Idris Sultan opens up about spending his BBA Ksh 32 million like water, blames his friends!

Tanzanian hunk Idris Sultan was the last winner we got to witness from Big Brother Africa. However this was back in 2014 where Idris walked away with a whooping Ksh 32 million and now he has nothing left to show from all that money.

Speaking during a recent interview, the comedian cum actor narrated how he wasted the money with friends who in the end did not benefit him. According to Idris, after scooping the cash he went on to reach out to the show’s management where he asked them to hold on the money; as he hoped to think through on what he would spend it on.

The comedian says he requested his money 3 months after the show was over; but unfortunately he ended up spending it with friends – but mostly he blames one called, Mike.

Model cum comedian, Idris Sultan

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The first time ambayo nimepata ile hela, a lot of friends walikuwa behind me. Plan yangu ilikuwa kukaa pale one month I wasn’t sure I would even last the month but all I needed was that platform to push my brand at the time. sikujua nitashinda so there was no plan for that money.

Squandered money on gold

According to Idris Sultan, most of his money went to a gold business he had started with the help of his close friend, Mike. Apparently, Mike was in charge of the finances and since he trusted him a bit too much; Idris never felt the need of following up with his bestie.

However, with time he realized that the business he had invested in was not bringing in money. At some point he even got a deal to supply gold to one of Swaziland’s King Mswati’s children; but this never happened!

Comedian Idris

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Mike was very close tukaamua kwa nini tusifanye vitu vingi. Kulikuwa na masuala ya gold na vitu vingine, vyote hivi nimemweka close. Sasa kitu kilifanya so much money ikapotea and I don’t understand zimepotea vipi ni kwamba I used to authorise release of funds for several projects upon Mike’s approval without asking questions because we were close and before I knew it, not much was left and there was no yield in the businesses.

Out of the Ksh 32 million, Idris says he only bought a Mercedez Benz worth 1.2 million; and a vacation with a few of his friends which cost about 1 million. So question is, where did the rest go to?

Reason behind Wema Sepetu’s ex boyfriend arrest revealed!

Idris Sultan has been finding himself on the wrong side of the law for a while now. Just recently he was arrested for allegedly laughing off at a throwback photo of  president Magufuli; but it turns out that their is more.

The comedian who had been arrested late last year for photoshopping his face on Magufuli’s body spent just a few days in police custody; however this time around he had to stay behind the bars for 8 days before appearing in court.

This past weekend his lawyer also revealed that he was not aware of the offense committed by his client; but like everybody else, he assumed this was about Idris Sultan’s post.

Idris Sultan

Idris in court

Mr Sultan however appeared in court earlier this morning where he was charged for using a line registered under his friends name. The judge also went on to charge the friend identified as Innocent Maiga.

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Katika shtaka la kwaza, Idris pekee anatuhumiwa kutumia laini yenye namba 0753 617621 ambayo haijasajiliwa kwa jina lake bali kwa jina la mtu mwingine ambaye jina lake ni Innocent Maiga, Na katika shtaka la pili, Innocent pekee anatuhumiwa kushindwa kuripoti ubadili wa umiliki wa laini hiyo. Pia Idris amepewa dhamani kwa masharti ya wadhamini wawili na bond ya TZS 15,000,000/= . Kesi itatajwa tena Juni 09, 2020.

His lawyer Benedict has been forced to drop the case as he will be used as witness in the ongoing case against his client. One of the post shared to update fans on the case, went on to read saying;

Idris Sultan released fom Jail

Wakili wa Idris, Benedict Ishabakaki ameondolewa kumuwakilisha Idris kwasababu atatumika kama sehemu ya ushahidi wa upande wa Jamhuri kutokana na kushuhudia mshitakiwa wake akichukuliwa maelezo Polisi, hivyo anabakia Wakili Jebrah Kambole, kesi imeahirishwa hadi Juni 9, 2020

Alar! Idris Sultan wanted by the Tanzanian police for photoshopping his face on President Magufuli’s body

Word making rounds on social media is that Idris Sultan is currently wanted by the police for photoshopping his face on Magufuli’s body.

Being a comedian well this didn’t appear to be a serious matter as he only did this to wish the Tanzanian president a happy birthday.

On the post shared on his Instagram page Idris Sultan wrote saying;

‪Kwa siku moja tukabadilishana kazi ili a-enjoy birthday yake kwa amani ????????????‬

Idris in trouble

Well, it seems that the post went viral catching the attention of senior politicians like Paul Makonda who is the regional commissioner of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Paul Makonda on the other hand decided to share a post asking Idris Sultan to report to any police station as he is wanted for pulling such a stunt on the president. He wrote saying;

Naona mipaka ya kazi yako huijuwi. Nenda sasa hivi kituo chochote Cha polic uwambie Makonda kaniambie nije utakuta ujumbe wako. @idrissultan

Wema Sepetu sends lovely birthday message to Idris proving there’s no bad blood between them

Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu has proved there is no bad blood between ex-boyfriend Idris Sultan and her by sending a lovely message to him during his birthday.

Idris has just turned 26 years old and he dated the famous lady in 2016. Sepetu in her message confessed that Idris is the closet to have given her true happiness because he got her pregnant.


Wema Sepetu was expectant with twins but she was not able to conceive. She lost the babies in a miscarriage.

Since then she hasn’t been lucky enough.

“U could pass for MCM BUT since its Monday and Its your Birthday, Wat the Heck…!!! Happy Birthday to this one who almost gave me My happiness… Wish you nothing but More Success and Good Health… Its your Day…!!! have a Blast… Keep doin what you do…,” she posted. 

“Happy birthday mume mwenzangu” Idris Sultan reminds Diamond how they share women on his birthday message to him

Some of the birthday messages that Diamond Platnumz has been receiving on his 29th birthday have been completely obnoxious.

Take for example the rude message Zari Hassan sent Diamond, the mother of five left many puzzled after she posted an unflattering message to her baby daddy on his birthday.

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Shared women

For Idris Sultan, he decided to remind Diamond of the women they have shared on his birthday message to him. Apparently Wema Sepetu isn’t the only woman the two have shared.

“By the way Happy birthday mume mwenza kwa nanilii na nanilii na nanilii pia kwa kukumbuka tu haraka haraka. Huwa wananihadithia kwahiyo kaza mwamba ?,” Idris Sultan tweeted.




Idris Sultan angers girlfriend after celebrating ex-lover Sepetu is not going to jail 

Tanzanian actor turned comedian Idris Sultan was happy that Wema Sepetu won’t go to jail after she managed to pay a Ksh 1 million bond after she was arrested with drugs.

Idris’ girlfriend, however, wasn’t so impressed with his move.

How could he?

“Wa sultan hawakai mbali na sultan. Kama vipi nitalipa,” captioned Idris in a picture of Wema he shared on his Instagram page, after the court sentence.

The comedian has come out to share that his girlfriend gave him the silent treatment after the post.  Idris Sultan and Wema Sepetu made such an amazing couple in 2016. They however broke up after she suffered a miscarriage and since then, two had an on and off relationship.


Idris Sultan defends Larry Madowo over his article on The Washington Post

Larry Madowo has shared his opinion about Cambridge Analytica on Washington post. The British consultancy firm has been exposed over its role in influencing 2013 and 2017 Kenyan presidential election.

Cambridge Analytica bosses have been caught on camera boasting of the control they exerted in Kenya. Investigation aired by British public service TV Channel 4 News, shows one of the company’s top bosses, Alexandar Nix, bragging on how they run the 2013 and 2017 campaigns, how they rebranded both TNA and Jubilee parties, wrote speeches and manifestos, conducted two researches on behalf of the parties, “stage the whole thing” and “ran every element of Uhuru Kenyatta’s campaign”.

Cambridge Analytica has since been banned on Facebook. The firm ran ads on Facebook portraying Raila Odinga as violent, corrupt and dangerous person.

The use of dirty tricks for its political clients including sowing tribal discord and using fake news is the reason why Facebook banned Cambridge Analytica.

Madowo’s article

Larry Madowo condemns Cambridge Analytica for poisoning democracies around the world on his article on The Washington Post.

Madowo’s critics however went on troll him over his article. Tanzanian star Idris Sultan threw his weight behind Larry, he says people were criticizing Madowo yet even Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has been summoned by UK lawmakers over Cambridge Analytica.

“Zuckerberg is summoned since most data was gathered from facebook and here we were just arguing why is Larry’s relationship status weird. We won’t be summoned for that ??”wrote Idris Sultan.


Idris pokes fun at Zari Hassan after she announces breakup with Diamond

Idris Sultan is making fun of Zari Hassan’s ordeal. The mother of five broke up with Diamond Platnumz on Valentine’s Day citing adultery as the main reason she decided to leave.

Zari explained her decision in a lengthy post on social media. She said she couldn’t compromise her dignity and integrity for her cheating baby daddy.

Understand that this is very difficult for me to do.
There have been multiple rumors some with evidence floating around in ALL SORTS of media in regards to Diamond’s constant cheating and sadly I have decided to end my relationship with Diamond, as my RESPECT, INTEGRITY, DIGNITY & WELL BEING cannot be compromised.
We are separating as partners but not as parents.
This doesn’t reduce me as a self-made individual, and as a caring mother, and the boss lady you have all come to know.
I will continue to build as a mogul, i will inspire the world of women to become boss ladies too.
I will teach my four sons to always respect women, and teach my daughter what self-respect means.
Unlike many, I’ve been in the entertainment industry for 12 years, and through all my challenges I came out a victor because I am a winner, and so are all of you Zari supporters.

Idris’ remix
Idris Sultan

Idris Sultan mocked Zari by altering the words she wrote to create humor. The Tanzanian comedian sparked mixed reactions with his insensitive post. Read the post below:

Understand that this is very difficult for me to do.
There have been multiple rumors some with evidence floating around in ALL SORTS of media in regards to Idris’s constant eating mkongoraa and sadly I have decided to end my relationship with mkongoraa herbs, as my RESPECT, INTEGRITY, DIGNITY & WELL BEING & PENIS SIZE cannot be compromised.
We are separating as partners but not as living organisms made by God.
This doesn’t reduce me as a self-made individual good mkongoraa client, and as a caring romantic man, and the boss of Sultan shoes and king of comedy you have all come to know.
I will continue to build as a mogul, i will inspire the world of comedians and big penis people to become bosses and pornstars too, okay not too but maybe just them but not me I’m an actor but anyway I will teach my four limbs(2 hands and 2 legs) to always respect women, and teach my penis what a condom means.
Unlike many, I’ve been in the entertainment industry for 3 years, and through all my challenges I was broke once but now richer because I am a winner, and so are all of you Idris supporters.

Idris: The number of men Wolper dated last year exceed the number of songs Alikiba released

Idris Sultan has killed two birds with one stone. He took a swipe at Jacqueline Wolper and Ali Kiba with a single post on social media.

Jacqueline Wolper has dated several men, some of her relationships barely lasted a month. The actress reveals she usually looks for fun and not a serious relationship that leads to marriage.

“Kwa kuwa nafanya vitu vya kijamii , najaribu kuepukana na baadhi ya mambo, mahusiano yangu mnayoyaona katika mitandao huwa ni ya kujifurahisa tu kwakweli na ndo maana mnaona nachiachia sana lakini endapo mama yangu angekuwa katika mitandao ya kijamii wala nisingejaribu kufanya hivyo, lazima niwaheshimu wazazi wangu,” Jacqueline Wolper said during an interview with Global Online TV.

Jacqueline Wolper with one of the boys she dated

Number of men

Idris Sultan is thrilled by how Jacqueline Wolper changes her men like a model changes clothes. The comedian jokingly said the number of men Wolper dated in 2017 exceeds the number of songs Alikiba released in the same year.

“Idadi ya wapenzi wa Wolper mwaka huu ni kubwa kuliko nyimbo alizotoa Kiba.” Idris tweeted.

Idris: Anyone who knows Wema Sepetu well knows she doesn’t take advice from anyone

Wema Sepetu’s ex Idris Sultan has commented on the bad decision the former Tanzania beauty queen recently made. Idris says Wema can’t be advised.

Wema Sepetu recently sparked uproar when she ditched the opposition’s party Chadema and joined President John Magufuli’s ruling party Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM).

“I can’t continue living in a house that does not give me peace. Peace of mind is everything for me… Natangaza Rasmi kuondoka Chadema na Kurudi Nyumbani,” Wema Sepetu announced on Instagram.

Furious fans ruthlessly bashed Wema Sepetu for her sudden shift to the ruling party. They accusing her of abandoning the party despite benefiting immensely from the opposition outfit.

Wema Sepetu in complete CMM colors

Dangerous move

Idris Sultan says Wema Sepetu made a bad move shifting from one political party to another. He further reveals that Wema cannot take advice from anyone.

“Kwanza kabisa kuhusu suala la kuhama vyama vya siasa I hope kuwa Wema ana Plan kwa sababu mara nyingi unakuta mastaa wanakuwa na mipango yao na mikakati lakini kwa upande wangu sidhani Kama ninaweza kufanya michezo anayofanya yeye kwa sababu sidhani kama ukiwa msanii ni salama kucheza cheza na siasa mara nyingi unaweza ukajionyesha upo upande gani ukatulia au hata ukabaki kimya na kura yako ikawa ya siri alafu ifike wakati ajue anataka nini sio unakuwa unaburuzwa kila siku lakini pia kwa mtu yeyote anayemjua Wema anajua kabisa sio mtu unayeweza kumshauri kwa lolote akakusikiliza,” said Idris Sultan.





Cassava found! Idris Sultan shares a photo wearing boxers and fans can’t sit still!

It is just the second day of 2018 and Idris Sultan is giving many a reason to keep refreshing his Instagram page. A few hours ago he decided to drop a new photo that has not only shocked men but earned him more female followers.

In the new photo, the Tanzanian comedian is seen wearing nothing but designer Calvin Klein boxers. And from the look of things, they did not leave any room for imagination.

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Why fans can’t sit still

Looking at the new photo it is evident to see that his junk is the only reason ladies have been drooling over him. Okay, he has both looks and a great height but at this point the photo below has definitely changed the game for him.

So did he slay or nah? Check out the photo below and be the judge!


Idris Sultan gives fans a ‘huge surprise’ after sharing a photo wearing just boxers (Photo)

Wema Sepetu’s handsome ex has left his female fans  thirsting over his new photo shared on his Instagram page.

Idris Sultan, a well known radio presenter and designer definitely had a hidden agenda that has left many thirsting.
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This is however the first time Idris Sultan is pulling such a move. And judging from the comments, he will not be chasing any girls as they are the ones after him now.

He joins the likes of Diamond Platnumz and many others who have flaunted their cassavas through Instagram.

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Idris Sultan named Fashion Icon of 2017

Having launched his own shoe line, Idris Sultan is now among the most recognized designers in Africa.

Apart from his shoe line. The fella also owns a radio station that has seen him become more popular even after splitting with Sepetu.

Wema Sepetu publicly grumbles about how she is missing her Namibian ex boyfriend

Wema Sepetu has dated several celebrities in Tanzania and even abroad. The former beauty queen is however still in love with her Namibian ex boyfriend.

Diamond, Idris Sultan, Tanzanian model Calisah and Namibia’s Big Brother Hotshots representative Luis Munana are among celebs who have dated Wema Sepetu.

Idris Sultan and Wema Sepetu

Of all the four celebs Wema Sepetu is still in love with Luis Munana. Wema’s relationships with the Namibian didn’t even last for long.

Wema Sepetu hooked up with Munana in 2015 after breaking up with Diamond Platnumz. They dated for a while before they broke up and Wema moved on with Idris Sultan.

Note that Idris and Munana were both in Big Brother Africa 9 – Hotshots. Wema and Idris broke up in 2016 shortly after she suffered a miscarriage. Wema was expecting Idris’ twins.

I miss you Luis

Luis Munana and Wema Sepetu

Wema Sepetu says she misses her Namibian ex boyfriend. The former Tanzanian beauty queen took to Instagram to grumble about how she dearly misses Luis Munana.

“If missing someone is A Crime then I want to be WANTED… A Blessed Tuesday to y’all… One of my Favorite pics…??? . I do not allow any Opinions… Thank you very Much…!!! ???,” wrote Wema Sepetu.



“I walked for a long distance to attend your burial” Idris writes open letter to Kanumba after Lulu was jailed over his death

The dust will finally settle now that Steven Kanumba’s killer has been convicted. Idris Sultan wrote an open letter to the fallen actor after Elizabeth Michael ‘Lulu’ was sentenced to two years in prison over his death.

Kanumba’s death remained a mystery for five long years until on Monday November 13th. The court found Lulu guilty of unintentionally killing Kanumba.

Idris eulogies Kanumba

Idris Sultan

Idris wrote an open letter to Kanumba hours after Lulu was convicted. The BBA-Hotshots winner tells Kanumba that he touched his life and those of other people in ways that could not be explained.

Idris reveals that he walked for a long distance just to attend Kanumba’s burial in 2012. He says that Kanumba inspired him and that he’s looking forward to repeat his feat.

The Bongo comedian-cum-actor also tells Kanumba that he believes he will now rest in peace since his killer had been convicted.

Idris winds up his letter by telling Kanumba that he’s praying for the wellbeing of his mother. He tells the deceased that he’s praying to God to grant his mother strength and inner peace.

Idris’ open letter to Kanumba

Dear Kanumba,

Najua ulikua hunijui ila nilitembea kwa miguu kutoka mbezi kimara mpaka kinondoni kuja kukuzika. Ni mda mrefu sana umekua ukitembea na sisi kuomba upumzishwe, sasa naamini utapumzika kabisa. Allah akufanyie wepesi na milele utabaki mioyoni mwetu. Tulifunga njia, kazi na hata kuhema vizuri wengine tulishindwa na tukapata depression kubwa sanaaaa yote kwasababu ulitugusa katika mfano usioelezeka. Naamini haki yako sasa imepatikana na namuombea sana mama yako apewe nguvu na amani ya moyo. Finally Rested.
Ni mimi wako katika matumaini ya urithi wa ufalme wa movie Tanzania, Idris Sultan

Wema Sepetu’s ex Idris goes for HIV test after sexapade with over 30 women

Idris Sultan has finally gone for HIV test. The Big Brother Africa winner went on a sex binge after he broke up with his then girlfriend Wema Sepetu.

Idris Sultan dated Wema Sepetu from 2015 to early 2016 when they broke up. The two split after Wema had a miscarriage, she was expecting Idris’ twins.

Wema Sepetu and Idris
Wema Sepetu and Idris Sultan

The breakup devastated Idris and he decided to sleep with several women just to forget Wema. In September 2017, Idris told a popular Tanzanian news outlet – Dizzim online that he slept with more than 30 women.

Idris however revealed that the sex binge didn’t work for him. The popular Tanzanian comedian admitted that he didn’t think through what he did.

Idris tests negative for HIV

Well, Idris recently went for an HIV test. It seems he was having safe sex because he tested negative. Idris publicly shared results of his HIV test when he recently took AAR health cover.



“Hii gari ilitolewa kwa mapenzi si kwasababu ya mtoto” Hamisa Mobeto fires at Idris over a message he sent Diamond

Hamisa Mobeto vent out anger on social media over a cautionary message Idris Sultan sent to her baby daddy – Diamond Platnumz.

In a birthday message sent to Diamond, Idris jokingly warned Diamond against giving Mobeto money for her upkeep, (Diamond revealed that he was giving Hamisa Mobeto Tsh 500,000 or Kes 23,000 a week during her pregnancy period when he confessed that he was father of Mobeto’s son) arguing that the money could be used to feed multiple orphans.

Idris also joked about the Rav 4 Diamond bought Hamisa, he said that Diamond could use the money he pays Mobeto to buys condoms which would have been distributed using the Rav 4.

Hamisa caught a major one and she decided to fire back at the popular Tanzanian comedian. The mother of two revealed that everything Diamond did for her was out of love and not because they have a baby together.

Idris was however quick to absolve himself from any blame he explained that his message was just a joke meant for Diamond and not her.


Idris Sultan reveals the number of women he slept with after breaking up with Wema Sepetu – he points more than 10 women

Idris Sultan is not only famous in Tanzania but the whole of East Africa. This is because he walked out as a winner at the BBA back in 2014 and later in 2016 he dated Wema Sepetu who boosted his fame.

Idris and Wema

However, his relationship with the Tanzanian sweetheart did not last for long since they both had different goals in life. Speaking during an interview Idris confessed that he was the one who walked out of their relationship but maintains that there friendship stays solid.

Wema Sepetu and Idris

Anyway talking about his break up with Wema Sepetu he told a popular Tanzanian news outlet , Dizzim online, that though he broke up with the lady, it was so hard to walk away.

Kuna utoto mwingi sana ulifanyika in public…going into love is very easy but kuondoka is hard.

When asked if he dated after his break up with Wema Sepetu – Idris jokingly said that he slept with more than 30 women hoping to forget his ex but things did not work out as planned he said.

“When I was trying to get her out of my mind, I slept/dated more than thirsty women. Honestly. So I grew up!”

But judging from how the fella likes to joke around, one can’t be sure if he was telling the truth or just playing around.

Tanzanian sweetheart Wema Sepetu and Idris Sultan give many a reason to keep talking (Photos)

Wema Sepetu is indeed a woman who has managed to keep people talking for years. She is a brand that cannot easily be swept under the carpet and again, this weekend she left many tongues wagging after stepping out with Idris Sultan for the premiere of her new movie dubbed Heaven Sent.

Wema Sepetu and Idris Sultan

The premiere went down at the Mlimani City hall attracting friends, fans and colleagues to come celebrate this new milestone in her life. However what caught peoples attention is the fact that she was accompanied by her ‘ex’ Idris Sultan for the event.

They apparently later headed to The Hyatt Regency “club Rouge” where the after party was held. This has left fans wondering whether the two are back together and if so, why are they keeping it on the low?

Anyway, Wema Sepetu on the other hand left fans drooling over her amazing figure as she stepped out looking gorgeous in a long dress that showed off her curves like never before.

Below are a few photos of the lovely dress;


Twitter erupts as BBA winner Idris Sultan launches surprise attack on Kenya

Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) have responded just in time to keep Idris Sultan in check, the Tanzanian launched unprovoked attack on Kenya.

2014 Big Brother Africa-Hotshots winner Idris Sultan has waged war on the wrong opponent; the Bongo comedian took to twitter to disparage Kenya.

“Someone tell Kenyans to move to Tanzania, Wana shida ya unga na skin color #TZvsKE” Idris Sultan tweeted.

KOT quickly responded to shove back the reckless aggressor into his lane, tweeps went HAM on Idris trolling him with memes and irritating words.

See how KOT responded in the tweets below: