“Thank you for changing my life” Harmonize pours out his heart to former best friend, Diamond Platnumz

Harmonize who walked out on Wasafi Records about 2 years ago recently left many talking on social media; shortly after sharing a special message dedicated to singer Diamond Platnumz.

Well, not many really expected this to happen since we all knew that there was beef between the two; and to make matters worse, had already exposed each other in their various diss songs.

At first it all seemed as fun and games until Harmonize started losing his connection with fans who had been supporting him during the WCB days. Well, not a good sign especially since his career is based on the traffic driven in by fans through views.

Harmonize to Diamond Platnumz

Issuing apology indirectly?

Seeing that he will lose his career due to what many around him consider as pride; Harmonize a few days ago not only wrote a tear jerking post dedicated to Diamond Platnumz – but he may have confirmed that all is not well in his camp.

In the detailed post, Harmonize talked about owing his success to Diamond Platnumz who will always remain a brother to him. Through his IG page he wrote;


He went on to urge Diamond Platnumz not to listen to what everyone says; but asked him to first give himself sometime without letting anyone (Juma Lokole and advisors) to poison his mind. He wrote;


But since Diamond Platnumz did not say anything…let’s see how the drama unfolds,  that is if – he decides to weigh in.

“It’s nothing but entertainment” Harmonize quickly defends himself after critics blast him for alleged forced beef with ‘Simba’

Harmonize is said to be forcing beef between him and former boss, Diamond Platnumz. And what better way to promote a new song now that Zari is around and Diamond Platnumz is making headlines every now and then.

Well, his trick worked just fine and so far we have Ushamba trending at number 1 in Kenya and Tanzania. Of course this was expected especially with how Harmonize came up with a strategic script for the video shoot. As usual nothing about the video was original apart from the scene where he featured Diamond Platnumz look alike in the song.

Although the song is currently at number 1 there are those who feel that Harmonize is trying to use Diamond Platnumz; to get back to where he once was. This is because despite months of maintaining a low profile and some of his projects failing; Harmonize is now trying to resurrect his dying career.

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Stop the unnecessary drama

Can’t say that the drama is only benefiting Harmonize but also Diamond Platnumz who has also been quiet for a minute. After seeing what many are saying on social media about the song; Harmonize recently responded in a post where he said;

Don’t take it personal. Nothing but entertainment na naijua kweli. Raha ya utani ufanane na ukweli kidogo!!! Lets go street anthem. Ushamba.


Well, like he said it’s all entertainment and what better way to attract attention than to throw shade at the person that made you?

Harmonize clears the air about his current relationship with former best-friend, Diamond Platnumz

We cannot dent that Harmonize and Diamond Platnumz shared a beautiful relationship; and unlike now, the two former buddies always appeared quite happy whenever they were together.

However, just like in the movies…money and power came in between and the two no longer see eye to eye; nor are they in talking terms for months now.

Diamond Platnumz should be afraid of Harmonize
Harmonize with former BFF

However Konde Gang CEO Harmonize has come out to reveal that he has nothing against his former friend. Speaking about this the Konde world music boss revealed;

“I respect him he is doing a very good job, but we are not friends, I don’t wanna; lie to you. But we are cool, we are from the same Country Tanzania, we used to be friends but now we are not, I don’t want to lie to you, but not in a bad way, we used to work together but we are not working any more, that’s what I’m trying to say, for some business reasons”

Wasafi sidelining him

Anyway, Harmonize went on to add that since leaving the record label all his friends from WCB sidelined him leaving him all alone. Even after inviting him for his wedding, they all refused to attend. Speaking about this, Harmonize opened up saying.

Tanzanian artistes, (from left) Rayvanny, Harmonize and Diamond Platnumz, previously

Sitaki kusema uongo, Mahusiano yangu na uongozi wangu uliopita sio kama zamani, na kuhusu wao kushindwa kuhudhuria ndoa yangu mimi niliweka nadhiri kuwa siku ya ndoa yangu ningependa wahudhuriaji wawe ni ndugu zangu niloishi nao vizuri kijijini

22 million for his freedom

Since he opted to leave WCB at his own consent, Harmonize was forced to pay about 22 million for his freedom. This was also going to enable him to own all the songs he recorded while under Wasafi.


The last time he spoke about this Harmonize said;

Sitaki kusema uongo, Mahusiano yangu na uongozi wangu uliopita sio kama zamani, na kuhusu wao kushindwa kuhudhuria ndoa yangu mimi niliweka nadhiri kuwa siku ya ndoa yangu ningependa wahudhuriaji wawe ni ndugu zangu niloishi nao vizuri kijijini.

Harmonize speaks hours after receiving moving message from Diamond Platnumz

Harmonize must be proud of the far he has come! He started off as a simple guy with a vision of venturing into the music industry; but was shut down during the auditions of Bongo star such back in the day.

Konde boy

He struggled as hawker but finally got his breakthrough after meeting Diamond Platnumz. He however says that despite leaving Wasafi records he will continue being grateful for the help; but as for now he prefers being an independent artist.

Beef with Diamond Platnumz

Anyway, leaving WCB was however not an easy task as he had to pay Ksh 26 million in order to walk free; and at the same time get full rights to his YouTube channel that was being managed by Wasafi records.

His relationship with Diamond Platnumz also changed as seen on social media. These two big artists from Bongo could not hold back from throwing shade at each other on social media before it started getting boring.

Konde gang and Simba

Diamond Platnumz making peace?

Anyway as Harmonize celebrated his 29th birthday on 15th March; his old buddy Diamond Platnumz joined the many fans sending birthday messages to Konde boy.

Through his Instagram page Diamond went on to promote the Afroeast album leaving fans excited! Although Diamond Platnumz did not caption his most with an emotional message, showing support for his old best friend seemed enough!


Harmonize responds

Well, having come across the post Harmonize told journalists he is grateful to everyone who has been supporting his music throughout the years.

However since many had come out to show their support on social media; Harmonize added that he was able to thank everyone individually but as for now all he could say is ‘Thank you.’

Well it’s not hard to tell that Harmonize was dodging anything to do with Diamond; but promoting his new album definitely seems like the way to go for him!

Diamond Platnumz marks Harmonize’s 29th birthday with special message!

Word making rounds is that Diamond Platnumz has no beef with Harmonize!

This is after the singer went on to celebrate Harmonize’s new album through his Instagram page; where Simba shared a post promoting the Afroeast album.

Diamond Platnumz post

Diamond Platnumz message however came at a time when Harmonize was also celebrating his 29th birthday! Many fans are now assuming that this was Simba’s way of marking his old friend’s birthday. Platnumz wrote;

Make sure you DOWNLOAD, STREAM & SHARE BRAND NEW Album from @harmonize_tz #AFROEAST Available on All Digital Platforms now ???? #KONDEBOY #KondeGang

Online war!

The two old best friends parted ways in 2019 but unlike most men, seems that Diamond and Harmonize attracted a lot of drama after harmonize quit Wasafi records!


The two artists engaged in an online word battle that led to the two dissing each other through their music. It is not clear as to why Diamond Platnumz got bitter with Konde boy after quitting his job at Wasafi.

So far fans from both camps have been battling it out trying to prove who is the king of Bongo music!

Harmonize should slow down, too many songs at once

Kiba on the other hand seems to be maintaining his silence when it comes to music; but seeing Ommy Dimpoz at Harmonize’s event proves that King Kiba is now supporting Harmonize!


Harmonize deeply betrayed our trust and brotherhood – Rayvanny painfully recounts

WCB´s Rayvanny recalls his bitter fallout with ex-Wasafi artist, Harmonize, that betrayed their friendship for good.

Rayvanny always had Harmonize´s back, like a brother when they were both signed at WCB and even when troubles ensued, Rayvanny would intervene.

However, soon after his exit, Rayvanny wished Harmonize the best in his ventures, only for the Konde Gang CEO to backbite him.

Tanzanian artistes, (from left) Rayvanny, Harmonize and Diamond Platnumz, previously

Up and close with Dizzim Online, the ´Teamo´ singer disclosed:

Nilikuwa na complain kubwa ingawa siwezi kuionesha kwenye management. So most of the time, Harmonize alikuwa ananipigia simu kucomplain na mimi nilikuwa namwambia Bwana, hichi kinachotokea si fair. Lakini kama unaondoka na Mungu kuplan kwamba utafanikiwa, basi utafanikiwa. So if unaenda, ondoka for good usitake iwe na vita.

Vanny Boy urged Harmonize to leave Wasafi records in peace and not escalate any form of fights, however, he wished him well.


Only soon after, did the ´Uno´ singer go behind Rayvanny´s back to talk maliciously about a show Vanny did in Tanzania, with free entry.

Tanzanian artistes, (from left) Rayvanny, Harmonize and Diamond Platnumz, with their lovers, previously

That tore apart the Wasafi singer who felt deeply betrayed. It is after then till date, that their two empires remain rivals.

Mimi nikawa na show yangu nafanya Mbeya. Ni show ambayo nilidecide kufanya kwa ajili ya watu wa Mbeya, nyumbani kwetu. Mimi si kwamba nina hela hizo lakini akaunti yangu mwenyewe iliteteleka mradi nihakikishe kwamba nimekamilisha show ya Mbeya. Imenicost sana mpaka imekamilika na nashukuru Mungu ilifanikiwa. Jioni nikaja kuona picha kaposti ya video yake alafu kaandika huu sio mkutano wa hadhara, hii ni show watu wamelipa, yaani ile iliniumiza sana.

Apart from the backbiting, he also revealed that Harmonize betrayed his trust and friendship after Vanny Boy realized that all along, Konde would hire bloggers to compare Harmonize to Diamond.

Harmonize (left) allegedly hired bloggers to compare him to Diamond (right)

Harmonize fashionably claps back at Diamond and trolls

The 2019 beef between Harmonize and Diamond Platnumz seems to be ongoing but lowkey, this time through their cryptic posts.

Just December, Konde Boy and King Kiba seemed to be struggling with affordability of tickets to their Tigo Fest concert after slashing their prices to almost a free entry.

Diamond and his team scorned the two bongo flava artists for trying too much where they could not reap anything.

Diamond Platnumz mocks Ali Kiba and Harmonize Tigo Fest concert

Kiba and Harmonize swallowed that in and let it go. However, it is a new year and Harmonize has decided to flaunt his successes to his critics, among them Platnumz.

Sharing a short clip online of his concert, a glimpse of the gathered crowd was evidence enough that his popularity among Tanzanians is still pretty high.

Second, the excitement and cheer emanating from the crowd seemed overpowering for the ¨Uno¨ hitmaker.


Just to clarify to all his haters who thought he was set for the drain, he affirmed:

Ikumbukwe Kiingilio Ni 10000/ Pesa Halali Kwa Malipo …!!!

With an entry fee of Tsh 10,000, all paid up legally, Konde Boy assures trolls he was born to win.


Huu Sio #MUHADHARA Au #MikeshaYaUponyaji ???????? Wamelipa ????

Check out the concert below:



Why Harmonize had to undergo rituals before his New Years show

Singer Harmonize left many shocked on 31st December after a video of him performing a ritual – to protect himself from being bewitched, killed or ruined by his enemies emerged online.


From the stories making rounds on social media, this ritual was apparently done in front of a huge crowd which consisted of his fans, the media and his management in order for word get out just incase his enemies were thinking of destroying his career.

The videos and photos making rounds on social media show the singer being smeared with a goats blood around his forehead and chest area.


Konde Boy vs Wasafi

For a while now Konde boy has been having some few issues with the Wasafi since he left the team!

So far Harmonize and Diamond Platnumz remain ‘enemies’ in the show biz business but truthfully their fans wouldn’t have it any other way!