Comedian Henry Desagu Takes A Break From Social Media To Recharge

Popular Kenyan content creator Henry Desagu has announced a break from creating content on social media. Desagu, known online as Mwihoko Prince, explained that he decided to take a hiatus to recharge and refocus his creative energy.

Time to Rebrand

As a leading content creator, Desagu says he wants to take the time to observe the evolving online landscape and adapt his approach accordingly. This break will allow him to brainstorm new ideas and potentially rebrand himself to stay relevant in the ever-changing world of online content.

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Self-Care is Key

Desagu emphasizes the importance of prioritizing self-care. He views this break as a necessary step to reconnect with his passion for comedy. He acknowledges the financial aspect of content creation but believes that taking a break to recharge will ultimately allow him to create even better content in the long run.

Not a Goodbye

Desagu assures his fans that this is not a permanent departure from social media. He has been busy collaborating with other brands, which has required his full attention. This, combined with the need for a break, explains his recent absence from his own channels.

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A Message of Self-Care

In a world obsessed with constant online presence, Desagu’s decision is a powerful reminder of the importance of self-care. His honesty about taking a break to prioritize his well-being is likely to resonate with many creators who face similar pressures.

Watch his full interview below;

I Was Once A Hawker And A Painter- Comedian Henry Desagu Opens Up On His Life Hustles (Video)

Henry Desagu, whose real name is Ithagu Kibicho, is without a doubt one of the most successful online comedians. However, from his success story, we learn that nothing comes on a silver platter. The hilarious comedian reveals that after finishing his high school, he did all sorts of work.

Image result for about Henry Desagu

”Ile time ilikuwa ile time yenye ukimaliza form four, unakaa sijui one and a half years ndio uende campus. Sasa apo ndio life ilinigonga. Apo nilifanya job zote. Nikaanza kuuza ma CD. Nilikuwa nauza zile za piracy… Apo ndio nika drop out nikafanya kazi ya painting. Kuna missionary alikuwa pastor akaniandika kwake kufanya painting. So hii ni time yote kabla nifike campus.”

In an interview on the Churchill show, the Comedian reveals that he came to the capital to further his education. After attending high school in Menengai High School, he proceeded to Kenyatta University. In the University, he studied Bachelors in Economics. This makes him one of the most learned comedians in the country. Additionally, the comedian also reveals that he was previously a stand-up comedian, before he proceeded to producing online content on YouTube.

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Through his YouTube channel, he was able to receive the YouTube Silver Button award. The award was for achieving over 100k subscribers. Since then, the comedian has gathered close to half a million subscribers on his channel.

Apart from that, Desagu names himself ‘Prince of Mwihoko’. In Agikuyu, the word ‘Mwihoko’ means hope. He is currently giving hope to many youths. Recently, he hosted his own football tournament dubbed ‘Desagu Super Cup’ which saw a number of celebrities attend, including Sleepy David.

Desagu is an inspiration to upcoming comedians. As long as you produce good content, netizens will be ready to support.

Below is the video on his journey;

Popular comedian Henry Desagu talks dating Nadia Mukami

Thriving comedian from Mwihoko, Henry Desagu has opened up on dating and his love life.

The award-winning entertainer, born Ithagu Kibicho, is the true definition, of rags to fame.

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His rise to fame

Having to camp at a friends house for months and offer to do all the house chores because he could not afford to foot his own bills.

Henry Desagu born Ithagu Kibicho

Until joining comedy where his star shone. Gracing top platforms and landing big brand ambassadorial deals because of his unique brand and authenticity.

The comedian best known for his signature Ombwedede phrase, identified a gap in the comedy industry and lived up to fans expectations.

Making fun of real-life examples in the society of today that were easily relate-able.

Today, he has done over 300 funny videos on his YouTube that earns him at least KSh800k monthly. Now standing as one of the most popular online comedians we have.

Popular online Kenyan comedian, Henry Desagu

However, very little is known of his love life.

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Dating& Relationships

During his interview on BonganaJalas, the young entertainer admitted Kenyan pop-star, Nadia Mukami is his celebrity crush and does not mind dating her with possibilities of growing together.

Sassy Kenyan singer Henry Desagu

He however, clarified he is not married yet, neither dating but when he finally settles, he will let the world in on his affair.

Have a listen;

Comedian Henry Desagu reveals why his late dad thought he was on hard drugs

Comedian Henry Desagu is a talented man when it comes to cracking jokes! Apart from this, he is also a well educated man who studied economics at the Kenyatta University!

Speaking during a recent interview with a popular news outlet; the comedian for the first time opened up about his late dad revealing quite a number of things.

Comedian Desagu

Desagu who started off his career by sharing his funny videos on Facebook said that his dad passed away a few years ago; but before this his old man happened to come across one of his videos which left him wondering whether his son had gone mad!

Desagu opens up like never before

According to Desagu, his dad had to assume that he was on drugs since his appearances on the videos looked like those of man going insane.

 My dad did not have an idea of what is YouTube or even Facebook. When he saw me, he sent my sister who was doing fashion and design to make some suits for me,

However with time Desagu managed to convince his dad about his career as a comedian.

Desagu wa Mwihoko

He went on to add that by the time he had passed on; his dad already been familiar with the kind of job he was now venturing into. He went on to say;

 Before my dad died, he had understood the industry that I was in after I explained it to him.”

The funnyman went on to conclude saying;

“I used to invite him to concerts so he could understand. Plus I started paying my school fees and reducing the financial burdens since I was now making money.”