maisha Tunaweza Kukutana Na Misukosuko Ikatulazimisha Tuwe Tofauti Na Yule Tuliyetaka Kuwa. Kwangu Mimi Maisha Yalinifanya Niwe Ngangari, Nipambane Pale Ambapo Sikutegemea Kama Nitakuwa Na Nguvu Hizo, Nipambane Pale Ambapo Sikutegemea Kama Nitakuwa Na Ujasiri Ndani Yangu. Maisha Hayo Hayo Yakapelekea Nikuwe Kabla Ya Umri Wangu.

Strong and self made

According to Hamisa Mobetto – life has forced her to grow a thick tough skin enabling her to overcome whatever life throws her way. On the  same post Hamisa went on to add;

Former socialite Hamisa Mobetto

Bado Ninaamini Kwa Uweza Wa Mungu Nitafika Pale Ambapo Amenipangia Nifike, Kila Njia Nayopita Sasa Inanifunza Kitu, Na Bado Napambana Niweze Kufikia Malengo Na Ndoto Nilizojiwekea. Na Hata Wewe Mwenzangu Tulio Kwenye Safari Moja, Usikate Tamaa, Twende Na Mungu, Tutafika Salama. ????????

Although we cannot really confirm why the lady shared the post seen above; most Tanzanian tabloids are convinced that billionaire boyfriend – Vunjabei could be cheating; hence Hamisa’s ‘strong and self made’ posts shared on her page.

Hamisa Mobetto flaunts huge rock while announcing engagement to new boyfriend (Photos)

Hamisa Mobetto has finally bagged herself a man who is ready to wife her! The excited lady indirectly shared this news through her Instagram page where she flaunted a huge rock on her finger; and captioned the post:

Hamisa engaged

Forever ???? ???? @mobettostyles

And in another post she wrote;

I feel loved again ????❣️ (Kwa nguo za mahari day, Kitchen party send off and weddings basi fika @mobettostyles upendeze kwenye special day yako.❣️)

Well, after having 2 kids with different men – I’m pretty sure the young lady did not want to keep making the same mistake; hence the plans to settle down just in case she is looking for baby number 3.

Misa engaged?

For a while now, Hamisa Mobetto has been hinting about getting married to her new bae Fred Vunjabei; and alsthough he already has a first wife – Hamisa seems ready to step in as second wife since Islam allows a man to marry up to 4 wives.

Engagement or stunt?

However having seen her pull publicity stunts to keep fans talking; chances are that she could be engaged to Fred Vunjabei or to herself – I mean – didn’t her mentor Zari Hassan do the same with King bae?

Anyway, if Hamisa’s posts are anything to go by; then Harusi tunayo  or could this be the beginning of the end of their relationship with Vunjabei?

Hamisa Mobetto’s baby daddies caught on camera bonding like never before! (Photos)

Hamisa Mobetto’s heart must have been racing faster than a sports car moments after coming across photos of her first baby daddy, Majizzo; hanging out with her second baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz.

Judging from the photos shared on social media; we understand that the two media gurus met during the late Tanzanian president’s Magufuli’s requiem mass held this past weekend.

From the photos, the two men appear to be talking and unlike what was reporter earlier; clearly there is no beef between these two. In fact, according to gossip monger Juma Lokole – his boss Diamond Platnumz and Majizzo are actually very good friends.

Hamisa Mobetto’s baby daddies

Although rumor has it that these two are not in good terms with their baby mama, Hamisa Mobetto; they continue to support their kids accordingly.

So far Hamisa Mobetto remains unbothered as she has moved on with millionaire Fred Vunja Bei who allegedly treats her like a queen. Rumor has it that the business man paid for her body to be reconstructed; and yes, Hamisa’s new body is definitely banging!

Anyway, now that she has found happiness in a new man; I bet it’s time her baby daddies gave her a break to enjoy life as it is! Checkout the viral photos of Diamond Platnumz with Majizzo below.

Hamisa Mobetto’s baby daddies: Majizzo and Diamond Platnumz
Majizzo hanging out Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz with EFM’s owner, Majizzo

Ouch! Hamisa Mobetto responds to Wasafi FM presenter claiming she will give birth to a dog or hyena (Video)

Hamisa Mobetto has had her share of mistakes in the past; but just like everyone else, she is human.

However a few here and there keep hanging on to her past mistakes hence throwing quite hurtful insults to the socialite; and truth is this is getting out of hand in the name of loyalty to the WCB boss!

Hamisa Mobetto flaunts sleek Prado TX

This past weekend a popular Wasafi FM radio host was heard claiming; that the only thing Hamisa can conceive for her rich boyfriend is a hyena if not a dog.

Baba Levo who doubles up as an artists; and a close friend of Diamond Platnumz shamelessly trolled Hamisa Mobetto without mincing his words that were caught on camera. He said,

Mimi nasema, Freddy na Hamisa wakipata mimba watazaa mwehu ama mbwa (All I am saying is that – if Freddy and Hamisa conceived, then they would either have a hyena or a dog for a child)

Of course we understand that the guy owes Diamond Platnumz some loyalty; but hey – why stoop so low to abusing another man’s woman: especially now that she has found some happiness after the miserable life she went through with Diamond Platnumz?

Hamisa responds

With two absolutely beautiful and healthy kids from her previous relationships; Hamisa Mobetto has not hidden the fact that Baba Levi’s words heart her a-bit too much – forcing her to respond.

As seen on her page, Misa went on address Baba Levo saying;

@babalevo kusema ukweli umenikosea sanaaaah. Sijui nimekukosea wapi lakini sioni kama ni Sawa kuniingiza kwenye drama ambazo sizifahamu wala hazinihusu

Hamisa to baba Levo

In yet another post Misa went on to add;

Sidhan kama hayp maneno angeambiwa mama, dada au mke wako yangemfurahisha @officialbabalevo kwa namna yoyote ile umenikosea na sijapendezwa na kauli yako

Hamisa to Baba Levo

Well – lets wait and see whether the grown man who is also a father of daughters; will issue an apology to Misa and Fred Vunjabei.

“Humpendi mwanao alivyo?” Fan calls out Hamisa Mobetto for using too much filter on her daughter to her look lighter

Hamisa Mobetto likes to filter both her son and daughter whenever she shares their photos online. Probably because she wishes they were born light skinned like her; but I bet she forgets the fact that her babies have dark skinned fathers.

Of course it is no secret that we all know that she sometimes over uses the filters; but during this Christmas break, a bold fan went on to question whether Fancy is light skinned or has a dark complexion like that of daddy, Majizzo.

This is because most of the photos shared by Majizzo confirm that baby Fancy is actually dark; while Hamisa Mobetto on the other hand tends to post lightskinned version of her daughter.

Well, if you ask me, Hamisa Mobetto is not the only mother using filter on her babies; but come on…. why over do it when her father is proud of the daughter he has. Anyway, I guess this is why the curious fan went on to question Hamisa in the comment section where she wrote;

Hamisa Mobetto’s daughter with her daddy, Majizzo

pendok133; Samahani aunt khamisa fans uwa ni mweusi au mweupe mwanao sijawai jua rangi yangozi yake

Hamisa Mobetto claps back

Well like the wise men say, the truth hurts and unfortunately for Hamisa Mobetto; she did not like the idea of a fan asking about her daughter’s appearance. This can be seen in the rude response where Hamisa Mobetto went on to write saying;

Hamisa Mobetto’s daughter

hamisamobetto @pendok133 ni wakijani pendo …. haya ushajua sasa unataka uwe unamlipia ada ya shule au kununua nguo za skukuu?

Well, what do you think?

Hamisa Mobetto allegedly bags herself wealthy married man (Photo)

Hamisa Mobetto recently went on to flaunt her new found love through her Instagram stories; and although she appears to have bagged herself a rich man – fans believe that he is married!

This is after she captured his hand in one of her videos and looking closely, the secret boyfriend is seen wearing a wedding ring. Of course fans did not hold back from taking screenshots which have since been circulating on social media.

Tanzanian fans are however convinced that the lady is seeing a married man as she is known to pull such stunts; I mean, didn’t she bed Diamond Platnumz knowing very well he was with Zari?

Hamisa involved with married man?

Looking for second wife position?

Well being a muslim, Hamisa Mobetto is allowed to be married as a second wife; and seeing how most of her relationships have turned out – we wouldn’t blame her for settling for the second position.

She however introduced her new man just a few days after handsome ex boyfriend Emmanuel Alex got engaged to the same woman he had dumped – for Hamisa.

Hamisa with ex, Alex

According to reports the Hamisa and Alex have never spoken since their nasty breakup. But rumor has it that their relationship may have been engineered using black magic; hence there current hatred towards each other.

Anyway so far Hamisa Mobetto has been involved with media mogul Majizzo, Singer Diamond Platnumz; and American video vixen, Emmanuel Alex among other men we haven’t yet seen or heard of.

Top 5 female celebrities who have undergone cosmetic surgeries to enhance their looks

With  technology advancing every day, women now have the opportunity to alter their bodies however they want. I mean, one can buy from booty, breasts, waist, short toes to a fake smile; but this is only possible when a person has money.

So far we have had a few socialites in Kenya and Tanzania open up about their surgeries; while others continue to insist that their bodies are natural due to diet and healthy living. However for the likes of Huddah and Vera Sidika; we all know they paid to get their banging bodies.


Huddah Monroe pens advice to fans

Huddah claims to have only done breast surgery which was aimed at slightly increasing her boobs. However some claim that she also had butt implants but chose to go for a smaller size


Kenyan socialite, Vera Sidika

Former socialite Vera Sidika on the other hand has been quite open about her surgeries. She not only went for butt implants but also had a boob job. Others also believe that she may have been getting liposuction for her small waist; but the lass claims her veetox tea is the reason she slimmed down over night. But question is, why is it not working for her now?

Risper Faith

Risper Faith looking gorgeous after liposuction

After battling with baby fat for close to 2 years after her son’s birth; Risper recently went in for liposuction and judging from how quickly she has snapped back to her old size… I bet it’s okay to say that money can also happiness.

Wema Sepetu

Wema Sepetu´s massive weight loss, worries masses

Unlike Risper Faith who chose liposuction; word has it that Wema Sepetu travelled to India for Gastric bypass. Unlike other surgeries, Gastric bypass is surgery helps a person lose weight by changing how their stomach and small intestine handle the food one eats. Well, so far fans can see the results and from how skinny Wema now looks; but very few would want to try it out.

Hamisa Mobetto

Tanzanian model, actress and singer Hamisa Mobetto

Although Hamisa Mobetto has always had a petite waist and a bum; most Tanzanian gossip tablets claim that she also had cosmetic surgery to enhance her entire physical look. Judging from photos taken during her modeling days in Nairobi and those shared on her IG; well it’s easy to believe the rumor…. but as for now all we can do is speculate.

Wacha Mungu aitwe Mungu! Meet the young man who drove Hamisa Mobetto crazy back in High School (Photos)

Before the fame and money Hamisa Mobetto was just another ordinary girl living the usual life; and unlike now, back in high school Mobetto was not so picky in terms of who she dated.

This was proven in a few TBT photos showing the lass back in High school with her number 1 boyfriend. I’m guessing back then, Hamisa Mobetto did not need the make up to look beautiful and for those claim her figure was bought; then the photos might just prove them wrong.

Anyway in the throwback photos which emerge once in a while on social media show Hamisa Mobetto in the company of her boyfriend; and although he does not appear to have any money, the smile on her face confirms she was indeed in love.

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Hamisa with bae

Hamisa Mobetto’s humble beginnings

From the photos it would take a specialist to see that Hamisa Mobetto indeed had a humble beginning unlike the likes of; Wema Sepetu, Vanessa Mdee, Aika Kenzo who went to international school back in the day.

However she seems to be smart as she used whatever she has to get where she is; and now Mobetto is ranked among the most successful media personalities we know in East Africa. But also thanks to baby daddy Diamond Platnumz; Hamisa’s brand also grew overnight.

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Checkout the lovely photo with her high school lover below!

Misa with high school bae