Huddah Monroe: I´m a school drop out but I hire graduates as C.E.Os as I vacation away enjoying the fruits of my labour

Young thriving business woman, Huddah Monroe slams the school education system for misusing graduants who hardly have jobs.

The petite former nude model was regarded a bimbo in the social media circles before unleashing her business muscles just 2 years ago.

The college drop out boomed the business industry after her launch of Huddah Cosmetics that has been hitting the roof top.

Huddah´s cosmetic brand was recently picked as the first social commerce merchant on ´Mula Shops´.

No college education! but making way more money than most professionals who have been through school close to their entire lifetime.


In reference to her business astuteness, the Boss Chick explains why she had to drop out of college sharing:

Coming from a poor family, I didn’t graduate.

I stopped college halfway to give my younger brothers the chance to education.

However, that built a pillar and major foundation to her milestones today, if her business graphs are anything to go by.

Further alluding:

I am good at starting businesses

then I hire graduates as C.E.Os, accountants and managers and people with more knowledge on business than me and give them good pay.

They build the companies as I vacation away enjoying the fruits of my labour.

Her brand has majored in cosmetics especially her lipstick line, but she too has a say in the cigar industry with her own brand of cigars.

According to the Kenyan socialite, not all is taught in schools.

If being in school truly taught the art of doing business, those lecturers wouldn’t be wasting their time teaching, they would be billionaires.

Not all things are taught in school. You gotta be born with it I guess


Huddah Monroe set to see her brand in Kenya collapse after savagely calling Kenyans ´Sharks that smell blood´

Huddah Monroe publicly slams the Kenyan land calling it a jungle and a sea full of sharks who smell blood but Kenyans clap back hard at her.

According to her, the outside world speaks volumes in reference to Kenya which she believes is nothing short of a jungle and an animal kingdom.

Unfortunately, the Kenyan people would do all that is in their power to tear one down, instead of helping each other grow, therefore spelling doom to Africa.

The lass further adds:

You can´t trust anyone in that Jungle.

Country full of Animals…

Jealousy, envy, hatred is the Motto!

And in conclusion, the fierce socialite expresses:

Kenya is a sea full of sharks.

And they all smell blood!

The Boss Chick expresses this in posts seen by Urban news blatantly expressing:

Clap back

However, Kenyans haven´t spared her either clapping back at her citing:

Did she forget she used to tear people down too?

I hav no idea why she is always so full of herself, like she cn mke it thru ths life alone..sm1 shud remind her dt no man is an island.
Yet most of her support for the cosmetic line Is from Kenya smh🚮🚮
Who has she built so far
Does she live in Kenya ama she migrated?
Unfortunately, there will always be the flock that follows their shepherd:
Where is the lie tho?? Look at the few comments on this post… Negativity everywhere… People are so angry in Kenya
Well,it’s the truth. I don’t think if she was referring to every Kenyan to be an animal, but a specific group of people, whom in reality they are.
Such kind of scathing remarks about her motherland could probably be the start of her brand´s downfall in Kenya.

¨Believe me, listen when somebody older tells you sh*t!!!¨ Huddah Monroe´s past now comes to haunt her

Huddah the Boss Chick is among the numerous celebrities who have opted for tattoos, reasons well known to them, but Huddah reveals she regrets it all.

Some encrypted in foreign language on the petite socialite´s body, others just but symbols and others writings we can´t fathom.

Well, in most of her photos and videos, she shows them off having dressed in revealing attire.

Much of her upper body homes these tattoos; arms, back and shoulders.

However, she makes a shocking revelation that this might just not have been her thing after all.

Words of a wise one were shared with the entrepreneur who at the time, didn´t pay much attention to.

Well, the sh*t has just passed!


Huddah Monroe´s gospel crush, Masterpiece reveals his intentions for the socialite

Gospel kid, Masterpiece has been trolled over his love confessions to socialite, Huddah Monroe but sheds light on the need to urge her to serve God instead.

He admits that yes, he does want to get close to the petite ´blonde´ but states that people judged it and took it a bit too far:

I think people blew that out of proportion.

But honestly, I would want to be close to her and by the end of the day, help her see the light so she can serve God.

She is a woman I feel can do a lot if she turns to Gospel.

To top it up, her shared the news barely a week, revealing his intentions for the entrepreneur.

Speaking to Ahadi, the gospel artist however revealed:

I will confess that I am a very, very, picky person.

However, I would want someone who is caring, loyal to me alone and someone honest too.

Masterpiece leaves the entire ¨Huddah saga¨ aside giving his ´wife material´ expectations as he humorously adds:

Physical beauty is an added bonus.


It ought to be recalled that the gospel kid lusted over the socialite on live TV hardly a month ago.

For him, Huddah was basically hot unlike most women as he confessed:

There is this lady I like a lot, her name is Huddah Monroe.

According to the young talent, praising her that whichever man she chose for her life, would definitely be a lucky man who has success come his way.

The news came as a blow to many, considering fact that he is a Gospel artist but finally got the dust to settle.

However, fans still remain doubtful.


‘Temptations ni mob’ Huddah changes ‘Funga Duka’ rules barely a week after announcement

Socialite Huddah Monroe has changed tune regarding her campaign urging women to avoid having sex with men who don’t respect them.

Last week, a lady sent her a message on Instagram narrating how her boyfriend cheated on her. Huddah went on to urge women to punish such men by not given them sex using a campaign dubbed “Fungu Duka.”

“Hey, guys so today I got a DM about a chick called Carol who has a boyfriend called Michael. So Michael has been cheating on Carol with multiple women. Can you imagine? Multiple women. Who do these men think we are carrying us like we are pieces of sh*t or something like that. So, guys, this is something I have been talking about for the longest time on my social media pages and I think it is high time we hold these men accountable for their actions. Hakuna venye hawa machali watakuwa wanatuchezea,” Huddah said.

Safe Sex

The Funga Duka campaign failed badly and now Huddah has changed her tune urging women to have sex but do it carefully. She confessed ever since she launched the campaign, she has been getting wet dreams.

“Kutoka nifunge duka usiku ni w*t d****s tuu… hii Funga Duka needs a solution! Solution ni watu wakuwe safe! You and your man check yourself before you get down to business! Just to make sure mko poa kabla akugee or umgee moja ya power.

“Temptations ni mingi huku nje1 Lool! Maboyz wanakaa fiti unajipata unaskia kudishi kila msee. So juu kujicontrol inaweza kuwa noma… itabidi tukuwe tuu responsible! Just make sure unajicheck! Ama unajiprotect Na life goes on. Meanwhile, Hii duka inakaa nitaifungua next week!” Posted Monroe.




“West African men are violent and abusive” Huddah Monroe warns Kenyans girls to steer clear of Nigerian men

Sometimes in June 2017, Vera Sidika had to run for dear life after her then Nigerian boyfriend Yommy Johnson got physical with her.

The socialite shocked her fans when she took to social media and shared a video of her running bare foot in the streets of Dubai as her boyfriend chased after her.

The drama started in their Dubai apartment where they used lived together, Vera had to dash out of the building after Yomi assaulted her.

Vera Sidika and Yommy Johnson
Vera Sidika and Yommy Johnson
They’ll say you are stubborn

Well, Huddah Monroe has also come out to caution Kenyan women against dating men from West Africa. The petite socialite says men from West Africa are bad-tempered and easily beat women at the slightest provocation.

“LMFAO! You know the way in East Africa you abuse a man, call him a B##ch and walk away without him beating you. It’s not the same in West of Africa. Grown men will beat you to a PULP! Even to an unconscious state and no one will give a f#ck! Smh! And they’ll say you are stubborn deserve it!” wrote Huddah Monroe.


“I’ve dated billionaires and I’m still not a billionaire” Huddah Monroe encourages girls to work hard for their own money

Huddah Monroe finally admits getting rich is not an easy feat, she denounces the idea that women who date rich men automatically become rich themselves.

Most people believe the shortest and easiest way to becoming rich is just by dating a rich person. But Huddah says she has dated billionaires but still she is yet to make the billions herself.

“I’ve dated BILLIONAIRES & I’m still not a BILLIONAIRE….. WEALTH is NOT SEXUALLY transmitted! You gotta Slave for your own shit!… All day everyday,” wrote Huddah Monroe on Instagram.

Know your level

Huddah also says that she doesn’t compete with anyone since she has learnt not to live like everyone else. She further encourages girls to embrace what they  have.


Huddah reveals why she hasn’t participated in the viral #10yearchallenge

Socialite Huddah Monroe has come a long way from being just another girl from Umoja Estate to the Range Rover-driving woman she is today that men lust over.

The journey hasn’t been easy, just like many other socialites’. Either way, Huddah is not interested in telling her story in photos. The socialite recently explained why she hasn’t been participating in the ongoing 10 years challenge that has gripped many on social media.


According to the petite socialite who likes to floss her curves whenever she gets a chance, she has not posted anything regarding the challenge because she’s a trendsetter, not a follower.

“I don’t follow TRENDS. I set my own trends, and I don’t even keep photos on my phone. After posting I delete them off my phone,” she revealed.

Huddah has done several changes to her body. She has bleached, fixed her death and also done liposuction which has given her the amazing body.



“Mjulubeng lazima ipigwe service na different service providers” Huddah Monroe reveals why she allows her boyfriend to sleep with multiple women

Huddah Monroe has been dating a mystery man for close to two years. The petite socialite has now revealed that she is in an open relationship.

An open relationship is one which both partners agree that each may have sexual relations with other people. As in they sleep around with their partners’ blessings.

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Men can’t be satisfied with one woman

Huddah took to social media to explain why open relationship is the best. The socialite argues that men can’t be satisfied with one woman no matter how pretty she is.

Leave if he’s violent

Huddah further cautions women against leaving their husbands and boyfriends because of infidelity. She says a woman should only leave a man if he is physically abusive and not because he is cheating because cheating is to men.


While Vera is out here talking about Otile’s Cassava, Huddah lands major deal with Facebook

Socialite Huddah Monroe continues to push her business ahead and avoid unnecessary drama unlike Vera Sidika.

The socialite has landed a major deal with Facebook after her brand Huddah Cosmetics was selected as the first social commerce merchant on Mula.


Cellulant has recently extended product offerings on its Mula payment platform to include Mula Shops – a simple and convenient online shopping experience for the rising number of micro-merchants (or Hustle-preneurs) on social networking sites. Mula Shops integrates Augmented Reality into the Facebook Messenger where customers are able to discover and try products before they purchase. Brands that leverage social media as platforms for e-commerce can now give their customers a world class one-stop shop service from trial, to payment and delivery, all within Facebook and Instagram. This is a departure from the current disjointed social commerce experience.

“No matter how you look at the future of innovation in Africa- the future is in providing a seamless experience in a space that is currently fragmented,” Cellulant’s Chief Product Officer Faizal Mirza stated.

Huddah was also thankful for the opportunity which will definitely make her company grow.

“I am excited to be the first Hustle-preneur to work with Cellulant and Facebook.” she said. 


Jua Cali’s wife set to give Huddah Monroe a run for her money

Rapper Jua Cali’s wife Lily Asigo has ventured into cosmetic industry with the launch of her own own makeup brand – Asigo Beauty.

Asigo Beauty hit the market with a wide range of eyelashes for women. She received the support of various celebrities including her own husband, Betty Kyallo, Kenrazy, Wyre, DNA among other during the launch of her product.

Lily Asigo with Wyre and DNA during the launch of Asigo Beauty
Lily Asigo with Wyre and DNA during the launch of Asigo Beauty

“Beauty has always been a passion of mine and I am excited on this step that I have taken. I have started with lashes first and by early next year I would have launched my makeup collection. I believe it is time the Kenyan woman should get something that is from their own who understands the difficulties a Kenyan woman goes through when it comes to making the right choice in makeup,” said Lily during an interview with Nairobi News.


Lily will be facing stiff competition from Huddah Monroe who has been in the beauty business for two years. The petite socialite launched her own beauty products – Huddah Cosmetics in 2016.

Huddah’s beauty products are are available in Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda. She sells a wide range of cosmetics including lipsticks, eye shadows, lip gloss etc.





Masponsor walimtoka? Huddah Monroe takes subliminal shots at Vera Sidika after her breakup with Otile Brown

Vera Sidika and Otile Brown broke up, again. The two controversial ex lovers clashed days after reuniting in Dubai all because of money.

The bootyful socialite claimed Otile asked her for a Kes 500,000 loan to buy a new car after trading in his car. Vera thought Otile was only after her cash and she denied him the money.

Vera took to her video blog to expose Otile, she claims the singer is just a leeche feeding off her hard work. She asserted that she would never get back with him again.

No longer dating sponsors?

Huddah Monroe has also decided to comment on the whole Vera/Otile drama, the petite socialite sarcastically asked why Vera was no longer dating sponsors.

Huddah went on to reveal that she has turned over a new leaf and that she is now earning her daily bread from her genuine hustles and not from the oldest profession.

“Masponsor walimtoka?? Nawajua Sana vile mnawikanga Hii Town ??? .Mimi ni BOSS LADY , a KING , an ENTREPRENEUR , The only QUEEN with a CROWN. I am NOT a SOCIALITE or SLAY QUEEN! #respek .Meanwhile mnisaidie kununua @huddahcosmetics ndio niache kuumia hii Town ? #kinghuddah? #stargal⭐️,” wrote Huddah.


“I saw you acting on Vitimbi as Kayai and I was a toddler and you are still 23” Kenyans tear into Huddah Monroe after she reveals her age

Huddah Monroe left Kenyans on social media grumbling and laughing after she revealed her age. The socialite is taking advantage of her petite body to lie that she is still young.

Huddah must be turning a year older after every four years or something. She sensationally claimed that she would be turning 23 on Wednesday October 10th.

“The Year is over! And I’m turning 23 in 4 dayzz ? … #KingHuddah ? #StarGal⭐️” wrote Huddah Monroe.


vyoletjoyce: I’m 30 and you are 23 and I saw you asking in vitimbi as kayai and I was a toddler ???? kwani nilikuruka miaka wapi

keflamusic: Haha 23 ama 35…

tmuthiga977: No way 23 ??? Apana hio sija amini

kandi_og: 23 or not , ma you’re fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine 🙂 ,xoxo

kachillohshee: Na umeona dicks mingi kuliko miaka yako?????

vj_seniorboy: You were 18 when i was young… And now you are 22..???ni guteee…. #crimino

swabrinahrombles: enyewe female celebs hawapendi kuzeeka

ericcoh_debest: Wow congratulations on turning 23??? am only 9 turning 10 on dec

muenih_____: ???????priiiiiiiis sisy,go and sleep abeg 23 ni 23 ko

yvonnemjomba: 32

anton_antoh: 23 what?

kipngenohevans: Turning 23??? Thought u’r 43….


Huddah Monroe: I am not sure many people get attracted by my n*de photos, I get paid to do so

A while back, girls used to pose in naked photo shoot to gain publicity. Huddah is among those who made a name for herself by exposing her bare body.

There are dozens of Huddah Monroe’s birthday suit photos online, the petite socialite regularly poses in her bra and panties.

But now Huddah no longer shares her nude photos just for publicity, the socialite is making a killing just by exposing her body on social media.

Product promotion

Huddah took to social media to advice girls on naked photography, she revealed that she wasn’t just posing naked for sheer fun but rather she get paid to do so as product promotion.

“I know many view me as a public figure but I am not sure many get attracted by my nude photos that I post online.  I want their parents as well as they to understand that I get paid to do so as product promotion. All this time, I get paid to do so; whether it’s a bikini or a hotel. I can’t do so just for fun,” wrote Huddah Monroe.






Wish time could be turned back! Huddah Monroe regrets sleeping with Prezzo

Huddah Monroe and Prezzo dated long ago before she became rich and famous. The petite socialite however regrets her sweet moments with the bad boy rapper.

For starters, Prezzo is the lucky guy who took away Huddah’s innocence. Last year in a post on social media, Huddah saluted the rapper for popping her cherry.

“Buried the hatchet…. And the once love of my life ….The nigga that broke my virginity (T.M.I???) will be coming thru to HUDDAH MILLION PARTY ? … El Presidente @prezzo254 ?? WE DONT TURN UP ⬆️…. WE TURN OVER ↗️…….??? #HuddahMillionParty #huddahlove,” wrote Huddah.

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Regrets galore

Huddah now regrets losing her virginity altogether. The socialite took to social media to narrate how sex is special and how she is disappointed for losing her innocence.

“I could be dating five men at the same time but I cant sleep with five different men at this level in my life. I have had so much about sex spiritually and I regret ever breaking my virginity. Sex is so spiritual,” wrote Huddah Monroe.


Huddah Monroe gives her fans a partial glimpse of her boyfriend of one year (Photo)

Huddah Monroe has changed for the better as far as sleeping with one man is concerned. The petite socialite recently revealed she has been in a relationship with one man for a year.

She took to social media to share details of her relationship with the man whom she has kept a secret. Huddah praised her man saying that he is bedroom bully.

“I’ve been in a relationship for 1 year. Good God . I never thought I’d be with the same man for this long. Now I want to leave him so bad but it’s hard as hell! Coz emotions are involved .Can all you feel me? I’m scared of commitment. D game so good . I forgot the RULES : Rule Number 1 ; NEVER FALL INLOVE,” wrote Huddah Monroe on Insta Stories.

Partial glimpse

Huddah recently took to social media to share photo of her mysterious boyfriend. She however hide her sweetheart’s face with an love emoji.


Huddah Monroe trashes Vera Sidika and Zari Hassan after the three are nominated for the same award

Huddah Monroe and Zari Hassan used to be good friends, she used host Zari All White Parties together with Zari but they split and Zari warmed up to Vera Sidika.

Huddah and Zari’s breakup was evident in August 2016 when Vera was invited to Tiffah’s birthday while Huddah was snubbed.

Zari Hassan and Huddah Monroe back then when they were good friends
Zari Hassan and Huddah Monroe back then when they were good friends

Zari and Vera Sidika have since become BFFs and are united against their common enemy Huddah. It seems Zari and Huddah will never reconcile especially after the petite Kenyan socialite confessed she bedded Diamond Platnumz at a time when Zari was really into the guy.

Vera Sidika and Zari Hassan
Vera Sidika and Zari Hassan
Beef gains momentum
Huddah’s beef with Zari and Vera has taken a new turn after the three of them were all nominated for the same award – Black Entertainment Film Fashion Television and Arts (BEFFTA) Awards.
Huddah took to social media to rant after she learnt her nemesis were nominated alongside her for the 2018 BEFFTA award. She even faulted organizers claiming that is not competing with anyone since there is no competition for her in Africa.



Huddah Monroe: Now I want to leave him so bad but it’s hard as hell! D game so good I forgot the rules

Huddah Monroe has changed for the better as far as sleeping with one man is concerned. The petite socialite recently revealed she has been in a relationship with one man for a year.

She took to social media to share details of her relationship with the man whom she has kept a secret.  Huddah praised her man saying that he is bedroom bully.

“I’ve been in a relationship for 1 year. Good God . I never thought I’d be with the same man for this long. Now I want to leave him so bad but it’s hard as hell! Coz emotions are involved .Can all you feel me? I’m scared of commitment. D game so good . I forgot the RULES : Rule Number 1 ; NEVER FALL INLOVE,” wrote Huddah Monroe on Insta Stories.

Every bone in her body wants to cheat

Huddah Monroe is itching to cheat on her boyfriend, the petite socialite admits that her mind is telling her there is a better man out there even though she lives him dearly.

“I see and smell this man in my future. My heart wants in so bad . But my mind is telling me NO! There’s a better shark in the sea,” wrote Huddah.




Feeling philanthropic! Kenyans pour their problems to Huddah Monroe after she announces monthly cash reward

Huddah Monroe as decided to give back to the community, the petite socialite is giving away free cash reward to Kenyans with the most touching stories.

“Blessed to see another day! And I feel like Blessing someone with #KSHS10000 what’s troubling you today ? Why do you deserve it? The one that touches my heart gets the shmulaaaa today evening! PLEASE DONT LIE!
You lie , you lie on yourself! Life and death is in the power of your tongue!,” wrote Huddah Monroe.

10,000 each month
Huddah Monroe
Huddah Monroe

Huddah says she will be giving away Kes 10,000 each month to lucky persons whose stories touch her.

“ANNOUNCING the winner today . Unfortunately I can’t help all you . Wish I could . But I’ll be doing this once a month . So Keep your eyes on here . One love guys . Stay strong . Keep a positive mindset . Put God first and all that you seek shall be given unto you . ❤️”

Below are some of the responses Huddah got after she announced she was giving away 1ok:

samanthanjenga: Aki i need it to add to my son’s school fees, havent cleared last term’s fees and he always top his class, and a single mummy, had to struggle to get it…….please, God wil bless u for me…..0727743092
jesus_walks45Ten years trying to have a baby, Me and my husband cannot afford IVF, the money can help me get atleast closer to my dream.

wanjiramaryanne: @huddahthebosschick I need the 10k because I have a business for selling accessories. I buy and resell. The 10k is the kind of investment I need to advance to shoes as well.

s.julz: I am a diabetic single mum sometimes medication gets too expensive plus the special diets the sugar monitoring kits the 10 k will be of great help

stephanieebinepre: My exams are coming up in a week time and I haven’t been able to raise them??. I’m a final year student if I don’t pay before the exams it automatic withdrawal from school once the school fee portal is shut down. I will be the happiest girl ma if u can help me @

_nutri_yogi: Looking into getting preggers at 30yrs.. Nipe nisurpurise hubby
kweenniI need it today get thru school @huddahthebosschick

___kyalo___: @huddahthebosschick you are an insipiration to many and especially me,you see 10k is so much money to some people while it less to others…with this 10k i believe i will expand my business from hawking eggs to making a permanent shelter for selling them and also add on my stock.I’d really appreciate if you blessed me today.Shukran?

smalownje: I don’t have a sad story but if you gifted me with the 10000 I’d either add it to my daughter’s school fee for next school term or but lots of sanitary towels n take to those street children(ladies) who I watched yesterday ?

silverboy_msanii: Having my video shot and promoted is my desire but capital is my barrier. How I wish I was blessed by God through you. Anyway God knows better.





“You need to get a brain transplant ” Huddah Monroe savagely claps back at hater

Huddah Monroe won’t take criticisms lying down, the petite socialite fired back when a hater decided to launch unprovoked attack on her.

Huddah locked horns with a critic on social media who decided to ask her if she wasn’t getting more likes on her posts on Instagram.

“‘You not getting enough likes or?’’ the critic identified as Plug 001 commented on Huddah’s post.

Get brain transplant

Huddah caught hormones for days and she decided to fire back at the critic. The socialite asked the critic whether likes pay bills. She then went on to suggest that the critic should undergo a brain transplant.

“How do likes pay my bills? If for every like I got a dollar, I’d really care about how many likes I get. You need to get a brain transplant!” Huddah hit back.



Huddah: I’ve always been a f** gyal. But last year I met someone, been with him for 10 months straight no other man

The days when Huddah Monroe used to sleep around are over, the socialite has turn over a new leaf and stopped having many transient sexual relationships.

Huddah admits that she was promiscuous, the socialite opened up about her past in a rare chat with fans on Instagram. She however claims that she has been strictly monogamous for the past 10 months.

“You know i have never really dated. i have always been a f** gyal. I had no time for chilling or dates. I was the QUEEN of NO time for CHILL! I only wanted to smoke a spliff and f**…And i broke up with guys when i got bored. So last year I met someone. Been with him for 10 months straight no other nigga. UNREAL! So, if that’s not marriage what is?” Wrote Huddah.

No mother what, we ain’t divorcing

Huddah Monroe asserts that she will be the best wife to the man who will marry her. She claims she has seen it all and would stay in her marriage till death.

“I am certain i’ll be the best wife a man will ever dream off coz i’ve seen life. Ate life with a big spoon. Travelled the world. Seen diff size/color D**… Nothing is new to me. When i settle i’ll settle for a life partner. No mother what, we ain’t divorcing … Gotta be someone I can tolerate their nonsense and their good sense. We fight, work it out and get back together and laugh about it! Ya Dig? … So let me take my time,” wrote Huddah.



How did you become so rich, when are you planning to start a family? Huddah Monroe answers intimate questions 

Huddah Monroe opened up to divulge private and personal details about herself in a rare questions and answers session with her fans on Instagram.

The petite socialite revealed that she was looking forward to settled down by 2023. She also disclosed that she would love to have seven children when she gets married.


Huddah also talked about her wealth, she however doesn’t see herself as a rich woman despite being an employer and owning several businesses and high-end cars.


4 SUVs for a girl! Huddah Monroe shows off her insane car collection (Photos)

Huddah Monroe is in love with European-made Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV). The petite Kenyan socialite owns four high-end SUV.

Huddah has four vehicles, she decided to show off her car collection in a rare post on Instagram. Her car collection comprises of Range Rovers, Audi Q7 and Toyota Landcruiser V8 2018 model.

Can’t show off 4th car

The Landcruiser V8 is the newest vehicle that Huddah Monroe owns, the socialite opened up about her love for big machines when she bought the V8 early this year.

“People see me alight from my Landcruiser V8, 2018 and they wonder, small Body Big Machine… I Love Big things, Big houses, Big D**ks, Big Big Big ..Big anything! I was born small, let me have it all Big. I Brag different coz my case different. BORN CHAMPION” wrote Huddah when she acquired the V8.


Huddah Monroe: When Alikiba married another lady people laughed at Jokate, now everyone is congratulating her

Jokate Mwegelo recently landed plum government job thanks to her loyalty to the ruling party Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM), she served as deputy secretary (Mobilisation) in the CCM youth wing prior to the appointment.

On Saturday July 28th, President John Magufuli awarded CCM loyalists with plum government jobs. Jokate was appointed District Commissioner for Kisarawe, Coast Region.

The former Miss Tanzania runner-up received congratulations galore following her appointment by President Magufuli.


Huddah Monroe has come out to throw shades at some of the people congratulating Jokate Mwegelo. The Kenyan socialite says the same hypocrites who mocked Jokate when Alikiba failed to marry her the one who are now congratulating her on her appointment.

Jokate dated both Alikiba and Diamond Platnumz. She was in a relationship with Kiba for a long time and everybody actually thought she was the girl the singer would marry.


“Fikra zenu kutiana tuu” Huddah Monroe fires at a critic who called her out after she commented on Diamond’s post

Some people think Huddah Monroe is a call girl or something, the socialite commented on Diamond Platnumz’s post and someone believed she wanted to bed the singer.

Diamond was recently featured in a new song ‘Time To Party’ by Nigerian singer Flavour. Huddah took to social media to congratulate Diamond on the new collabo.

“CHIBUDI CHIBUDENG! DENG Blaza meni … unangarisha East Africa vinoma,” Huddah commented on Diamond’s post.

Sexualization of everything

A critic replied on Huddah’s post saying that the socialite will finally get laid having commented on Diamond’s post praising him.

A furious Huddah Monroe fired back saying the critic was thinking like a sheep. She further cautioned people against sexualizing her posts.