Idris Sultan angers girlfriend after celebrating ex-lover Sepetu is not going to jail 

Tanzanian actor turned comedian Idris Sultan was happy that Wema Sepetu won’t go to jail after she managed to pay a Ksh 1 million bond after she was arrested with drugs.

Idris’ girlfriend, however, wasn’t so impressed with his move.

How could he?

“Wa sultan hawakai mbali na sultan. Kama vipi nitalipa,” captioned Idris in a picture of Wema he shared on his Instagram page, after the court sentence.

The comedian has come out to share that his girlfriend gave him the silent treatment after the post.  Idris Sultan and Wema Sepetu made such an amazing couple in 2016. They however broke up after she suffered a miscarriage and since then, two had an on and off relationship.


Cassava found! Idris Sultan shares a photo wearing boxers and fans can’t sit still!

It is just the second day of 2018 and Idris Sultan is giving many a reason to keep refreshing his Instagram page. A few hours ago he decided to drop a new photo that has not only shocked men but earned him more female followers.

In the new photo, the Tanzanian comedian is seen wearing nothing but designer Calvin Klein boxers. And from the look of things, they did not leave any room for imagination.

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Why fans can’t sit still

Looking at the new photo it is evident to see that his junk is the only reason ladies have been drooling over him. Okay, he has both looks and a great height but at this point the photo below has definitely changed the game for him.

So did he slay or nah? Check out the photo below and be the judge!


Idris Sultan gives fans a ‘huge surprise’ after sharing a photo wearing just boxers (Photo)

Wema Sepetu’s handsome ex has left his female fans  thirsting over his new photo shared on his Instagram page.

Idris Sultan, a well known radio presenter and designer definitely had a hidden agenda that has left many thirsting.
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This is however the first time Idris Sultan is pulling such a move. And judging from the comments, he will not be chasing any girls as they are the ones after him now.

He joins the likes of Diamond Platnumz and many others who have flaunted their cassavas through Instagram.

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Idris Sultan named Fashion Icon of 2017

Having launched his own shoe line, Idris Sultan is now among the most recognized designers in Africa.

Apart from his shoe line. The fella also owns a radio station that has seen him become more popular even after splitting with Sepetu.