Meet the cute, petite presenter who has replaced Kambua on Bambika TV show (photos) 

Gospel singer Kambua has been replaced by another gospel singer, Karwirwa Laura, on her mid-morning show Bambika which airs on Citizen TV. Kambua has been moved to the gospel show Rauka to replace its former host Enid Moraa.

Kambua, who is also heavily pregnant, is also expected to take a break later on after having her first baby.  Laura is a gospel singer known for hits such as “Mwenye Baraka”, Ujulikane and Mtetezi. She will be hosting the show alongside Holly Dave.

“Taking to social media, Karwirwa Laura looked excited after joining the team saying: The team with the mostest ???????????? These and many more who you don’t get to see.. It’s a dynamic for real and I’m glad to start this journey with ’em.” she posted. 

Here are her photos:


“You cannot even afford a Prado. Shame on you.” Fan slams Joey Muthengi’s brother after saying he’s looking for a personal assistant 

Gospel rapper Holly Dave was recently forced to fire back at a fan hating on him after sharing that he needs a personal assistant.

On social media, Joey Muthengi’s brother said that he was looking for a PA and asked followers who needed a job to apply through a provided email.

”Holy Dave is looking for a PA! The individual should: 1. Be decent, 2. Have a good command of English, 3. Be aggressive, 4. Be flexible to work in different industries i.e Media, Business, Non-profit Industry and Academia. Send your CV to [email protected] by June 21 2019,” he tweeted.


Apparently this message didn’t go well with everyone. One Silvester Were guy went for the musicians neck, claiming that he’s too broke to hire a PA because he can’t even afford a Prado.

”You can’t even afford a will you manage to pay a P.A? Shame on you.”the critic said. 

Holly Dave fired back saying that the hater was too idle.