Harmonize issues an apology for her divisive comments regarding God’s gender.

Tanzanian musician Harmonize has issued apologies to both the Muslim and Christian communities following remarks that stirred controversy among his fans.

During a recent live session, the Konde Gang boss addressed his earlier comments regarding referring to God as a woman, which had elicited mixed reactions on social media.

“I am also seeking forgiveness from the leaders of my religion for any offense I may have caused. God is merciful, and I trust in His forgiveness. I had my reasons for suggesting that God is a woman; it stems from the kindness I’ve experienced from women in my life,” Harmonize expressed during the live session on April 21.


Diamond Postpones Release Of His Music After Harmonize Allegedly Sent A Bat To His Home

While reaffirming his Islamic faith and acknowledging his own flaws, he emphasized the invaluable role women have played in his journey to success and their potential to positively impact the world.

“I may have misspoken, but it was my way of showing gratitude to women. God knows my intentions, and I believe He has pardoned me,” he added.

The artist also admitted to his fallibility as a public figure.

“I’m not immune to mistakes, but I always strive for honesty. Forgiveness and learning from our missteps are essential,” Harmonize remarked.


Harmonize Throws Shade at Diamond Platnumz After Hat Theft

The controversy ignited on April 11 when Harmonize shared his belief on social media that God could potentially be a woman, saying:

“After 30 years, I’ve come to the realization that God might indeed be a woman.”

Despite being aware of religious teachings cautioning against equating God with any worldly entity, the “Never Give Up” crooner proceeded to emphasize the significant contributions of women.

“We commonly refer to Him as God the Father,” he noted, adding, “A woman equals one and a half men. Henceforth, I will not compare myself to women or regard myself as superior to any woman in the world.”

Harmonize has pledged to conduct another live session to spotlight the women who have greatly influenced his musical journey.

Harmonize’s New Girlfriend Denies Ever Dating His Personal DJ

Tanzanian musician Harmonize’s blossoming love with Poshy Queen is facing its first controversy. Accusations of Poshy dating Harmonize’s personal DJ Seven have surfaced, prompting the digital content creator to set the record straight on her Instagram stories.

“I never dated Seven,” Poshy declared emphatically. “We were friends and worked together, and he knows the truth. I’m not here for drama, please respect my relationship and Harmonize.”

This clarification comes just weeks after Harmonize publicly revealed his relationship with Poshy on January 16th, praising her and showering her with affection. He even joked about donating a kidney or blood if she ever needed it, and called her his “Adam.” Poshy reciprocated by referring to him as her “Adam wangu.”

Harmonize’s commitment to Poshy seems serious. He plans to feature her in a music video and has expressed a desire to marry her. They even got matching tattoos on their necks to symbolize their connection.

This isn’t the first time Harmonize has navigated public relationships. In May 2023, after a turbulent relationship with Fridah Kajala, he introduced a new Rwandan flame named Phiona. He famously replaced his Kajala tattoo with Mt. Kilimanjaro and lauded Phiona as unmatched by any previous girlfriend. He even planned to move closer to her in Kigali.

However, these past relationships haven’t lasted. With Poshy Queen stepping into the spotlight, the question remains: will this love story be different? Only time will tell if Harmonize’s new flame can withstand the heat of public scrutiny and keep the love burning bright.

Harmonize Throws Shade At His Bodyguards During Interview

Tanzanian musician Harmonize offered a rare glimpse into the dynamic between celebrities and their bodyguards during a recent event. Seated alongside his imposing protection detail, he playfully nudged them to relax, recognizing the enclosed venue rendered their immediate presence unnecessary.

Harmonize reveals why he has so many bodyguards | Boombuzz

This seemingly lighthearted moment sparks deeper consideration into the evolving relationship between A-list figures and their security personnel. While bodyguards have become ubiquitous in the contemporary entertainment landscape, their role extends beyond just physical protection.

More than mere muscle, bodyguards navigate a delicate balance between ensuring safety, supporting their client’s brand image, and respecting personal boundaries. The blurred lines between public and private life, amplified by the ever-present paparazzi and potential fan disruptions, necessitate this multi-faceted approach.

This wasn’t always the case. Historically, bodyguards were primarily associated with high-profile executives or politicians. Now, their presence is commonplace among musicians, athletes, and even social media influencers. They act as vital shields, allowing celebrities to navigate their fame with a sense of security and focus on their craft.

However, their importance extends beyond physical protection. The visual presence of bodyguards can contribute to a celebrity’s carefully cultivated image. Whether projecting strength, elegance, or exclusivity, these silent guardians become symbols that align with the desired brand persona.

In Kenya, musician Otile Brown’s relationship with his bodyguard exemplifies this evolving dynamic. Their bond goes beyond the professional, with Otile attending and performing at his bodyguard’s wedding and even gifting him land.

Harmonize’s simple gesture of trust highlights the human element within these professional relationships. It reminds us that even celebrities, surrounded by constant protection, value moments of normalcy and appreciate the individuals who safeguard their lives and image.

Harmonize Throws Shade at Diamond Platnumz After Hat Theft

Bongo star Harmonize, known for his rivalry with Diamond Platnumz, seemingly took a dig at his former boss during a recent event in Kahama, Tanzania. The incident occurred after a fan stole Diamond’s hat in Dodoma days prior, sparking a viral frenzy.

In a subtle jab, Harmonize interacted with fans while keeping his own hat firmly on his head. He remarked, “Nobody can steal your hat when they really love you,” implying that he enjoys more fan love than Diamond.

Diamond’s stolen hat, valued at Sh6298.56 (Euro 37.95), was snatched during a crowd interaction. Footage showed Diamond’s displeasure and his request to his bodyguards to retrieve it. A man later claimed to have found the thief and returned the hat.

In response, Diamond distributed hats to fans at a concert, stating, “They were surprised I followed up on the cap. When someone steals from you, it shows disrespect. Ask me, and I will give you.” He also acknowledged the need for enhanced security, adding, “My bodyguards were not there, so now I have to walk with security.”

This incident marks the second public theft Diamond has experienced. In 2022, valuable jewelry was stolen from him during a stage entrance in DR Congo.

Harmonize signals intent to reconcile with Diamond Platnumz

For the first time, Tanzanian musician Harmonize has openly expressed his willingness to reconcile with his former mentor and business partner, Diamond Platnumz, acknowledging that their past differences stemmed from youthful exuberance.

In a recent interview on Clouds FM, Harmonize attributed their longstanding feud to their age at the time, believing that Diamond will eventually come to terms with the situation and reach out to him to resolve their issues.

“I don’t harbor any animosity towards anyone, including him [Diamond]. Let’s mature and recognize that we’ll never truly be adults,” Harmonize remarked.

“Life is a continuous learning process, and every day brings new insights. One day, I might feel compelled to reach out to him, or he might realize that he needs to reconnect with his brother. It’s all in God’s hands.”

This marks the second time in two days that Harmonize has hinted at a potential thaw in their icy relationship.

Upon arriving at the airport, Harmonize expressed gratitude to Diamond for congratulating him on his three award wins in the United States. He interpreted Diamond’s gesture as an acknowledgment of the importance of unity in advancing the Bongo Fleva music industry.

These recent statements suggest a shift in Harmonize’s stance, hinting at a possible reconciliation between the two influential figures in the Tanzanian music scene.

Harmonize Praises Diamond After He Bagged Prestigious Awards In US

Tanzanian musician Harmonize has returned to his homeland after a successful trip to the United States, where he attended and emerged victorious at the AEUSA 2023 awards. The artist made history by sweeping three awards, a feat he considers an honor for his nation.

In a press interview upon his arrival at the airport, Harmonize expressed his pride in representing Tanzania on the global stage. “My awards are an honor for the nation because, through my victory, the nation is respected,” he declared.

Harmonize also took the opportunity to address his former mentor, Diamond Platnumz, acknowledging his recognition and congratulations. He commended Diamond’s act of self-awareness, stating that those who disregard the significance of such awards lack self-understanding.

“What I can say is that I am proud of his presence [Diamond],” Harmonize remarked. “That is a sign of self-awareness. If you see someone talking like that, then you know that he knows himself, so I am proud of him. And I thank him very much.”

Diamond, considered Harmonize’s mentor, played a pivotal role in the artist’s rise to stardom. He initially discovered Harmonize in 2014 and later signed him to his WCB record label. However, their relationship deteriorated in 2019, leading to a contentious termination of their contract and lingering animosity that persists to this day.

Despite the past conflicts, Harmonize’s recent success at the AEUSA 2023 awards and Diamond’s gracious acknowledgment of his achievements mark a positive step towards reconciliation. Their respective statements demonstrate a level of maturity and self-awareness that bodes well for their future relationship.

Harmonize Goes Public With His HIV Status

Tanzanian Bongo star Rajab Abdul, also known as Harmonize, has gone public with his HIV status. The singer shared the results of his HIV test on his Instagram page, which showed that he is negative for the virus.

Harmonize has been making his HIV status public since 2021, after breaking up with his then-girlfriend Kajala. He has said that he does this to encourage his fans to get tested and to stay informed about HIV.

“I’m not ashamed of my status,” Harmonize said in a recent interview. “I want to show people that you can still live a happy and healthy life with HIV.”

Harmonize’s decision to go public with his HIV status is a brave one, and it is sure to have a positive impact on the fight against HIV/AIDS. By sharing his story, Harmonize is helping to break down the stigma surrounding HIV and to encourage others to get tested and to seek treatment.

Harmonize is not the first Tanzanian celebrity to go public with their HIV status. In 2014, Tanzanian actress and singer Wema Sepetu revealed that she is HIV-positive. Sepetu’s announcement was met with praise from many Tanzanians, and it helped to raise awareness about HIV and to reduce the stigma surrounding the virus.

Harmonize’s decision to go public with his HIV status is another step forward in the fight against HIV/AIDS in Tanzania. By sharing his story, Harmonize is helping to create a more supportive and understanding environment for people living with HIV.

Alikiba Responds To Harmonize’s Public Display Of Affection

Bongo Flava star Alikiba has responded to his fellow star Harmonize’s public display of affection, in which Harmonize embraced him tightly and proclaimed him as the king of Bongo.

Alikiba said that he was surprised by Harmonize’s actions, but he appreciated the gesture. He also said that he believes Harmonize is a good person with a kind heart.

Alikiba went on to say that he is always willing to forgive and forget, and he hopes that Harmonize will do the same. He said that he wants to see the Bongo Flava industry united, and he believes that everyone should be able to coexist peacefully.

Alikiba’s response has been met with mixed reactions from fans. Some fans have praised him for his maturity and willingness to forgive, while others have accused him of being too soft on Harmonize.

Regardless of the reactions, Alikiba’s response is a positive step towards healing the rift between him and Harmonize. It is also a message of hope for the Bongo Flava industry, which has been plagued by feuds and infighting in recent years.

Who is the King of Bongo?

The question of who is the king of Bongo is a matter of opinion. Some people believe that it is Alikiba, while others believe that it is Diamond Platnumz. There is no right or wrong answer, as both artists are talented and have made significant contributions to the Bongo Flava genre.

Harmonize’s statement that Alikiba is the king of Bongo could be seen as a way of showing respect to his predecessor. It could also be seen as a way of undermining Diamond Platnumz, who is considered to be Alikiba’s main rival

Hamisa opens up about her friendship with Harmonize

Singer Harmonize and model Hamisa Mobetto have been the talk of the town lately, after Harmonize started flaunting their friendship on social media. Fans have gotten concerned, as Mobetto is in a serious relationship with businessman Kevin Sowax.

Mobetto has denied any romantic involvement with Harmonize, saying that he is just her “best friend forever” (BFF). She told reporters at the airport when she had just welcomed her boyfriend to Tanzania, “He’s just a friend, nothing more, nothing less.”

Kevin Sowax was also asked about his girlfriend’s close friendship with Harmonize. He said that he didn’t know all of Mobetto’s friends, but that it wasn’t a big deal to him. He also said that he doesn’t read his own DMs, so he didn’t mind that Hamisa was reading them.

Hamisa added that she is Kevin’s “gatekeeper” and that she is the one who filters his DMs. She said, “That’s why he has me.”

The close friendship between Harmonize and Mobetto has raised eyebrows, but both parties have insisted that there is nothing romantic going on. Only time will tell how long their friendship will last.

  • Harmonize and Mobetto have been seen together in public on several occasions, including at parties and events.
  • They have also posted pictures of each other on social media, with captions that suggest they are close friends.
  • Mobetto’s boyfriend, Kevin Sowax, has not publicly commented on his girlfriend’s friendship with Harmonize.
  • Some fans have expressed concern that the friendship could be a threat to Mobetto’s relationship with Sowax.
  • Others have defended the friendship, saying that it is normal for two people to be close friends, even if one of them is in a relationship.

Ultimately, only time will tell how long Harmonize and Mobetto’s friendship will last. However, it is clear that their friendship has caused a stir among fans and the public.

Harmonize Quits Alcohol To Build Dream House For Mother

Tanzanian music sensation Harmonize has taken a significant step towards fulfilling his mother’s dream by quitting alcohol.

The acclaimed “Amelowa” singer made a public announcement on his Instagram story on August 15, declaring his decision to give up drinking. He said that he is dedicating his sobriety to the construction of a house that holds profound significance for both him and his mother.

“Natangaza rasmi nimeacha pombe sinywiii tena, maisha Mungu nisimamie.”(I have officially quit alcohol, I am not drinking again, God be with me),” he wrote.

Harmonize also shared a sneak peek of the house which is already in progress. The house is being built in a rural area in Tanzania and is inspired by traditional African architecture.

Harmonize’s decision to quit alcohol is a major personal achievement and a testament to his love for his mother. It is clear that he is committed to fulfilling her dream and providing her with a safe and comfortable home.

Harmonize’s story is an inspiration to others who are struggling with addiction. It shows that it is possible to overcome addiction and achieve your dreams.

Harmonize claims Frida Kajala’s daughter wanted a taste of his honey

The Tanzanian actor Harmonize now claims that Paula, the daughter of Fridah Kajala, approached him first.

Regarding the relationship with Paula, Harmonize claimed he withheld information in order to protect Kajala, but that when she continued to treat him disrespectfully, he was left with no choice but to come clean.

“Kwa kipindi kirefu sanaa!!! Nimezipokea lawama zakuonekana ni mtu asie na hekima mwenye tamaa alie mtongoza mtoto wa dem wake. Nilikubali lawama zote zije kwangu sikuelezea chochote almost miake 4 kwakilinda heshima ya mtu niliewahi kuwa nae lakini pia kwa kutambua yeye ni mzazi pengine itamuumiza zaidi. Akijua ukweli wa mambo!!!

“Ila kwa kuwa ameona kunidhalilisha na kunifanya nionekane sio mwema hakutoshi kafikia kuniita chizi. Sasa wacha nielezee uchizi wangu!! Kaa na bint akuelezee vizuri kwa nini ananichukia kama anavyosema (I hate him !!!)”

Paula was the one who seduced Harmonize back in 2017, when she was still a student and he wasn’t dating her mother at the time. This was confirmed by Harmonize.

Paula contacted him, according to the ‘Single’ hitmaker, via her stepbrother who acted as the matchmaker.

When Paula returned from college two years later, Harmonize remarked that she was disappointed to see him dating her mother.

“Kiukweli kabisa hanichukii. 2017 alinitafuta kupitia ndogo wake wa kiume Pol wa baba mmoja aliniambia my sister she wanna talk to you!!! This is her Instagram nikusaidie tuu bint yupo Instagram tangu 2017 mimi na machizi wenzangu tunajua We unajua kaanza mwaka juzi.

“Niliongea nae na akinipa number yake and usimwambie mama nyingi mnoo sikumzingatia pia alikuwa mtoto sanaa na ukizingatia alikuwa bado shule baada ya miaka miwili anarudi shule anakuta penzi limekolea tui nakujali nakuhudumia kila unachotaka nakupatia na hata yeye pia nampa atakacho kama bint yangu,”

Harmonize Reveals Details Of Affair With Paula Kajala

Harmonize has finally spoken out about his affair with Paula, after her mother Kajala and Paula herself have been running a smear campaign against him on their reality series “Behind The Gram.”

In the latest episode, Kajala called Harmonize “chizi” (a mad person) while Paula said she hated the singer with passion.

“I hate him (A person like Harmonize dared seduced me even though he was my mother’s boyfriend. Mhh I hate him),” Paula said.

Harmonize angrily reacted to Paula and Kajala’s sentiments, blasting the 40-year-old actress for running after young boys. He added that he was lenient to Kajala as he did not repossess a Range Rover Evoque he bought her following their breakup in December 2022.

Konde Boy claimed Kajala only got the capital to start her lingerie business by selling the vehicle he bought her.

Addressing the affair with Paula, Harmonize said he kept quiet about the whole drama because he wanted to protect Kajala but since she has continued to disrespect him he had no option but to spill the beans.

The “Single” hitmaker said that Paula reached out to him through her stepbrother who played the matchmaker. He noted that Paula was disappointed when she came back from campus two years later to find him dating her mother.

Harmonize also denied Kajala’s claims that he seduced Paula, saying that it was the other way around. He said that Paula was the one who initiated the affair and that he was initially reluctant to get involved with her because of their age difference.

“Kiukweli kabisa hanichukii. 2017 linitafuta kupitia ndogo wake wa kiume Pol wa baba mmoja aliniambia my sister she wanna talk to you!!! This is her Instagram nikusaidie tuu bint yupo Instagram tangu 2017 mimi na machizi wenzangu tunajua We unajua kaanza mwaka juzi.

“Niliongea nae na akinipa number yake and usimwambie mama nyingi mnoo sikumzingatia pia alikuwa mtoto sanaa na ukizingatia alikuwa bado shule baada ya miaka miwili anarudi shule anakuta penzi limekolea tui nakujali nakuhudumia kila unachotaka nakupatia na hata yeye pia nampa atakacho kama bint yangu,” he said.

Harmonize’s revelations have caused a stir on social media, with some people supporting him and others criticizing him. It remains to be seen how the situation will play out, but it is clear that the feud between Harmonize, Kajala, and Paula is far from over.

Harmonize Claims Women Crave For Him As He Flaunts His Luxurious Fleet Of Cars

Tanzanian singer Harmonize has once again shown off his wealth by posting a video of his luxury cars on TikTok.

The KondeGang CEO showed off more than four cars parked outside his huge palatial house. The cars were mostly Landcruisers in different colors, as well as an Audi. Harmonize claimed that many women were praying to have a man who is as rich as he is.

“Mnaokesha kuomba Mungu awajalie mume mwema mwenye mahela na magari, hivi mnajua kwamba mnakesha mkiomba mpewe Konde, (Those praying and fasting to get good husbands who are rich and have cars, do you know you’re praying to have me),” he said.

Harmonize is known for flaunting his riches. He recently bought his new Rwandese lover a posh Range Rover with personalized number plates. He has also vowed to marry her and offer her the world.

Harmonize’s post showing off his cars was met with mixed reactions from fans. Some encouraged him to keep elevating his life, while others urged him to donate his money and cars to a worthy cause.

It is important to note that there is nothing wrong with being wealthy. However, it is important to use one’s wealth in a responsible way. Harmonize could use his wealth to help others in need, or to invest in projects that will benefit society.

Harmonize Showers Rwandan Girlfriend Yolo With Brand New Range Rover

Tanzanian bongo star Harmonize has gone all out to prove his love for his new girlfriend, Rwandan model Yolo.

Harmonize recently took to Instagram to share a video of a brand new Range Rover Velar that he had bought for Yolo. The car has customized number plates with the words “Boss Yolo” written on them.

Harmonize captioned the video,

“When I say I love you, my money is your own. Congrats boss Yolo the queen, more coming, let’s Velar for now.”

This is not the first time that Harmonize has showered Yolo with expensive gifts. In May, he bought her a brand new iPhone 13 Pro Max. He has also taken her on several luxurious vacations.

Harmonize and Yolo have been dating for a few months now, and they seem to be very much in love. Harmonize has said that he plans to get a house in Kigali, Rwanda so that he can be closer to Yolo.

It seems that Harmonize is not afraid to spend money on his girlfriend, and he is clearly very serious about their relationship. Yolo is a lucky woman to have found such a loving and generous boyfriend.

Miracle Baby discusses failed attempt at collaboration with Diamond and Harmonize

Peter Miracle Baby of the now-dissolved Sailors Gang has revealed that he tried to collaborate with Diamond Platnumz and Harmonize, but both artists declined.

In an interview with Mungai Eve, Miracle Baby said that he reached out to Diamond Platnumz about a collaboration, but the Tanzanian star refused because he wanted too much money. Miracle Baby also said that he tried to get in touch with Harmonize, but he was unable to find his contact information.

Mwalimu Rachel, who was previously the manager of Sailors Gang, has said that managing the group was one of her biggest regrets.

In an interview with SPM Buzz, Rachel said that she was “locked up by the police” because of her association with Sailors. She also said that she and her son received online death threats from Sailors fans.

The group has since gone their separate ways, and Miracle Baby and Rachel both say that they have no regrets about their decision to leave.

Miracle Baby said that he is now focused on his solo career, and Rachel said that she is “moving on” with her life.

The fallout between Sailors Gang and their manager was a difficult time for everyone involved. However, it seems that both Miracle Baby and Rachel are now looking to the future and are determined to move on with their lives.

Here are some additional details about the Sailors Gang fallout:

  • In 2019, Sailors Gang’s YouTube channel was blocked. This led to accusations that Mwalimu Rachel had blocked access to the channel.
  • Sailors Gang fans were angry about the channel being blocked, and they started sending death threats to Rachel and her son.
  • Rachel eventually resigned as Sailors Gang’s manager.
  • The group has since gone their separate ways.

The Sailors Gang fallout was a sad and unfortunate event. However, it is important to remember that everyone involved is human, and everyone makes mistakes. It is also important to remember that everyone deserves a second chance.

Zuchu Posts Cryptic Video Taking Shots at Harmonize

WCB artist Zuchu has posted a cryptic video on Instagram that has some fans wondering if she is taking a dig at her former labelmate Harmonize.

The video shows a person dressed as Harmonize being asked a question by a journalist. The person playing Harmonize turns and answers the question while putting what looks like a cigarette butt in his mouth.

Some fans have interpreted the video as Zuchu’s way of saying that she is not bothered by the drama between Harmonize and his ex-girlfriend Frida Kajala and her daughter. Others believe that she is actually provoking Harmonize.

Zuchu has not commented on the meaning of the video, but her fans are divided on whether she is trying to start a fight with Harmonize or if she is simply ignoring the drama.

Here are some of the reactions to Zuchu’s post:

  • “She is provoking Harmonize. She should just focus on her music.”
  • “She is not bothered by the drama. She is just showing that she is number one.”
  • “She should fight with her fellow women musically like Nandy instead of getting involved in Harmonize’s drama.”

Only time will tell what Zuchu’s true intentions are with the video. However, it is clear that her fans are divided on the matter.

Harmonize hits at Kajala using intimate information

The fiery exchange between Tanzanian artist Harmonize and his ex-fiancée Frida Kajala has caused a stir in the love, drama, and Instagram feuds communities.

Harmonize and Kajala, who were previously in love, are now embroiled in a public argument after Harmonize claimed Kajala had tarnished his reputation on her reality show “Behind The Gram.”

Harmonize pleaded with Kajala to highlight the good parts of their brief relationship in a lengthy instastory post. He questioned her age and her methods, pleading with her to focus her efforts on something more encouraging and helpful.

“Unaweza kufikiriwaaa, ila njia unayoitumia hutoboi, changanya na umri, wacha tuone,”

In an unexpected turn, Harmonize continued by outlining a few of the thoughtful actions he took when they were dating. In addition to granting her access to his bank cards and a cut of his endorsement and performance fees, he claimed to have freed Kajala’s father from prison.

The artist went on to claim that Kajala had physically assaulted him prior to their breakup, but he refrained from taking action out of concern that she would use the situation.

“I want to watch you talk on TV about the last few seconds, how you called me names and hit me in the hopes that I would punch back and you would upload it, ruining my reputation.

Tell everyone that I left you in charge of the car and everything. To prevent Mzee Masanja from going to jail, I have settled all of his obligations. You never bring that up,” he said.

Harmonize released the music for his new song, “Dear Ex,” which is a sincere letter to Kajala, which caused the tensions between the ex-couple to worsen.

He suggests in the song that the truth will soon be revealed, indicating that the battle of words is far from done.

Both the artists’ fans and followers eagerly watch as the drama develops as the once-happy affair now takes center stage in a very public fight.

Harmonize Defends Diamond Platnumz Amidst Plagiarism Allegations

Konde Music Worldwide boss Rajab Abdul Kahali, better known by his stage name Harmonize, has come to the defense of his former boss Diamond Platnumz, who has been accused of plagiarism.

Diamond has been accused of stealing the beats of Nigerian musicians, most recently in his song “Enjoy” with Jux, which is alleged to have copied Spyro and Tiwa Savage’s hit “Who is Your Guy?”

In a statement on Wednesday, Harmonize urged pop artists and their fans to unite and support each other. He condemned insults and criticism against each other, and asked people to let each artist make music in his own way.

“We are all Africans, and we should support each other,” Harmonize said. “We should not be fighting each other. We should be working together to make our music industry better.”

Harmonize’s statement comes amid a growing debate about plagiarism in the music industry. Some people believe that it is wrong to copy the work of other artists, while others believe that it is simply a matter of inspiration.

The debate is likely to continue, but Harmonize’s statement is a reminder that there is still a strong sense of community among African musicians.

Diamond Platnumz, Ali Kiba and Harmonize might jump on a track together soon!

Yanga Football Club in Tanzania is reportedly planning to unite three of its biggest fans, Diamond Platnumz, Harmonize, and Alikiba, for a song together. The three artists have all been known to support the club in the past, and a collaboration between them would be a major coup for Yanga.

The news was first reported by the team’s information officer, Ali Kamwe, who said that they would be “succeeding in bringing together recent fan Diamond Platnumz along with Yanga’s long-time fans Alikiba also Harmonize to do a collabo of Yanga’s song.”

The announcement has been met with mixed reactions from fans. Some are excited about the prospect of seeing the three artists collaborate, while others are skeptical that it will actually happen.

Diamond and Alikiba have been frenemies for years, and they have had several public disagreements in the past. Harmonize also fell out with Diamond after leaving his record label, WCB Wasafi, in 2018.

However, if Yanga is able to pull off this collaboration, it would be a major moment for the club and for Tanzanian football. It would also be a sign that the three artists are willing to put their differences aside for the sake of their fans.

Kikuyu Lady Took My Phone And Praised Their Nyash – Harmonize Comes Out Clean

Tanzanian singer Harmonize has denied making a post on Instagram in which he praised Kikuyu women for their big behinds.

The post, which was shared on Harmonize’s Instagram Stories on May 27, 2023, read:

“Respect technology. Wakikuyu Nao wanakuanga na Nyash nowadays. Nilijua ni wakisii na wajaluo pekee.”

The post quickly went viral, and many Kikuyu women took to social media to express their appreciation for the compliment. However, others were less impressed, and accused Harmonize of objectifying women.

Harmonize has since denied making the post, claiming that his phone was taken. In a statement on Instagram, he said:

“I did not make that post. My phone was takenand someone used it to post that. I am sorry if anyone was offended.”

It is not clear who actually made the post, but the incident has sparked a debate about body image and objectification. Some people believe that Harmonize’s post was harmless, while others believe that it was disrespectful.

Regardless of who made the post, it is clear that the issue of body image is a sensitive one, and that people should be careful about what they say about others’ bodies.

About Macarena Moh

Macarena Moh is a well-known events promoter who has worked with a number of artists from East Africa. She is believed to be the promoter behind Harmonize’s shows in the US.

Moh is a respected figure in the East African entertainment industry, and her events have helped to bring together East Africans in the US. She is also a strong advocate for women’s empowerment, and her work has helped to raise awareness of issues such as body image and objectification.

Harmonize To Tour Australia, Prays For No Relationship Problems

Tanzanian Bongo Flava star Rajab Abdul Kahali, better known by his stage name Harmonize, is set to tour Australia next month. The tour will take him to Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, and Melbourne.

Harmonize announced the tour on his Instagram page on Tuesday morning, noting that Australia is the home country of one of his recent girlfriends, Brianna Jai. He also asked God to protect his relationship and prevent the tour from causing any problems.

“Australia is where Brianna comes from!! May God protect me and my love so that this trip does not become the beginning of problems,” Harmonize wrote. “June 9 Sydney, June 10 Adelaide, June 11 Perth, June 16 Melbourne, book your tickets I’m coming.”

Harmonize and Brianna Jai dated for several months in 2022, but they broke up last year. Harmonize has since been linked to other women, including Tanzanian actress Frida Kajala.

It is unclear whether Harmonize plans to meet Brianna Jai during his tour of Australia. However, he has said that he is praying for no relationship problems.

Harmonize is one of the most popular musicians in Tanzania. He has won several awards, including the BET Award for Best New International Act in 2019. He is known for his catchy songs and energetic performances.

Harmonize’s Australian tour is sure to be a hit with fans of Bongo Flava music. The tour will kick off on June 9 in Sydney and will wrap up on June 16 in Melbourne. Tickets are on sale now.

Harmonize makes moves, cozies up to Dancehall star Spice

Harmonize has decided to make moves and perhaps gain a new audience by messing with Dancehall and reality TV star, Spice. The Bongo singer is currently in Miami Florida where he is working with the Vybz Kartel affiliate.

Harmonize new weight reflecting on new photos

And they have been shooting content for what is most likely a music video BUT we cannot really share much because of how raunchy the scenes are. They are featured in a hot tub together with Spice working like she is trying to seduce Harmonize for a steamy romp.

Check out the photos we can share below:

Jaguar Harmonize beef sparks Kenya vs Tanzania war on social media

Former Starehe MP Jaguar has ignited beef with not just Akothee but Tanzanian artist harmonized after he boasted about being wealthier than them and threatened that he would quit making music if they were indeed able to prove otherwise.

The Tanzanian did not take kindly to his comments and went on his Instagram page to throw shade at the current CAS and true to form his English was disastrous with many complaining they could barely understand what he was trying to say.

Aside from the trolls mocking him for speaking garbage English on Jaguars post, he quickly ignited a Kenya vs Tanzania tiff on social media and the comments were just hilarious. Check them out below:

that Y You Said You Got Money Over Me Lol ???????????? I have already denied your title from our former president magufuli if i was at your age i would have retired from music LOVE YOU BRO KEEP BANK ON IT ✌️✌️???????? i love you big bro keep on cashing out keep banking on it 100%
From this post, these hilarious comments were made:
  • pmwema2030's profile picture
    harmonise has alot of money…but in tanzanian currency????????????????????????????


  • kotticyrus's profile picture
    @harmonize_tz toka hapa buana…..kajifunze kizungu kwanza…ama utype tu kiswahili ????????????????????


    See translation
  • kiddiejuddie's profile picture
    @harmonize_tz nyie mmemuelewa harmonize kweli…manake mm Issa no????????????sijakielewa kabisa kizungu cha huyu brazzah????????????


    See translation
  • beyoncemyles_2020's profile picture
    @harmonize_tz halafu Jaguar deliberately pinned your post ndio uchekelewe na hiki kizungu chako fake ????????????


    See translation
  • kellreety's profile picture
    @harmonize_tz twazungumzia pesa ya kenya ndugu…ya tz bila shaka umemzidi jaguar hata rais mstaafu uhuru…lakini ya 254 daah????


    See translation
  • trendingstates's profile picture
    @harmonize_tz for those who didn’t understand, @harmonize_tz is saying that he was given a CAS position by their late president magufuli, but he rejected. He means @jaguarkenya has really made it in life and should retire from music. @harmonize_tz please pay me for this translation. It took 2 hrs to understand your English ????


  • elishalyoba's profile picture
    @kellreety afu mnaish kweny mabanda ya mabati kibera wazungu weusi mnashida ninyi ????????


    See translation
  • fredmackfood's profile picture
    @kellreety question? uko nazo izo pesa uchumi wenu mbovu life kwenu ngumu come tz mzee yaani life ni poa kabisa


    See translation
  • fredmackfood's profile picture
    @ft.nanah Kwanza nkucheke kwa currency gani mlionayo mkitoa madeni ya wachina mnabaki na nini matako tu nyau nyie njoeni uku kwenye maisha bora sio mnalipokwa ata pesa ya unga auna


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  • kellreety's profile picture
    @elishalyoba maisha yako usijaribu kuyalinganisha na yangu hata kidogo kaka.. kwanza tafuta confidence ya kuji posti tuone ulivyo nawiri ????????


    See translation
  • abuujhay's profile picture
    @harmonize_tz surely is that even English ????. Huyu Sasa yeye na jaguar Ata tunaweza wacompare?


    See translation
  • kellreety's profile picture
    @fredmackfood nje ya mada kabisa sababu Huna la kusema… maisha ya sumuni yatakosaje kuwa bora???????? njoo ke huone huwezi nunua chumvi wewe mzee


    See translation
  • wambuibenson254's profile picture
    @harmonize_tz you have a lot of money in Tanzania currency but the point is jaguar has a lot of money in Kenya currency there is a big different with our money of Kenya and your money of Tanzania????????????????????????????


Why Harmonize Will Never Settle

Harmonize recently posted his new Rwandese girlfriend, just months after his break-up with Fridah Kajala.

This was after the singer publicized his ‘singlehood’ and even released a track dubbed ‘Single Again’ after splitting with Tanzanian actress, Fridah Kajala.

Harmonize, via Instagram, announced that his new Rwandan girlfriend is the inspiration behind the remix of Element’s Kashe which he featured on. The remix is the reason why Bruce Melodie, Element and Couch Gael visited Tanzania last month.

“I remember you even inspired the remix, love you Phiona. Don’t let anyone stress you when I’m still alive,” the singer wrote on Instagram, adding that he is no longer single.

Phiona who is popularly known as Yolo the Queen, is said to be one of the most successful socialites in Rwanda who has captured the attention of many celebrities including Canadian rapper Drake. Harmonize also dated an Australian before his re-union with Kajala.

Konde Boy, being Diamond’s protégé, has decided to follow his footsteps in replacing women over & over. I bet his new relationship won’t last for long too,

Harmonize Introduces New Girlfriend, Plans To Get Her Tattooo

Tanzanian musical star Harmonize is in love once again. The musicians antics in replacing women during a short period of break-up is quite conspicuous.

Konde Boy recently shared that the Rwandese hottie is now the only chick that he loves.

Further, Harmonize announced plans to tattoo the face of his new girlfriend, Rwandese influencer Phiona, on his body.

The Rwandese influencer has apparently captured the heart of the musician, and he promised that her tattoo would be the last one he would ever get of a woman.

In a now-deleted post on Instagram, Harmonize shared,

“Okay! I’m getting my last tattoo. I will not draw again. Of course, it is of the beautiful face of you, Phiona.”

You’d remember vividly how Harmonize took to social media to simp for his ex-girlfriend Kajala to come back to him. A few months later, they broke-up; with reasons known to them. Anyway, it’s only a matter of time before we get to know whether the relationship will last.

Harmonize Admits Kajala Inspired His Hit Song Single Again’

Harmonize has not been having it smooth when it comes to relationships. He has immensely struggled with his love life, especially with actress Kajala. He has had an on & off relationship with her without necessarily staying for more than a year.

After their break-up, Harmonize claims Kajala inspired her hit song ‘Single Again’.

”I’m not shame at all to say that My X Inspired me to make this Global Hit Song ???? Yess I can Even swear to God !!!!! I was in Love ???????? I was Looking A good way to heal After PAINFUL ???? I ended up to making this GLOBAL HIT SONG GOD IS GOOD IM DOING OK & I’m Like MIMI HUYU HUYU ???????????????? Yess it’s Life !!!!! The one thing about me is I sing About My Life anything I’m going through i normally share with You Coz I believe my Life story can Change the world ???? ???? so if we had Moment Together Expect to see wetever You have treated me ???? So Yess Make Sure You treat me good either you treat me bad I’ll be proud of You Still ❤️ I KNOW EVERYONE NOW TALKING ABOUT @caren_simba Trying 2B Like my X in the Video Yess DIRECTOR @director_kenny came up with Idea & I love it ???? he was like WE CAN DO THIS VIDEO WITH CAREEN…I was like WHY ??? KENNY Said Number 1. we are making VIDEO & SHORT FILM ????️ we need Girl that she can also be a good actress ????Number 2. KENNY said Everyone knows that You Love Big Booty so let Get A Girl with BIG BOOTY ???????????????? @director_kenny Your Crayz ???? FINALLY we made WORLD ANTHEM ????❤️‍???????? sometimes it’s beautiful to be heartbroken ???? ???? stay single it’s very hard to move on TEMBO SAY SO ????”

The song has hit over 1.8 million views on Youtube and was released 8 days ago.