Former Miss Universe Kenya,31, forced to share photos by age to prove she didn’t bleach 

Former Miss Universe Kenya, Rachel Mbuki, had a lot to say recently about her bleaching allegations.

Taking to social media, the sexy model shot down the rumours insisting that she has never bleached and Kenyans taking to groups such as Kilimani Mums to tarnish her name should stop.

Now 31, Mbuki was even forced to upload a collage of photos starting from when she was just 7 years to her current photos to prove that she hasn’t altered her skin tone.

Here’s what she said:

Vera Sidika speaks on selling Huddah Monroe’s lipstick line 

Vera Sidika, it seems, is trying to clear her image from a once drama-engulfed socialite to a business woman looking to settle down soon and start a family.

Another socialite in a similar loop is Huddah Monroe. Though the two don’t see eye to eye, Vera recently opened up saying that she doesn’t mind selling some of Huddah’s stuff in her new palour. Money is a focus and Huddah’s lipstick will be in her palour if it’s good enough.

Business first

Mimi ni mwana biashara so akizileta kwangu na kuna proposal ya kupiga biashara nachukua percentage yangu sawa.

“I have no problem with anyone especially when it comes to business I’m very straight forward.” Said Vera in an interview with NTV after asked whether she can sell Huddah’s lipstick.

Surprised? Huddah names the only two reasons why Kenyan women fall in love

Huddah Monroe thinks she has finally cracked the code on falling in love. While many people try to argue that falling in love depends on different factors, the controversial socialite claims that women fall in love because of only two things: the zeros in his bank accounts and his bedroom prowess.

Taking to Instagram, the socialite argued that women fall for men because of either their money or sex game and anything after that should be considered irrelevant.

“Just came to the realization that when you fall in love it is either because of the S*X or MONEY. The rest like personality, behavior, etc. comes after,” she told her 1.2 million fans.

Speaking for herself?

It’s hard to really mention whether Huddah has ever been in love but we can easily state that she has fallen for a few guys here and there because of their cash. Numerous times, she has publicly confessed it.  In the update, she said that she knows what she likes.

“I know what I fall for and I am just flabagasted what makes me fall in love. BAD GAL!” 


Huddah defends billionaire Chris Kirubi: He’s not a thief, he got lucky after right investments

Billionaire Chris Kirubi’s health has deteriorated in the past few months after he was diagnosed with cancer. A section of Kenyans tied the 77-year-old’s poor health to some of his past history in which he was accused of embezzling government parastatals such as Uchumi, Kenya Airways and also Kenatco.  Many, believed, it was karma.

But not socialite Huddah Monroe.

Chris Kirubi and Kiprono Kitony, chairman of Radio Africa Group.

Chris got lucky

Huddah took to Snapchat to share her view after a photo of Kirubi looking frail went viral. According to her, he was a hardworking man who invested and got lucky. She also said that diseases don’t discriminate and people should avoid side-mouthing ill people.

Chris Kirubi is a great man. Someone we should all emulate as a business man. He bought shares at the right places and got lucky,” she said.

She asked Kenyans to drop the idea that every rich man got there through stealing.

“Most people think that every rich man must’ve stolen. Why don’t y’all steal too? If stealing makes a man wealthy why don’t you change your career and be a thief? Most people operate in sheep mentality, change it and see how far you can go in life,” she added.

Kirubi is behind successful projects like the popular Two Rivers mall, Capital FM among other unknown projects. His health is however a topic that continues to remain in the dark but if indeed he is sick, we wish him a quick recovery.


Huddah Monroe shares the last time she was in bed with a man and it’s pretty surprising

While most people have been led to believe Huddah Monroe is some kind of “sex machine” which can’t last a day without getting or giving some, the opposite might be actually true. Or at least she’s working towards achieving that.

No action for three months

The socialite took to snapchat to share the last time she got some action under the sheets and, it was a shocker. She has stayed three months without sex and hopes to clock at least half an year before she can be ready for any intimacy again.

She urged her fans to join her for the remaining three months though mentioned men on Snapchat are really hot and tempting her celibacy.

Huddah’s post on snapchat


“I wish I was darker” Huddah confesses, but didn’t she bleach her skin?

Huddah’s caramel skin tone has always been envied by many. Unlike her dark brown skin tone from way before the fame and money; the lady now appears more lighter and glowing skin.

According to Huddah, she has never bleached her skin unlike what many think.

The only reason she appears lighter than before is due to the healthy skin products she has been using.

However looking at her photos from back then, its abit obvious to see that the lady might have lightened her skin. Maybe not so much but enough not to be noticed.

Tbt (Huddah)

Huddah’s obsession with dark skin

In a new post, Huddah says that she has been obsessed with dark skin for years now.

She goes on to add saying that in another life she would prefer being born dark skinned, tall and slender since this is what she calls perfection!

Anyway, I guess this is another way to help market her skin products!