Sakaja wins Nairobi Governor’s seat defeating Polycarb Igathe

We can’t say we never saw it coming but after months of compaigning, interviews and finally elections…the Nairobi people have decided to have Sakaja as their governor.

This was confirmed earlier this morning hours after netizens had already started congratulating the former senator on his new role of Nairobi Governor elect.

Senator Sakaja was vying on a United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party ticket while his strong opponent Igathe was running on a Jubilee ticket.

Igathe jokes

As you already know, in a race there has to be a winner and a loser which brings us to Polycarp Igathe who made the campaigns fun for Kenyans on social media.

Polycarp Igathe

Although he gets the second position, Polycarp Igathe indeed brought a different strategy for his campaigns hence the memes Kenyans on social media will forever remember.

Below are just a few jokes Kenyans came up with from his unique campaign tactics.