Otile Brown Ethiopian ex denies she hates Vera Sidika

Before Otile Brown curvy Ethiopian bae Nabayet, there was Vera Sidika.

Otile and Vera Sidika loved each other and they wanted the whole world to know. When the break up came, the whole world also followed as the two, especially Vera, tore each other apart.


After the ugly drama, Otile moved to Nabayet before later also breaking up. In a question and answer session with fans on social media, Nabayet denied she hates Vera since the drama.

“Why on earth (would I hate her)? I actually admire female hustlers,” she said after being asked whether she hates her. 

Another question was whether she still loves Otile Brown even after parting ways. Without clearly answering the question, she hinted that she still misses him.


Brown Mauzo fails to confirm or deny that he’s dating controversial socialite amber ray

During the weekend, word emerged that singer Brown Mauzo and socialite Amber Ray might be dating.

The two were spotted in Zanzibar enjoying the company of each other in a classy hotel clearly showing they were on a date.

More photos of the two have now emerged and Brown Mauzo has been forced to address the issue.

The two were again spotted in another restaurant in Nairobi. Amber later shared a photo with the same clothes on IG confirming she was with Mauzo.


Speaking to Mpasho, the mellow singer neither denied nor agreed that they are now an item but confirmed the two were together the day they were spotted.

“Hahaahaaa. Love is a beautiful thing, but who told you that? I can’t reveal anything for now.” he said. 





Otile Brown: I’m a humble and very respectful guy but people keep showing me attitude

Singer Otile Brown recently took to social media to say that he’s a very humble guy but some people have been led to believe he’s arrogant and stubborn.

The singer shared that sometimes people are always after putting him down to massage their egos and though he’s a really humble guy, that pisses him off.

I have been in several situations where some people will approach me with a lot of attitude trying to boost their ego coz they’ve had or been told that I’m stubborn and full of myself later on they realize that I’m a very calm and humble dude and I eventually 
make them look stupid. People will lie on you when they can’t take advantage or can’t have you do things their way. I’m a humble and very respectful guy, i just don’t play when it comes to business/my brand,” he said. 

What you give

Otile concluded his short rant by saying that people should understand that what they give to the universe is what they get back.

“Be good.. The energy you put out is the type of energy you attract. Don’t judge from what you’ve heard but what you’ve experienced.” he said. 


Otile Brown features Corozon Kwamboka’s sister in his brand new song

Singer Otile Brown is back with a new banger and this time Vera Sidika is not the vixen.

The singer has dropped a new song dubbed Hi which has Corozan Kwamboka’s sister as the video vixen.


Kwamboka’s sister, socialite Taurean, plays the main lady in Otile’s video which another lovey-dovey single from the singer.

And just like in her instagram, Taurean leaves little to imagination in the video as Otile pours out his heart.

Watch the video below:

Vera’s effect! Otile Brown surprises fans after stepping out wearing an underwear only( photos)

Singer Otile brown surprised his fans recently on social media after posting a video wearing an underwear only.

Otile, who is now back with Vera Sidika and the two caught many by surprise after announcing their reunion, if there was any break up in the first place, did it while in Dubai.


And just like his woman, it seems Otile has also been bitten by the semi-nudes bug. In his insta-stories on Instagram, Otile shared the video wearing a black boxer and dancing next to a swimming pool.

In the video, the Baby Love hitmaker is only clad in a black underwear that leaves little to the imagination of his fans. He captioned it that he’s currently enjoying the best of his life.

The singer is currently back in Kenya after a week long vacation with Vera in Dubai.


Otile Brown posts decoded message after word emerged Vera has another man already

Just a few days after their awaited break up finally came alive as many Kenyans had predicted, Vera Sidika is being already rumored to be having another hunk.

Her ex-lover, Otile Brown, who Vera claimed dumped her, was recently  on social media to share a rather hidden message that many believed was a dedication to Vera Sidika.

“I’m good. Don’t hesitate. Have fun. Life is short,” he captioned a photo that has him smiling like he knew something more but didn’t want to say it.

You Good?

It might be just a caption, or perhaps Otile is trying to show his fans that he’s doing OK depsite what happened recently.

Vera was on Monday topping the headlines after being spotted with another man on a date. She claimed that the guy was just a friend and the two are not dating.

Vera and the unidentified hunk also went for a movie at Westgate Mall where they enjoyed The Equalizer 2.


Otile continues fighting with Kenyans after they catch him buying Cassava ‘mwitu’ for Vera 

Over and over again singer Otile Brown has stated that socialite Vera Sidika is in love with him. Not because he’s a rich guy, cause he’s not, but because he’s just a nice guy.

The singer has been fighting with Kenyans lately, especially women, who have been claiming Sidika made a huge mistake going for him and should go for someone richer. Like she used to in the past…or like Huddah does.

Lifestyle audit

Otile annoyed these women yet again after he shared a photo buying Sidika Cassavas after a short drive in Mombasa town.

The problem is, these cassavas never came out a five star hotel like most of the things Vera eats, but they came from the roadside vendors in Mama Ngina street.

Here’s what Otile had to say:


Otile Brown: Stop saying i’m using Juju to keep Vera, She’s in love with me

Months after Vera Sidika and Otile Brown announced they are lovers, some Kenyans are still waiting for another announcement from Vera; that it was a joke or Otile Brown has been doing something sinister to keep her.

Sidika and Otile have been facing attacks from Kenyans who argue that they aren’t meant for each other. Otile recently took to social media to share how some Kenyans believe that he used juju to get and keep Vera Sidika, sharing that even some of her friends believe so.

True love

They have been texting Vera telling her that she failed for choosing Otile Brown as a lover.

“So girls have been sending my chic messages saying she has failed miserably for falling in love with me. We just read these texts together (with Vera) and laugh. So one just texted and this one hit me hard because it claimed I was using juju on her and there was no way Vera could love an average guy like me,” his message read in part.

He went on:

“Just because a man does not have the money to buy off your cheap a*s does not mean they are dumb. They are just too clever for you. I don’t have to prove anything to you. If you have to sell yourself to build yourself an empire you can I will never judge you until you start disrespecting people,” his bitter rant went on.

WTF! Bitter Anto Neo Soul rants after Otile Brown was chosen over him for Chronnix reggae concert 

Otile Brown was recently named among artists who will perform at Chronixx’s reggae show on the 21st of July at KICC.

Otile Brown and Naibo, who are nothing close to reggae, were highly criticized after the move making some Kenyans curse the event organisers and swear they’ll not set foot at KICC again.


It seems singer Anto Neo Soul is also just as bitter. The singer, who we can all agree has not been getting enough shows lately, took to social media to air his frustrations saying that Kenya is just a place that doesn’t favor his work.

“Wtf… ni watu sijui or watu hawanijui? I’m not understanding. I have a better chance of making it in germany than this shithole of a nation!! Read!!! You’ll understand!!!” he shared.

Anto has a couple of  reggae songs and may be was hoping Chronnix would love them once he steps on stage and performed them.

Otile watch out!! Vera reveals why she ditched her Mzungu boyfriend for Otile 

Socialite Vera Sidika has come out to share why she ditched her white boyfriend just a few months after they started dating and went for Otile Brown.

In an interview with a top website, the socialite, who has just launched a new beauty spa in Westlands, said that distance and age played a huge factor when parting ways with the guy.

“That situation is very tricky. First of all the long distance and he is young. He looks very buffy because he is a bodybuilder. He looks like he is probably in his 30’s.”

Need an older guy

She went on to add that she want’s an older man since she’s about to hit 30. Surprisingly, Otile is barely 24 — if we go by the age he claims.

“He was 26 as of last year and I was 27. Most people think he was older than me or my sponsor. He is a very young guy with dreams and goals he is still chasing and I felt like the distance thing wasn’t going to work. I want to focus on building this brand as i am almost 30. In two years i will be thirty so…..” added Vera. 


Vera Sidika comes clean on why she’s not posting Otile on Instagram while his accounts are full of her photos 

A quick look at Otile Brown’s Instagram page will leave you with solid information that she’s dating a curvaceous lady called Vera Sidika. But a scroll on Sidika’s accounts might leave you believing she’s a very single woman who just love’s Otile’s music.

Otile has been filling his social media account with Vera’s photos while Vera on the hand hasn’t been posting much about him.

Affection expression

In an interview, Vera explained why:

“One thing that people do not understand is that I do not post his pictures on social media. People have different ways of expressing or experiencing affection. He [Otile Brown] is the kind of a person, who would go all out,” Vera Sidika told Edaily.

She added:

 “I would wake up one morning; and while going through my Instagram page, I would see his posts about me. He likes to surprise me with such things. He is that kind of a person. That is his way of expressing affection, which is kind of different from my way. I have been in a relationship before, and I am always trying to be careful as well; I am not saying it [posting one’s lover’s picture on social media] is a bad thing. I am just trying to make sure that we are making the right moves; that we are not rushing into things.” 


Otile forced to protect Vera after ‘a begging’ Chipukeezy started throwing shade

Comedians in the past have made fun of a lot of people but since it was just a light joke, everyone — including the ones being trolled — enjoyed the laugh and moved on.

Vera Sidika and Otile Brown, the new lovers in town, however didn’t take Chipukeezy’s jokes lightly recently after the comedian, together with Karis, trolled them.

Otile was forced to come out and speak after the show saying that they can mock him all they want but that won’t make the show any funnier. Fans also on the comment box agreed. Almost all the fans stated the show wasn’t funny at all in the YouTube comment box.

Stop begging me

Remember this is almost the 4th entertainer angered by Chipukeezy’s show on Ebru TV. Vera also hinted that Chipukeezy has been begging him to come to the show despite throwing shade.

Here’s what Vera posted on IG


“I am the most paid artist in the game” says Otile Brown

Popular singer Otile Brown popular known for his Swahili songs says he is the highest paid artist in the country at the moment.

According to him this is due to his hit songs that have seen him bag collaborations from bongo. So far he has worked with the likes of Shetta and Barakah The Prince from Tanzania.

Also read; “Hawana adabu” Coast based artists expose Otile Brown and Timmy Tdat for stealing their song, here is their proof (Videos)

How much he earns

When asked how much he makes while speaking to Rashid Abdalla on Udaku sasa; the fella refused to give a number but went on to say;

“I am the most paid artist in the game and I am not bragging”

Looking at his music history in the industry, it’s clear to see that indeed he has come from far.

He has managed to achieve his goals that include living at a posh apartment and driving his own car.

However word has it that he is very reluctant in helping new artists make it in the industry.