Huddah throws shade at new mums neglecting their newborns for clubs

Huddah has lately been vocal about her skincare products and the bad part is that – she isn’t ready to take criticism in a positive way.

Actually, judging from her reaction the last time we saw her get critiqued – let’s just say she prefers hearing good things over reality. Yea yea we gerrit….the business is her baby and just like any other mum – she wouldn’t want anyone talking down on her child.

Speaking of children, the same socialite has come forth to address new mums who keep jumping roght back into the clubs; a few months after they’ve given birth. To her – this proves the new mum has no affection for their newborn which explains the club hopping activities.

Not fit to be a mum

According to Huddah, a mum jumping right back into her old ways not only proves the child is unloved. Actually what Huddah said is;

Many have kids they don’t want just to use later as social media accessories that’s why many don’t care about their little ones…

She wen to reveal that the only reason a new mum should be found in a club is whether she works there or is a wh*r* trying to make money for her kids.

Coz Chille the way people give birth and run to clubs is shocking. Have kids when ready! They need you!


Unless you’re a wh*r* and that’s your way of income – understandable I think????

And you still wonder why Huddah isn’t a mother yet? Well now you have the answer.

Huddah reveals why she is not bothered by Young, Famous and African reality show

Former socialite Huddah is not bothered by the fact she did not feature on Young, famous and African. Maybe because she didn’t want to – or maybe…just maybe the YFA did reach out to her, but either way – the beauty mogul says ‘no thank you.’

Young, Famous and African

Well, she made this known in a recent  IG post – where she laughed off at African celebrities for using their talents to help others enrich themselves; yet – they get underpaid in the end or are paid using ‘exposure.’

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However with the likes of Kanye West, at least according to Huddah one is guaranteed to walk home with a couple of millions; that’s is judging from how much Netflix last paid him for his documentary.

Kanye’s Show Netflix Paid $30M. I have seen many tagging me to be in YRA lol. Haven’t seen as I am on holiday. Curious to know how much they got paid. Africans are Underlooked and underpaid because we love fame more than actually making it. Fame can only feed you for so long

Hating or just bitter?

Judging from the hype created from the show so far – we can confidently confirm that YFA came at a time Africans were desperately in need of a reality show featuring their favorite celebs; and finally it happened and now most netizens can’t help but ask for more.

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Well, knowing the fact that Huddah will not be part of season 2 or just any other season – netizens believe this is why she could be hating on the show.

Tbt: Vera Sidika shooting reality show


Again, wasn’t Vera Sidika shooting a reality show in the United States a few years back? Wonder what happened to that one cause clearly there are no signs having it on our TV screens anytime soon or even ever.

Huddah shares jaw dropping bikini photos leaving fans with wild thoughts

First of all, I’d like you to forget Huddah’s old bikini photos shared back in the day. This is because this lady keeps aging like fine wine; and uuuh let’s just say God has been taking extra time to redesign her.

Huddah entertaining fans on Instagram

Looking at Huddah’s photos, I’m thinking we’re basically the same size (6) and are probably eating both healthy and junk food. But, problem is no matter what I eat, my food ends up you know in the toilet.

However Huddah’s body fat seems to be targeted at the right places; which explains her drop dead gorgeous figure.

Unlike her old self, Huddah lately seems to have added a little fat for her bubble booty; and her thighs – waah her fine legs look strong enough to carry her upper body!

New thirst traps from Huddah

Thirst traps

Well, since Huddah can’t offer much to her social media fans – now that she is stuck in Dubai; after allegedly being linked to Hushpuppi’s case – I guess bikini photos might entertain fans for now.

And yes, Huddah was definitely right to give her fans something to drool over; after unveiling the latest bikini photos that left many male fans taking screenshots for future use!

From the new pics, Huddah looks something close to a goddess – that is judging from her golden skin tone and physical appearance. But again with such good qualified doctors around her, what do you expect?

Anyway let’s just say Sunday was a good day on Instagram thanks to Huddah; especially now that Vera Sidika keeps yapping about her pregnancy!

Huddah explains why she will never meet and mingle with Kenyans living in Dubai

Socialite Huddah must either be full of herself or is just repellent when it comes to making friends.

It’s no secret that she only keeps a small circle around her; and this is after her relationship with the likes of Huddah and others ended badly.

Star Gal Huddah Monroe

From what I know is that the lass walks around with one of her cousins who happens to be her photographer too; and judging from how she travels with the male cousins, we can tell that they are pretty close.

With him around, Huddah doesn’t need the company of friends (to avoid betrayal) and if anything; this is one of the greatest lessons we can learn from the petite socialite.

Responds to Kenyans asking to hangout

Anyway, now that it is no secret that Huddah will not be coming home anytime soon; a few Kenyans living in Dubai have been asking her out – but unfortunately the lass is not about this life.


Through her gram Huddah made it known that she is not in Dubai to mingle nor meet up with Kenyans in UAE. In fact, she hopes that will never happen since familiarizing herself with other people may lead to disrespect or worse create drama.

People ask me why I don’t meet with people from my country and hang out etc. but I didn’t come to Dubai to mingle. And also too much familiarity creates fake rumors and disrespect. The few that have met me know that I am legit a loving person and very down to earth.

On the same post Huddah went on to write;

I know y’all out here. I see y’all hustle and I respect that. Love from a distance ???? stay blessed.

Huddah hits back at idle bloggers after alleged ‘house arrest’ exposè

Huddah Njoroge is not ready to speak up about her alleged house arrest that has left her living in Dubai for 2 years now.

For some reason we all kept wondering why the socialite is not in a hurry to came back home; only to find out that she is stuck in Dubai thanks to con artist cum money launderer boyfriend, Apocalypse Bella.

Huddah’s boyfriend, Apocalypse Bella

Apparently the guy was arrested in the United States on March 18, 2021; for conspiring to steal over Ksh1.5 billion ($14 million) in COVID-19 relief loans.

Huddah being one of the closest people he was involved with; the FBI are apparently investigating the petite lass – and we’re worried for her!

Too much noise, no facts?

Anyway seeing how the story is circulating on social media; Ms Huddah earlier today got to address the rumors through her page; but as expected, she is not confirm nor deny.

On her past, Huddah urged her fans not to pay attention to bloggers who have been accusing her falsely. The lass wrote;

If you follow what idlers say about Huddah you’ll die of depression! Huddah is just doing Huddah. Nobody can ever take me down. Only God and myself.

Well – question is…why is she still stuck in Dubai then? Vacation?

Ouch? Huddah on why she sells cheap and affordable make up products

Huddah is back and just like her old self – the former socialite is yet to work on how she addresses fans and online followers. Could be that her words are true and harmless at times – but how she puts them is the problem.

Being a girl who grew up in the ghetto and luckily managed to make a good life for herself; it’s funny how she sometimes looks down on people – not just once and clearly not twice either with her demeaning words.

Huddah advertising her lippie

So far Huddah has bashed some of her followers for being poor, uneducated not forgetting fat shaming them; but either way we all know how it ends – as she always catches feelings when trolled for her own actions.

Just the other day Huddah was forced to apologize to blogger/product analyst Yummy Mummy following a fat shaming comment she made a few years back.

Huddah marketing her products

Huddah on affordable products

Well, barely 2 weeks after the apology Huddah is back to making yet another funny comment concerning customers who buy her beauty products.

In a post shared on her page, Huddah went on to reveal why most of her products are cheap saying;

Always create with your fans in mind. Just coz I can afford luxury doesn’t mean my brand should be luxury.

People say my products are affordable but that’s what I want them to be: Great QUALITY and affordability is key for me and Esp @huddahcosmetics. We helping you save your coins sis. And bro’s.

Then went on to add;

If you know you’re rich you know where to go.

Just like Yummy mummy said, Huddah cosmetic may have the best products but it’s CEO is just something else.

“Quarantine got me begging for Cassava!” Huddah in need of help

Socialite cum business lady Huddah has confessed that quarantine time has left her humble enough to beg for D also known as Cassava!

The lady confessed this through her Instagram  page leaving fans excited now that the queen of shade is humble enough to beg for intimacy!

Boss chick Huddah

Thirsty Huddah

As seen on her post, Huddah blames this on the current coronavirus that has left many dead and others in tight situations as they battle to stay alive! She went on to write;

Huddah’s post

  I break up. 2 hours later I’m bored and I want him back! Quarantine got me begging for D. They say Humble Yourselves! Quarantine has surely humbled me! I feel a caged animal or an inmate.

Indeed the Coronavirus has left the world at a stand still and unlike the world wars witnessed years ago; the coronavirus has shown potential to wipe out humans and animals from the face of earth!

Married men humbled

In a different post, the lass went on to criticize side chicks by reminding them where the married men are now that many countries are on lock down!

Huddah Monroe denies having dated rapper, Colonel Mustafa

According to Huddah, all married men are in the comfort of their homes with their wives! She went on to write saying;

 I see why husbands have fallen in love with their wives. And breaking up with their sides. Humble Yourself coz there’s nowhere else to go. With all these hotties being made baby Momma’s and dumped. Never wifed. Clearly. Its’s more than body and looks! Us men want more.

Indeed the coronavirus has left the world shaken and for some reason the virus has become an eye opener for most people especially in terms of hygiene!

Anyway, as for Huddah, she still has a long way to go before resuming to her old lifestyle which allowed her to move around the world enjoying nothing but the best vacations courtesy of her cash!

“Selling my house for 60 million” says Huddah

Socialite Huddah recently revealed that she owns a house worth 60 million located in Runda.

Huddah  went on to add that she was ready to let go of the house if indeed their was a potential buyer out there.

According to the lass, only serious buyers were allowed to inbox their bank statements for the past one month – inorder for her to give out more details about the house.

Judging from the time Huddah started hustling, it wouldn’t be a surprise if indeed she owns the mansion estimated to cost 60 million.

Huddah relocating?

In a different post, Huddah went on to reveal that she doesn’t post her house on social media. According to her, people with money rarely take photos of their homes and this is why she was not posting any on her timeline.

Not quite sure why she is selling her home, but for the past few months Huddah has been living large in New York and could probably be  thinking of relocating!