Kikuyu Lady Took My Phone And Praised Their Nyash – Harmonize Comes Out Clean

Tanzanian singer Harmonize has denied making a post on Instagram in which he praised Kikuyu women for their big behinds.

The post, which was shared on Harmonize’s Instagram Stories on May 27, 2023, read:

“Respect technology. Wakikuyu Nao wanakuanga na Nyash nowadays. Nilijua ni wakisii na wajaluo pekee.”

The post quickly went viral, and many Kikuyu women took to social media to express their appreciation for the compliment. However, others were less impressed, and accused Harmonize of objectifying women.

Harmonize has since denied making the post, claiming that his phone was taken. In a statement on Instagram, he said:

“I did not make that post. My phone was takenand someone used it to post that. I am sorry if anyone was offended.”

It is not clear who actually made the post, but the incident has sparked a debate about body image and objectification. Some people believe that Harmonize’s post was harmless, while others believe that it was disrespectful.

Regardless of who made the post, it is clear that the issue of body image is a sensitive one, and that people should be careful about what they say about others’ bodies.

About Macarena Moh

Macarena Moh is a well-known events promoter who has worked with a number of artists from East Africa. She is believed to be the promoter behind Harmonize’s shows in the US.

Moh is a respected figure in the East African entertainment industry, and her events have helped to bring together East Africans in the US. She is also a strong advocate for women’s empowerment, and her work has helped to raise awareness of issues such as body image and objectification.


Harmonize To Tour Australia, Prays For No Relationship Problems

Tanzanian Bongo Flava star Rajab Abdul Kahali, better known by his stage name Harmonize, is set to tour Australia next month. The tour will take him to Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, and Melbourne.

Harmonize announced the tour on his Instagram page on Tuesday morning, noting that Australia is the home country of one of his recent girlfriends, Brianna Jai. He also asked God to protect his relationship and prevent the tour from causing any problems.

“Australia is where Brianna comes from!! May God protect me and my love so that this trip does not become the beginning of problems,” Harmonize wrote. “June 9 Sydney, June 10 Adelaide, June 11 Perth, June 16 Melbourne, book your tickets I’m coming.”

Harmonize and Brianna Jai dated for several months in 2022, but they broke up last year. Harmonize has since been linked to other women, including Tanzanian actress Frida Kajala.

It is unclear whether Harmonize plans to meet Brianna Jai during his tour of Australia. However, he has said that he is praying for no relationship problems.

Harmonize is one of the most popular musicians in Tanzania. He has won several awards, including the BET Award for Best New International Act in 2019. He is known for his catchy songs and energetic performances.

Harmonize’s Australian tour is sure to be a hit with fans of Bongo Flava music. The tour will kick off on June 9 in Sydney and will wrap up on June 16 in Melbourne. Tickets are on sale now.


Harmonize makes moves, cozies up to Dancehall star Spice

Harmonize has decided to make moves and perhaps gain a new audience by messing with Dancehall and reality TV star, Spice. The Bongo singer is currently in Miami Florida where he is working with the Vybz Kartel affiliate.

Harmonize new weight reflecting on new photos

And they have been shooting content for what is most likely a music video BUT we cannot really share much because of how raunchy the scenes are. They are featured in a hot tub together with Spice working like she is trying to seduce Harmonize for a steamy romp.

Check out the photos we can share below:


Jaguar Harmonize beef sparks Kenya vs Tanzania war on social media

Former Starehe MP Jaguar has ignited beef with not just Akothee but Tanzanian artist harmonized after he boasted about being wealthier than them and threatened that he would quit making music if they were indeed able to prove otherwise.

The Tanzanian did not take kindly to his comments and went on his Instagram page to throw shade at the current CAS and true to form his English was disastrous with many complaining they could barely understand what he was trying to say.

Aside from the trolls mocking him for speaking garbage English on Jaguars post, he quickly ignited a Kenya vs Tanzania tiff on social media and the comments were just hilarious. Check them out below:

that Y You Said You Got Money Over Me Lol 😂😂😂 I have already denied your title from our former president magufuli if i was at your age i would have retired from music LOVE YOU BRO KEEP BANK ON IT ✌️✌️😂😂 i love you big bro keep on cashing out keep banking on it 100%
From this post, these hilarious comments were made:
  • pmwema2030's profile picture
    harmonise has alot of money…but in tanzanian currency😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


  • kotticyrus's profile picture
    @harmonize_tz toka hapa buana…..kajifunze kizungu kwanza…ama utype tu kiswahili 😂😂😂😂😂


    See translation
  • kiddiejuddie's profile picture
    @harmonize_tz nyie mmemuelewa harmonize kweli…manake mm Issa no😂😂😂sijakielewa kabisa kizungu cha huyu brazzah😂😂😂


    See translation
  • beyoncemyles_2020's profile picture
    @harmonize_tz halafu Jaguar deliberately pinned your post ndio uchekelewe na hiki kizungu chako fake 😂😄😄


    See translation
  • kellreety's profile picture
    @harmonize_tz twazungumzia pesa ya kenya ndugu…ya tz bila shaka umemzidi jaguar hata rais mstaafu uhuru…lakini ya 254 daah😅


    See translation
  • trendingstates's profile picture
    @harmonize_tz for those who didn’t understand, @harmonize_tz is saying that he was given a CAS position by their late president magufuli, but he rejected. He means @jaguarkenya has really made it in life and should retire from music. @harmonize_tz please pay me for this translation. It took 2 hrs to understand your English 😮


  • elishalyoba's profile picture
    @kellreety afu mnaish kweny mabanda ya mabati kibera wazungu weusi mnashida ninyi 😂😂


    See translation
  • fredmackfood's profile picture
    @kellreety question? uko nazo izo pesa uchumi wenu mbovu life kwenu ngumu come tz mzee yaani life ni poa kabisa


    See translation
  • fredmackfood's profile picture
    @ft.nanah Kwanza nkucheke kwa currency gani mlionayo mkitoa madeni ya wachina mnabaki na nini matako tu nyau nyie njoeni uku kwenye maisha bora sio mnalipokwa ata pesa ya unga auna


    See translation
  • kellreety's profile picture
    @elishalyoba maisha yako usijaribu kuyalinganisha na yangu hata kidogo kaka.. kwanza tafuta confidence ya kuji posti tuone ulivyo nawiri 😅😅


    See translation
  • abuujhay's profile picture
    @harmonize_tz surely is that even English 😀. Huyu Sasa yeye na jaguar Ata tunaweza wacompare?


    See translation
  • kellreety's profile picture
    @fredmackfood nje ya mada kabisa sababu Huna la kusema… maisha ya sumuni yatakosaje kuwa bora😅😅 njoo ke huone huwezi nunua chumvi wewe mzee


    See translation
  • wambuibenson254's profile picture
    @harmonize_tz you have a lot of money in Tanzania currency but the point is jaguar has a lot of money in Kenya currency there is a big different with our money of Kenya and your money of Tanzania😂😂😂😂😂😂😂



Why Harmonize Will Never Settle

Harmonize recently posted his new Rwandese girlfriend, just months after his break-up with Fridah Kajala.

This was after the singer publicized his ‘singlehood’ and even released a track dubbed ‘Single Again’ after splitting with Tanzanian actress, Fridah Kajala.

Harmonize, via Instagram, announced that his new Rwandan girlfriend is the inspiration behind the remix of Element’s Kashe which he featured on. The remix is the reason why Bruce Melodie, Element and Couch Gael visited Tanzania last month.

“I remember you even inspired the remix, love you Phiona. Don’t let anyone stress you when I’m still alive,” the singer wrote on Instagram, adding that he is no longer single.

Phiona who is popularly known as Yolo the Queen, is said to be one of the most successful socialites in Rwanda who has captured the attention of many celebrities including Canadian rapper Drake. Harmonize also dated an Australian before his re-union with Kajala.

Konde Boy, being Diamond’s protégé, has decided to follow his footsteps in replacing women over & over. I bet his new relationship won’t last for long too,


Harmonize Introduces New Girlfriend, Plans To Get Her Tattooo

Tanzanian musical star Harmonize is in love once again. The musicians antics in replacing women during a short period of break-up is quite conspicuous.

Konde Boy recently shared that the Rwandese hottie is now the only chick that he loves.

Further, Harmonize announced plans to tattoo the face of his new girlfriend, Rwandese influencer Phiona, on his body.

The Rwandese influencer has apparently captured the heart of the musician, and he promised that her tattoo would be the last one he would ever get of a woman.

In a now-deleted post on Instagram, Harmonize shared,

“Okay! I’m getting my last tattoo. I will not draw again. Of course, it is of the beautiful face of you, Phiona.”

You’d remember vividly how Harmonize took to social media to simp for his ex-girlfriend Kajala to come back to him. A few months later, they broke-up; with reasons known to them. Anyway, it’s only a matter of time before we get to know whether the relationship will last.


Harmonize Admits Kajala Inspired His Hit Song Single Again’

Harmonize has not been having it smooth when it comes to relationships. He has immensely struggled with his love life, especially with actress Kajala. He has had an on & off relationship with her without necessarily staying for more than a year.

After their break-up, Harmonize claims Kajala inspired her hit song ‘Single Again’.

”I’m not shame at all to say that My X Inspired me to make this Global Hit Song 🙌 Yess I can Even swear to God !!!!! I was in Love 😂😂 I was Looking A good way to heal After PAINFUL 😖 I ended up to making this GLOBAL HIT SONG GOD IS GOOD IM DOING OK & I’m Like MIMI HUYU HUYU 🤔🤔🤔🤔 Yess it’s Life !!!!! The one thing about me is I sing About My Life anything I’m going through i normally share with You Coz I believe my Life story can Change the world 🌎 🙏 so if we had Moment Together Expect to see wetever You have treated me 🙏 So Yess Make Sure You treat me good either you treat me bad I’ll be proud of You Still ❤️ I KNOW EVERYONE NOW TALKING ABOUT @caren_simba Trying 2B Like my X in the Video Yess DIRECTOR @director_kenny came up with Idea & I love it 🥰 he was like WE CAN DO THIS VIDEO WITH CAREEN…I was like WHY ??? KENNY Said Number 1. we are making VIDEO & SHORT FILM 🎞️ we need Girl that she can also be a good actress 😳Number 2. KENNY said Everyone knows that You Love Big Booty so let Get A Girl with BIG BOOTY 😂😂😂😂 @director_kenny Your Crayz 😂 FINALLY we made WORLD ANTHEM 🌎❤️‍🩹🦅 sometimes it’s beautiful to be heartbroken 💔 😂 stay single it’s very hard to move on TEMBO SAY SO 🐘”

The song has hit over 1.8 million views on Youtube and was released 8 days ago.


Harmonize Beef With Rayvanny Is Purely Showbiz

Tanzanian musical star Harmonize has once again ignited a beef with Rayvanny after terming him as ‘poor’ and unable to keep up with his lavish lifestyle.

Konde Boy also admonished Rayvanny to reduce singing songs about alcohol; saying that not everyone is a drunkard. .

“Wasani punguzeni nyimbo za pombe!!! Msidhani hii nchi kila mtu ni mlevi. Hata tunaokunywanga juma 3 hatukunywi tukizisikia nyimbo za pombe kama unatonesha kidonda!!! Hasa hasa January hiii,” Harmonize wrote.

The singers have been at loggerheads for a while now, and it’s evident there’s bitter beef between them.

Harmonize went ahead to reminisce how Vanny Boy leaked photos of his manhood so that he could commit suicide, noting that he came out strong after the 2021 incident.

A vindictive Harmonize mocked Raynanny claiming he had accomplished more than him, suggesting that Vanny Boy had to settle for less dating Paula while he was dating her mother Frida Kajala Masanja.

Harmonize recently broke up with Kajala after a few months of dating. Harmonize had a hefty investment on Kajala to woo her back into loving him. But it seems like the two can’t settle their differences.

Clout Chasing?

4 Takeaways from Rayvanny-Harmonize Beef ⚜ Latest music news online

We’re well aware of how Tanzanians are good when it comes to showbiz- which also involves clout chasing. For this reason, it’s enough to say that this is just among their numerous tacts to remain relevant and keep netizens talking about them.


Why Harmonize Will Never Stick To One Relationship

Harmonize is not cosseting relationships anymore. The fact that he’s not tardy to replace his exes confirms the latter. Does he really value love? Conspicuously, no.

We thought he was honestly in love with Kajala, but it all seems like clout. Most people however, claim they already saw the outcome with some claiming that Kajala never loved Harmonize but loved how he made her feel.

Kajala and Harmonize’s relationship lasted for only two months in 2021 before Kajala dumped him on grounds that he was also seducing her daughter Paula Kajala.

Their latest break up with Kajala was in December 2022 over unclear reasons which the two are yet to relay to the public.

The singer denied rumours that an affair with a video vixen from one of his songs was the reason for their break up.

The intriguing thing is that Harmonize had invested quite heavily to woo Kajala back into loving him. He bought her a Range Rover, took her on vacation et cetera. Yet he just decided to let her leave like that. Either way, Kajala got to keep her car.

The singer recently introduced his new girlfriend, reportedly a Tanzanian artist monikered Feza Kessy. He captioned their photos with love emojis and wrote,“No mara waa!!”

Now, the thing with Harmonize is he believes he has too much cash to win over any lady. He once tickled fans by asking whether he was becoming too handsome or too rich- since women were flocking his DM. For this reason, he will keep hopping from one chick to the other. He’s Diamond’s protégé anyway. We won’t be surprised by his moves.


Harmonize needs therapy & time off relationships to fix himself

When Harmonize left Wolper Stylish for his now Italian Ex wife, there are many who threw shade at actress Wolper claiming she was too old for Harmonize…but what many didnt want to hear is how much she had invested in the guys life only to be battered and dumped last minute.

Harmonize with ex, Wolper

Well, same case to that of Italian ex wife Sarah Michelloti who he ‘abused’ mentally to a point he would have open affairs, simply because he nolonger felt the same way. Just like fans did with Wolper, they also blamed Sarah Michelloti for her failed marriage and now the lady relocated back to her country to after a nasty heartbreak.

Anyway like they say, every dog has its day or rather siku za mwisho ni arobaini and finally we’re starting to see the toxic traits in Harmonize that could be affecting his relationships now that he recently literally beats Kajala out of their relationship.

Harmonize is broken

Well having had a bitter exit from WCB and losing close friends like Diamond Platnumz – not forgetting the pain he went through that period….I feel like Harmonize is a man with q bruised ego.

This is because he was betrayed by those closest to him making him have trust issues and his only way of releasing the pressure is by hitting his women. Like honestly, have you seen how big that guy is? Not forgetting that he works out on a daily basis, so yea one punch from him and you’re out.

So yea – with each and every woman walking out due to his anger issue or ego – maybe its time Harmonize worked on his issues before involving himself with somebody elses daughter. If not – I guess he’ll keep up with his trend till the end.


Harmonize On The Verge Of Losing Part Of His Wealth To Ex-Wife, Kajala Reacts

Tanzanian musical star Harmonize might lose part of his accumulated wealth to his ex Italian wife monikered Sarah Misseloti, if she wins the case against him.

The Italian model was recently spotted at Dar-es-Salaam law courts where she was opting to clinch part of the singer’s wealth.

Harmonize, Kajala React

Upon realizing the move by Sarah, Harmonize expressed disappointment that the model was demanding part of his wealth yet she left him with nothing and had to even seek refuge at her current fiancé’s home.

She is suing me for marrying her, she wants me to share my wealth, wealth which I don’t know about. After our separation, I began sleeping at your place, where was the wealth she is demanding,” Harmonize wrote addressing her current fiancé, Fridah Kajala.

On the flipside, Kajala asked her hubby Harmonize to ignore the model over her claims.

The singer parted ways with Sarah 2 years ago and claimed that she had enough from the singer, including having a child out of wedlock, which was a scare for the model.

Currently, Harmonize has already moved on with Kajala and is looking forward to a happy ever after.





Harmonize reconciles with Paula Kajala after heated arguments fueled by WCB ex artist

A while back rumor had it that Harmonize has been involved with Paula Kajala that is before he opted for the better option…the girl’s mum a former Tz actress he is soon set to marry and start a family with.

Rayvanny with Paula Kajala

Sounds weird but I’ve been told, Uswahilini kuna mengi na ukistaajabu ya Musa, utaona ya firauni – and guess what we’re watching it happen right now. So before he’ll broke lose between Harmonize and Kajala – rumor had it that Harmonize had been accused of sending Paula Kajala his nudes which somehow ended up in Rayvanny’s phone – hence got leaked.

However looks like Harmonize has decided to accept his step daughter back now that her relationship with Vanny boy is over. Most of their fans believe Rayvanny and Paula broke up a few months back but kept it low key until Rayvanny posted a video of his baby mama on his Instagram page.

Blended family

Anyway, Harmonize on the other hand proved to be in good terms with Paula Kajala by resharing one of her videos on his page and on the caption, Paula Kajala had written;

So proud of who you’ve become pops


With this, I guess its only fair to say Harmonize is now willing to play step dad to 20 year old Paula especially now that he will soon be marrying actress, Kajala.



Couple goals! Harmonize celebrates fiancé like a Queen ahead of 39th birthday (Video)

Harmonize has been crying and begging his ex girlfriend Kajala to get back with him after their untimely breakup.

Word has it that the breakup was caused by Kajala’s daughter – who at the time was dating Rayvanny and since Harmonize and the former WCB singer weren’t in good terms….Kajala allegedly decided to sacrifice her happiness for daughter to be with Vanny boy.

Well if you ask me, I don’t really know how things later turned out between Paula and Vanny boy but all we know is that Harmonize finally bagged his woman back. As soon as the two rekindled their old flame – Harmonize did not waste time and proposed to Kajala who in turn said yes. Mambo ni haraka haraka.

Birthday week

Anyway with that said, we also understand Kajala will be marking her 39th birthday in a week and to celebrate her Harmonize is doing everything in his power to spoil his queen.

Birthday week for Kajala

As seen on his social media pages, looks like he took her to a posh game reserve for a safari tour and the photos/videos shared also reveal Harmonize coughed some huge amounts to give his lady the special treatment.

Well if this is what he is doing for her birthday, imagine the wedding. Watch the beautiful video below.



Actress breaks silence after ex Harmonize gets engaged to one of her close friends

Harmonize has always been that man that got away from actress Wolper stylish. You’d be surprised by how long it took her to get over him and despite having bagged herself a young man who is the father of her son, P – still – the lass can’t stop keeping up with Harmonize.

Wolper Stylish made this clear after sharing two posts in which she ‘celebrated’ her ex boyfriend for bagging himself another wife after divorcing Sarah Michelloti- the Italian ex wife.

For some reason, instead of ignoring the news like most Tz celebrities after learning about the engagement; Wolper saw it fit to post the couple on her gram. On one of her posts Wolper wrote;

#dramaQueensMoments #B6weLoveYou #Harmojala

And on the other post, Harnonize’s ex wrote;

#dramaQueensMoments #B6weLoveYou #Harmojala
Raaaaaaj wa Dada k 💜

Not quite sure why she captioned her posts with #dramaQueebsMoments; but as a lady I’ll tell you this…..jealousy is written all over this!

Wolper Stylish still hang on Harmonize

Well – they say Ukiachwa Achika but it’s usually easier said than done! Clearly Wolper Stylish is still hopeful about bagging Harmonize back despite seeing him move from one lady to another and now he is engaged.

But having shared a bed before – we can’t really say Wolper doesn’t have a shot….but with her friend Kajala already engaged to Harmonize – this also means the friendship will soon start to sink. And this time for it’ll be for good.



Harmonize’s desperate stunts land him in trouble with Darassa and Juma Jux

Just the other day Harmonize shared a post claiming he had broken up with his American girlfriend, Brianna – only for him to later say it was a joke.

Well, this may sound like a joke to him – but from where I stand, the breakup kinda looks real….like too real, i mean it’s long distance relationship, what do you expect?

Also read: Harmonize is the weakest simp in East Africa

Harmonize with new girlfriend and friend at a basketball game

Another stunt

Anyway barely a month after this petty stunt, Harmonize is back to making news for the wrong reasons… and this time around he has been accused of using names of big artists like – Juma Jux and Darassa to promote his upcoming event dubbed Afro East carnival set to go down In March.

Also read: Harmonize Breaks Up With Australian Girlfriend, They Delete All Their Photos & Unfollow Each Other

Among the listed artistes is Otile Brown, Kusah, Cheed and among others; but as for Juma Jux, he claims theres no agreement between him and Konde Gang’s management – hence making the announcement false. He made this known in one of Harmonize’s posts where he commented;


Tafadhali hakikisha kuna makubaliano kati ya uongozi wangu na team yako kabla ya kuniweka kwenye mabango ya matangazo kama haya. Tunapenda kushirikina kama wasanii ila taratibu za kiuongozi zifuatwe. (Kindly make sure both managements are in agreement before sharing such information on your posts. We love coming together to support each other as artistes but before that, there must be an agreement.)

Harmonize vs Jux

Darassa to Harmonize

Singer Darassa who was also listed among artistes says Harmonize never reached out to him – yet his name was all over the posters and just like Jux, the waiter hit maker Darassa wrote;

Kama artiste ninaamini kwenye support, lakini vitu kama hivi lazima tuwe an mawasiliano before. (As a fellow artiste I believe in supporting each others projects, but how about you communicate first)

Harmonize vs Darassa

Well, it’s no secret that Harmonize has been struggling with his career since his exit from WCB; but why waste what’s left with small stunts?


New dawn? Harmonize shares new photo hanging out with King Kiba, leaving fans excited

There was a time Harmonize was really petty towards Alikiba and if y’all remember well – the Konde gang CEO at some point even snubbed Kiba’s handshake; during the burial service of Babu Tale’s late wife. Like I said, he was too petty.

Harmonize snubs Alikiba at funeral

Also read: Harmonize finally explains why he failed to shake hands with Alikiba despite sitting next to him

However, many blame Harmonize’s actions on Diamond Platnumz who had turned the WCB artists against Kiba; that is due to their long term beef – that seems to be fading away now that fans are focusing on new upcoming artists.

I guess this is also why Harmonize is also trying so hard  to make peace with everyone he crossed during his WCB days.

So far, the Konde gang has not only shown love to Kiba during his ‘speeches’ while addressing fans; but has made sure to get a new photo with bongo king – hence exciting fans.

Harmonize working overtime to befriend Kiba

The photo shared on Harmonize’s page left fans excited while others begged for a collabo since no one is sure whether Kiba and Diamond Platnumz will ever work together.

Also read: Alikiba sings Harmonize’s hit song just three months after they failed to shake hands

However there are those who asked Harmonize to tone down the excitement as it makes him look needy; and bruh…I think they’re right.

Anyway below is the new photo of Kiba and Harmonize that has left many excited.

New photo of King Kiba with Harmonize

Harmonize Gushes Over New Australian Girlfriend, Unfollows Everyone On Instagram Apart From Her

Tanzanian musician Konde Boy (Harmonize) has turned over a new leaf with his new Australian girlfriend. The singer confessed that he has been swept off his feet by the exquisite light-skinned woman. A video of the two hanging out at a basketball game emerged and they are seen having a good time together.

Harmonize’s Newly Found Love

Harmonize introduced the new love of his life through his Instagram, confessing his undying love for her; and promising that he will be there for her forever.

He posted adorable photos of Briana and captioned;

”Been Waiting For this Moment to Tell Everybody Wat You meen to me …!!!! 🥲 I jus Wanna Love You in This Life And Respect Every Woman…!!!! Like Sister ❤ Friend ❤ Auntie ❤ mum ❤ Promise to be there For You LIFE TIME ⏲️ WELCOME TO MY WORLD QUEEN (B) @briana__tz 👸”

On the flipside, Briana didn’t reciprocate the same on her Instagram. This might probably mean she hasn’t been wooed by Harmonize’s move.

However, what caught the eye of most people is the fact that Harmonize unfollowed over 200 people; except Briana. The unfollowed ones included Diamond Platnumz and other Bongo stars.

His main reason was because he only wanted to focus on the love of his life;

”I love everybody out there but I just wanna follow the woman of my life so don’t feel like I don’t love and respect you after unfollow. You means a lot to me life.”



Harmonize bags himself new Caucasian girl barely a year after divorcing Italian tycoon’s daughter (Photos)

Rumor making rounds on social media is that Harmonize has a new girlfriend he was spotted with during a basketball game in Dallas. However I feel like the guy may have used the ‘girlfriend’ strategy to push his new album but oh well, it is what it is!

Harmonize with ex wife, Sarah Michelotti

Anyway, from Harmonize’s IG story he went on to introduce the hot chick describing her as the woman of his life. Ooliskia Wapi? Well, the fella through his social media pages wrote;

Also read: “Punguza mwili na bangi” Fans troll Harmonize over new photos

Finally I have the woman of my life

Unfortunately this is the 3rd woman the Bongo singer has described as the woman of his life; that is from Sarah Michelloti to Tanzanian actress Kajala and now, the American lady.

Divorce from Italian wife

By now I’m pretty sure Harmonize and ex Sarah Michelloti already got their divorce – which explains the singer’s different girlfriends.

Also read: Wedding bells! Harmonize’s ex lover engaged to handsome young model! (Photos)

Anyway rumor making rounds on social media is that before he walked out on the Italian wife; Harmonize already had several investments from real estates, to local companies which he put the Italian money in. Being the smart one, he may have registered everything in his name – hence making it hard for anyone to claim his new money.


Below are a few photos of the new alleged girlfriend- but again, why does it look staged? Or could it be that the new girl isn’t the romantic type?

Harmonize with new girlfriend and popular Kenyan DJ


Harmonize throws Lavish Birthday Party for alleged Kenyan girlfriend based in US (Photos)

Tanzanian superstar Harmonize may have not found a good girlfriend during his trips in Kenya; but the funny part is that he actually bagged a rich Kenyan lady identified as who resides in the United States.

According to the rumors making rounds on social media is that the Kenyan lady is a well known lady working as a doctor abroad; and being a single mum of 5 – Harmonize has made it his duty to enjoy she lives a good and happy life.

Harmonize performing for Christine’s guests

Since we don’t know much about the said Christine Lewis; all we know is that Harmonize recently threw a lavish party for Ms Lewis’ youngest daughter who just turned 1 year. Of course with hit song ‘Happy birthday’ Harmonize apparently left the guests on their feet as they couldn’t help dance to this song!

Expensive party

Like I said, not much is known about Christine Lewis but judging from the photos and clips shared by those in attendance; it’s obvious to see that the lovely mother of 5 is Harmonize’s type.

Meet Christine, the Kenyan lady said to be dating Harmonize

Well, this is because she is thick in all the right places – just like the others we met before; but what’s makes her standout is the fact that she is a doctor who is making her own money.

Which explains the millions said to have been spent on the birthday party that went down just recently. Anyway….below are a few photos and a clip showing Harmonize in the company of his alleged new found love.

Singer Harmonize hanging out with girlfriend’s daughter

Watch the clips below to see how lit the bash got!





“Punguza mwili na bangi” Fans troll Harmonize over new photos

Harmonize’s appearance keeps changing with time and I can assure you that it has nothing to do with age!

The guy is still quite young – I’m thinking 28 years but his body; damn his body has started to look like that of a tired 40 something year old all thanks to the drugs he has apparently been using.

Harmonize new weight reflecting on new photos

Remember back when he had this fine cute boy face and a good body that made many ladies fight over him?

Well, all that is gone and so are his gym days as many believe that he is currently on steroids; which are have highly contributing to his current body weight.

Harmonize abs replaced by rolls

Harmonize in need of a detox

If you remember well – back in 2019 Harmonize was summoned by Tanzanian police; after a few videos of him smoking what they suspected to marijuana surfaced online.

I know, I know it sounded absurd at the time; but boy is Harmonize really puff puff passing a-bit too much.

Well, I’m not one to judge, but with the photos; and a video of Harmonize shared on his page – fans feel that Konde boy either needs to lay off the smoke and whatever else he is inhaling.

Below is the video that has left his fans convinced that Rehab may be the next place Harmonize is headed to.



Unanunua Views!- Harmonize Attacked By Fans After Irregular Figures On His Latest Song

Tanzanian musician Harmonize is on the spotlight once again after his latest song dubbed ‘Teacher’ fetched irregular number of views o YouTube in a matter of hours. Konde Boy is under heavy criticism yet again over the allegations of buying the views. His song clocked 1 Million views within 10 hours and 2 Million in 14 hours.

Harmonize took to his Instagram to express his joy on the figures, which were allegedly cooked up;



The crazy figures got fans all over believing that it’s true Harmonize is buying views. A section of the fans commented on his post; expressing their concerns on how he managed to shoot from over 456K views to 1 million views in just one-hour.

Many argued that the song had garnered only 450K views in 10 hours. But within minutes after refreshing their streaming platform; the song had already crossed 1 million mark and even the 2 million mark in 14 hours.

Many of the comments left under Harmonize’s post, accused him of buying fake YouTube views just to proof to his competitors that he his Big; including Diamond Platnumz.



Ladies! Harmonize is lonely

Tanzanian singer Harmonize has had his share of women in the entertainment industry; and even after bagging an only daughter of a certain Italian tycoon – the guy still ended up alone.

For some reason this left us assuming that Harmonize is not into Caucasian women; I mean, why leaves such a loaded and beautiful woman? Anyway just like most artists, harmonize is still searching for the right one.

Harmonize’s ex wife

Harmonize revealed this through a new post shared on IG where he talked about feeling lonely in his humongous mansion; and from the caption, Konde Boy might just the looking for someone to settle down with.


After his last nasty breakup with actress Kajala, Harmonize decided to take a break from the negativity; and for some reason – his pain after the breakup forced him to also apologize to his ex wife, Sarah Michelloti.

Harmonize and his new bae Kajala have each tattooed the other’s initials on themselves

Seeing how sensitive Harmonize had become fans assumed that he wanted to get back with his ex wife; but unfortunately he denied this by saying;

Sihitaji mahusiano mapya wala ya zamani. I just made things clear, and to appreciate the woman who was there for me tukapitia mengi, kuachana sio vita. Single 4 ever 🐘

However looks like he has now made a u-turn and is now hoping to find a woman to complete his home.

The singer made this clear through an IG post where he recently wrote;

Only thing I miss is a beautiful woman in the village. Si tungekuwa tunashindana hapa.


Harmonize denies wanting to get back with mzungu wife

A few day’s ago singer Harmonize issued a heartfelt apology to his mzungu wife; months after he walked out on her after falling out of love, 4 years later.

Harmonize and fiancée Sarah

This move not only painted Harmonize bad but it also pushed away some of his fans; (females) who couldn’t help but pity Sarah who was left high and dry by the singer.

Harmonize also moved on a-bit too fast, another obvious reason that confirmed Sarah wasn’t the only one; and after a year of choosing a free life – the singer recently decided to apologize to his wife following his mistakes.

In his post, Harmonize wrote;

SORRY & SORRY & SORRY 😔😔 I’m sorry is the only Word I can use to the one of Beautiful Woman 👩 Alienipatia Miaka (4) Ya maisha Yake Nami Nikampatia (4) Yangu Tulipitia Mengi Ila itoshe Kusema Nilizingua Sanaa ..!!! Mpaka Mungu Alipoamua Kuniletea Mtoto Wangu wa Kwanza @zuuh_konde Na Ndo Ikawa Mwisho Wa Safari Yetu Ya Pamoja Yeesss KUTELEZA KUNATOKEA Naa Muungwana Huomba Radhi 🙏 ila Ningeonekana Mjinga Zaidi Ningeendelea Kumficha Mtoto Wangu …..!!! LOVE & RESPECT 👸 AND THIS ONE IS FOR YOU


We’re never getting back together

Well, with such a heartfelt post most fans felt that Harmonize was now back to his senses and was ready to get back to his wife.

However turns out that the post was just an apology and not request for his wife to come back. He brushed off these rumors through his IG story where he wrote;

Sihitaji mahusiano mapya wala ya zamani. I just made things clear, and to appreciate the woman who was there for me tukapitia mengi, kuachana sio vita. Single 4 ever 🐘


Finally! Harmonize’s hot ex girlfriend expecting first child with young boyfriend (Photo)

Wolper Stylish is pregnant with her first child! The actresses new boyfriend Rich Mitindo made the exciting announcement through his IG page; where he confirmed that the actress is having his child.

This comes as a big surprise since most fans used to accuse her of being barren; after not conceiving for harmonize who was the love of her life.  At some point – fans also accused her of being too old hence – the low chances of conceiving; but who is God!

Wolper with ex boyfriend, Harmonize

Announcing the good news, Rich Mitindo through his gram shared a photo of pregnant Wolper which he captioned;

Wolper Stylish pregnant with first child

Sijuii nieleze vip Furaha yangu, Ila ni wakati mzuri na sitausahau kamwe kwenye maisha yangu.. jamaniii katika maisha yangu sijawahi kuwa na furaha na upendo kamili Kama ilivyokuwa wakati huu niseme nakupenda kuliko chochote katika ulimwengu huu, ilikuwa ndoto yangu kuwa na familia na sasa inatimia, kwa hili nitashukuru milele Nakupenda Jacq wangu na nitampenda mwanangu sana sababu umembeba mwanangu ndani yako, nakuhahid nitakuwa baba bora mwaminifu kwako na mwenye upendo , na nitakuwepo na nyie milele 🙏 @wolperstylish

Harmonize impotent?

Well, this raises a lot of questions concerning Harmonize’s ability to have kids. I mean, he was once accused – of being impotent but introduced a young girl who he claims to have fathered with side chick.

His ex wife, Sarah Michelloti also walked out of their marriage citing infidelity and childlessness; which now leaves us wondering  – whether there could be some truth to the impotence story.

Well, who know…but hey, Wolper looks amazing with the baby bump!


Harmonize Explains Why Working With Awilo Longomba Was A Big Deal To Him

Tanzanian musician Harmonize is delighted after his latest song dubbed ‘Attitude’ featuring Congolese musician Awilo Longomba broke Diamond’s record for most views in less than an hour. The song hit 100K views in just 44 minutes!

The good performance of Tanzanian musicians is noticeable; not only from their views but also from their different collaborations with International artists.

Harmonize Is Awilo’s Biggest Fan!

Harmonize ft Awilo Longomba & H baba - Attitude (Official Audio) - YouTube

Harmonize has explained why doing a collabo with Awilo Longomba was a dream come true for him. Awilo Longomba has been in the music industry way before Harmonize; and he was a huge fan of his music. Harmonize wrote on his Instagram;


The song already has 6.5 Million views and counting on YouTube. It’s no doubt the song is one the best Harmonize has done in his musical career. Harmonize had a scandalous week before the release of his song. This was a good way to make people forget about the scandal.


“Awekwe Kwenye Guinness book of record” Fans react to Harmonize’s ‘cucumber’ video

Ma fans wameapprove! Harmonize might be the most discussed person on social media following his latest leaked video and nude photos. The said photos were allegedly leaked by Rayvanny among other Wasafi supporters in the name of ruining Harmonizes image.

For a minute we assumed this would be the end of Harmonize – as fans went on to attack him for sending a 19 year old girl such videos and photos; where else he was dating the said girl’s mum (Kajala.)

Harmonize and his ex, Kajala

However, turns out that leaked video did not tarnish Harmonize’s image; but created hype as fans approve that indeed he is Tembo (Elephant) as hell has been claiming for months. This is after they got to see the size of his private parts.

Tembo aka Mr Elephant

Among those who praised the guy are fellow Bongo artists who applauded him for his musical gift and of course for the private ‘award’ he carries on his body.

Activist Mange Kimambi who appears to be a fan of Harmonize also praised him in a lengthy post shared on her page; but was deleted later. The lady wrote;

Mi nasema hivi awekwe kwenye Guinness book of records. Kwa ile video niliyoiona mimi hata mzungu hana ujanja wa kurudi kwenye ndoa.

Mange to Harmonize

Another public figure went on to write;

Ni kama walitaka kumdhalilisha kumbe ss hivi ndio kwa nembo ya taifa la 🍆vivaHarmo