Baby on board: Harmonize fiance announces 2nd pregnancy – 20 years since her first child

Harmonize has left many asking whether its true fiance, Kajala is expecting their second child and to answer this – he unveiled a new video parading what looks like a grown baby bump and judging from the hand petting the belly – we can confirm it is indeed Kajala.

This however comes as a big surprise considering that Kajala only has one daughter – one that she had while still a teenager and from the stories online….word has it that she closed the chapter following ugly experince with the man responsible for the pregnancy.

Tbt: Kajala with daughter, Paula

Harmonize on the other hand has been said to be sterile, a rumor sparked by his ex wife Sarah Michelloti who allegedly went as far as seeking medical help to conceive for the singer; but despite the treatment – they could still not have a child.

Harmonize hints fiance is pregnant

Baby bump video

Anyway we can’t say the video is fake especially since Harmonize has been trying to wife Kajala – and judging from the way she carries herself, clearly she is not the type to entertain publicity stunts which explains her low lifestyle.


But again….looking Kajala’s gym footage shared on her Instagram- there are no signs of any baby bump….but we also have to remember that having worked out for years, it might take a while before the bump pops out.