Hassan Joho Pens To Celebrate Winnie Odinga’s Birthday

Kenyan politician Hassan Joho, the former governor of Mombasa, extended birthday wishes to Winnie Odinga, the youngest daughter of opposition leader Raila Odinga, who turned 34 on March 6th.

Joho took to social media to share a black and white photo of Winnie on a motorbike, captioning it with,

“Good tidings on your date of birth, honourable Winnie Odinga.”

Winnie reposted Joho’s message, while her parents, Raila and Ida, at the time of writing, haven’t yet publicly conveyed their birthday wishes.

This gesture by Joho comes shortly after he celebrated his own 48th birthday by sharing photos on social media.

It’s worth noting that Winnie recently secured a seat in the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA). While she trailed Kennedy Kalonzo in the vote count, her achievement was celebrated by her family, including her brother Raila Junior who publicly expressed his pride and love on his social media page

Joho celebrates Lavish Birthday In Style (Photos)

Mombasa County Governor Hassan Joho is celebrating his birthday today and he’s doing it in style. Most celebrities have helped him to celebrate his 45th birthday, with most posting him on their social media. One of the few of the celebrities who have recognized him is Churchill. The comedian and radio presenter wrote,

Churchill nd Joho-IG

”Happy birthday @joho_oo1 Asante for all the times you have come through for us. You are the major reason there is Churchill show on the Road. Have a fantastic birthday!”

Owago Onyiro also wrote,

Owago and Joho- IG

”Guys help me wish my Boss and big brother from another mother @joho_001 a Happy Birthday.
May you live till you see your great great grandchildren……… Enjoy your earth day Sultan @joho_oo1
Nimetumana Samaki ya Owago’s Kitchen kilo kumi.”

Comedian and radio presenter Jalang’o wrote,

Jalang’o and Joho-IG

” Yesterday, Today and Forever….Happy Birthday bro! Thanks for being an amazing friend!! @joho_oo1
#TeamJalas help me wish Governor @joho_oo1 a happy birthday.”

The governor happens to share a birthday date with TV and Radio personality, Tallia Oyando. Happy Birthday to both of them.

Like father, like son: Meet Governor Hassan Joho’s handsome daddy (Photo)

Hassan Joho is what we call a chick magnet. He got it all and by this I mean both looks and money which most socialites in the country can’t seem to look past. However being a prominent person, Mr Joho prefers to keep his life on the low and this is why we only know the obvious about him.

Anyway, away from Joho have you ever wondered where he got his looks from? Well, ask no more because thanks to Jamal Gadaffi who is a close relative of Hassan Joho; we now have the tree (father) responsible for the handsome fruit (Joho) giving many sleepless nights in town.

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The media personality went on to introduce Joho’s daddy in a detailed post where he wrote;

Huyu Ndiye Babake MPWANI wa kwanza KENYA ???????? atakaye Kuwa RAIS ama Karibu na kiti cha Urais Kwa Uwezo wake MUNGU inshallah ???????? Mungu Atuwekee Wazee wetu wa PWANI na Viongozi wetu ????????Ameen ???????????????????????? #MZEE ALI JOHO
@joho_001 NUMERO UNO 1 Hainaga kufeli ???????? ????ℕ????ℙ????ℝ???????? ???????? ????

Like father like son

Although Hassan Joho was not lucky enough to get the melanin from his daddy’s side of the story; his mum’s genes in this case seem have overpowered those of the dad hence light skinned son.

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Well if you ever wondered how a dark Joho would look like, then meet the handsome daddy below;

Joho Hassan’s dad with Jamal Gadaffi

Curvy Natalie Tewa and Hassan Joho confirm they are an item (Screenshots)

Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho must be a hunted man if the recent list of girls warming his bed is anything to go by.

Last week, he set the Internet ablaze after reports he was cruising around with ex-TV girl, Betty Kyallo before evidence implicating Natalie Tewa was unearthed.

Betty became old news as masses took on the curvy, young and bewitching Natalie Tewa, real names Wanjiku Githinji’s romantic entanglement with Joho.

Vlogger, Natalie Tewa

None of the two even bothered to touch on the subject but if the most recent evidence seen by Ghafla is anything to go by, then these two are making magic in their small heaven.

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Natalie recently put up a sunny photo of herself that she labelled “Baby Katerina”.

Well, Joho has similarly come out bragging to the public about his new lover who seems to have bewitched him with love never felt before, tagging her “Katerina”.

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With those seamless moves and perfect lip-sync, a dear 001 sang along:

I wanna look at you baby kidogo, Katerina. Say whatever you say, she’s my new lover, I deserve her.

Many would term it as ‘coincidence’ but let’s be honest…really? How these two names came out of the mouths of two individuals implicated in the same love triangle, remains a mystery.

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Either way, Joho has said she is his because he deserves her.


Meanwhile, let’s sip somethin’ as we bid time.

Governor Joho’s ex girlfriend showers Otile Brown with praises, showing Vera Sidika how a man should be treated!

Vera Sidika will not be having it easy with Carolinedxb around.

Businesswoman, Vera Sidika

Unlike the basic socialites she is used to rolling around with; Carolinedxb is a classy woman on her own level and I bet this might just be some of the reasons  Governor Joho got attracted to her. Therefore in other words, the American lass is no average woman.

About a week ago, Ms Caroline went on to bash Vera for referring to Edgar Obare’s followers as peasants on social media. For some reason this automatically brought in bad blood between Caroline and Vera who may end up not being friends.

As seen on the video, Ms Carolinedxb called out Vera for being ungrateful. On her Instagram live session, the lady reminded Vera on the importance of humility; adding that these so called peasants helped build the woman she has since become.



Otile Brown and Carolinedxb

To make matters, turns out that Otile Brown has been communicating with Carolinedxb! Apparently the lass hopes that this young man will be performing at her meet and greet when she comes to Kenya.

Caroline revealed this through a screenshot showing her conversation with Otile Brown. Well, since this is a business relationship Mr Brown couldn’t let this opportunity slide.


Showers Otile with praises

In yet another post, Carolinedxb portrayed yet another impressive quality proving why she is a threat to many women.

Unlike Vera who publicly embarrassed Otile for his ‘small cucumber’ the lovely Carolinedxb did the opposite by showering Otile Brown with praises on her post.

The young mum of one described Otile Brown as a kind and humble guy; not forgetting to point out that these are some of the traits Vera lacks.

Carolinedxb and Otile Brown

Well if Vera thought she had no competition; then i guess she must be headed back to the drawing board!

Sexual frustration or regret? Betty Kyallo drunk dials her exes

You have to hand it to Betty Kyallo because for better or worse, she knows how to keep it real. She never dials down who she is for any of her fans online and that is why she has managed to grow her brand and attract followers.
In her recent admission of who she is, Betty Kyallo revealed that whenever she gets drunk, she drunk dials her exes. That includes Denis Okari, Mombasa Governor (or so it is alleged) and her most recent lover. What makes this interesting aside from imagining how the conversation goes, is realizing that even women as famous as Betty Kyallo still bear the same insecurities the rest of us do.

Betty Mutei Kyallo

And Betty Kyallo revealing this fun fact about her actually reveals a hell of a lot more than she wants to put out there. Because when we analyze what she said, it tells us two things; the first being her desperation and the second being her sexual frustration.
Let us first delve into the desperation aspect first.

Betty Kyallo’s heartwarming gesture for healthcare workers at Mbagathi Hospital (Photos)

Betty Kyallo revealed that when she calls her exes, it is usually to ask why the relationship ended. Why they broke up. This reveals a level of desperation. An acute awareness of the reality that she might be running out of time to set up and establish a family of her own. And for the love of God, do not tell me about her being a single mother cutting it. Her own househelp spoke up and raised doubt on this setup working for Betty Kyallo. Who the househelp felt is not the best of mothers but I will not comment on that.
And as a result, she is trying to investigate why she cannot get her own “happily ever after”.

betty kyallo and dennis okari
Dennis Okari (right) and Betty Kyallo´s daughter, Ivanna (left)

No hurry, nachukua vitu pole pole! What Betty Kyalo wants before getting married again

When Betty Kyallo and her ex-husband Dennis Okari divorced, she went on a concerted exercise of painting him as the problem. When she gave her interview to the popular female magazine, she depicted Dennis Okari as an emotionally vacant man who left her high and dry even on their traditional wedding day. And she did so without accounting for her role in the messed relationship which left feminists feeling vindicated that he, the man, was the problem.
But now, Okari is happily married and Betty has moved on from relationship to relationship like a bad smell wafting through a bus when the driver cuts the cheese. Okari, on the other hand, seems to have a more stable family life even though he and his wife co-parent with Betty Kyallo at her whim mind you.

Is Betty Kyallo okay? She has not been herself lately

Then she moved on (allegedly) with the Governor and even this was a shortlived dalliance with reports of the breakup painting her as a woman who is all about upward social mobility through the men she is with. The callous manner in which she dealt with her marriage as she monkey branched to Bwana Governor was also very off-putting. then after that situation ended, she was rumoured to have dated a businessman -a fact that we must note, she denied.
And we saw her run around with a man of the Indian persuasion whom she would tease in her social media profile. Whenever she would tease the man, it was as they went on a “baecation” or as she showed off her gifts from the man which included an Audemars Piguet watch.

dennis okari and betty kyallo's wedding

Then she ended up with the latest ex, a man of Cushitic extraction. This man was her rock when she and her family went through a trying period as her daughter was seriously ill and even had to be put up in the ICU. And after a few months, that situation is over.

And the desperation is setting in as Betty Kyallo’s hindbrain is beginning to awake to the realization that she is the greater common denominator. So she revisits her relationships, some of which ended humiliatingly to try and understand what caused them to end…

I smell desperation.

And going on into the sexual frustration aspect of my argument, we can look at the question of why a woman who feels she is at the top of her sexual marketplace value, is calling exes when she gets drunk instead of getting called up by new, more eligible bachelors. The well is drying up and the thirst is getting real.
The only reason for people to live in the past is that the past holds more prospects than the present. People who feel optimistic about the future seldom dwell on the past.

betty kyallo and her cushitic lover

And as we all know, nyege hazina adabu. So perhaps Bety Kyallo calling her exes is her seeing whether they will be receptive to her advances. As Biggie Smalls once famously trapped, “Some say the ex/ makes the sex/spectacular!” so maybe Betty is trying to see whether there is room for her to make a comeback.

Then again, this is just a hypothesis. But one thing that’s for certain, she is not doing better on the relationship and familial front than the one ex she completely humiliated, Dennis Okari.

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Mombasa Governor’s alleged American side-chick exposed!

Governor Joho 001 this past weekend made headlines on most top tabloids after his alleged side chick residing in Dubai was unveiled on social media.

Ms Carolinedxb

As seen on posts shared by blogger Edgar Obare, we now understand that the 001 governor had been in a romantic relationship with a lady identified as Carolinedxb; an independent boss lady with an expensive lifestyle as seen on her Instagram page!

Well, it turns out that Carolinedxb has been in a serious relationship with Hassan Joho 2 years ago; but they both broke it off due to personal reasons!

Caroline’s post

About Carolinedxb

However, the source who shared the photo claims that Carolinedxb was proud and happy to be with Joho as she documented their every move on her gram!

At the Mara

At some given time she even shared a personal photo with Joho – but was forced to delete it immediately in order to protect his identity.

Judging from most of the posts shared on her page; Ms Carolinedxb was never kept a secret since she hang out with Alikiba, Ommy Dimpoz and even Amina Khalef – who is Kiba’s wife.

With Joho’s entourage

Trips and adventures

From the photos shared on her Instagram page, we believe that Joho flew her to the Maasai Mara; where the former couple spent some private time together with the governor’s entourage!

Former Lovers, Joho and Caroline

As seen on her page, the lass also travelled to Lamu with her handsome man. And from the look of things Ms Carolinedxb was definitely eating life with a big spoon!

About Carolinedxb and Joho

Although between these two did not work out, she acknowledges that they were both in a serious relationship which unfortunately came to an end 2 years ago.

Ex lovers

Through her Instagram page Carolinedxb clarified this saying;

Dear bloggers, bye!

With the story going viral 1 year after her break up, Ms Carolinedxb went on to tell off bloggers saying;

Dear bloggers/News

You’re over a year late. This is very old news and I have no interest in discussing the details of my personal life and relationship with you.

Please stop asking!

Dear bloggers

Alikiba exposed

This comes barely a week after Alikiba’s side chick came out to expose the singer who had been in her bed for years!

As seen on several posts shared by Diva thee Bawse; she had allegedly been dating the guy on the low despite knowing the fact that he is married!

Well with the two stories already out – then we might as well as agree that birds of a feather definitely flock together!

Governor Hassan Joho steps out wearing a T-shirt worth Ksh 55,000

Yes he bought it!

So it is no secret that Governor Hassan Joho is a man with expensive style and good sense of fashion! And for this reason his Versace T-shirt has given many Kenyans a reason to talk after learning how much it cost.

Hassan Joho

Well, having seen him step out wearing shoes worth Ksh 100,000 and above therefore it is no surprise that he would buy a T-shirt going for $ 550.

The governor is seen rocking the T-shirt during one of his trips abroad and from the comments left by his fans; it’s obvious to tell that they adore his style.

Hassan Joho

Hassan Joho’s fashion sense

This is however not the only expensive T shirt he owns. So far he has been seen rocking several expensive designer brands and this might just be the beginning!

Below are a few photos of the expensive T-shirt’s he owns – and I can assure you that Joho definitely doesn’t buy his clothes from the same dealer Mike Sonko gets his clothes from.

Look man aka Hassan Joho

“You brought Chris Brown to Kenya and paid him 90 million” Trolls tear into Joho as he calls on presenters to play Kenyan music

Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho is such a big hypocrite, if there is one person who supports foreign music and foreign musicians it’s him… and now he is calling on presenters to play local Kenyan music!

Kenyans on Instagram fired at Joho after he called on presenters to play Kenyan music. The governor shared a photo he posed with Willy Paul and captioned it “#PlayKeMusic cc @willy.paul.msafi @gatesmgenge @chris001ke @daddyowen @realshinski @thenaiboi @officialsusumila @jalangoo”

Kenyans are angry with Joho because of the way he supports foreign musicians. Joho hangs out with Alikiba like he is his first born, he regularly organizes shows in Mombasa which are headlined by Alikiba and other Bongo musicians.

In 2016, the prince of RnB Chris Brown performed in Mombasa and he was paid a whopping Kes 90 million which was reported to have come from Joho’s own pocket.


Below are some of the comments from Kenyans after Joho told presenters to play Kenyan music:

chanchima_asiago: Says someone who brought Chris Brown to Mombasa Kenya and paid him 90Million for an hour’s performance??

hassandrake: Sasa play Kenya lakini Alikiba na Ommy Dimpoz hawakosi kwa kila event unaorganize, Sultan Vipi?

unado_nini: Kwenda kabisa! Wewe unapenda kuleta alikiba hadi theme ya campaign yako ilikuwa tz music. Nyamazanga saa zingine wanyonge wakiongea. Immoral cantankerousios nyoko.

pmwangi_gitau: Bwana Governor maybe you need to move a step further and not just I.G posts, if only half the cash you have paid to ali kiba could have been given to susumila maybe he could be having his own Wasafi thing going on.. Less talk more action could help!

nihadbyb: wasanii wakenya wao wakienda wapiga selfies tu wapewe lunch funga mwaka aletwa kiba na vijana wa dablu sibi??hawajui business

salgoda: Halafu Ali Kiba utamueka wapi?

sabbyerick_: those Kenyan musicians ni waimbe nyimbo za kueleweka nyimbo na msg siyo kufyoka fyoka hapa ati “rusha mkono juu ya hewa mara njoo kwa keja” and so on what’s that? #tanzaniamusicforlife iki nenee

junior_derucci: Says the person who hangs out with Tanzania musicians cc @joho_001 cc @jalangoo @realshinski @kalighraph_jones

kaka_namwaya: Sawa lakini maudhui! Nyimbo zingine hatuelewi heri tusikize tutakozo elewa

mum_carsons: Mi napita tu juu sijui ni mziki gani mwazungumzia. Kama ni akina Mary Atieno Ominde, akina marehemu Chibalonza then naunga mkono. Hii secular sijaskia mziki mimi.

hilary.kinyua: Kwanza governor @joho_001 Fanya mpango uwasaidie wasanii wa mombasa cuz mombasa kuna talented nyingi sana tatizo akuna mapromoter wazuri, Mimi napenda wasanii wa mombasa tatizo mziki wao hauna quality iko chini tafauti na wasanii wengine, Mimi nadhani tatizo ni pesa awana za kutosha kufanya video nzuri na audio nzuri

wallah698: 001 huyo uko nae ndio ovyo ajabu,the likes os Nyashinski,Sautisol,Baha yes,not that confused man next to you.




Harmonize reacts to video of President Uhuru, Raila Odinga, Joho and Sonko dancing to his hit song

Raila Odinga was treated to a surprise birthday party in Mombasa as he turned 74 on Monday January 7th 2019. President Uhuru Kenyatta was among guests who attended the birthday party.

Raila accompanied Uhuru to Mombasa for the commissioning of the Mama Ngina waterfront regeneration project. It was after the function that the two leaders went to celebrate Raila’s birthday.

The birthday party was held at a private residence in Mombasa. Other guests who attended the party include; governors Ali Hassan Joho (Mombasa), Mike Sonko (Nairobi), Amason Kingi (Kilifi) and several MPs.

The dance

Video of Raila, Uhuru and other Kenyan leaders dancing to Harmonize’s hit song ‘Happy Birthday’ has gone viral on social media. The video has been shared online by several people including celebs.


Harmonize was impressed by the video and he couldn’t hide his joy to the fact that almost the entire Kenyan top leadership was dancing to his song. He sent a special thanks to Mzazi Willy M Tuva for the support in pushing East African music throughout the region.




Finer details of how Joho bought out tickets to NRGWave jump off party which saw Alikiba, Sauti Sol share stage

The #NRGWave ultimate jump off party went down at the Mombasa Sports Club with performances from Sauti Sol, Alikiba among a host of super DJs including DJ Wesley, DJ XClusive, DJ Kace and DJ niche.

The NRGWave jump off party on December 31st was the last in the series of coast parties dubbed the #NRGShowdown that took place from 26th December with the Sold Out Wasafi Festival which took place at the same venue bringing the coastal town to a halt on Boxing Day.

The jump-off party was a pre-cursor to the launch of the radio station that went live in April and has since launched in four other cities including Mombasa 96.3 FM, Eldoret 98.4 FM, Nakuru 93.5FM and Kisumu 94.8FM.

Free tickets

Tickets for the #NRGWave ultimate jump off party were initially being sold to the public for; regular Kes 1000 and VIP Kes 3000.

Mombasa governor Hassan Joho however bought out all tickets to allow city residents to attend the jump off party at Mombasa Sports Club for free.

NRGWave shared a video of Joho calling on Mombasa residents to attend the jump off party as he announced that he had bought all tickets to the concert.






Meet Congolese barber who gave Joho his swaggerific haircut while he was in Nairobi (Photos)

Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho loves looking neat and trim in appearance, even Nairobi Women Rep Esther Passaris acknowledged that Joho is a slay king.

“When you see governor Joho he puts a picture of himself looking very cool and nothing no comment whatsoever, what do you call that? That is slaying. So there is nothing wrong with slaying it’s about being confident of who you are and your space,” said Esther Passaris.

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Fancy haircut

Joho was recently in Nairobi to attend the world’s first blue economy conference. The Mombasa governor sought the services of a top Congolese barber George Dafunda who give him the fancy haircut.

Joho with George Dafunda
Joho with George Dafunda




“Joho even contributed towards their wedding” Why Dennis Okari is to be blamed for introducing Betty Kyallo to Joho

Apparently Betty Kyallo’s affair with Hassan Joho started while she was still married to Dennis Okari and not after their breakup – this explains why her marriage only lasted for 6 months.

The Nairobian newspaper revealed finer detail of Betty’s relationship with Joho after a little bird indiscreetly spilled the beans to them.

Joho met Betty through Dennis Okari, the two journalists were still dating when she was introduced to the governor by her then boyfriend.

The Nairobian reports that Okari and Joho were so close, the governor often gave him PR jobs for his businesses which saw Okari head to the Coast regularly.

“Dennis would be working in a different town in Mombasa leaving Joho with Betty. Dennis did not know what was going on, and the relationship blossomed. Joho even contributed towards their wedding,” a source told Nairobian.

Porsche Cayenne, source of conflict
Joho’s Porsche Cayenne parked at Standard Group headquarters off Mombasa Road
Joho’s Porsche Cayenne parked at Standard Group headquarters off Mombasa Road

Betty and Okari clashed after the former KTN anchor drove home in a new Porsche Cayenne which Joho had given her. Okari demanded to how and where she got the expensive German machine and Betty finally owned up that it was Joho’s.

She left her matrimonial home and moved into a lavish home in Kilimani which Joho had secured for her. The source told Nairobian that Betty didn’t even bother to pack her belongings when she moved out.





The governor is savage! Finer details of how Joho repossessed his Porsche Cayenne from Betty Kyallo when she was behind the wheels on Mombasa Road

Betty Kyallo and Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho started dating sometimes in May 2016 months after she separated with Dennis Okari.

The former KTN anchor opened up about her relationship with Joho in a 2017 interview with True Love magazine where she revealed they broke up because Sultan asked her to quit her job.

“He was going through the same thing – a separation, and we connected on that level. We tried to have something and it gave me comfort because we understood where we were with each other. He was easy to talk to, hang out and have fun with,” said Betty Kyallo.

Ugly split

The Nairobian newspaper has revealed finer detail of Joho’s ugly split with Betty. The story appeared on the cover of the daily which is a subsidiary of Standard Group where Betty used to work.

The Nairobian reports that Joho threw Betty Kyallo out of a mansion on Lenana Road after they broke up. Apparently the former KTN anchor begged the governor to allow her to have the furniture.

“The house was not in her name, so when the relationship went south, she was kicked out,” a source was quoted by the Nairobian.

Sultan also repossessed his Porsche Cayenne which he had given the mother of one. Betty was driving along Mombasa road when she was stopped and asked to surrender the car’s keys.

Joho's Porsche Cayenne parked at Standard Group headquarters off Mombasa Road
Joho’s Porsche Cayenne parked at Standard Group headquarters off Mombasa Road

“The Porsche Cayenne was repossessed from Betty when she was behind the wheels on Mombasa Road. She was forced to park off the road near Nyayo Stadium,” the Nairobian quoted their source.




Ommy Dimpoz to fly to Mombasa to recuperate after undergoing 12-hour operation that left him in a coma

Ommy Dimpoz underwent a major surgery in South Africa sometimes in June this year. The Bongo singer developed serious complications on his throat while attending Alikiba’s wedding in Mombasa.

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In his first interview since the surgery, Ommy Dimpoz said Mombasa governor Hassan Joho noticed he had difficulties swallowing food or any drink at Alikiba’s wedding, and that he took him to see his personal doctor.

“Governor Joho noticed that I was having problems swallowing food during Alikiba’s wedding in Mombasa. I could barely swallow anything. He offered to take me to his personal doctors for checkup,” said Ommy Dimpoz.

Hassan Joho and Ommy Dimpoz
Hassan Joho and Ommy Dimpoz
Delicate surgery

Ommy Dimpoz was flown to South Africa after the doctor told him his condition was critical. He went under the knife to have his esophagus rectified his all the way from his throat.

The whole operation took 12 long hours and despite being successful Ommy Dimpoz was left into a coma. He spent spent close to two months recuperating.

“When I woke up, I was informed I had been into a coma for nine days. It was a major operation all the way down to my stomach,” said Ommy Dimpoz.

Thanks to Joho and Alikiba

Ommy Dimpoz now plans to fly to Mombasa to recuperate there until he fully recovers. The Bongo singer is forever grateful to Joho for the help he offered him.

“I thank God I am alive. I’m also very grateful to Governor Joho and Alikiba.”







Betty Kyallo greet Hassan Joho during her recent trip to Mombasa?

Last Friday July 27th Betty Kyallo hosted her show ‘Friday Briefing’ live from Mombasa. The KTN anchor announced on Twitter that she would greet Joho prior to her visit to Mombasa.

Betty was excited about the Mombasa trip before she left the capital, she expressed her excitement on social media. A tweep asked Betty to say hi to Joho when she lands in Mombasa, and she assured him that she would.


Dating Joho

Betty and Joho started dating in May 2016 months after separating with Dennis Okari. She opened up about her relationship with Joho in a 2017 interview with True Love magazine where she revealed they broke up because sultan asked her to quit her job.

“He was going through the same thing – a separation, and we connected on that level. We tried to have something and it gave me comfort because we understood where we were with each other. He was easy to talk to, hang out and have fun with,” said Betty Kyallo.





7 photos of the pretty Safaricom lady whose beauty blew away Hassan Joho making him admit he couldn’t resist her

Mombasa governor Hassan Joho thrilled members of the public when he publicly admitted that he was blown away by Rita Okuthe’s beauty.

Rita Okuthe is Safaricom’s Director of Enterprise Business. The eye candy was in Mombasa to hand over the new Maternal High Dependency Unit (MHDU) at the Coast General hospital which was funded by the Safaricom Foundation.

I can’t resist

Joho talked about Rita’s beauty during the handover ceremony. The governor joked about Rita’s beauty saying that no man could resist her.

“Madam Rita alisema mambo ya kuresist. Mimi nawaambia hebu you look at her, mwaeza resist kweli nyinyi? Naona wanaume wanasmile smile kweli. Mtaresist vipi sasa?” said Joho.

Well, Joho’s eye didn’t deceive him, Rita Okuthe is indeed very pretty. Take a look at the photos below:


Old and recent photos Chris Kirubi posed with Joho show how the billionaire is recovering impressively 

Chris Kirubi was sick for a long time. He was flown to the United States for specialized treatment sometimes in November 2017 and he disappeared from the public scene until March 2018 when his photo surfaced online.

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The billionaire publicly talked about his health in May this year when Raila Odinga visited him at his Nairobi home. He appreciated Raila’s visit adding that he was a true friend.

“It’s historical for me, I have been unwell for a long time and friends have been coming to see me but it has never been great pleasure as welcoming Mr Odinga here. And I know now who are true friends of mine,” said Chris Kirubi when Raila visited him at his Loresho home.

Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho also visited Chris Kirubi at his Coast residence in June 2018.

Hassan Joho and Chris Kirubi. The photo was taken in June 2018
Hassan Joho and Chris Kirubi. The photo was taken in June 2018

Chris Kirubi is recovering quite well, the billionaire appears to be in good health in a recent photo he posed with Hassan Joho. The photo was taken on July 18th 2018.

Hassan Joho and Chris Kirubi. The photo was taken on July 18th 2018
Hassan Joho and Chris Kirubi. The photo was taken on July 18th 2018

“Happy to meet my good friend Chris Kirubi in great spirit. I wish him well. The mega investment that Centum Investment is undertaking at the Coast is highly welcome,” wrote Hassan Joho.

Sultan returns with a bang! Kenyans now believe Joho is Raila’s chosen heir after the incident in Kisumu 

Hassan Joho had been silent for long leading to several speculations about what he was planning. The Mombasa governor has however set tongues wagging after his visit to Kisumu.

On Thursday Joho pulled massive crowd in the heart of Kisumu city as he returned from the 5th devolution conference in Kakamega.

Thousands gathered at the Kondele roundabout to wait for Joho after word went around that the governor would pass there on his way from Kakamega.

Joho was ultimately forced to addressed Kisumu residents who gathered to wait for him. Sultan’s ability to pull a massive crowd in Raila’s stronghold has led many to believe he is Raila’s chosen heir.

Leadership comes from the People

Flamboyant lawyer Donald Kipkorir also speculated that Joho was Raila’s possible replacement after the incident in Kisumu.

“Gov. Hassan Joho being received in Kisumu …. Is he the Heir-apparent to Baba? By the way, leadership isn’t about University Degrees for those that like seeing shadows in life instead of Light …. Leadership comes from the People not Universities … Ask South Korea & India,” Kipkorir tweeted.

Meanwhile Raila Odinga also tagged along Joho when he attended Matiba’s funeral service in Murang’a. The Nasa leader arrived at the venue accompanied by Joho and other ODM honchos.





Ali Kiba set to marry Kenyan woman in plump wedding graced by Joho 

Tanzania singer AliKiba will marry a Kenyan lady and Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho, who is a close friend, is expected to be a senior guest at the wedding.

The popular singer will marry Amina Rikesh, who comes from Mombasa, on April 19 according to different sources.

“She (Amina) lives at Kongowea, Mombasa,” said an insider.

“Wedding organizers have informed me, via phone, they are sending me an invite to the event, which should be taking place on April 19.”

Close ties with Joho

Both Rikesh and AliKiba are close friends to Joho and according to the insider is the reason why Joho will be a chief guest at the wedding.

Amina’s family has close ties with Governor Joho.  Amina’s mum is a friend to Ali Joho’s elder brother, Abu Joho,” said the insider.

Jamal Gaddafi confirms Joho has bought a French-made chopper that has been flying him all over Mombasa

Hassan Joho has been making headlines for landing at various places within Mombasa city on a chopper. Apparently the flamboyant governor has bought the chopper.

On December 22nd 2017 Joho brought traffic along the Dedan Kimathi Avenue to a standstill when he arrived at a wedding ceremony aboard a chopper.

Joho caused mouths to wag when he was dropped off at the Swahili Center on his chopper to attend a wedding

The Mombasa governor also caused a stir when he landed at Pirates Beach and Mama Ngina during the celebrations to welcome the new year.

Eurocopter 5Y-HLI

Jamal Gaddafi confirmed to SDE that Joho has indeed bought the helicopter that has been flying him all over. Joho’s brand new chopper is a French-made Eurocopter with the registration number 5Y-HLI.

Joho hangs out with Anto Neo-Soul, Akothee , Victoria Kimani and Jamal Gaddafi during a discussion on artist welfare, women issues and how to further cooperation between his government and the industry.

Sonko with his PR ranked among worst performing governors in Kenya

Nairobi governor Mike Sonko is performing impressively well on social media but not so many people are feeling his impact on the ground.

Interestingly governors who don’t engage in PR activities are performing better. A survey by Polls Kenya shows Makueni governor Kivutha Kibwana, Kirinyaga’s Anne Waiguru and Kisumu’s Anyang’ Nyong’o respectively have the highest approval ratings.

The poll was conducted to assess governors’ performance in the first 100 days in office. Nairobi and Mombasa counties lead with bottom performing governors.

Underperforming governors

Nairobi governor Mike Sonko came only second to Homa Bay’s Cyprian Awiti who has the highest disapproval rating. Sonko together with his Mombasa counterpart Hassan Joho lead in PR on social media.

Joho was ranked third among governors with highest disapproval rating.  Other counties that underperforming governors include Kiambu, Isiolo, Garissa and Siaya.




Fashionable Governor Hassan Joho steps out wearing new sneakers worth ksh, 30,000

Mombasa’s governor Hassan Joho is undeniably a stylish man. He understands the importance of stepping out with quality shoes and this is why most of his shoes cost above Ksh 10,000.

In one of his latest posts, the fella was photographed wearing Louis Vuitton shoes worth Ksh 90,000 leaving Kenyans shocked.

However this is not the only expensive pair he owns as just the other day he stepped out wearing a pair of Lo-Top Sneakers “Ralf” estimated to cost around Ksh 33,000.

John’s lifestyle

So far fans understand that Joho is a man who loves expensive things that include the type of cars he drives and where he lives.

Anyway, with the money he makes, you can see why it’s not so hard for him.

SportPesa CEO Ronald Karauri unleashes his expensive kicks days after Joho made headlines with Kes 92,000 sneakers (Photos)

Hassan Joho and Ronald Karauri are in their own league. The two are the only non-music celebs who are into expensive shoes.

Talk of celebs who have a taste for expensive kicks then Joho, Karauri and Khaligraph Jones top that list. The three don’t mind spending over 50k in buying shoes.

A few days ago the Mombasa governor was seen with Louis Vuitton sneakers. Hassan Joho’s kicks are worth a staggering Kes 92,000.

Hassan Joho seen wearing his Louis Vuitton sneakers

Karauri’s Guiseppe Zanotti

SportPesa CEO Ronald Karauri made sure Joho doesn’t enjoy media spotlight alone. Karauri unleashed his expensive Italian kicks.

Someone gifted the SportPesa CEO with a pair of Guiseppe Zanotti Manhattan sneakers. Karauki says the Kes 70,000 kicks was his Christmas gift.

“Well, festive season and all, there are some people who really know how to gift ? ?? #zanotti #themanhattan #thankyou ??,” wrote Ronald Karauri.

Ronald Karauri’s Guiseppe Zanotti Manhattan sneakers.



This is why Hassan Joho gifted popular KTN presenter with a wrist watch worth Ksh 250,000

Governor Hassan Joho is said to be a very wealthy man. Besides his money he also happens to be quite famous in the country thanks to his looks.

He is one of the politicians who often give ladies a reason to ogle him on social media. Well, we can’t blame them since we all know that he has a good sense of style when it comes to fashion.

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Away from that, the 001 governor happens to be a friend of many media personalities. However he is very close with KTN presenter Jamal Gaddafi who he has known for a few years now.

Why he was gifted with the watch

In a recent interview with Pulse, the journalist revealed that the most expensive gift he owns was from Joho after he won a fashion award.

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My Hublot watch that went for Sh250, 000. It was a present from my brother Joho after I won the Best Dressed Media Personality award last year.

His relationship with the 001 governor

When asked how close he is to the 001 governor, he added to say;

We are so tight. He is a mentor, a brother and godfather to me. In fact one of my aka is 001junior and at the moment am working with him as chief communications officer.

Hassan Joho snubs president Uhuru Kenyatta to host Donald Kipkorir

Hassan Joho gave planned meeting with president Uhuru Kenyatta a wide berth. There has always been bad blood between Uhuru and Joho.

Uhuru repeatedly used his authority to frustrate the Mombasa governor whenever he visited Coast. In May police blocked Joho from attending the launch of SGR in Miritini which was headlined by Uhuru Kenyatta.

Governors summit

Joho was supposed to meet Uhuru at the governors summit in Diani, Kwali County but he ‘boycotted’ the meeting altogether.

During the summit Uhuru gave a stern warning to anyone who leads campaigns for secession. Joho has been spearheading campaigns for the secession of the coast.

Police block Joho from attending the launch of Mtongwe Ferry on March 13th 2017. The event was presided over by Uhuru Kenyatta.

“We will not entertain any language, any action that threaten our territorial integrity. We can have dialogue either individually or collectively but one thing is clear that there is a line and if you cross it then the law will deal with you,” said Uhuru.

Joho hosts Kipkorir

Hassan Joho spent time at his office instead of attending the governors summit. Flamboyant lawyer Donald Kipkorir paid the Mombasa governor a courtesy call at his office.

“Paying Courtesy Call On My Friend. After finishing my legal work here in Mombasa, I went to pay courtesy call on my friend, H.E Ali Hassan Joho and his Deputy Prof. William Kingi & County Minister for Health Hazel Koitaba …..” wrote Donald Kipkorir.