Harmonize needs to stop being associated with cuckoldry

Once again Harmonize is linked with a cuckoldry situation in which she is reported to have taken a man’s wife. According to reports out of Tanzania he is being linked with a lady called Habbty Rouhy who was previously married to Haji Sunday Manara.

According to reports and from videos they have posted on social media it is clear that the pair are currently together and enjoying each other’s company at his Mansion. That’s right he really isn’t making any attempt to hide the fact that he is with a married woman.

While that might seem like the alpha play, it’s actually a very short-sighted way of leading one’s life because of the risks involved. It is abundantly clear as well that harmonize lacks d-discipline and that might very well be what occasions his downfall.

The risk-reward rate is absurdly not in his favour. At the end of the day he is with a woman whom another man had married. Going through the motions of introducing each other to the family he has paid bride price and they stood before the appropriate clergy and the government and declared each other husband and wife. But situations emotions are bound to rise high.

You can already guess what could go wrong in such a situation. The cuckolded man could very well suffer temporary insanity and do permanent harm to Harmonize. So why take this risk? It’s not like he is out of options when it comes to Tanzanian beauties.

It does, however, boil down to his staff at mindset. The Tanzanian crooners strikes us as the type of man who is still operating off of the Starving Man syndrome. Well either that or in addition to that he also suffers from the Imposter syndrome. Doesn’t seem to have accepted that he is the star he is and as a result he keeps simping and pedestalising the wrong women simply because of their standing in society.

Whatever the case may be one can only hope that things don’t go all the way left and he ends up being a statistic. Story that is mentioned in bars as warnings to other men not to engage with married women.

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Why men like Harmonize simp

Harmonize is an incorrigible simp and I’m convinced that he does this to hide a deeper, darker layer of his being that he has refused to address.

Harmonize should try dating younger women after Kajala pulls major character development on him

Whenever we see him in relationships, he is often the guy waxing lyric on social media about his love for his partner, serenading them, carrying their handbags and making self-deprecating quotes and statements in order to make the women seem more elevated.

To the untrained eye, this is a true testament of love. However, for anyone who has an above-secondary school level understanding of what true love and relationships are all about, Harmonize comes off a lot like the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz.

We were right about Harmonize and Kajala

Harmonize is a true product of his environment; he grew up in abject poverty and while they’re probably experienced domestic strife between his father and mother. His understanding of how to deal with relationships has not evolved since he was a little boy.

As a result, whenever he feels he needs to regain control, he resorts to hitting his women. We know this to be the rumoured case for at least two of his relationships the most recent being the one with Frida Kajala.

Harmonize uses simping as an affectation to cover up for his more brutal side. She uses it to compensate for the fact that he has never learnt to deal with his temper. And like any SIM this virtue signal is like the magician’s sleight of hand.

This gives credence to the long-held a lot of men and women have two words male feminist and simps. There is always a hidden agenda that goes along with this peculiar behaviour.

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We were right about Harmonize and Kajala

It would seem right about Harmonize and Kajal is relationship given that a few months back we highlighted the fact that he is the most despicable of simps and this did not bode well for their relationship.

Harmonize is a simp, pandering after his girlfriend Sarah Michelotti

It’s pretty simple really when you think about it, the thing about simps is that much like male feminist they are really ever genuinely nice people. More like a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Harmonize is an example of this fact. Do you recall the fact that he pretended to be fighting to preserve his quote-on-quote daughter-in-laws “virtue” back when Paula Kajala was dating his rival Rayvanny? Only for him to later be exposed as a man who was actually creeping on her sending the young lady nude photos of his member.

The same goes here. In this case, however, he was pretending to be a changed man going as far as getting on his knees and begging Frida Kajala to take him back swearing that he learnt his lesson and was now a changed man.

What we hear Ghafla had highlighted is the fact that no woman wants a man she can ride roughshod over. Is not to say that women want men to be violent with them or will not care for their opinion when it matters. However, no woman wants a man she does she can dominate and manipulate. No woman wants a man such as Harmonize who is going to pedestalize her.

Harmonize And Kajala Get Tattoos Of Each Other Again

But the man does not seem to learn as he used the same tactics on his ex Sarah Michelloti, and he’d even be seen carrying her handbag around like some glorified help. Keep in mind this is the same guy who tattooed Frida’s initials on his neck.


At the time what we said was,
“What Harmonize needs to understand is that him being an East African superstar makes him the prize and he needs to start acting like it. Instead, he acts like the ugly poor kid who doesn’t believe he has done the work to become an actual superstar. Simply put, he is living in a perpetual imposter syndrome.”
And it seems things have not changed since.

Harmonize and Sarah Michelotti prove African artistes are supported by women

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Why some men carry their wives handbags

I have noticed men like Terence Creative have begun carrying their wife’s handbags and claiming that it is the mark of a real man because he is confident enough to be of some sort of service to his wife.

Terence Creative is a cuck

But what he forgot to mention is the fact that he is doing this from a point of weakness. You see, Terence Creative is one of the men who don’t truly get much of a say as to how their marriages and relationships are run.

In his case, it is because he was caught with his pants down when he was running around with Anita Soina. And when he was busted, he started begging his wife to stay with him.

Terence Creative Speaks On His Wife Grinding On Bahati

That is the issue of every incident we have seen of men who carry their wife’s handbags. The other instance where we saw this was with Harmonize back when he was with Sarah Michelotti.

Popular comedian, Terence Creative aka Kamami

She was the breadwinner and as a result, he had to shrink into his emasculated role. You do not get to see men who are confident doing this type of nonsense.

Terence Creative forbids wife Milly Chebby from undergoing weightloss surgery, here’s why

The truth of the matter is that human societies have remained unchanged for thousands of years. It wasn’t until the age on enlightenment and scientific research that societies began to change and seem to appear more closer to what we recognise as a modern society but traditional gender roles still held.

Couple, Terence Creative and Milly Chebby

That was until the 1980s when feminists and the drug epidemic in America began to do a number on families and individuals (as a result) that we began to see men take pride in being useless and confused. We begin to hear women say they don’t need a man despite the science proving this to be a fallacy for both genders.

Harmonize is the weakest simp in East Africa

Why else do you think the same men who carry their women’s handbags are often men struggling with their masculinity or paying for the sins of their loins? Think about it, only useless men and men with zero d-discipline do this nonsense.

And then they try to make their situations a virtue where they start to talk about how they are real men because they aren’t shamed. Never mind that Terence Creative is obese and his hormone profile is closer to that of a woman than a man’s (consequences of obesity include growing breasts and hips).

Why else do you think the men who stayed behind to defend Ukraine don’t carry around handbags and think that’s what defines masculinity?

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Harmonize and Sarah Michelotti prove African artistes are supported by women

Harmonize and Sarah Michelotti are undergoing what looks like it will unfold into a very messy divorce. And she seems poised to demand half of the wealth he has accrued since they parted ways.

Harmonize On The Verge Of Losing Part Of His Wealth To Ex-Wife, Kajala Reacts

He is now with Kajala and things seem to have moved on swimmingly for him but now, here comes the big bad ex-wife looking to humiliate him rather than move on with her life.

And sadly, she is doing something that seems to affirm the long-held stereotype that African artists have to be maintained by sugar mummies inorder to sustain their career -at least at its onset. And Harmonize seems to be no different.

Wueh! Harmonize dragged to court by mzungu ex wife, Sarah Michelloti – she demands half of his properties

While there is really no shame (in my opinion) for men to use older, more established women for a lick (robbery) inorder to come up -keep that same energy Cardi B fans- I do think it is shameful for it to come to light.

Harmonize abs replaced by rolls

Think of my stance on the matter as an “everything is permitted under the cover of darkness, where it should remain” take.

Harmonize and Kajala’s love story is a disaster in waiting

And Harmonize now has been exposed which also makes us view his subsequent relationships with the same air of suspicion: wondering whether he is still being financed by Kajala.

Harmonize with ex wife and former mother in law

It also gives us more clarity on why he was simping so hard for every woman he has been with -he doesn’t have a choice. The moment that he puts bass in his voice, they won’t pay the rent.

Harmonize is the weakest simp in East Africa

Then there is the question of what he did with all the money he made from the shows he’d headline all across East and Central Africa. Look, before he became a star, he was your average village bum. Then he was discovered by Diamond Platnumz and his record label, WCB.

Harmonize’s ex-wife

From there, he enjoyed his run as a star under the wings of East and Central Africa’s biggest star, Diamond but when he left, he was stripped of all his financial gains to get out of his slave deal. So how did you expect Harmonize to survive?

This is actually a well-known secret for those who understand how a lot of African artists come up. They usually either need to get sugar daddies or sugar mummies and they pay the cost to be the boss. It has always been a guarded secret until now because Sarah Michelotti wants to flog Harmonize with this information.

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Harmonize’s ex alleging he is infertile is a cruel way to get revenge on a man

Sarah Michelotti is petty. She is the woman scorned by Harmonize but my word, you do not get back at your man quite like this. This is just brutal and cruel. You see, it is reported that the Konde Gang boss was cheating on her for quite a while and he eventually got caught.

Drama! “Harmonize has no ability to father children” Mzungu wife reveals

You see, as things go with all long term relationships, Harmonize and Sara Michelotti’s got stale. The sex was boring, they were both tired of the mundane but it was him, the Tanzanian Bongo star who chose to stray. As a result, he was linked to several partners both strongly and loosely but nothing was ever fully established until they broke up. It was at that point that Sarah stopped suppressing all the stories about her man by feeding the circus.

Sarah Michelotti and Harmonize
The time when Harmonize and his bae faked a wedding

And now, she has come out with a major blow, alleging that her former beau is actually impotent. She had some paternity test results that showed allegedly that Harmonize was not the father of the daughter he had claimed as she went on to alleged further that he was actually impotent.


And this madness has only served to destroy what was hitherto an impeccable standing Harmonize enjoyed with Tanzanian fans who saw him as a more palatable option to Diamond Platnumz’philandering self. But now not only has he been outed for being the same beast and animal but he has also been alleged to have faulty faucets and that is where we are going to have to draw the line. There was no need for Sarah to go there whether or not it is true. I know the old adage about hell having no fury like a woman scorned but we cannot condone this level of disrespect.

Harmoni and Sarah Michelotti
Harmonize carrying Sarah Michelotti’s handbag like a pansy.

The only thing she could have done that was worse for Harmonize would have been to release photographs of the Adonis bodied crooner as he exited the bathroom following a cold shower on a cold June/ July morning. It is absolutely unacceptable.

Harmonize introduces 1 year old alleged daughter from a secret relationship with former side chick (Photos)

Afterall, all Harmonize did was cheat. Sarah Michelotti isn’t the first woman to have been cheated on nr will she be the last. She should have known that dating a star would come with certain… Um… Certainties. She should have known this would happen. And after all, Harmonize cheating on her doesn’t mean he stopped loving her, it merely meant that he had chosen to embrace what it means to be a man from a primal understanding of the word.

Sarah Michelotti
Sarah Michelotti

We as men all around East and Central Africa need to stand together with our brother during this trying time and understand that today it is Harmonize being slandered so but tomorrow it might be you. If you want to talk to us about the fact that the evidence she released is illegal, that is a story for another day. Today we stand in solidarity about the allegation that Harmonize is shooting blanks.

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Rayvanny’s move from WCB was expected but he did it right

Rayvanny has officially left WCB. By now, that should be old news (well, it should be if you read Ghafla as religiously as you should). But the manner in which he did it allowed Diamond Platnumz to not just save face but also put him in the frame of mind to help him out whenever the need arises.

Rayvanny announces exit from WCB, Diamond Platnumz reacts

This is a sharp contrast from the manner in which Harmonize left WCB (Wasafi Classics Baby -God this is a cringey name) because when he left, he made sure to burn every bridge available and while many of his fans would love to argue that this did nothing to deter his career, the truth is that it stunted it to some degree.

You see, when Rayvanny left, he made sure to not talk ill of the studio that had been responsible for his discovery and nurturing of his talent. There has been no acrimony and no drama. He simply served out the duration of his contract and bid his former team adieu.

Is Rayvanny exiting Wasafi Records? Diamond Platnumz responds

This was actually a smart move because it allowed him to learn from the management team of the biggest record label in East and Central Africa. He was literally seated on the shoulders of giants and learning about more than just the craft of music production but also about the music business.

Rayvanny with baby mama, Paula

It’s been six years since we started working together. My team, my family WCB Wasafi, love and unity has been very instrumental in the success of our team.
I have learned a lot and also we have achieved a lot together. I was the first Tanzanian artiste to win a BET award. I have been the first artiste to perform on big platforms like the MTV EMAs stage, Dubai Expo and many more.

Contrast this to the way in which Rayvanny’s former teammate did things. He went as far as to try to break his contract. When he tried justifying this move, he claimed that when he signed the contract, he didn’t know any better. And he eventually had to buy out his contract.

Rayvanny issues stan warning to Wasafi FM radio host trolling his son’s mother

From there, he has since been trying to compete with Diamond Platnumz without realising that he should be focusing on his career. It’s really crazy when you think about it because while Diamond has been performing internationally and continues to get a lot of praise from international stars, Harmonize has been unable to grow from being a local and regional artist.

Rayvanny stuck around until he was helped to get onto the international platform. He waited under Diamond’s wings and bid his time until he was even able to surpass the accolades his former boss has earned.

And now that the time is right, he is starting to do his own thing with complete confidence knowing he is dead of even Harmonize. In East Africa, you’d be hard-pressed to compare him to most of his peers.

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Harmonize and Kajala’s love story is a disaster in waiting

Harmonize and Kajala are back together again but I am going to go on record to say things are going to be utterly horrible and that’s even before they finally call it quits. The reason I am making this bold assertion is the fact that they have so many demons they are yet to deal with that will doubtless haunt them.

Actress breaks silence after ex Harmonize gets engaged to one of her close friends

Where to begin? Well, for starters, there is the fact that Frida Kajala was married before to a Bongo producer called Majani. That union was hit hard by problems and issues that they did not address on an individual level. How do I know this? Well, take a look at their daughter and the issues she’s had to deal with.

No really, for Harmonize, as a man, he needs to understand that the greatest predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour so if I were in his camp, I would be advising him to actually go and have a sitdown with is wife’s ex-hubby, the man whose child she chose to bear and raise. He has a lot of insight for him.

But who are we kidding, there is no way Bwana Konde Gang is going to do that because he has his own chaff to deal with. You see, he was caught up in quite the scandal just a few months ago while he was dating Kajala the first time around and he tried sleeping with her daughter. Remember that?

Harmonize’s girlfriend with daughter, Paula Kajala with her mum

No, Harmonize wasn’t trying to go after her friends or sister, he had his eyes set on her daughter and he was not shy about how he went about it either. Whereas most people would be calm and coy about it, making it almost like a dance, mandem first tried to railroad Paula’s then-boyfriend and current fiance, Rayvanny. He got him arrested over an accusation of statutory rape (even though she was actually 18 which is not only the age of majority in Tanzania but also the age of consent.

Harmonize Begs Kajala To Accept Him Back After Australian Ex-Girlfriend Dumped Him

Then it eventually wafted out (like a bad smell) that Harmonize had even been sending Paula pictures of his trunk (gerrit? Given we call him Tembo?) in all it’s saluting glory. Yup, Mr Mans was busy sending nudes to Frida’s daughter but she seems to have conveniently forgotten all that and is now willing to become his wife.

Harmonize abs replaced by rolls

I mean, I don’t know about you but this one fact completely muddies that waters to the point it is now just outright sewage in a bog in the middle of nowhere. So what would you do if you were in Frida’s shoes? I for one would not even entertain talking to Harmonize ever again but then again, I am a self respecting young Kenyan man so who am I to speak for what might just be the norm for Tanzanian women?

Still, this is already a bad precedent tey are starting off on. And one bad note is often followed by another util the entire orchestra is simply a musical disaster. And that is what I foresee for this couple. They are happy right now as they hysterically bond and share sweet nothings in front of the media’s cameras. But when everything is said and done, marriage is about more than just simply living your life for the gallery. You have to go home to this person and deal with them and their family and I am not entirely sure Harmonize will be able to behave himself around either Frida Kajala’s daughter or even her neices.

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Harmonize is the weakest simp in East Africa

My good God Harmonize is the weakest and most simpiest of East Africa’s entertainers. And this is no mean feat to achieve especially given just how many simps East Africa’s entertainment scene has on offer. Add to this the fact that he comes from a culture (Tanzanian) that heavily encourages simps -which ironically is why the make the best crooners and love RnB singers.

Harmonize Breaks Up With Australian Girlfriend, They Delete All Their Photos & Unfollow Each Other

But one would assume that they are intelligent enough to actually differentiate between real life and their art. But no, Tanzanian crooners seem especially susceptible to the idea that men should live a life dedicated to keeping their woman smiling. Instead, all their antics make them a joke worth a few giggles.\

Harmonize new weight reflecting on new photos

And Harmonize is the king of the simps. Why else would a man at the to of his game, a man who has achieved plenty of dizzying heights thanks to his craft would still sit down and do some extremely dumb stuff in the name of love. All the while, like every male feminist and nice guy trope, truly be a disgusting, creepy man.

New dawn? Harmonize shares new photo hanging out with King Kiba, leaving fans excited

What do I mean? Well, whenever Harmonize gets into a relationship, he seems to look for newer and more bizarre ways to simp. When he was with Sarah Michelotti, he would carry her handbags around, evoking some unflattering comparisons to houseboys and the “spook at the door”.

Harmonize with new girlfriend and popular Kenyan DJ

Then he moved on to dating Kajala Masanja and he decided to tattoo her initials on his neck. Youre allowed to face palm yourself at this point. Everyone could see it was a dumb decision. But I am inclined to agree that since he was rumoured to be dating not just an older woman but a more financially established woman, he had to do something drastic to lock his place in her cheque book.

Harmonize explains why Mama Diamond Platnumz contributed to his exit from WCB

All the while he was with Kajala, he was sending her daughter explicit photos and messages and went as far as to get her lover/ boyfriend, Rayvanny, arrested for “statutory rape” or as we Common Wealth nations call it, defilement. Never mind that she is an 18-year-old woman. And we are meant to ignore the fact that Harmonize too was trying to sleep with her… Needless to say, the case did not go far as according to the government of Tanzania, this was a relationship between two consenting adults (even though she was still in highschool).

Harmonize and his new bae Kajala have each tattooed the other’s initials on themselves

Then he was dating an Australian babe and while he was with her, he was crooning and singing about her and it’s almost like he is too dense to realise he was simply the flavour of the week. Now, the relationship has gone belly up and I am open to taking bets on whether or not it will take him long to find a new lady to simp for.

“Been waiting for this moment to tell everybody what you mean to me. I just wanna love you in this life and respect every woman. Promise to be there for you life time. Welcome to my world my queen”

How could he possible save himself? Well, for starters, he shouldn’t be calling random women “queens”. This only serves to inflate their egoes and entitlement. He also needs to make the women he dates earn his commitment. The reason why they do not take him seriously is because he goes all in 15 seconds after sleeping with them. And this brings us to the final point. He needs to stop acting from a scarcity mindset. He acts like every woman he has slept with is the only woman on earth.

Harmonize with ex wife and former mother in law

What Harmonize needs to understand is that him being an East African superstar makes him the prize and he needs to start acting like it. Instead, he acts like the ugly poor kid who doesn’t believe he has done the work to become an actual superstar. Simply put, he is living in a perpetual imposter syndrome.

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Kenya Is East Africa’s Music Powerhouse BUT…

You read the title right, Kenya is actually East Africa’s defacto musical powerhouse. There are no ifs, buts or maybes because it is the country that actually decides which stars will be stars and who will become a superstar.

Vera Sidika Explains Why She Chooses To Give Birth In Kenya Rather Than The States

The numbers are in and anyone with enough brain cells to rub together to start a fire can look at these very simple numbers and see that this is a fact. If we are not feeling your music, you will not become a star but this is actually also a very bad thing.

And the reason I am of this opinion is that the data shows that we as a country actually betray Kenyan stars. We betray our own. I have gotten ahead of myself so let me get back to the very beginning.

Socialite Huddah Monroe Discloses Interest In Vying For Kenya’s Presidential Seat

I was going through different statistics for the YouTube analytics of the biggest celebrities in East Africa. That means, Kenya, Tanzania Uganda but also for the greater East African regions such as Rwanda and South Sudan. What I found was very interesting because it showed me why Kenya needs to become very restrictive about who we support because as I noted earlier, we make the stars.

I was always of the opinion that Tanzanian artists are big because of the unwavering support they are given by their home audience but I found out that the secret weapon is truly just Kenya’s support. Think of anyone of East Africa’s biggest stars, Diamond Platnumz, Zuchu, Mbosso, Rayvanny, Harmonize and Ali Kiba. They get most of their love and support from Kenya!

Naivasha Rally proves entertainment is future of Kenyan economy

Can you imagine that? The main reason for this is because compared to our East African counterparts, Kenya has the best internet infrastructure. To add to this, despite Uhuru Kenyatta’s kangaroo regime and the insane amounts of taxes we have been subjected to, we still have the most affordable internet which means Kenyans can and often do enjoy online content.

The second reason is that we suffer from low self-esteem which manifests itself in our praise and craving for foreign content. It is actually very true that we do have a problem with supporting our own. Each of the most popping artists in the East African regions are given support by Kenya. At this rate, they should just do a “gratitude concert” and thank us.

Can you imagine how big Kenyan artists would be if we gave them the same level of support? It really only is Otile Brown who seems to get this level of support from us but even then, it isn’t enough for him to compete with the top 2 most popular artists in Kenya-he rounds off the top 3 but that only earns him bronze.

I mean, even Omah Lay gets most of his support from Kenya. He has a healthy support base from his own country and community with Nigerians really coming out to support his content and music but Kenya still takes the top slot, which is one of the reasons why he is as big as he is in Africa and not just in Nigeria.

And this opinion is borne out by the fact that when Kenya stops supporting an artist, their numbers suffer horribly and that is seen very well in Harmonize. He is the only artist I have seen on the list without a strong fanbase in Kenya and he is suffering for it, His graph has shown a very steady dive and his numbers have subsequently plummetted.

Imagine if we could get the same support for our own, Kenyan born talent? Or perhaps, what Kenyan artists need to actually do is to start claiming they aren’t Kenyans. Maybe Otile Brown would have been bigger had he come out and claimed he was Tanzanian. Or even Ugandan. We seem to only ever want to support our own when they win after the rest of the world has finally recognised our star.

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What Paula Kajala’s father revealed about her shows the danger of single motherhood

Paula Kajala is the daughter of Frida Kajala, Harmonize’s ex whom he tried to (or did he actually manage to) sleep with and she is also the same girl who was involved in a scandal with Rayvanny.

Pierra Makena is being disingenuous about single motherhood

The thing about this girl that makes her the focus of my piece today is that she is the poster child of what happens to the child of a single mother when she doesn’t receive the direction a father provides whether in a stable house or through a co-parenting situation.

You see, Paula Kajala has a father who is a producer in Tanzania by the name of P-Funk Majani who is estranged from her. This man recently gave an interview in which he revealed that she had told him she doesn’t want a relationship with him and he has no choice but to oblige her.

Why Harmonize is really getting involved in Rayvanny’s woes

He, however, was very clear that the stuff she is getting herself involved in will not only ruin her but will bring a curse. He also proves that hindsight is 20/20 as he claims he regrets siring a child by Frida Kajala, a woman whom he feels has no business being a mother.

Harmonize’s girlfriend with daughter, Paula Kajala with her mum

Whether or not you agree with his decision not to get involved with his daughter’s life, the fact that she lacks discipline is a very real result of this man, Majani, not getting involved in the disciplining of Paula Kajala. And at this rate, she will soon go through the pains of being a single mother.

Harmonize hitting on Kajala’s daughter proves nice guys are scum

At the end of the day, whatever you might think is an issue with the situation, you have to agree that Frida Kajala is a terrible example to her daughter. How can we excuse the fact that she exposed her daughter to her fiance in the form of Harmonize? While she is not responsible for his bad behaviour, the tenets of motherhood, cast in iron, are that she needs to protect her daughter from the worst life has to offer including unscrupulous men. She failed at this task.

We have to realize that our feelings are worthless in this argument because science has documented and spoken to the situation and shows us that Paula Kajala would be better off with her father in her life. And according to a Safe Harbour study,

“Wewe ni mama mjinga” Activist tells Kajala after Rayvanny leaks private chats between Harmonize and Paula Kajala

90% of welfare recipients are single mothers
70% of gang members, high school dropouts, teen suicides, teen pregnancies, teenage drug abusers are from single mother households
63% of national suicides are done by individuals who grew up in single-mother homes
90% or runaway children are from single-mother households are from single mother households
85% of children with behavioural disorders are from single-mother households
80% of rapists motivated by displaced anger grew up in single-mother homes
85% of imprisoned youth grew up in single-mother homes


Feel free to look more into the statistics of why having both parents is important for children here.

Source: https://www.fatherhood.org/father-absence-statistic

if her father were involved in her life, predatory men would have been kept at bay. His job would have been to keep the hyenas off his daughter. She wouldn’t be the butt of jokes at this very moment. She wouldn’t be the footnote of the musical releases Harmonize is working on even as he shares the eggplant emoji.

‘You Are My Rock’ Kajala Pens Down Passionate Message To Lover Harmonize On His Birthday

The truth is, Frida Kajala has failed in her role as a mother but we expected no less from a single mother who herself is out to do anything for her time in the spotlight. And we need to actually take the time to take in this situation and learn from it as men. You do not want your daughter exposed to the type of nonsense Paula Kajala is. That doubtless makes P-Funk Majani feel like a failure. It hurts him enough to actually decide to cut off all his ties to his daughter.


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Harmonize response to nude photos scandal is incredible (Music Video)

Harmonize has finally responded to the entire nude photo scandal he managed to get himself embroiled in when he began to proposition his fiance, Frida Kajala’s daughter and their texts were leaked by Rayvanny.

The scandal has left him with a lot of egg on his face as he had previously been virtue signalling when we discovered that Rayvanny was busy trying to mac on his soon to be step-daughter and we all assumed it was because he was protecting her when it turns out he simply wanted to eliminate all competition.

Harmonize and his former bae Kajala have each tattooed the other’s initials on themselves

And Harmonize has decided to respond to all the drama and I must say that the one adjective to describe his response is “audacious”. As in the audacity of the creep making an entire song about it and the just of what he is saying is for Kajala to keep his secrets and he will keep her secrets too.

Photos of mother and daughter Harmonize is accused of bedding under the same roof

Let that sink in. The man was trying to marry Frida Kajala. While he was doing so, he inundated our timelines with bullshit declarations of love. As he flooded us with nonsense like photos of his and her tattoos dedicated to each other, we were unaware that he was looking to cheat on her with her own daughter.

Harmonize’s former girlfriend with daughter, Paula Kajala with her mum

And when he gets outed, he threatens to sue Rayvanny for leaking his nudes and then also puts out a song that is meant to be an apology to Frida Kajala and he warns her to maintain his confidence so he can return the favour. One has to also wonder what the hell type of dirt he has on her.

This man Harmonize might be the scum of the earth but he truly understands showbiz. He knows that the only bad publicity is no publicity. He understands that even as he is being eviscerated on social media, this is the one time he has everyone’s attention focused singularly on him so he might aswell churn out content.

Harmonize with Kajala during better days

My heart goes out to Kajala though because ever since she met this man, her life has been fodder for tabloids and gossip. She and her mothering skills have been the topic of discussion for house helps, housewives, haters and me.

“Wewe ni mama mjinga” Activist tells Kajala after Rayvanny leaks private chats between Harmonize and Paula Kajala

Can you imagine what she feels for Harmonize right about now? He was trying to sling it at her daughter the same way he would sling it to her. That can make a woman of lesser constitution actually break down mentally. And all she got to show for all the horrors her relationships has opened her up to is this song.

Harmonize laughing after his scumbag deeds

Kudos to Harmonize. He is truly the king of the scumbag squad. Harmonize is the audacious all-father of the scumbag bachelors who are willing to do nearly anything in their pursuit of poon.

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Harmonize hitting on Kajala’s daughter proves nice guys are scum

Harmonize has just been exposed as a leech. He has been dating a has been Tanzanian actress called Kaajalla and all the while, he has been trying to into her daughter’s pants.You read that right, Harmonize has been trying to get with both the daughter and the mother.

Photos of mother and daughter Harmonize is accused of bedding under the same roof

How is that for a love triangle? And all this comes after Harmonize formed and led the lynch mob that was trying to end Rayvanny’s career over a rumoured romantic dalliance with the 18-year-old girl in question. And the extent to which he was persecuted stank to high heaven of moral grandstanding in the way Vannyboy was targeted.

Harmoonize wanted an unholy threesome

To be entirely honest, Harmonize did a lot of pandering and tried to stand on some moral high ground as he tried to have Rayvanny not just cancelled but arrested and charged. I remember that at the time I why he was doing all the extra nonsense he was doing as the girl in question was revealed to be of age even though she is still in high school.

‘Binadamu Aina Gani Wewe?’ Rayvanny Slams Harmonize For Hitting On Kajala’s Daughter, Leaks WhatsApp Chats

Now we know that Harmonize was simply trying to get rid of a love rival. And as he does so, we see that one of my mentors was right in saying that it is always the “nice guys”that we have to be most wary of because more often than not, they are scum pretending to be stand up human beings.

Harmonize was revealed to be a grimy, unscrupulous male

When we discuss Kajalla and her daughter and the fact that her former fiance was pursuing her, we have to discuss the fact that he was essentially attempting (and bangling) the process of grooming the young lady. He was using the fact that he was an authority figure in her life to try and lay his claws in her.

Romantic or foolish? Harmonize has extreme ways of showing love

Let us ignore the immoral and off-putting nature of what he is doing and let us focus instead on the nature of the type of man who would do something like this. Harmonize is essentially the type of man who screams from high heaven that he is a male feminist only for him to worm his way into a position to prey on women or in the very least attempt to.


Imagine the type of idiosyncrasy that a man has to harbour in order for him to actively choose to date a single mother, attempt to destroy an older man who tries dating her on moral grounds then for him to turn around and sexually proposition his now fiance’s daughter.

Why Harmonize is really getting involved in Rayvanny’s woes

That should give you the creeps because not only is it predatory, it is deceptive behaviour. We often attack men who are blatant with their flaws. Men who are, ironically, honest about who they are and the fact that they are imperfect and instead celebrate men who learn from an early age how to virtue signal.

Harmonize’s girlfriend with daughter, Paula Kajala with her mum

So you are walking around with men who are busy putting on an act; pretending to be paragons of virtue as espoused by society but because a lot of society’s lofty ideals are fickle, they can easily hide behind the facade of being “nice” that many men wear as masks. So we never truly do get to deal with the issues these people have nor do we ever get to address the less than savoury behaviour they often get up to because we are too busy enjoying the monkey dance they are putting on for our benefit.

Harmonize is not a great man. He is not a good man. Infact, I would argue that he is more male than anything else. He is simply biologically male. And we are lucky his dual identity has been exposed with not too much mischief having been done.

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Magufuli death a cash cow for your favourite musicians

John Pombe Magufuli is no more. God bless the dead. The late Tanzanian president passed on after a long battle with a cardiac issue and a lot of Tanzanian artists and indeed, even Kenyan artists are mourning the passing of the leader.

Kenyans need to stop pontificating about Magufuli’s death

What is interesting is that Kenyans seem to have formed opinions and biases about the man and are divided into either the camp that likes him or that looking to vilify him in death. But there is something even more peculiar -artists are making songs about him.

Magufuli, Harmonize
Magufuli with Harmonize at a past state event

Actually, with all the mourning that artists, both Tanzanian and Kenyan are doing, you would be forgiven for thinking they had a close personal relationship. And I not only doubt that this is the case but I see alot of what they are currently engaged in as one extended publicity stunt.

Harmonize Eulogizes Magufuli In Emotional Message (Screenshot)

That is why we are seeing harmonize crying like a big man-baby mourning for the late leader as though they were bosom buddies. Then there are the artists who have put out songs about his passing and peculiarly, this cabal includes Kenya’s Bahati.

Magufuli, Diamond Platnumz
Magufuli with Diamond at a past state event

Now, you have to really stretch the imagination to believe that Bahati, an artist who has never mentioned Magufuli till now, is busy mourning about him and saying he was his role model. This is clearly just a money grab.

Harmonize In Tears After The Death Of His Best Friend Magufuli (Video)

I get it, you need to make money however you can during these tough times in Kenya but come on, allow the man who was a father, a brother and friend to some to be mourned intimately by his people and then after afew, perhaps then it would be appropriate to engage in your cash grab.

Magufuli, Uhuru Kenyatta

And as for Harmonize crying and bawling his eyes out, there is sy=uch a thing as coming off as disingenuous. And you do not want to do that. In the very least, you have done the absolute most. Because grief is very private. It doesn’t announce itself seeking validation. If indeed you were as close to him as you would have us believe, go and comfort and condole the family of the late Magufuli.

¨Words simply can´t describe how grateful & blessed I am¨ Diamond pens heartfelt message to President Magufuli

What benefit is there with posting mourning videos on social media? Then again, being a professional mourner is a viable career path for some.

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Romantic or foolish? Harmonize has extreme ways of showing love

Harmonize is either the best type of male lover a woman can have or the worst example of masculinity in a relationship depending on whom you ask. I, however, think the two aren’t mutually exclusive.

Bitterness galore: Harmonize’s ex mzungu wife threatens to spill singer’s secrets on social media

You see, when Harmonize falls in love with a woman, he becomes her fool. He is willing to sacrifice his self-respect and ego to keep her happy. While he was with Sarah Michelotti, we saw him carrying her handbags. He bought her a car. And now that we are with seeing his relationship with Frida Kajala blossom, he has gone as far as to tattoo her name on his flesh and he bought her a car.

Harmonize laughing

While on the surface this seems like the type of stuff a woman would love from her man, I would argue that it will eventually lead to the demise of their romance. Every woman wants a man she has completely conquered until she actually conquers him.

Why Harmonize is really getting involved in Rayvanny’s woes

That would essentially make Harmonize a terrible example of what romance is supposed to look like for men. He is what is commonly referred to as a simp. The type of man willing to sacrifice his self-esteem for a woman’s embrace. This is surely the stuff of Disney fairy tales but it often translates poorly in the real world.

Harmonize as he appears on the cover of his album

You can imagine what were to happen if (or when depending on your outlook on life) he and Kajala were to break up. They would look like clowns. Harmonize had gone to the extent of getting involved in his lady’s family issues when it was alleged that Rayvanny had been involved with her daughter. He threw caution to the wind and set himself up against a large majority of the Tanzanian entertainment fraternity.

Weuh! Diamond Platnumz manager takes brutal swipe at Harmonize, confirms singer is infertile

And with everything he has done, one must remind themself that Kajala’s investment in their relationship is a bare minimum. She simply invests in the relationship by being there with him. If this were a business deal, it would be problematic.


I would never advise any man to conduct their relationship the way Harmonize is. Especially not when you are a high-value man. I would actually never advice any man to date a woman older than him and especially not if he is the one investing his money into her. That is a raw deal. But time will tell whether or not they will last as a couple and my money is on the Bongo crooner being utterly humiliated.

Harmonize’s ex alleging he is infertile is a cruel way to get revenge on a man

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Why Harmonize is really getting involved in Rayvanny’s woes

Harmonize is currently dating a much older lady called Kajala and the couple seems happy with each other. However, Harmonize has decided that them dating for a few months is worth him getting involved in Kajala’s family drama and woes.

Weuh! Diamond Platnumz manager takes brutal swipe at Harmonize, confirms singer is infertile

This means that he has embedded himself deeply into the crazy drama that has engulfed Kajala’s daughter, Paulah, Rayvanny and Hamisa Mobetto. You see, word went round that Rayvanny might (its all still allegations at this point) had carnal knowledge of the eighteen-year-old girl, Paulah Kajala. I should at this point note that Paulah is still in high school.

Paulah Kajala with her mother
Paulah Kajala with her mum

The age of majority and consent in Tanzania is 18 years of age but it is muddy water because she is still in high school. Somehow, Hamisa Mobetto has gotten dragged into the affair and Harmonize has decided to embroil herself into the mix as he claims he’s “showing support” to his girl, Kajala and also due to his moral convictions.

Harmonize new relationship with older woman is a thing of beauty

I would, however, like to point out that I am of the opinion Harmonize isn’t being genuine about why he is involved. I mean sure, he probably does want to show support to his girlfriend but after only 3 months of dating he’s getting mixed in a messy situation? I call bullshit and believe it’s all for two reasons: clout and to stick it to Diamond Platnumz.

Rayvanny with Paulah Kajala
Rayvanny and Paulah Kajala

You see, Harmonize hasn’t really let go of the fact that his departure from WCB was an acrimonious affair. He was forced to buy out his own contract. Ever since that happened, he has been taking shots at Diamond Platnumz, sometimes directly, sometimes subliminally.

Sugar baby! Harmonize publicly confesses his love for new sugar mama after dumping wife

In this matter, Rayvanny has opened himself up for some seriously hellish experiences. He got involved with a girl who though not a minor, is still in high school. This is a terrible time for him and his associates at WCB records. Harmonize has chosen this as a golden moment to not only virtue signal but stick it to his old comrades. And boy is he twisting the knife.

Paulah Kajala at her court appearance
Kajala and daughter appear in court

Harmonize is not doing this nonsense for the sake of morality, he is simply doing this rubbish to hurt Rayvanny and get back at Diamond but more importantly, Sallam SK. And at the same time, he gets clout from being positioned as the champion of Tanzanian virtue.

Given the fact that Pombe Magufuli has been a virtue-signalling politician, Harmonize is hoping to get in his good graces. he wants to be the only artist who is morally upstanding enough to be CCM’s (Magufuli’s political party) go-to artist for their events.

Harmonize laughing

At the end of the day, this betrayal will come back to haunt Harmonize. This is the one time his support needn’t have been public. Why? Because the case isn’t exactly clear-cut. And there is no foreseeable advantage if we are looking at this from a pragmatic, tactical viewpoint.

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Harmonize new relationship with older woman is a thing of beauty

Harmonize is dating an older woman called Kajala and the internet can’t get enough of it. You see, while we talk about love not respecting age nor creed, we are often very closeminded about younger men dating older women.

Harmonize steps out with new girlfriend weeks after dumping Mzungu wife (Photos)

We tend to see those relationships as one for monetary gain. And I do not understand why that is a thing to be sneered at to be honest. That is why to me Harmonize’s relationship is truly a thing of beauty and should be admired as such.

Harmonize laughing

Harmonize is one of the top of the East African entertainment scene. While he might not be close to his previous mentor, Diamond Platnumz, he is trying to ascend that mountain. To do so means he is burning alot of money.

Harmonize allowing fans to associate him with sugar mummies will be his downfall

When you look at the way Harmonize rolls, he is always in convoys and has alot of bodyguards. That costs money. And he has decided to get a benevolent sponsor. So what if he has to exchange his company and body in order to keep that tap going?


We have all seen women use the same tactics in the past. When entertainment was not a lucrative career choice, we saw alot of female artists get men to sponsor them. We said nothing about that yet Harmonize knows no peace online.

Sugar baby! Harmonize publicly confesses his love for new sugar mama after dumping wife

Every time he attempts to celebrate his love, he gets lampooned. It is really sad to see. I am a libertarian who believes that what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. So whatever harmonize has to do to remain relevant, let him.

Harmonize posing

And I am now done looking at the worst-case scenario. It isn’t that bad is it? And for all we know, he is genuinely happy with life with Kajala. He seems happy. I would say Harmonize is more happier than he was when he was with Sarah Michelotti.

Weuh! Harmonize hits back at female fan for claiming he has ‘small’ cassava

So who are we to judge? We are not in the same room they sleep in and we do not share the duvet with them. Perhaps they are actual soulmates and we are all cockblocking their joy and blessings. Maybe she does indeed complete him and makes him feel like he can be a better man.

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Harmonize allowing fans to associate him with sugar mummies will be his downfall

Tanzanian star Harmonize has been having a torrid time of people associating him with a certain sugar mummy and he has made things worse by his dumb actions, further fueling the rumours. And this will be something he will live to regret.

Sugar baby! Harmonize publicly confesses his love for new sugar mama after dumping wife

You see, Harmonize, a former Diamond Platnumz mentee learnt a lot from the Wasafi records playbook. One of the things he sought to do was to fashion himself as a sex symbol. He first started with the hits then hit the gym to give himself a god-tier physique. From there, the status came in with his effortlessly delivered hits.

Age is nothing but a number! Meet the Veteran Bongo actress Harmonize has been eyeing for months (Photos)
Harmonize laughing

This was done because his core audience is East African women. Harmonize was set up to be the counter-balance to Diamond’s bad boy image. And thing is, when he finally broke away from WCB records, he could still continue running that gambit. He could still continue to portray a counter to Tanzanian and East African women and he would have continued to enjoy the same level of success.

Weuh! Harmonize hits back at female fan for claiming he has ‘small’ cassava

The fact that he was dating a mzungu, didn’t really dent the desire women had for him because they saw Sarah Michelotti as a woman above them. It can be argued that this is a vestige of colonialism or just a culture of inferiority but that was definitely the case.

Harmonize on the cover of his album

Now Harmonize is busy dealing with a sugar mummy and his female fans are tearing him down. This has been hilarious to watch as the same women have ganged up against the rumoured lady and are busy discussing her on whatever forums they have access to and consequently, the disrespect they are heaping on Harmonize shows his brand is suffering.

Age is nothing but a number! Meet the Veteran Bongo actress Harmonize has been eyeing for months (Photos)

The main reason for this is that to their fans, celebrities and entertainers sell a fantasy. Harmonize’ job doesn’t stop at him just releasing hits, he has to follow through with a fantasy that leaves his female fans clutching at clouds and wishing on a star. They should be left thinking they can get him and the easiest way to do so is to either keep his relationships hush-hush or for him to only date hot women.


This way, women will not only pedestalize him but support him. Instead, Harmonize has been hard at work killing his image. That fantasy now looks terrible. And what’s worse, it casts an aspersion on his ostentatious displays of wealth.

Now anytime Harmonize shows off a car, we will all link it to his sugar mummy. Anytime he manages to land a huge collabo, we will assume his sugar mummy paid for it. And as a result, I am of the opinion this link will hurt his career.

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Ushamba: Why we love the new Harmonize diss track to Diamond Platnumz

Harmonize has finally committed to putting his angst and vitriol for Diamond Platnumz on wax and released a scathing diss track called Ushamba and apart from it being a lit Bongo track by its own merit, it is also just such a brilliant diss track!

Wapi mimba? Harmonize’s Mzungu wife accused of having an abortion after unveiling flat tummy (Photos)

You see, Harmonize and Diamond Platnumz at one point had a strong relationship as record exec and signee, veteran star and new signing, mentor and mentee but ultimately, they were friends. So when they finally had their falling out, in spite of how much damage control they attempted to do, regardless of how much they prettied up their speeches about the fact that Harmonize was leaving Diamond Platnumz’ WCB Records label, we knew things had gone sour.

To his credit, Diamond did not try to pretend about anything. He was a prick about it. Harmonize tried to give some nonsense platitudes about respecting Diamond Platnumz for discovering him and giving him the platform to make a name for himself. This was a very boring approach to them dealing with an issue that was clearly a thorn in Harmonize’s side. We knew that a lot of emotions had gone unaddressed and we wanted to see the fireworks that would go off if the two previously good friends actually decided to address the skeletons in their closets that only they would know about.

Eric Omondi thrills fans with parody video of Harmonize’s failed zip-lining entrance in Tanzania

And finally, here we are. Diamond Platnumz however, is on the receiving end of Harmonize’s ire and he has gone deep into the rumours that surround Diamond including the fact that a lot of people (Tanasha Donna included have always thought him to use juju to get his career to where it is and to ensure the growth of Wasafi Investments.

Harmonize should slow down, too many songs at once

Harmonize digs even deeper and quickly brings up the fact that Diamond is immature for always showing off his latest catch and showing off the fact that he is sleeping with such and such an individual. One can only hope that Mondi doesn’t try and take the high road, instead, take shots of his own in a new hit song because why lie, Ushamba is s a banger. I wonder though whether Wasafi FM will play the song or it will be blacklisted. The smart play for Mondi would be for him to play the jam and allow it to earn him some dosh and a wider audience.

Diamond Platnumz manager Sallam SK explains why he no longer see’s eye to eye with Harmonize

Anyway, it seems that though 2020 was a slow year for entertainment in general but Harmonize and his Konde Gang record label, the last one and a half months will be lit as he will definitely elicit multiple reactions to this jam. Though one has to feel that it is a bit of a copy from Ali Kiba’s Mediocre.

Harmonize teams up with Yemi Alade on 'Pain'

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Ali Kiba new song Mediocre proof he will never catch up to Diamond Platnumz

Ali Kiba has just released a new song called Mediocre and it tells the story of how he has never been able to grow into the superstar he should have become. The song unintentionally tells us about just how his attitude towards creating a brand that can grow to take over different markets outside his native Bongo is what has stunted his growth.

Ali Kiba’s wife leaves netizens struggling to catch a glimpse of alleged baby bump(Photos)

You see, Ali Kiba was the first real big superstar Tanzania created after the fall of Mr Nice. He filled a void that the likes of Matonya were unable to. And he kept coming through with hits but nothing much was known about him nor his brand. And in the age before social media, this worked because tabloids like Pulse Magazine were what kept hisfans fed with gossip and fodder about him.

Alittle after he was established, Diamond began to make some headway within the Bongo music landscape. He was busy singing as he danced on trash and he was beginning to get airplay in Kenya. But there was a difference in perception and ambitions between the two.

Wasafi’s Rayvanny ready to make peace with Ali Kiba? (Video)

In Ali Kiba’s latest song, he sings about how he would never be caught dead doing all the stunts that Diamond Platnumz and his former mentee Harmonize yet what he doesn’t account for is that a large part of Diamond Platnumz’successs, a large reason why Diamond’s brand has eclipsed King Kiba’s is because he understands that being a star means being a celebrity. As a result of his refusal to let this fact sink into his coconut, whenever King Kiba’s name is mentioned, it is usually in connection to Diamond Platnumz or his nemesis’name isn’t too far behind. That is because Mondi and not Ali Kiba is the yardstick of success.

Ali Kiba
Ms Mobetto with Alikiba

Hell, at this point, Harmonize is edging higher and higher above Ali Kiba. It has actually gotten to the point where Harmonize is seen as more Ali Kiba’s speed and Diamond above them and the rest of the fray. He is mentioned in the same breath as other continental stars such as Wizkid and Rema.

¨Forget the past!¨ Ali Kiba publicly defends alleged secret affair with Diva The Boss

Ali Kiba
King Kiba

At the end of the day this is a clear case of hubris that doesn’t match up to reality. Ali Kiba lives in a world when music sold itself and musicians could rely on their talent to make headways in the music industry. That world has never existed. Not even while Elvis was busy overdosing on his toilet seat. And his refusal to adapt and adopt some of his nemesis’ winning strategies is his limitation.

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Harmonize is a simp, pandering after his girlfriend Sarah Michelotti

Harmonize is steady simping after his girlfriend, Sarah Michelotti and it seems like no one is willing to tell him that this will end in heartbreak -for him.

Harmonize and Sallam SK playing out their beef at funeral is disgusting

You see, Harmonize is one of the biggest stars out of Tanzania and consequently, out of East Africa because let’s face it, Tanzania of late has been manufacturing the stars. Anyway, Harmonize is one of the biggest stars yet he turns himself into a lap dog where Sarah Michelotti is concerned.


The couple is currently planning a wedding and this reportedly follows a period in which Harmonize grovelled to keep his lady love from dumping him like rancid porridge.

Harmonize’s latest confession just shows that men too hurt as much after break up

Back then it was because Harmonize was caught in some Kenyan girl’s DMs. You see, the girl in question,  Afia Kiener had posted a video of herself dancing to Harmonize’ song and he decided he would like to get familiar with her.


Away from that, there is the fact that Harmonize is always spotted carrying his girlfriend’s purse and handbag when they are out together. While spineless men will argue that there is nothing wrong with that, you have to wonder whether their fathers’ were in the habit of carrying their mother’s handbags and if they weren’t, whether this occasioned a significant shift in their mothers’ moods.

Bahati getting paid by Diamond Platnumz to attack Harmonize? He responds

Harmonize doesn’t seem like the type of young man who has his wits about him when he has love beating in his heart. He will probably not ask his bride-to-be to sign a pre-nup. It is interesting to see that whenever he talks about his girlfriend, he simply talks about her beauty and not how she adds value to his life.


No wonder the likes of Bahati have no qualms about insulting him, they do not respect Harmonize. think about that, Bahati, who himself is a simp, feels secure in attacking Harmo…

“Forever yours!” Harmonize reassures Sarah Michelotti on their anniversary

But the real issue is that the situations makes it seem like Harmonize simply worships his beau because of her race. When he was dating his ex, Wolper, he wasn’t as ingratiating as he currently is. Even the way the relationships ended, it seemed almost callous but when it comes to Ms Sarah Michelotti, Harmonize seems like he is willing to put himself through any insults simply so he can settle down with an Italian lady.

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Harmonize and Sallam SK playing out their beef at funeral is disgusting

Harmonize and Sallam SK have allowed their beef to play out at Babu Tale’s dead wife, Shammy’s funeral. The incident was the culmination of months of bad blood festering on SK Sallam’s side with regards to how Harmonize left Wasafi Classic Baby Records.

Why Diamond Platnumz manager is the most hated man on social media right now! (Video)

You see, when Harmonize announced he was going to leave WCB, the powers that be within the record label and artist management arm of the business were miffed.

babu tale

You see, when Harmonize decided to leave, Babu tale and SK Sallam announced that they would ensure he did so the right way which turned out to mean he had to buy himself out of the contract. As a result, Harmonize coughed up went four million Kenya shillings in the Tanzanian equivalent.


Harmonize on his part doesn’t seem to have had any ill will towards Babu tale but he does seem to lack good judgement.

Diamond Platnumz manager weeps uncontrollably during wife’s burial! (Video)

You see, knowing how Babu Tale felt about him, he should have simply kept his interactions to mourning and consoling SK Sallam. He should have focused entirely on passing his condolences onto the bereaved and moving on.

babu tale with diamond

Babu Tale’s reaction was also not only immature but it was petty. You are at a man, a friend’s funeral and now we have to sit here and talk about how you’re too knucklehead to show a modicum of respect towards him and his family by not getting sucked into snubbing Harmonize?

¨Maisha ni magumu¨ Diamond´s manager, Babu Tale opens up on his life at WCB

One has to wonder at amazement at just how Babu Tale and SK Sallam have managed to build up WCB because clearly the emotional maturity and intelligence shown by the former isn’t where it’s at.

Babu tale with diamond and security

Harmonize should not have forced the handshake. When a person signals that they are ignoring you, have the self-respect to not impose your presence on them. Harmonize should know that his presence is a gift so if one person doesn’t accept it, keep it moving.

Diamond´s manager, Babu Tale opens up about Rayvanny´s rocky past

When it comes to dealing with people he doesn’t like, Babu Tale should know that there is a time and place for everything. If SK Sallam has invited Harmonize to his wife’s funeral, he should respect that out of respect to his friend and brother.


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Harmonize’s latest confession just shows that men too hurt as much after break up

Traditionally break ups have always been the worst for women. Considering women are always vocal about their pain.

This an indication that women find a way to heal before jumping to the next relationship.

However the other gender-men- have lived gagged in the pretext of “Men do not cry.” So they do the “kuchochana”of playing the strong guy.

Well, Tanzania’s bongo star Harmonize recently confessed that his latest hit “Nishapona” was written 4 years back and shot 3 years ago.

In his explanation he says  he wrote the song at a time when he was hurting because of the past relationship. Well we all know the woman in his life then was Actress Jackline Wolper who they broke up in 2018.

However it only happened after rumors of he was said to be seeing someone else- his current wife Sarah.


For Harmonize to love someone else almost immediately after his break up shows you he was hiding his pain. Further he is a celebrity and well we scrutinize private life like its a cup of tea.

Also read : Why Tanzanian general elections campaigns is a WCB moment to sideline Harmonize again

Societal Pressure on “Manhood”

So you might be wondering what am trying to get at  with this? Harmonize took this long before dropping this song because his ego then could not just allow him. I mean after all he is an “African man”.

Societal pressures have made men believe they are weak if they show emotion which is totally wrong. Men should not be tied down in belief that is taking them to their early graves due to mental breakdown.

For one what’s the worst that can happen if  you, a man- is genuinely broken by that woman you love? If it hurts that bad cry. Lets see if you will die.

We don’t have to conform to things that are draining us, for one in this day and age  someone said Its okay not to feel okay- I don’t know who did but its makes sense to me.

You don’t have to kill yourself just because you want to fit in and not look “weak”.

Bahati’s latest Instagram pattern is his most pathetic

Bahati has taken on a new line of attracting attention: attacking Harmonize. The diminutive gospel singer has decided that he would focus his angst and aggression on Harmonize, even going as far as demanding he stop using his moniker of “Tembo” and instead leaving it for Bahati.

Bahati getting paid by Diamond Platnumz to attack Harmonize? He responds

The bizarre turn of events came about seemingly unprovoked with Bahati weighing in in the fight between Diamond and Harmonize, effectively taking the opinion that Harmonize is the antagonist even though he is an outsider looking in and he doesn’t know the nitty-gritty of the facts.


But Bahati has never been one to let better judgement get in the way of a good publicity opportunity.

Jalang’o weighs in on Bahati and Harmonize’s beef!

Bahati came out guns blazing and demanded that Harmonize stop being “ungrateful and greedy” and going on to say,

BUT MY POINT IS.., his Mistakes Cannot be Compared with the Kind heart that pushed him to pick you Up from the Streets and Made You who You’re Today. God Used him to Introduce you to the World!


What is interesting is the dim view Kenyans have of the lad, because when many read his outrage, they immediately wrote it off as a publicity stunt for a new upcoming song. Kenyans do not take his statements to heart, instead seeing insidious motives for them.

And that brings us to why this stunt is utter bullshit.

Bahati recently released a song. and him being “an artist of immense calibre” he would want to focus on promoting that song, you would think that all his effort would be put into ensuring he would get the most airplay and his songs get the most downloads and views on Youtube but instead, he is busy discussing Harmonize.


This in and of itself is an admission that he knows he isn’t a big artist. Bahati has swallowed his pride and accepted that he needs drama to get his name on headlines. And that is an issue because it has translated in seeing him engineer some nonsensical controversies around both himself and his family.

Bahati bitter after Harmonize makes surprise move confirming friendship is over!

Harmonize is busy doing his thing then all of a sudden he realizes his name is being brought up by some artist he has never worked with… And that artist, Bahati, is more focused on addressing an old issue, his drama with Diamond Platnumz, rather than churning out music.


So Bahati has decided to be delving in nonsense that is 6 months dead to revive his career. And it gets so bizarre that he even has to address whether or not Diamond Platnumz paid him to take on Harmonize…

Mimi sijaongea na Diamond kutoka sijui lini. Nilikuwa tu namshauri kama ndugu. The way wewe unaweza pata kitu uone hiki kitu Bahati anapotea unishauri.
Nilitaka tu amake peace na atoke na Amani fulani sababu ukitoka na Amani unapata Baraka pia. Sikutarajia atakwazika.

Harmonize teams up with Yemi Alade on 'Pain'

So the guy who was unable to run a record label because all his artists would accuse him of bad business practices is busy telling Tanzanians how to manage their affairs? Nope. Bahati seems to think talking about Diamond and Harmonize’s already dead beef is leaving a dent on the world.

Bahati recycles his boxers – Diana Marua spills (Expose)

Homie needs to take an entire cup of Shut The F Up and focus on what seems to be the dwindling of his musical career. This trend of his that sees him talk about none issues isn’t the way to revive his career and it merely makes us look at him as a has-been fighting to remain relevant.

Bongo music star, Harmonize

And the argument that you should respect the man who discovered you simply because he discovered you is illogical. Business is business and we all have to do what is right for us. We do not know the details of the business falling out between the two. If you aren’t involved in the deal, maintain sharp and focus and on your own hustle Bahati.


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Ibraah Vs Tommy Flavour Vs Zuchu: Who is the best with their music so far?

Tanzanian music keeps dominating the East African region. With big names like Diamond Platinumz, Harmonize and Alikiba being in the forefront to grow more talent by the day.

In the past few weeks the three mentioned have unveiled new talents namely Zuchu, Ibraah Tz and Tommy Flavour  under their labels and have been on a spree to promote their music.

Well who is the best among the three?

Ibraah Tz

So far Konde Gang managed by Harmonize has Ibraah who dropped his first track “Nimekubali”a soulful drip of love. From the look of things fans are already in love with the lad.

Ibraah had been doing song covers before being signed by Harmonize. For one he posses the RnB vibe that is fast growing in Tanzania.


Tommy Flavour

This is another RnB sensation that has been in the music scene for a while now. However, it was not until he got signed under the Kingsrecords label owned by Ali Kiba that people got to embrace him.Tommy had his first single “Ömukwano” debut recently and he is doing well.The collabo with Ali Kiba became his selling factor.

Anyway as we wait for more music from his I must say he has the chords for RnB.


When she was first introduced, not many knew Zuchu aside from the music covers maker. After days of teasing the world about the new signing the Diamond owned WCB records, finally unveiled Zuchu.

The daughter of reknown Taarab singer Khadija Kopa becomes one among few lady singers who write her own songs.

She first debuted in the industry fully with an 7 song Ep that has so far been welcomed by her fans. Though under the umbrella of big artist like her Boss Diamond Platinumz and her Mum Khadija Kopa she faces the pressure of leveling up. But all that is a matter time to really determine her strength in music.

Now the ball is your court music lover who do you feel has had a good touch with fans so far among the three?

Harmonize should slow down, too many songs at once

Harmonize is for sure in a hurry to claim his space in the bongo industry. The Tanzanian singer has been releasing a song every week after parting ways with Diamond Platinumz.

In a span of two months, the singer has released a couple of songs that we even cannot remember where he started.  First, it is a good thing that he wants to remain relevant but in the process, he is losing.

I do not even know what the hurry is for because no one is competing. It is a good thing that he is seeking relevance but the question is from who?

One thing that clearly stands out is that his management is just lazy. They really do not watch the market. Imagine having two songs in a week and you expect them to hit? It does not work like this. Give us time to feel one song. This way we even get to interact with your songs.

Harmonize should slow down, too many songs at once

Lyrics are whack

While at Wasafi, Konde Boy was the master of the lyrics but that is no longer there. Could it be because he is in a hurry to compete with himself?

Is Harmonize fighting himself because I do not see any other artiste be it from Wasafi competing from him?

It is a good thing that he considers his fans as well as his main goal. When one releases a couple of songs together, only one will win. This is even dangerous for Harmonize because he needs to sell.

Harmonize should slow down, too many songs at once

Back to the lyrics, a man who used to write some strong words no longer has that skill. It leaves one questioning if he wrote his work while at Wasafi or someone did it for him?

First, we might not understand his goal but one clear thing is that Harmonize needs to strategize. His first Uno is still struggling to get to 10 million views, Hujanikomoa his latest is not even close to 1 million views within a period of four days.

Piece of advice to the bongo master, Harmonize, go slow and you will make it to the top. No one cares what your competitors have but your name Harmonize has its space.