Huddah Monroe Claims Nigerian Artists Are More Popular In Kenya Than In Nigeria

Kenyan socialite and entrepreneur Huddah Monroe has claimed that Nigerian artists are more popular in Kenya than in Nigeria itself. She took to her social media to express her pride in the international success of Nigerian musicians, asserting that Kenya often serves as their first stepping stone to global recognition.

“In Kenya, we know more upcoming Nigerian artistes than Nigeria. They always stop by Kenya before they blow up & that’s a fact. We’re our brothers’ keepers,” she wrote.

Monroe’s statement is not entirely unfounded. In recent years, there has been a growing trend of Nigerian artists touring Kenya and collaborating with Kenyan artists. Some of the biggest names in Afrobeats, such as Burna Boy, Wizkid, and Davido, have all performed in Kenya to sold-out crowds.

There are a number of reasons why Nigerian artists may be more popular in Kenya than in Nigeria. One reason is that the Kenyan music industry is less developed than the Nigerian music industry. This means that there are fewer opportunities for Kenyan artists to break through, and therefore they are more likely to look to other countries for success.

Another reason is that Kenyan culture is very receptive to foreign music. Kenyans are generally more open to listening to music from other countries, especially music from Africa. This is in contrast to Nigeria, where there is a strong preference for local music.

Finally, it is also possible that Nigerian artists are simply more talented than Kenyan artists. This is a matter of opinion, of course, but there is no doubt that Nigeria has produced some of the most successful musicians in Africa in recent years.

Whatever the reason, Huddah Monroe’s statement is a testament to the growing popularity of Afrobeats in Kenya and around the world.

Huddah Monroe Reverses Stance On Supporting President Ruto

Kenyan entrepreneur and influencer Huddah Monroe has made a striking reversal of her long-standing support for President William Ruto.

In a series of Instagram stories, she unapologetically ranked Ruto as the worst president Kenya has ever had, even suggesting that the worst was yet to come.

“Ruto will be the worst president Kenya has ever seen,” she wrote amid uproar over the rising cost of fuel and food items.

“Lesson learnt, never give the son of a poor man the presidential seat.”

She went on to express her concerns about the economic state of Kenya under Ruto’s leadership. “Kenya is going back 30 years… The worst is yet to come,” she noted.

Monroe’s shift in stance is particularly noteworthy given her long-standing support for Ruto. As early as 2017, she had expressed her belief that Ruto would make a commendable president. In 2022, she was at the forefront of congratulating Ruto for his victorious win in the presidential race.

It is unclear what prompted Monroe’s sudden change of heart. However, her comments come at a time when Kenya is facing a number of economic challenges, including rising inflation and unemployment. It is possible that Monroe is simply disillusioned with Ruto’s performance so far.

Whatever the reason for her reversal, Monroe’s comments are likely to resonate with many Kenyans who are struggling to make ends meet. Her words also serve as a reminder that even the most ardent supporters can turn against their leaders if they feel that their needs are not being met.

Huddah disowns her support for Ruto

Kenyan social media influencer Huddah Monroe has publicly denounced President William Ruto, reversing her long-standing support for him.

In a series of Instagram stories, Monroe accused Ruto of being the worst president Kenya has ever had and expressed grave concerns about the country’s economic state under his leadership.

Her comments come as Kenya grapples with rising fuel costs and essential food items.

Monroe’s shift in stance is particularly noteworthy given her previous fervent support for Ruto. In 2017, she had expressed her belief that he would make a commendable president, even suggesting that a dictatorship might be best at times.

In 2022, Monroe was at the forefront of congratulating Ruto for his triumphant win in the presidential race. She expressed her pride in being Kenyan and celebrated the dawn of what she believed was a new era for Africa.

However, Monroe’s recent comments suggest that she has become disillusioned with Ruto’s performance in office.

She now believes that he is leading Kenya backwards and that the worst is yet to come.

It remains to be seen how Ruto will respond to Monroe’s criticism. However, her comments are likely to resonate with many Kenyans who are struggling to cope with the country’s economic woes.

Huddah Monroe Addresses Relationship Status

In a recent Q&A session with fans, Huddah Monroe denied rumors that she is dating a Muslim man.

The Kenyan socialite and entrepreneur, who is known for her outspokenness, has been wearing abayas, a traditional Muslim garment, in recent months. This led some fans to speculate that she had converted to Islam or was in a relationship with a Muslim man.

However, Huddah clarified that she has always been a Muslim and that she simply enjoys wearing abayas. She also said that she is not currently dating anyone.

“I’m Muslim hun, always been. I practice all. “I’m not dating anyone.”

Huddah’s comments come at a time when she is enjoying great success with her cosmetics brand, Rich Beauty. The brand has been gaining popularity in recent months, and Huddah has been busy promoting it in Kenya.

She is currently in Kenya from Dubai, where she had been living for the past few years.

Huddah is one of the most popular and successful celebrities in Kenya. She has a large following on social media, and her fans are always eager to hear what she has to say. Her recent comments about her relationship status have generated a lot of interest, and it will be interesting to see what she does next.

One of her fans asked about her marital status. 

“Hauna anxiety ya maisha as in uko peke yako Tu umri umeeenda hauna hata company hauskii anxiety?” she was asked.

Huddah said she has never been single,

“I CANT RELATE IVE NEVER BEEN SINGLE,” she proudly responded.

Huddah Monroe Caught Faking Business Class Flight

Like some many other celebrities faking their lifestyle, Huddah Monroe has also been caught up. The cosmetic business mogul recently flaunted that she was flying in the business class flight.

To make things look uncanny, Huddah claimed that she was sitting with a friend whom she got the post from.

”I’m unfollowing people I know personally on IG to protect them from BS. I was travelling with a friend & people found her page & started sending her BS, saying I stole her shit when she was next to me in the same flight. The girl was traumatized.”

Turns out, the lady whom she claimed she was sitting with in the business class has now refuted that she was in the same flight as her.

”Let’s tell the truth we weren’t on the same flight, the girl has the right to post what she wants and it doesn’t bother me if she uses my contents but y’all just push people to lie on this social media please I don’t want my name on it. Thanks.”

Below are screenshots of how Huddah had to respond to the allegations;


‘I Once Dated A Makanga’- Huddah Monroe

Huddah Monroe has kept her relationships under wraps for the longest time. She’s a hottie who has roped in questions on whether she’s single or not.

Huddah Monroe once revealed that she fancies a polyamorous relationship with her boyfriend whose identity she is jealously protecting.

Polyamory is a type of open or non-monogamous relationship that follows certain guidelines. It is the practice of, or desire for, romantic relationships with more than one partner at the same time, with the informed consent of all partners.

Socialite Huddah Monroe says Kenyan men are not her type. She recently stated that Kenyan men are stingy. However, Huddah recently shared that she once dated a matatu tout.

Huddah’s lifestyle makes it ironic that she ever dated a tout. She spends years running errands in Dubai and lives a lavish lifestyle.

Huddah however, showed interest in comedian Mulamwah after gushing over him for having good looks.



‘Siwezi Kosa Mtu Wa Kunipea Mimba’-Huddah Monroe

Huddah Monroe has been on the chats recently after netizens started to speculate that she’s actually pregnant.

Even though she said it first herself, the damsel later contradicted her statement and claimed that she’s not pregnant.

The speculations about her pregnancy were expedited by her protruding belly, which led to the speculations.

Damage Control

Even though she refuted the claims, not everyone is convinced that she’s not pregnant. It’s probably damage control considering she’s one of the hottest socialites Kenya has. But according to Huddah, bearing a child isn’t a priority. But her fellow socialites like Vera Sidika are giving her pressure.
Either way, Huddah claims it’s easy peasy for her to get someone to get her pregnant

Huddah Monroe Rubbishes Pregnancy Rumours

Flamboyant socialite Huddah Monroe has strongly refuted the allegations made by a section of fans who claim that she’s pregnant. The speculations started piling up after the socialite posted a photo of herself.
We’re used to Huddah’s flat tummy, but one of her recent photos proved otherwise.

Baby Fever?

A day ago, Huddah took netizens for a ride after claiming she is “3 months pregnant”. A day ago, the blithe influencer posted, “3 months pregnant” and intentionally flashed her bare belly as if to stamp the rumors in subsequent photos and videos she posted.

The cosmetics guru, who has been keeping a low profile lately, caught the attention of Kenyans after she announced that she was pregnant, seeming to follow in the footsteps of her nemesis and fellow Instagram heavyweight Vera Sidika who now has two babies.

 But after the gossip spread too far around, the Huddah Cosmetics founder has now backtracked saying,

“I am not pregnant ya’ll! My belly just getting bigger lol! I’m on my grown woman phase…Chill…”

She added that there is no man “strong enough yet to catch my ovary”. The socialite has on several occasions been denigrated for not having a child at her age; but Huddah hasn’t been bowing to online pressure.


Huddah Monroe Mocks Married Men Who Act As Mama’s Boys (Screenshot)

There are so many do’s and don’ts when it comes to cosseting a relationship. And some happen to apply to couples of all ages. Either way, it’s very rare to find a perfect partner even to settle with.

Huddah Monroe has shared her sentiments on relationships and marriage; stating that the best person to marry is the one whose parent(s) are not alive.

”One of my best friends told me after her marriage went downhill. She said ”The best African man to marry is the one whose mother is not alive, or whose mother is still married and busy with her husband. The rest will be competing with you.”

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Red Flags

Huddah continued to justify her sentiments and give the red flags in relation to the latter;

”Number one red flag when you meet a guy is that grown a$s man who stays on phone for hours with mommy…. Lol Like wtf?

Even the Bible says, man shall leave his father and mother, and be with his wife. And become one flesh. Get the fvck outta that relationship sis.”

She continued to ridicule mama’s boys;

”And no lies told, most mommas boys are very useless men to date, esp the ones whose mothers alone. Don’t waste your time my sistaz! She is there until end of time. The son will only really settle when she is no more or she finds a husband.”

Huddah is known to speak her mind without necessarily caring what other people say; and despite not being married, we can discern some shrewd message from her latter sentiments.

Huddah Monroe Explains Why She Doesn’t Fancy Dating West African Men (Screenshot)

For the longest time, flashy Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe has kept her relationships under wraps and away from her social media.

All we know is, despite Huddah’s surreptitious relationships, she’s still a sucker for love.

She once divulged recently that she’s in a polyamorous relationship (Polyamory is the practice of, or desire for, romantic relationships with more than one partner at the same time, with the informed consent of all partners involved.)

The petite socialite further described her current relationship as polyamorous as she narrated how she sleeps with other men once in a while.

Huddah’s Preference

Huddah is obviously one of the numerous female celebrities who would only date rich guys- no romance without finance for the flashy socialite. And she’s been linked to Tanzanian musician Juma Jux. Of course it was all for showbiz, but he’s definitely her type.

The only men she won’t be dating are West Africans. She revealed the same on her IG stories, claiming she regrets dating them despite getting a warning from her mum and aunties.

Here’s what she had to say about them:

‘Social Media Is F*d Up’- Huddah Monroe Explains Why Children Should Be Kept Out Of Social Media

Roughly a week ago, socialite Huddah Monroe reprimanded Vera Sidika for ‘overworking’ her 3 months old baby daughter. She opined that Vera was overdoing posting her daughter on social media every time. The woes between the two have now been re-ignited after Huddah took to her Insta stories to justify her statement as to why children should be taken off social media.

She noted that her kids will never be seen on social media, unless it’s by mistake.

”My own opinion. My kids, no one will ever see them. That’s on God unless by mistake… They gotta grow up & decide if  they want to be in this rat trap or nah! Coz SM is F*d up…

She continued stating that the disadvantage of engaging them in social media is they’ll become irrelevant by the time they grow;

”You’ve milked their image dry they won’t be relevant when they grown ups????????????”

On several occasions, we’ve seen celebrities opening social media accounts for their loved ones when they’re just hours old. The likes of Vera Sidika. As much as there’s excitement upon being a first time parent, Huddah maintains that the kids should be given a chance to decide for themselves when they grow up.

Huddah Explains Why She Can Never Mingle With Kenyans Living In Dubai

Flamboyant socialite Huddah Monroe is living her dreams in Dubai; flossing the flashy lifestyle anyone could wish for. Rumour had it that the socialite’s lavish lifestyle is being sponsored by a rich boyfriend; whom she never wants to reveal. She tends to keep her love life offline anyway.

Addressing the issue, She asked bloggers to stop misleading young ladies into thinking that it is easy to find a man to sponsor an expensive lifestyle in Dubai; adding that it’s her hard work keeping her at par with such an expensive lifestyle.

Huddah Monroe-Google

In addition, her stay for over a year led to speculations that she’s under house arr*st alongside her boyfriend; something which she was displeased with.

The boyfriend was allegedly arr*sted, leaving Huddah under investigation, which requires her to remain in Dubai.

She calibrated the claims later on and the allegations slowly faded. She recently claimed that she will coming back to Kenya; adding that she has missed her motherland.

Huddah Unhappy With Kenyans Living In Dubai

However, even though she’s missing Kenyans, she’s not impressed by Kenyans living in Dubai.

According to Huddah, most of them gossip that she’s broke & living from hand to mouth in the sumptuous city.

”This is why I don’t hang with Kenyans in Dubai. I don’t even know many Kenyans here only 3.  And y’all know where I live in Dubai lol. Dubai is very small. Most of you could never and maybe will never with this rumour filled jealousy of yours.

Keep wishing me bad. While good keeps coming my way.”


“Mkona mileage kuniliko” Huddah calls out Kenyan ladies for being hypocrites

Huddah Monroe is mad at a certain Kenyan lady I believe may have bad mouthed her; only for the person she gossiped with to tell the former socialite.

Well I get this from her detailed post where she went on to rant about hypocrites who are busy judging her; yet, they are doing the same exact thing as her or even worse. Through his Instagram page the former socialite wrote;

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Boss chick Huddah

Lakini madem wa Kenya mnatembeza hiyo ikus huku inje sana. Nisikie mtu ananijudge! Nonsense!!! YALL hypocrites???????? Dont judge or talk about someone when you do worst behind the scenes.


And the men who listen to a woman talk about others negatively. Y’all dumb lol! Coz she’s doing the same exact thing behind the scenes.

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Takes a swipe at haters

Well, from the caption it’s also obvious to tell that Huddah may have been beefing with someone from her circle; but problem is – her business is getting discussed everywhere by people who think they’re better than her.

Addressing the haters through her Instagram page, the former socialite went on to add;

Not all but 90% , even married ones Mkona mileage kuniliko smh ! ????‍♀️ Just that I’m famous and y’all ain’t but y’all doing shit worse than me behind the scenes !!!! Fuck outta here ….. and I have receipts if I need to be petty ????

Well, not quite sure who is being addressed by Huddah but to whom it may concern – just know we’re ready for this drama. It’s been a minute.

Huddah Monroe Declares Interest In Becoming A Musician-I Don’t See Any Bad A$$ Female Artist In Africa

Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe has announced that she’s interested in becoming a singer. The flamboyant actress shared her interest with her fans on Instagram; stating that she hasn’t seen tough female competitors in Africa in the music industry.

”Thinking of getting into music! Lol! I don’t see any bad ass female artists in Africa! Apart from like 5 I love.”

Huddah has been in the music industry before through video vixening.

Huddah In The Music Industry

Before she waltzed into the limelight officially in 2013 with her killer body and controversial stunts, Huddah started out as a video vixen in Profesa Eshuiya’s music video dubbed ‘Ukweli.’ She went ahead to feature in a couple more songs which saw her gain popularity.

After gaining some recognition, Huddah featured in ‘Nimetoka Mbali’ by Jaguar featuring AY.

Huddah(right), as a video vixen back in the day-Google

Huddah’s interest in music was probably expedited by the fact that she’s been in the musical scene.

Music is becoming one of the most well-paying forms of entertainment. However, Huddah did not disclose what genre she would like to sing.

Her announcement comes just weeks after she also declared interest in politics; where she also shared on her Instagram stories.

”The first female president of Kenya. I still can. Coz only I can stop I”

This was not her first time to show interest in politics; as she had reiterated the same way back in 2019.

Huddah is well known for not shying away from keeping her sentiments known. But will she take her musical interest seriously this time?

Broke Men Are Better In Bed Than Rich Ones- Huddah Monroe

Kenyan socialite cum entrepreneur Huddah Monroe never shies from speaking her mind or making her desires known to the public. Not once has the unapologetic boss chick cared about people’s opinions regarding what she posts on her social media pages. Be it absurd or logical; Huddah is one to care less on what she engages her fans in.

If you follow the curvy socialite, it’s easy to notice the conspicuous explicit photos she posts on her Instagram; giving other women a run for their money with her body goals.

Huddah enjoying life in Dubai-Google

The only thing she does not post is the man warming her bed. According to Huddah, a relationship is successful when the partner is kept off social media. She however, admits that she’s having a healthy sex life. Talking about sex life, Huddah has engaged herself in the most paramount debate; on whose better in bed between the rich or broke men.

Don’t Go For The Wallet!

While engaging her fans on an Instagram Q&A, Huddah advised one of her fans to stick to broke men for good sex;

”Find you a man darling, don’t look for his wallet if you want good sex. Broke ones f*k best…”

The socialite also continued to advise women to avoid married men who don’t contribute to their success in any way; adding that it’s just a waste of time.

Socialite Huddah Monroe Discloses Interest In Vying For Kenya’s Presidential Seat

Kenyan socialite and actress Huddah Monroe has expressed her interest in vying for Kenya’s presidential seat. The exquisite socialite took to her Instagram to divulge her readiness to become Kenya’s first female president.

On her Insta stories; she wrote;

”The first female president of Kenya. I still can. Coz only I can stop I”

She however, continued by criticizing citizens for not fighting for themselves;

”But I don’t wanna leave my peaceful life and fight for people who won’t even fight for themselves! 90% of people are so comfortable with mediocrity. I’d rather be fighting with my husband”

The legal requirements for vying for presidency in Kenya are;

-The person to be elected as president should be a Kenyan citizen by birth, who can be elected as member of parliament and has been nominated by a political party or stand as independent candidate. The candidate should also have been nominated by more than two thousand voters in twenty-four counties.

With over 2.1 Million followers on her Instagram, Huddah already has a huge fan base. However, her popularity in the political scene is very low. She’ll definitely find it hard to get votes.

She’s is currently enjoying life in Dubai. It’s however alleged that she’s under house arrest after being caught up in a scandal with her ex-boyfriend.

I Never Bothered When People Called Me A Hoe- Huddah Reminisces How She Shut Down Busy Bodies

Let’s face it, Huddah is still securing the bag while in Dubai. And even though most people question how she soared to living a lavish lifestyle over the years, Huddah has proved to be a hustler, just like any other entrepreneur. Plus her cosmetic business seems to have picked quite fast.

Huddah Monroe Biography - Age, Net worth & Boyfriend
Young Huddah back in the day-Google

It’s speculated that the socialite has been dating rich men; who sponsor her sumptuous lifestyle and that’s why she keeps them off her social media. But a couple of times, Huddah justifies herself, and denies the allegations.

My Life, My Rules

Huddah’s socialite life has been an intense one; especially when she started out and got a lot of criticisms; which according to her, contributed a lot to her success.

”So in like 2014 ish, people used to call me a hoe so much coz I used to live a rich ass lifestyle… Anyways, I used to get angry and fight them Lol!… Nothing I did was going well… Wasting my time responding to non-factors.

One day I had an awakening… I posted and asked them peoples, since I’m a hoe, why does what I do with my pus$y bother you? As far as I’m concerned, this is my vagina… I didn’t accept, I didn’t reject. I just didn’t let it bother me anymore.

And since then nobody ever called me a hoe again…”

Huddah made the statements to also advise people to tame their thoughts into positive ones; and let go of the negative energy of other people.

‘I’m Hustling On My Own’ Huddah Reiterates She’s Not Dating Men For Money, Advices Young Girls To Do The Same

Huddah’s sumptuous lifestyle in Dubai has been in question ever since she moved to there; especially now that it’s alleged that she’s under house arrest after being involved in fraud. Huddah had previously blamed the Coronavirus pandemic for stopping her from exploring other countries.

But doubts have started building up after learning that she might be restricted from moving.

The Boss Chick


Despite the allegations, Huddah is still living life with a big spoon in Dubai. It’s every girl’s dream to be shaking their derriere on a yacht in Dubai; and Huddah is living the dream.

She acknowledges her success to herself; and claims she doesn’t depend on rich men to get what she wants. This is not the first time she’s justifying herself on the same.

On her Insta stories, she wrote;

”If I had a rich boyfriend or man. Do you think I’d be hustling? Looking for ways to make more money? Lol!
I’d be in a Rolls Royce chilling and shopping daily. But I’m still balling on a budget. Saving and investing on my future kids future.

I choose love and D*  over money coz I can make my own.”


Huddah continued to advise young girls telling them they can make it on their own.

”Bloggers, stop misleading these young girls. You can make it on your own. If you want a sugar daddy you can still find them… Life’s all about choices. I choose love and D* & hustling for my own.”

Huddah’s cosmetic business is already proof that she’s making her own money. This makes her advice relevant to young girls.

Huddah Opens Up On Previous Weight Struggles, Says She Abused Drugs

We have to admit, Huddah has the body that both men and women would admire. However, attaining such a curvy and petite body wasn’t a walk in the park for the socialite. Huddah has had her fair share of struggles in coming up with such a body.

With most of her fans admiring her, Huddah has had most of them asking her about how she manages to maintain her shape. Some have struggled with trying to lose weight, while some struggle to gain weight.

On her Insta stories, Huddah disclosed her struggles at first when she tried to lose weight to an extent where she thought she’d die.

”There’s a time I was anorexic coz of drug abuse. People were counting days to when I’ll collapse & die.

I used everything to help me gain weight. Nothing worked. I know the struggle and the stigma and criticisms.

Weight gain and weight loss is a huge issue. And hard to achieve either.”

Huddah continued to say that she was finally able to regain her body back after 3 weeks.

”However, I used a product that helped me gain weight in just 3 weeks. I ate nonstop.”

Check out some of Huddah’s hottest photos right now;



Do you think will Huddah be able to maintain her exquisite shape if she ever gives birth?

Huddah Explains Why She Can’t Make First Move On Extremely Rich Men

Socialite Huddah Monroe is setting her standards high for any man who dares approach her. Even though her love life has been private for a long time, Huddah is without a doubt a self-made millionaire. Currently running her business while in Dubai, Huddah has proved to be a big spender when it comes to money.


The socialite is one of the most sought after Kenyan celebrities, with most women admiring her lavish lifestyle in Dubai. Unlike most people’s expectations, Huddah had previously divulged that she sponsors all her luxury. She doesn’t depend on her man’s money.

In fact, Huddah disclosed that she dates low-key men, who aren’t celebrities. We’re still not aware who is currently warming her bed; but she doesn’t depend on him.

Huddah has disclosed that she doesn’t need a billionaire; since she’s also among them.

On her Insta stories, she wrote;

I always think, why should I find? I don’t like stress. Why can’t he find me? I am also in the billionaires league????”

Huddah also praised the men who have been in her life; saying all of them have been ‘gods’.

”You attract who you are. Mindset is key. I am a goddess. All my men have been gods.”

Huddah is definitely not going to chase; instead, men should try and shoot their shot.

Huddah Finally Speaks On Who Is Funding Her Lavish Lifestyle In Dubai

Socialite and entrepreneur Huddah is living a life that everyone would definitely wish for. Following her Instagram you’d just want to be in tow with her wherever she visits. She’s been to several different places in the world; just having fun.

It’s every girl’s nowadays to be in Dubai on a yacht; and Huddah is now used to this. Huddah has now answered one of the most asked questions about her sumptuous lifestyle; who is funding all that? Well, most people believe Huddah is dating some rich tycoon who spoils her with all the cash.

Ironically, this is not the case. Huddah’s business is running smoothly and she seems to be making quite a lot from it. This is one of the few sources of funds she uses to spoil herself. She made it clear on her Instagram saying that she does it all by herself.

One of her fans asked;

”Who’s funding your fabulous life in DXB?”

Huddah responded saying;

”Lol! The fact that people think I get funded is funny to me. I wish I was. I’d be in my own rarri right now! A sista is hustling.”

One thing’s for sure; living in Dubai is dang expensive. If Huddah is affording it all by herself, she’s definitely making a lot from her Huddah cosmetics business.

‘Rich Men Have No Time To Love You’ Huddah Opens Up On Dating Low Profile Men

Huddah Monroe is the epitome of a poised and outspoken lady who doesn’t shy off from expressing her desires in life. Being both an entrepreneur and a TV star, the damsel makes her own money and eats life with a big spoon.

While most people believe Huddah dates rich celebrities to be able to afford a sumptuous lifestyle, this might not be the case. Being the spendthrift she is, Huddah is enjoying life travelling to different parts of the world. She’s currently in Dubai.

Love Or Cash?

Huddah’s petite and curvy physique is enough to attract rich men; but she choses love over riches. This can be concluded from her Insta stories, where she advised one of her fans.

”Rich men have no time to love you. Lol! It’s all about choices. What rocks your boat? Need for money or need for love?”

Additionally, Huddah disclosed that she dates low-key men; rather than celebrities, and that she can never disclose her partner on social media.

”That’s my personal life I guess. And it’s not for everyone to see. Also I date very low profile men. Not celebs.”

Her celebrity crush is Nyashinski, and I bet she would have dated him if he wasn’t married. Nyash would probably be her first celeb lover.

Huddah Speaks On Why She’ll Never Date Kenyan Men- ‘I Have Dated Almost All Races In The World’

Huddah’s lavish lifestyle in Dubai reveals much about her; she definitely won’t settle for less. While she tends to keep her love life a secret, it’s now clear that she has been with several kinds of men. The only thing you’ll notice is her explicit photos on her Instagram; which always leaves fans posing the question; who is the guy behind the camera?

Huddah Not Vulnerable

Well, Huddah doesn’t give boyfriend snatchers an opportunity since she makes it really hard to know her man. Her prowess in keeping what she wants private is impeccable. She might as well get pregnant without us knowing.

She has however divulged that she has dated almost all races in the world; and Kenyan men are not her cup of tea. Why? Well, Huddah is a spendthrift. And according to her, Kenyan men are stingy. On her Insta stories, Huddah wrote;

”I have dated almost all races in the world. For experiment. Even Chinese, Indian, Lool! I know Asians for sure ain’t my cup of tea!????

Kenyan men can be too stingy. I love spending money. Not my cup of tea!”

Huddah continued by saying Nigerian men aren’t stingy but not worth settling with;

”In black community a Nigerian is headache. Not bad for enjoyment but not to settle unless you wanna die young ok. Life’s about choices. Also not my cup of tea????????.”

”I Don’t See Future In My Relationships”- Huddah Speaks On Why She’s Used To Failed Relationships

Socialite Huddah Monroe has meticulously been keeping her relationships private for long. It’s very hard to see her post a man on her Instagram. Because of this, little is known about her love life and who she’s dating. However, the socialite and entrepreneur has been living a sumptuous lifestyle in Dubai.

Whoever the boss chick is dating must be a damn rich man. The socialite’s Instagram is filled with photos of her in palatial places. She is definitely setting the pace for her fellow socialites, who can’t just keep up.

Huddah Doesn’t See Future In Her Relationships

Huddah has however opened up about being in a couple of failed relationships; which she’s getting used to. It’s not clear how many men she has been with, but she has definitely had a taste of heartbreak. Huddah also hinted that she’s currently dating; a man who is driving her nuts!

On her Insta story, she wrote;

 ”When I’m with my boo it’s like social media is dead to me! I literally forget my phone…

And when is away on business; I come back all ????. I love to give my relationships 100%. And when they fail (normally coz I don’t see them in my future) I leave fulfilled that I’m able to love. And be loved back.????”

If Your Man Cheats On You, Do The Same To Him- Huddah’s Advice To Women

Has your partner ever cheated on you and you found out that he/she did it with your bestfriend? Well, it’s something common in this generation and men tend to be on the receiving end. So many people share on social media how they caught their partner cheating, even after they trusted them very much. It becomes hard to trust the next person who comes into their life.

Huddah’s Advice

Socialite Huddah Monroe advices women to play tit for tat when they find out their partner is cheating. She adds that men should learn to be loyal this year, if not, their women should also go out, cheat and make their men bitter.

On her Insta story, Huddah wrote,

”Men act like women don’t get d*ck thrown at them every minute. Every place they walk if there are men. It’s guaranteed some will want to hit. But we respect ourselves enough not to fuck around coz we respect our S.O…”

And it’s obvious that Huddah definitely has more than one man hitting on her.

She continued,

”Cheating therefore or wanting to have multiple women is greed and lack of self control. What a man can do a woman can do. Even better. Women are just more respectful until respect is no longer served and they move…  Temptations are everywhere for both men and women. Don’t act like we ain’t getting dick pics on the DM and thousands of men hollering at us but we chose one. Men cheating in should be an abomination in 2021. It shouldn’t be accepted…”

I totally agree with Huddah. Men cheat but when their women do the same, they become rogue. Loyalty should be embraced by both parties.


8 female Kenyan celebrities who have stylishly rocked short, bold hair

Short hair has been largely embraced in the local market especially by female celebrities who have opted for a bold, more polished and different look that has only left them looking younger and hotter.

Be it young or older, married or single, in their different professions and daily hustles, several female celebrities have come out to prove short hair can still look sexxy. Lets dive right in;

1. Ciru Muriuki

The former NTV’s The Trend show host, currently working with BBC, recently decided to chop off her 6-years old dreadlocks for a bolder, younger, new look, that has been turning heads online.

BBC’s Ciru Muriuki

2. Femi One

The Utawezana rapper and hitmaker is one personality whose stylish, colorful hair dyes ranging from yellow, to pink, to red and even green has only made her stand out in the industry. No lie, this fine babe goes extra when she decides to!

Rapper Femi One

3. Wahu Kagwi

The mother of two who doubles up as a gospel artist has since time immemorial opted for a mohawk-look, maintaining it trimmed and at a certain length, that allows her to meddle with it, depending on the occasion.

Singer, Wahu Kagwi, commemorates late dad

4. Corazon Kwamboka

The first time mom, took the internet by storm after chopping off her beautiful, long, dark African hair soon as she welcomed her son Taiyari with Frankie Just Gym It. Matter of fact, Frankie was the one who brought in the idea and a dear Corazon did not even think twice about it.

Corazon Kwamboka serving hot body goals at 5 weeks postpartum

5. Azziad Nasenya

The celebrated TV show host and actress keeps her natural hair short, away from the screens, more often spotted with a blonde look, pimping it with braids and wigs once in a while.

Online sensation, Azziad Nasenya

6. Lilian Muli

The TV girl always seen in wigs, once ditched them for a hot look in short plumed hair. This was after getting rid of the short locs she had hidden beneath her wigs for a long time. And honestly, her age betrays the look.

Citizen TV journalist Lilian Muli

7. Huddah Monroe

Huddah loves her hair short and trimmed, recently letting off the wigs and signature bandanas, to step out looking like a 16-year old, after trimming it a bit more and she sure looks stunning.

City socialite Huddah Monroe

8. Jovial

The Coastal-based songbird, who was once signed under Otile BrownJust In Love record label, has time and again proven her look in short hair and even when she gets those wigs on, she opts for a classy boy cut.

Kenyan singer, Jovial born Juliet Miriam Ayub

Well, there you have it!