Huddah Monroe exposes the dark side of celebrity relationships, describing them as ‘pure evil.’

Socialite Huddah Monroe is known for her bold and sometimes controversial opinions.

From discussing the types of men she would never date to her aversion to marriage, Huddah’s comments often attract attention.

Recently, she expressed her disdain for relationships publicized on social media, suggesting they tend to be short-lived.

“Every relationship I’ve ever admired on social media has turned out to be PURE EVIL!” she shared on her Instagram stories.

Huddah elaborated, calling the popular term “relationship goals” a scam.

“Any relationship that is highly promoted on social media is highly questionable. They are using social media to hide their unhappiness.”

Reflecting on her own experiences, she mentioned a particular couple she once admired.

“A lady I used to follow was dating a very nice man. I wanted her kind of relationship so badly.”

But a tragic turn of events made her reconsider.

“She committed suicide the other day. I’m still in shock and I don’t even know her,” Huddah revealed.

Here are some other controversial statements made by Huddah Monroe:

  1. She prefers to date low-profile men because celebrities don’t have time for women.

“Rich men don’t have time to love you. Lol! It’s all about choice. What rocks your boat? The need for money or the need for love? That’s my private life, I guess. And it’s not for everyone to see. Also, I date very inconspicuous men. No celebrities.”

  1. Why she does not like dating Kenyan men.

“I have dated almost every race in the world. As an experiment. Even Chinese, Indian. Lol! I know Asians are not my cup of tea! Kenyan men can be too cheap. I love to spend money. Not my cup of tea!”

“In the black community, a Nigerian is a headache. Not bad for fun, but don’t settle down unless you want to die young, ok. Life is about choices. Not my cup of tea either.”

  1. She wanted to sell her womb for millions and doesn’t believe in marriage.

In her Instastories, Huddah revealed that her womb was for sale for $1,000,000 (Sh116 million).

“I am selling my womb for $1,000,000 to be your baby mama. We will agree on child support while we conceive,” she wrote.

“Marriage can only last if you are married to Jesus Christ Himself. I am ready to be a baby mama to a king who wants an ovary donation, no strings attached,” she explained.

  1. Have children when you can fully care for them and see them grow.

“Don’t have children and still sell [explicit term] and walk the streets to feed them,” she wrote.

Huddah added: “Your children need you 100% until they can defend and protect themselves.”

My relationship was threatened by Juma Jux-Huddah

Juma Jux recently opened up about how his interaction with Huddah Monroe posed a threat to his relationship with Karen Bujulu, whom he was dating at the time of releasing a music video featuring Huddah as the video vixen.

During the promotion of the video, Jux invited Monroe to Tanzania, and their public display of affection, including being photographed kissing at the airport, attracted media attention.


Huddah discusses her experience with the flooding in Dubai, which left the city severely damaged

The incident led to a temporary breakup between Jux and Karen, with Huddah being the catalyst. Jux clarified this during an interview with Millard Ayo, emphasizing that he wasn’t in a romantic relationship with Huddah.

He admitted to Karen that he had planned the publicity stunt with Huddah to boost his music video’s visibility. Despite apologizing to Karen for months, it took time for them to reconcile.

Acknowledging his mistakes, Jux explained that he became a changed person and demonstrated his commitment to Karen by giving her access to his phone and passwords. However, despite efforts to mend their relationship, they eventually broke up again.


Let’s give Ruto an opportunity to prove himself – Huddah Monroe modifies his song

Jux attributed the second breakup to his inability to fulfill promises made during their reconciliation, leading to a mutual decision to part ways once more.

Kenya’s Vocal Stars: Celebrities Turn Political Critics in a Time of Discontent

Kenya’s political landscape is witnessing a surge of unexpected voices: celebrities. Beyond their usual roles of musicians, comedians, and social media influencers, these personalities are emerging as vocal critics of President Ruto’s administration. Using their platforms and influence, they challenge policies, question decisions, and amplify public concerns – transforming mere observers into shapers of the national discourse.

From Scathing Verses to Bold Declarations:

  • Huddah Monroe: Once a supporter, the renowned influencer made a dramatic shift, labeling Ruto “Kenya’s worst president” due to economic woes. Her blunt criticism resonated with Kenyans facing rising costs of living.

  • Njugush: This comedian uses satire to skewer the government’s claims of free education and affordable healthcare, highlighting the stark reality of high prices and unemployment. He also criticizes the appointment of wealthy politicians amid inflation.

  • Madtraxx: The musician accused Ruto of deliberately “oppressing the country” to justify potential authoritarianism. While later advocating for prayer and support, his initial outburst echoed public anxieties.

  • Khaligraph Jones: In his hit song “Minimal Pressure,” the rapper critiques the failed “bottom-up” economic strategy and calls out perceived hypocrisy among creators who met with the president about taxation. His bold lyrics resonated with Kenyans struggling under economic hardship.

Beyond Entertainment: A Shift in Role:

These celebrities’ actions represent a significant shift. By stepping beyond their traditional spheres and engaging in political discourse, they:

  • Amplify Discontent: They give voice to widespread frustration with the government’s economic policies and perceived lack of action on pressing issues.

  • Challenge Narratives: They question official pronouncements and offer alternative perspectives, fostering critical thinking among the public.

  • Hold Power Accountable: They use their influence to scrutinize the government’s decisions and demand transparency, pushing for better governance.

This trend raises crucial questions:

  • Can celebrity involvement in politics effectively bring about change?

  • Will it polarize the public or encourage constructive dialogue?

  • How will it shape the future of political discourse in Kenya?

One thing is certain: the emergence of these vocal celebrities marks a new chapter in Kenyan politics, one where entertainment and activism increasingly intertwine. Time will tell how their influence will shape the nation’s future.

Huddah Monroe Praises Billionaire As Her Type Of Man

Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe has praised Nigerian businessman Simon Guobadia as the ideal husband. Monroe, who is the founder and CEO of a cosmetics company, said that she met Guobadia before he married American reality TV star Porsha Williams. She was impressed by his kindness, humility, and respect for women.

Guobadia is the founder and CEO of a petroleum company. He is also an avid golfer and car collector. He has a bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of District Columbia.

Monroe said that she would pray for a man like Guobadia if she ever got married. She said that he is the “dream” man and that they “don’t make them like this anymore.”

Guobadia has also executive produced several Hollywood films and owns a multitude of restaurants in Atlanta.

Monroe’s praise for Guobadia comes at a time when he is making headlines for his divorce from Williams. The couple announced their separation in May 2022 after just eight months of marriage.

Despite the divorce, Monroe’s comments suggest that she is still impressed by Guobadia. She said that he is “the most respectful, black man in his calibre” that she has ever met.

It remains to be seen whether Monroe will ever get the chance to date Guobadia, but her comments suggest that she would be interested.

Huddah planning to SPILL so much tea in new book

Many believe Huddah is one of the most smartest socialites we have come to see on social media. She is more of like Kim Kardashian – has a nasty dark past but either way, she has never let her past reflect her future….and although she may not hold a degree or even graduated from a good school – Huddah is out here leaving her footprints on the surface of earth with her moves.

Well just like Akothee and Lilian Nganga’s who have written books based on their lives – Huddah now says she is writting a book that Will help her readers learn a thing or two about business….and the best part is that she will not be holding any information back.

The socialite revealed this on her instagram page where she shared a post saying;
One day I’ll write my book on business. It’s not rosy as it might seem. Y’all know I hate videos. So all knowledge you’ll have to acquire from the book. Coz I’ll spill so much tea on business & biz relationships so y’all don’t fall for the same BS.

Family, friends and business dont mix

Still on the same topic the lady also revealed why some people never seem to grow when it comes to business; and she blames this on amily and friends who often feel entitled to some else’s success.

However if tables were turned, Huddah says that is when you get to know who they are….she wrote;

People are not whom they seem to be when money is involved. Not your mother. Your siblings. Everyone can switch on you for the right amount of $$$$.


Mmmh…and with that – something tells me Huddah understands what betrayal from family is and has experienced it first hand.

Huddah denies having a romantic relationship with Juma Jux

Huddah has had si much fun with Juma Jux and thanks to their couple goal photos shared a few months back – fans were all convinced the two were a couple. Actually anyone would have thought the same especially with how lovy dovy they used to act around each other.

Huddah with Juma Jux

The rumors started back in 2020 after their Zanzibar vacation but back then, Juma Jux clearly was in it for fun since he was still hang on Vanessa Mdee. It’s also the same time he dropped a new song dedicated to his ex lover and him being so in love – he used a Vanessa Mdee lookalike on the video; and this is where Huddah made her ‘private relationship’ with Juma Jux so obvious by commenting This my fave SOng! Zanzibar memories ???????????????? under the song.

If that’s not insecurity or wait….marking her territory with the guy then i don’t know what to call it.

Changes tune

Well, months later and Huddah now says her relationship with Jux was nothing personal but business. Yea business with pleasure but then again – how would we know and we weren’t part of the them?

Anyway responding to a QnA post asking about Juma Jux whereabouts

Juma Jux ako aje

To which Huddah responded saying;

Kama Raila. Ilikuwa tu project. Na iliisha. (It was just another project)

Mmh, for a lady who doesn’t kiss and tell – clearly Huddah will not give us any juice.

Huddah now eyeing her ex sugar daddies young sons, says she’s done dating older men

Socialite Huddah…scratch that I meant former  socialite Huddah Njoroge is done and dusted about her affairs with older men. The beauty mogul revealed this recently in a post where she said I’m done with their raggedy a$$ now that she finds their sons more attractive.

I mean, who ever thought this day would come? Like Huddah dumping her rich old men to be with their younger sons? Does this mean she’s made enough money to stunt on her former lovers or is that she knows in future the young men will have good inheritance? Honestly….don’t know and – I’m not bothered.

Anyway speaking about her new interest in younger men, Huddah shared a post saying;

You thought they won’t grow up? I’m in the club with the M*fakaaass right now all asking for pu$$y????????????????????????


Some dads must be so ashamed that their sons are boyfriends and their daughter daughters baby moms to some boys they took their gal friends from.

Karma at it’s best

With all the experience she has had with older men since late 2000’s I’m pretty sure Huddah knows what she is talking about. If I’m not wrong, chances are that one or her younger boyfriends suffered this ugly fate at some point in life; when she (Huddah) dumped him for an older babu bae.

But that was then. All Huddah wants now is the younger version of what she used to date back when hustling for good money. To our surprise she’s actually not ashamed of it, that is after she wrote;

I can’t believe some of my sugar daddy sons are sooooo fucking fine. I didn’t even know how he had a son????????????.


I don’t want his raggedy @ss no more. I want the whole family at this point.


Not sure why the change of heart (maybe because she’s wealthy) but from where I’m standing it looks like payback.

Imagine…imagine everything she went through with the older men…disrespect, sometimes violence – maybe physical or mental abuse and being degraded as a human. I too would want to hit back….

Anyway to the sugar daddies who did her wrong back then – Huddah had this to say now that she’s done with that chapter of her life.

Heaven & hell is on Earth! Do what you’d like your kids & family going through 10 years from now.

And yea…it’s clearly payback!

Huddah throws shade at new mums neglecting their newborns for clubs

Huddah has lately been vocal about her skincare products and the bad part is that – she isn’t ready to take criticism in a positive way.

Actually, judging from her reaction the last time we saw her get critiqued – let’s just say she prefers hearing good things over reality. Yea yea we gerrit….the business is her baby and just like any other mum – she wouldn’t want anyone talking down on her child.

Speaking of children, the same socialite has come forth to address new mums who keep jumping roght back into the clubs; a few months after they’ve given birth. To her – this proves the new mum has no affection for their newborn which explains the club hopping activities.

Not fit to be a mum

According to Huddah, a mum jumping right back into her old ways not only proves the child is unloved. Actually what Huddah said is;

Many have kids they don’t want just to use later as social media accessories that’s why many don’t care about their little ones…

She wen to reveal that the only reason a new mum should be found in a club is whether she works there or is a wh*r* trying to make money for her kids.

Coz Chille the way people give birth and run to clubs is shocking. Have kids when ready! They need you!


Unless you’re a wh*r* and that’s your way of income – understandable I think????

And you still wonder why Huddah isn’t a mother yet? Well now you have the answer.

Huddah unapologetically goes after pregnant Wahu weeks after insulting Yummy Mummy

Huddah will always have a problem with anyone who tries to belittle her – well anybody would, but in this case it’s just that Huddah doesn’t like taking criticism.

About a week ago, the lady went crazy insulting Yummy Mummy aka Murugi Munyi who gave her honest review on Rich Skin collection by the socialite; and judging from what she said – mmmmmh it kinda triggered Huddah’s not so good side hence the bitter exchange.

Now – we have Huddah back to making news after revealing that Wahu and Nameless are among the many people who once looked down on her back in the day. According to Huddah, she once auditioned to appear on Wahu’s music video as a dancer – but it go so well.

Wahu and Nameless looked down on me – Huddah

Speaking during a recent radio interview, Huddah revealed that although her group was made a couple of East African girls; singer Wahu just took one look at her (Huddah) and said….hapana she can’t dance for me.

Many celebrities in Kenya were looking down on me. Sana sana Nameless and Wahu…sana sana Wahu. Wahu alikuwa anasema no no she (Huddah) can’t dance for me. She doesn’t qualify to dance for me.

And years later things seem to have changed as she no longer wants to feature on any local project – especially after what she went through.

However chances are that maybe they didn’t really look down on her but because of what she was on back then – reflected on her image…and of course you can’t have that on a project that will last for years.

But then again – Huddah isn’t the type to accept no from anyone, it’s either showing her her love or nothing.


“Panties are for people with smelly V@ginas” says Huddah

Do you wear panties or does your woman wear panties? Well if they do…(don’t about me) I’d like to know whether their vajayvajay’s smell some type of way because Huddah says panties are for women with not so pleasant private parts.

The socialite who is known for her businesses not forgetting wild ways recently revealed that she does not wear panties nor does own a pair. Yes, even when on her periods the socialite implies she walks around with nothing but free private parts – because she wants her genitals to catch some air. Maybe also, feel cleaner with less stuffy down.

On the detailed post, Huddah wrote;

I don’t wear underwear. I own none. My friends, my boyfriend everyone wonders why. But it’s this p*ssy part. It’s too fresh to stay wrapped up. Panties are for people with smelly privates. I think you need it to trap that odour


As if this is enough,the socialite went on to reveal wearing panties gives her infections, leaving many wondering whether she wears them while still wet…lol…I know sounds nasty right? But I mean wet in that…. baridi.

Well that’s her theory but I thought panties…not necessarily the ‘mothers union type’ are for sanitary purposes.

I mean, panties are garments that help prevent body discharges on your clothing and or running down your legs….women you know about this – but then again – wearing or not wearing them is a a personal choice.

Huddah reveals why she is not bothered by Young, Famous and African reality show

Former socialite Huddah is not bothered by the fact she did not feature on Young, famous and African. Maybe because she didn’t want to – or maybe…just maybe the YFA did reach out to her, but either way – the beauty mogul says ‘no thank you.’

Young, Famous and African

Well, she made this known in a recent  IG post – where she laughed off at African celebrities for using their talents to help others enrich themselves; yet – they get underpaid in the end or are paid using ‘exposure.’

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However with the likes of Kanye West, at least according to Huddah one is guaranteed to walk home with a couple of millions; that’s is judging from how much Netflix last paid him for his documentary.

Kanye’s Show Netflix Paid $30M. I have seen many tagging me to be in YRA lol. Haven’t seen as I am on holiday. Curious to know how much they got paid. Africans are Underlooked and underpaid because we love fame more than actually making it. Fame can only feed you for so long

Hating or just bitter?

Judging from the hype created from the show so far – we can confidently confirm that YFA came at a time Africans were desperately in need of a reality show featuring their favorite celebs; and finally it happened and now most netizens can’t help but ask for more.

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Well, knowing the fact that Huddah will not be part of season 2 or just any other season – netizens believe this is why she could be hating on the show.

Tbt: Vera Sidika shooting reality show


Again, wasn’t Vera Sidika shooting a reality show in the United States a few years back? Wonder what happened to that one cause clearly there are no signs having it on our TV screens anytime soon or even ever.

Huddah on ‘nasty thing’ that keeps her running back to her Ex

Huddah is vocal. So vocal that she is willing to reveal – why she keeps running back to her boyfriend; even when they part ways and start seeing other people. Well judging from her post, it appears that this is habit she’s managed to master for the past few months or even years.

As seen on stories shared on her Instagram page this past weekend, the former socialite did not talk about love being the reason she runs back to her man but – satisfaction. Yes Satisfaction in that c*umming or rather climaxing or whatever you call it.

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I keep going back. He makes me c*m others just c*m and don’t wait for me????????????????I wanna c*m too nigga!

According to Huddah this is the most important aspect about having sex and since most of the men she’s been with never get her to climax; she’s often forced to run back to her boyfriend who she says – gets it right.

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Huddah on ‘satisfaction swindlers’

I’m sure y’all have come across that mimi nikimaliza, akili yako ilikuwa wapi joke – mostly used by ‘c_m swindlers’ who by the way – don’t mind being referred to as One minute man.

According to them when a bedroom match begins, everyone should be responsible for their own climaxing – like really? Really?

Anyway, addressing them through her Instagram story, Huddah wrote;

C*m swindlers are many out here! They c*m and roll over. No nigga. Wait until I c*m. Or wait we climax together! ????????

Lanes! Huddah flaunts sandals worth Ksh 140,000

Socialite Huddah must be proud of her current business in Dubai that judging from her posts; where she appears to be living life to the fullest.

Well, word making rounds is that she still cannot visit Kenya due to her relationship with on and off boyfriend, Apocalypse Bella; who is currently behind bars for conspiring to steal over Ksh1.5 billion ($14 million) in COVID-19 relief loans.

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Socialite Huddah

Since then, Huddah has been changing and living in expensive apartments in UAE – but most of her followers can’t still figure out how she affords to make that kind of money without working.

Well, if you thought her money should now wait till you see the expensive heeled slippers she recently spent Ksh 140,000 on.

Huddah stunting on haters

As seen on a new post shared on her page, the former socialite not only served her male fans with a new photo to drool over; but gave the females a reason to hustle harder with her new pair of slippers that cost $1390.

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Stunting on her fans, Huddah wrote;

Thats the shoe y’all


Well I guess this is what tumia pesa ikozee means. No? Also being one who is known to purchase legit designer clothes, bags and shoes; I guess this is just another ‘ordinary’ shoe she wore for a day or two before putting them away.


“Mkona mileage kuniliko” Huddah calls out Kenyan ladies for being hypocrites

Huddah Monroe is mad at a certain Kenyan lady I believe may have bad mouthed her; only for the person she gossiped with to tell the former socialite.

Well I get this from her detailed post where she went on to rant about hypocrites who are busy judging her; yet, they are doing the same exact thing as her or even worse. Through his Instagram page the former socialite wrote;

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Boss chick Huddah

Lakini madem wa Kenya mnatembeza hiyo ikus huku inje sana. Nisikie mtu ananijudge! Nonsense!!! YALL hypocrites???????? Dont judge or talk about someone when you do worst behind the scenes.


And the men who listen to a woman talk about others negatively. Y’all dumb lol! Coz she’s doing the same exact thing behind the scenes.

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Takes a swipe at haters

Well, from the caption it’s also obvious to tell that Huddah may have been beefing with someone from her circle; but problem is – her business is getting discussed everywhere by people who think they’re better than her.

Addressing the haters through her Instagram page, the former socialite went on to add;

Not all but 90% , even married ones Mkona mileage kuniliko smh ! ????‍♀️ Just that I’m famous and y’all ain’t but y’all doing shit worse than me behind the scenes !!!! Fuck outta here ….. and I have receipts if I need to be petty ????

Well, not quite sure who is being addressed by Huddah but to whom it may concern – just know we’re ready for this drama. It’s been a minute.

Huddah explains why she will never meet and mingle with Kenyans living in Dubai

Socialite Huddah must either be full of herself or is just repellent when it comes to making friends.

It’s no secret that she only keeps a small circle around her; and this is after her relationship with the likes of Huddah and others ended badly.

Star Gal Huddah Monroe

From what I know is that the lass walks around with one of her cousins who happens to be her photographer too; and judging from how she travels with the male cousins, we can tell that they are pretty close.

With him around, Huddah doesn’t need the company of friends (to avoid betrayal) and if anything; this is one of the greatest lessons we can learn from the petite socialite.

Responds to Kenyans asking to hangout

Anyway, now that it is no secret that Huddah will not be coming home anytime soon; a few Kenyans living in Dubai have been asking her out – but unfortunately the lass is not about this life.


Through her gram Huddah made it known that she is not in Dubai to mingle nor meet up with Kenyans in UAE. In fact, she hopes that will never happen since familiarizing herself with other people may lead to disrespect or worse create drama.

People ask me why I don’t meet with people from my country and hang out etc. but I didn’t come to Dubai to mingle. And also too much familiarity creates fake rumors and disrespect. The few that have met me know that I am legit a loving person and very down to earth.

On the same post Huddah went on to write;

I know y’all out here. I see y’all hustle and I respect that. Love from a distance ???? stay blessed.

Huddah hits back at idle bloggers after alleged ‘house arrest’ exposè

Huddah Njoroge is not ready to speak up about her alleged house arrest that has left her living in Dubai for 2 years now.

For some reason we all kept wondering why the socialite is not in a hurry to came back home; only to find out that she is stuck in Dubai thanks to con artist cum money launderer boyfriend, Apocalypse Bella.

Huddah’s boyfriend, Apocalypse Bella

Apparently the guy was arrested in the United States on March 18, 2021; for conspiring to steal over Ksh1.5 billion ($14 million) in COVID-19 relief loans.

Huddah being one of the closest people he was involved with; the FBI are apparently investigating the petite lass – and we’re worried for her!

Too much noise, no facts?

Anyway seeing how the story is circulating on social media; Ms Huddah earlier today got to address the rumors through her page; but as expected, she is not confirm nor deny.

On her past, Huddah urged her fans not to pay attention to bloggers who have been accusing her falsely. The lass wrote;

If you follow what idlers say about Huddah you’ll die of depression! Huddah is just doing Huddah. Nobody can ever take me down. Only God and myself.

Well – question is…why is she still stuck in Dubai then? Vacation?

Alaa Alaaaar! KoT refuse to keep calm after learning why Huddah is stuck in Dubai

Huddah is rumored to be in trouble after being linked to on and off boyfriend, Apocalypse Bella.

From what we have learnt is that Bella is currently behind bars after he was arrested in the United States on March 18, 2021; for conspiring to steal over Ksh1.5 billion ($14 million) in COVID-19 relief loans.

Apocalypse Bella

Although details about this case remain unknown to the public; word has it that the FBI is currently investigating all those involved with Bella; meaning socialite Huddah also became a suspect  due to her close relationship with the alleged conman.

So far, rumor has it that the socialite cannot leave Dubai; and is currently in ‘house arrest’ which explains why she hasn’t visited Kenya for 2 years now.

Huddah with bae, Apocalypse Bella
Photo credits

Fans react

Although she continue to live the lavish lifestyle – Kenyans on Twitter now claim that they do not envy the lady since chances are that the case will not favor her.

Some have however gone ahead to sympathize with the petite socialite hoping she will not join boyfriend and Hushpuppi in jail. But chances are that Huddah will walk out free since her only mistake is; flying to Dubai to shake what her mama gave her on a yacht – for alleged conmen and money launderers.

Anyway, as for now all we know is that she cannot leave Dubai until the Hushpuppi case is settled.

Huddah to follow into Vera Sidika’s footsteps, here is why socialite wants to get married

Huddah Njoroge wants to get married. Upuus! I mean she has been saying this for the past 4 years  and I’m beginning to feel that it’s either she can’t give up the streets; or has not found a man willing to marry her. That is considering her past.

Huddah with one of her ex boyfriends

Well, look at Vera Sidika who toured around the world, dined with the richest and most famous people; only to end up marrying local singer Brown Mauzo…but why we are not hating! At least she snatched herself a lifetime partner and is now spoiling him with all money can buy.

Tbt (Huddah)

Anyway back to Huddah… the petite Somali socialite claims that it’s time to settle down; and I agree. However her reasons for settling down are not different from those of a slay queen fighting fatigue from all the years of running in and out of clubs.

Well I say this because Huddah recently made an announcement on IG where she wrote;

I drink and I’m hang over. Time to get married????


Smart slayqueen/socialite

Although the socialite enjoys playing the dumb light-skin card – truth is…she is one smart lady. Unlike other socialites who live life without investments; I’m told Huddah has several businesses running in the CBD – and have you seen her jewelry?

Huddah’s post

If you ask me, this is indeed enough security for her future; that is if she decides to settle like her former friend, Vera Sidika.

Weuh! Huddah explains why she cannot tolerate married and divorced men with young kids

Former socialite cum business lady Huddah Monroe has been living the good life in Dubai for close to a year now. Word on the streets is that she is currently dating an extremely wealthy Arab man who continues to support her lifestyle; and of course boost her businesses – which is a win win for both of them.

However at her age fans feel that it’s time for Huddah to settle down and start a family of her own. But, they forget that this lass cannot do this by herself without a stable partner; and believe me – this is a wise decision.

Huddah serving body goals with new swimsuit photos

Speaking about settling down, Huddah recently confessed that she has no business with men who have young kids. Her confession came moments after sharing a QnA post where she asked fans how they deal with men who have small babies.

No married or divorced men for Huddah

According to Huddah these men are often needy and carry a lot of baggage from their previous relationships; making it hard for the new girlfriend to settle down – with all the drama from the ex spouse.

Huddah Monroe

The lass who will soon be turning 30 years went on to add that she prefers being baby mama number 1 or the only baby mama to her man; where else other women are busy fighting for the baby mama #8 spot without a care in the world. Huddah wrote;

I can’t tolerate a married man. Even one divorced with kids is kinda hard but some girls are like 3rd, 4th, 8th baby moms and they are okay with it; I’m very selfish I like being numero uno. Is that bad?


Ouch? Huddah on why she sells cheap and affordable make up products

Huddah is back and just like her old self – the former socialite is yet to work on how she addresses fans and online followers. Could be that her words are true and harmless at times – but how she puts them is the problem.

Being a girl who grew up in the ghetto and luckily managed to make a good life for herself; it’s funny how she sometimes looks down on people – not just once and clearly not twice either with her demeaning words.

Huddah advertising her lippie

So far Huddah has bashed some of her followers for being poor, uneducated not forgetting fat shaming them; but either way we all know how it ends – as she always catches feelings when trolled for her own actions.

Just the other day Huddah was forced to apologize to blogger/product analyst Yummy Mummy following a fat shaming comment she made a few years back.

Huddah marketing her products

Huddah on affordable products

Well, barely 2 weeks after the apology Huddah is back to making yet another funny comment concerning customers who buy her beauty products.

In a post shared on her page, Huddah went on to reveal why most of her products are cheap saying;

Always create with your fans in mind. Just coz I can afford luxury doesn’t mean my brand should be luxury.

People say my products are affordable but that’s what I want them to be: Great QUALITY and affordability is key for me and Esp @huddahcosmetics. We helping you save your coins sis. And bro’s.

Then went on to add;

If you know you’re rich you know where to go.

Just like Yummy mummy said, Huddah cosmetic may have the best products but it’s CEO is just something else.

“If it’s beauty I have it, so what’s there to be envious about” Huddah to Tanasha Donna

At first the whole drama surrounding Huddah and Tanasha Donna seemed quite exciting; but truth is, it’s now getting boring by the minute especially Huddah quickly backing off from the shade she allegedly threw at Tanasha Donna.

Just like the other fights Huddah has been involved in on social media; she often either catches feelings then drops insults at fans and bloggers – and guess what, she just did that again.

Tanasha Donna and Huddah Monroe

As seen on her IG page, Ms Huddah distanced herself from claims pointing out that her post was aimed at Tanasha Donna. This is after Mama Naseeb became the most followed Female in Kenya (thanks to her Tanzanian team) – making Huddah the second most followed lady in Kenya.

But being one who pretends to enjoy a healthy competition – Huddah unfortunately ended up looking jealous and petty with her post where she tried to kill Tanasha’s buzz for the 3 Million followers saying;

Lol! So funny how in 2021 people still fight for who is most followed in Kenya/Africa or has most likes lol! But what’s your BANK BALANCE? Darliing?In this side of town we evolved! Even companies know followers don’t mean buyers 90% of the time esp in Africa cause most just follow for gossip and lurking! Otherwise we would have small businesses going to the moon outchea

Hold up Huddah

It wouldn’t really take a scientist or genius to see that Huddah was pointing out at Tanasha Donna. I mean, look at the timing the post was shared. Wasn’t it right after Ms Donna took to Instagram to congratulate fans for the new achievements?

Huddah backs off from alleged beef

Well, too bad Huddah – as fans seem convinced that Jealous is color that doesn’t go so well with her shade. But in her defense Huddah has once again shared a new post where she wrote;

If you have pussy, I have. If it’s beauty I have it. So what’s to be envious of? Followers? Lol!

Huddah to Tanasha Donna

And just like that, Huddah jumped from the frying pan into the fire.


Socialite Huddah: Why women should keep off men with six pack Abs

Six packs are the things girls go crazy for. They are what everybody in the fitness industry strives to achieve. But for some reason Huddah feels that women should avoid men with six pack abs as she claims they have nothing.

Huddah with one of her ex boyfriends

In a detailed posts shared by Huddah – the former socialite throws shade at well built-men saying they have no money or any wealth whatsoever. According to Huddah this is because most tend to spend hours at the gym – forgetting to chase money which is the only currency that can pay up bills.

Judging from her posts, Huddah mostly aims at those with the ‘Johnny Bravo’ body; adding that they physical appears justifies the wasted period at the gym. In one post Huddah wrote;

Used to wonder why some guys look like Johnny Bravo. Now I understand it’s cause they have nothing in their pockets! ????????????

Huddah throws shade at well built men

Having explored the streets before meeting her alleged Arabian tycoon; we would like to believe that Huddah is speaking from experience.

In yet another post, the former socialite goes on to add;

The best body a man can have is athlete body! Enough of everything. And as y’all can agree athletes or people who look like. Or people who don’t pull all their energy in the gym lifting have something in the pockets????????????

Huddah on six packs

Not quite sure why Huddah decided to categorize the six pack Abs battalion as broke; but all I know is that with her experience – you can not argue with the former street queen.

“I am not a prostitute” Huddah sets record straight

Huddah has heard it all but the best part is that she always finds a way to hit back at her haters. Unlike other socialites, I believe that Huddah gets emotional while interacting with fans; hence her bitter or rather hurt feelings while ranting.

Star Gal Huddah Monroe

As for the likes of Vera Sidika, Risper and Shakilla – just to name a few; they rarely abuse their haters but choose to use the insults for their own benefit. And trust me, fans hate the fact that they cannot hurt them.

Away from that, just recently Huddah held a QnA session allowing fans to ask whatever they needed answered by her.

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To our surprise for the first Huddah chose to respond to a popular question asked by fans; who needed to know whether she has ever been a prostitute or is currently one.

Huddah with one of her ex boyfriends

Huddah speaks

Well, according to Huddah – most haters who admire and want to live her life are the main people who claim she is a prostitute. But in real sense they are just fans with confused feelings.

Responding to the prostitute question, Huddah said;

That’s what sad, jealous frustrated people  say when they see young successful woman doing her thing. They hate on what they don’t understand. On the contrary what I do with my vagina is none of anyone’s business…Think whatever you want.


Like she said, her body is her business!

Finally! Huddah Monroe 2 months pregnant? She responds

Huddah was once known for her skills on these streets of Nairobi; and by this I mean her many businesses including the lipstick gig that have seen her make good money over the years.

She was once known to be paid for her club/event appearances; and in time word on the streets was that her career turned to that – of woman selling her privates. For the lack of a proper word – a prostitute.

Huddah however distanced herself from this and till date she still insists that she has never been a prostitute. Responding to a QnA post directed to a fan recently; Huddah made it known that she is not and has never been a sex worker.

That’s what sad, jealous frustrated people  say when they see young successful woman doing her thing. They hate on what they don’t understand. On the contrary what I do with my vagina is none of anyone’s business…Think whatever you want.


Huddah pregnant?

Away from that, word has it that Huddah could be pregnant with her first child. Having travelled to Dubai about a year ago; many believe that she is dating a tycoon who is responsible for her unborn baby.

Addressing a fan who asked whether she is pregnant; Huddah responded by saying;

Huddah responds

Huddah unveils scary photo from when she was drowning in drug addiction

Before the classy life, Huddah was just another socialite trying all sorts of drugs and at some point; the lass says she actually an addict. But thanks to her family and close friends, the lass managed to pull through and I guess this is where her relationship with Prezzo came to an end.

Huddah Monroe pens advice to fans

For those who may not be aware, Huddah back in the day was not just the life of the party but was a wild child looking to have all sorts of fun. According to her, she has tried several drugs but the only one she admits to abusing/using is Marijuana.

Just recently, Huddah unveiled a photo from days when she was drowning in drug abuse; yet none of her social media fans would notice this. According to the lady, back then she was not only struggling with drugs but also food as she rarely ate but starved herself; a characteristic mostly seen with junkies.

Malnourished Huddah

From the photo below it’s obvious to see how petite Huddah was back then; and the fact that she could have been in her early 20’s also confirms that she was just fresh in the streets.

To caption this photo Huddah talks about struggles she had to deal with behind cameras; but remains grateful to have overcome this experience that would have left her dead or ruined her life. Huddah wrote;

Fresh from drug abuse! You see the shine not the struggled. I am Blessed, I overcome. I will never be defeated.


Top 5 female celebrities who have undergone cosmetic surgeries to enhance their looks

With  technology advancing every day, women now have the opportunity to alter their bodies however they want. I mean, one can buy from booty, breasts, waist, short toes to a fake smile; but this is only possible when a person has money.

So far we have had a few socialites in Kenya and Tanzania open up about their surgeries; while others continue to insist that their bodies are natural due to diet and healthy living. However for the likes of Huddah and Vera Sidika; we all know they paid to get their banging bodies.


Huddah Monroe pens advice to fans

Huddah claims to have only done breast surgery which was aimed at slightly increasing her boobs. However some claim that she also had butt implants but chose to go for a smaller size


Kenyan socialite, Vera Sidika

Former socialite Vera Sidika on the other hand has been quite open about her surgeries. She not only went for butt implants but also had a boob job. Others also believe that she may have been getting liposuction for her small waist; but the lass claims her veetox tea is the reason she slimmed down over night. But question is, why is it not working for her now?

Risper Faith

Risper Faith looking gorgeous after liposuction

After battling with baby fat for close to 2 years after her son’s birth; Risper recently went in for liposuction and judging from how quickly she has snapped back to her old size… I bet it’s okay to say that money can also happiness.

Wema Sepetu

Wema Sepetu´s massive weight loss, worries masses

Unlike Risper Faith who chose liposuction; word has it that Wema Sepetu travelled to India for Gastric bypass. Unlike other surgeries, Gastric bypass is surgery helps a person lose weight by changing how their stomach and small intestine handle the food one eats. Well, so far fans can see the results and from how skinny Wema now looks; but very few would want to try it out.

Hamisa Mobetto

Tanzanian model, actress and singer Hamisa Mobetto

Although Hamisa Mobetto has always had a petite waist and a bum; most Tanzanian gossip tablets claim that she also had cosmetic surgery to enhance her entire physical look. Judging from photos taken during her modeling days in Nairobi and those shared on her IG; well it’s easy to believe the rumor…. but as for now all we can do is speculate.