Vera reacts after being named number 2 on top gold diggers in Kenya, Betty Kyalo and Lilian Muli also on the list 

Vera Sidika alongside several other TV ladies has been named among the top 100 gold diggers in Kenya by a controversial newspaper.

The list which has gone viral has named Vera at number two. Taking to Instagram, the socialite said that the report was nothing but gutter press.

“Kenyans, my pal from Sweden sent me this in this in the afternoon. It’s so funny but if you all gotta put me on any list, make sure I take the number 1 spot” reacted Vera Sidika.

Hii magutter press ziko na maneno jameni. Ati Kenya’s top slay queens and Gold diggers,” wrote Mike Sonko while sharing a screenshot of the newspaper.

On top of the list is Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa. Betty Kyalo, Lilian Muli, Pastor Kathy Kiuna and Bishop Margret Wanjiru are also on the list.

Here’s the top 20

Aisha Jumwa

Vera Sidika

Senator Millicent Omanga,

Rev Kathy Kiuna

Bishop Margaret Wanjiru

Ex-MP Alice Ng’ang’a

Jesicca Mbalu, MP Kibwezi East,

Loice Murugi,

Patrice Mutheu MCA Nairobi,

Nazlin Umar

Betty Kyalo

Lillian Muli

Jacque Maribe

Ann Kiguta

Jackline Manyara MCA (Nakuru)

Irine Manyaka MCA ( Nyamira)

Jane Justin MCA Kisii

Agnes Ndetei (former MP)

Joyce Lay (ex-MP)

Joyce Akinyi Chenedu

Vera Sidika replaced by Shiks Kapienga on Startimes show

Socialite Vera Sidika will no longer co-host “Hello Mr. Right” on Startimes alongside comedian Dr Ofweneke.

Startimes has quietly replaced Vera Sidika with Hot 96 presenter Shiks Kapienga but didn’t share exactly why.

The first season of the show (Hello Mr. Right) was recorded in November last year and aired in December. It premiered with a lot of hype especially after Sidika announced she will be a host.


Shix, apart from being a radio presenter, is also an actress and a comedian. She has featured in several TV shows including Citizen TV’s Papa Shirandula, NTV’s Beba Beba and popular Kenyan film ‘Nairobi Half-life’.

This will be officially her first TV hosting job and its clear fans are excited to watch what she can offer.

This is not Otile! Vera Sidika shames those eagerly waiting for her new relationship to end 

Socialite Vera Sidika has a new man and Kenyans are predicting that won’t last for long.

Months after breaking up with singer Otile Brown, Vera has moved on with a new hunk who goes by the name Jimmy Chansa Minja who is from Tanzania.

Jimmy, who is a medical doctor, has been a topic of discussion on social media for a long time now and many are insisting that he won’t last long with the socialite who flips men more than a baby changes pampers.


Vera took to social media to shun all those praying for her downfall saying that it will not happen this time round just because it happened once with Otile Brown.

“The same people claiming they are waiting for breakup drama are the same who said they were waiting for breakup drama with Senegalese guy. But they never saw it. Just because it happened before does not mean it is a pattern,” she said.

She went on to add that for the first time in a long time she’s at peace.

“Haven’t been this genuinely happy in a long time. Blessed to have him in a long time.” she added. 

Watch: Vera Sidika drops new song “Mimi” that talks about her skin bleaching 

Socialite Vera Sidika has been playing around recently on Instagram claiming that she’s back to a dark sink.

The popular socialite who has been judged so much for bleaching her skin it happens was working on a song all along and has finally released it. The dark skin thing was all a makeup or her new song called “Mimi” which talks about her life and how people have judged her.

In the song, Vera speaks of skin color where her message is pretty much what everyone is the same regardless of the skin tone.

Vera Sidika, Kenyan socialite, singer, songwriter; Mimi


It’s Vera’s second song after she released “Nalia” following her ugly break up with singer Otile Brown.

Watch the song below:


Vera Sidika says she has no beef with OG since their bleaching incident: He’s my favorite rapper 

Socialite Vera Sidika has denied that he’s not in good terms with rapper Khaligraph Jones despite their constant back and forths online.

In fact, the socialite said that Jones, who is one of the best rapper in Kenya, is actually her favorite.

She was speaking in a question and answer session on social media where she revealed the two have locked horns different times online but that doesn’t mean they hate each other.


Vera Sidika and rapper Khaligraph Jones first fired at each other sometimes in May 2017 following their bleaching incident. Since the two have been trolling each other online.

Sidika said the beef was all fake.

“The beef was fake, and people did not know that we created the beef. If the fans think we have beef then let them think so,” Vera Sidika confessed.

Cassava game strong! Vera hints that her new West African man is carrying something huge in his pants

Socialite Vera Sidika is in the headlines yet again over some penis-related news.

The socialite a few months ago left Kenyans speechless after claiming ex-lover Otile Brown not only was a one-minute man in bed, but also has a small manhood.

The comments brought about a lot of mixed emotions as Kenyans argued whether it was all necessary. The socialite has yet again returned with almost similar comments, this time praising her new man who is from West Africa, Senegal to be exact, for his manhood.

On Instagram, Vera informed a fan that her new man is everything she has prayed for and also, that he carries a massive mjulubeng unlike Otile.


She praised the unknown man telling the fan that he’s really blessed down there.


Here’s the convo:


“I’m scared of opening his messages” Vera exposes super-thirsty ‘Fisi’ always in her DM

Socialite Vera Sidika has many men…and maybe women too, willing to do whatsoever just to land a date with her and maybe enjoy her goodies like singer Otile Brown once did.

The socialite, we now, gets hundreds of messages on Instagram from thirsty fans who try to get her for a date.

There is however this one fan that has been on Vera’s case for so long that the socialite confessed she’s now afraid of opening his messages because of their content.

Naughty messages

On Instagram, the socialite exposed the Team Mafasi Member sending her thirsty messages almost weekly in a series of screenshots and they are a true definition of thirst.

The fan has been telling Vera how he wants to bed her because everything about her turns hims on.

Here’s the screenshot Vera posted:


‘My name is not Veronica Shikuku Shikwekwe’ Sidika warns fans while revealing her real name

Socialite Vera Sidika recently had to post her birth certificate to prove her real name.

The socialite has been trending for several days now after parting ways with Otile Brown and while exposing each other, the two happened to also expose part of their names.

Kenyans then started a rumor that she’s called Veronica Mung’asia Shikuku but Sidika quickly killed that rumour by posting her real name.

“Jacob Otieno Obunga (Otile Brown) and Veronica Mung’asia Shikuku Shikwekwe (Vera Sidika) hamtatusumbua uku online saitaaaaan,”  said a fan.

“If y’all must fake my names at least have your facts right… I have such a fancy name that people find it hard to believe it’s my real name. Vera Sidika. My parents knew I was gonna a star. Real names sounding like a stage name,” said Vera. 

Aghan hospital

She went on to say that she was born in Aghan Hospital and people should respect that because back in the day, it was one of the hardest and most expensive things to do.

“Being born at Agha Khan hospital in 1989 was a big deal yooo! It was more like a ‘baller baby’ those days.” she said. 



How many men will see your nakedness before you settle down? Vera forced to answer

Socialite Vera Sidika was recently forced to give a fan a rather unexpected answer after she took to instagram to announce her trip to the US.

The socialite, who has been in the news for dating several men now and sleeping with others, including older ones, posted a raunchy photo of Gucci man with his girlfriend while posting the announcement but a fan wanted to know when she’ll stop sleeping around and settle down.

“How many men will see your nakedness before you settle down?” asked a fan who goes by the name Frankutt.

Vera Sidika, who seemed not to have taken the comment lightly then sarcastically responded to Frankutt saying that the number may get to one thousand men.

“@Frankuttt maybe 1000,” responded Vera Sidika.

Vera was recently accused of dumping Otile Brown who she dated for less than six months. Before that, she was with a white guy who she dumped because he was too young. In the entertainment industry, the socialite has also been rumored to date several guys.


You will definitely fall off your chair after seeing how much money Vera spends on lunch(PHOTO)

She calls herself the Queen Bosset and definitely doesn’t desist from acting and living like one.

Not only does she live in one hell of a mansion and drive a top of the Range Rover, she also spends money…on even the slightest of things like lunch.

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Just how much is your lunch money by the way?

150? 300? or 600 perhaps?

Just know it doesn’t matter as it will never amount to how much Vera Sidika spends….which is in the thousands at the Tribe.

Here, just have a look:

Vera Sidika