Huddah throws shade at new mums neglecting their newborns for clubs

Huddah has lately been vocal about her skincare products and the bad part is that – she isn’t ready to take criticism in a positive way.

Actually, judging from her reaction the last time we saw her get critiqued – let’s just say she prefers hearing good things over reality. Yea yea we gerrit….the business is her baby and just like any other mum – she wouldn’t want anyone talking down on her child.

Speaking of children, the same socialite has come forth to address new mums who keep jumping roght back into the clubs; a few months after they’ve given birth. To her – this proves the new mum has no affection for their newborn which explains the club hopping activities.

Not fit to be a mum

According to Huddah, a mum jumping right back into her old ways not only proves the child is unloved. Actually what Huddah said is;

Many have kids they don’t want just to use later as social media accessories that’s why many don’t care about their little ones…

She wen to reveal that the only reason a new mum should be found in a club is whether she works there or is a wh*r* trying to make money for her kids.

Coz Chille the way people give birth and run to clubs is shocking. Have kids when ready! They need you!


Unless you’re a wh*r* and that’s your way of income – understandable I think????

And you still wonder why Huddah isn’t a mother yet? Well now you have the answer.

“I’ll have kids but I will carry none of them” Huddah planning to hire a surrogate for her 5 kids

Socialite Huddah wants to be a mum but without all the nausea, swollen feet, bulging tummy and mood swings!

In a new post shared on her Instagram story, Huddah went on to reveal that she wants 5 children but will carry none of them if not one.


Well this only means that the lady will use a surrogate to make her dream of having kids become a reality – if indeed this is the plans she to go ahead with.

Mother of 5

Looking at how Zari has managed to handle her kids despite being a single mum; one can easily assume that parenting 5 children is not so hard…..until it’s your turn to parent.


Anyway with Huddah’s wealth, it wouldn’t be so hard to get professional nannies to look after her babies!


“I am so scared of giving birth” Huddah opens up

Business lady Huddah has lately been talking much about motherhood leaving most of his fans wondering whether she is planning to have her own.


In a new post seen by Ghafla, Huddah has once again gone ahead to reveal why she has been holding back from having children.

According to the lass, today’s world is not a place to raise children since it is ‘messed up.’ Huddah went on to write saying;

Im so scared of giving birth coz I will not let my kid out of my sight in this f*ck*d up world. I would go to jail for manslaughter for my 5 babies. Let me be minister for kids first. Put out some rules. Then I can have kids.


Vera Sidika’s baby fever

This comes probably the same time fellow socialite Vera Sidika also talked about having children.

Well, Vera tried starting a family with Otile Brown but things did not work out as planned. She is however in a serious relationship with one Jimmy Chansa, a Tanzanian doctor who seems like the right choice to settle down with.

Vera Sidika with bae, Jimmy

Anyway, let’s wait and see whether Huddah and Vera Sidika will finally start their own families.


“I want 5 kids!” Reveals Huddah

Socialite cum business lady Huddah has opened up about the number of children she hopes to have in the near future.

The lady opened up about this on a post shared on her Instagram page where she revealed that she wants 5 kids; but every time she says this, people tend to oppose her!

According to Huddah motherhood is a phase she will make the most out of and this is why having 5 kids sounds like the best idea. Through her Instagram page, Huddah wrote;

 I want 5 kids. Dunno why people always oppose me! That chapter of my life I’ll do it to the max LMFAO! Face your fears. Once you are a mother no turning back. Make the most out of it!


Settling down

Although Huddah has always been reluctant when it comes to matters of settling down – we cannot tell how long it will take to see her children.

Anyway if Vera Sidika already bagged herself a stable man then we better believe that Huddah will do the same.