“The first one died after two days” Senator Isaac Mwaura’s wife recounts losing two of her triplets who were born premature

Jubilee nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura and his wife Nelius Mukami were blessed with three babies in 2017 but unfortunately 2 passed on.

Nelius gave birth to her triplets premature at 28 weeks (6 months). They were put in the neonatal intensive care unit where two passed on.

“At the eighth week, after the scan, I discovered I was carrying triplets. The kids came early at 28 weeks. They were kept in ICU. The first one passed on after two days, the second one on the 10th week. On the 12th week, I was discharged with my son, Njiru who will be turning two years soon,” said Nelius in an interview with the Star.

Senator Isaac Mwaura and his wife Nelius Mukami with their son Njiru during his first birthday
Senator Isaac Mwaura and his wife Nelius Mukami with their son Njiru during his first birthday

Nelius slipped into depression soon after the deaths of her son and daughter. She was in and out of depression from April to December 2017.

“Immediately after I left hospital, I was in and out of depression between April and December. During that period, we drifted apart with some friends although there were those who stayed and supported me fully.

“It was the support that was around me and acknowledging that I was there to support my child. At the same time, I realised my weight was an issue, and I focused on losing it. I took time to celebrate myself and my wins, hang out with my family and laugh with well-meaning friends,” said Nelius.

She said that the worst troll she has ever experienced was when people linked the deaths of her son and daughter to her husband’s political life.



“People attack me and even say I sacrificed my children”Senator Isaac Mwaura speaks on tragic death of his babies

Nominated senator Isaac Mwaura’s wife Nelius Mukami were blessed with triplets – two boys and a girl sometimes in January 2017.

The triplets were delivered premature and stayed in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for 11 weeks before two of them sadly passed on.

The senator has opened up about the deaths of his two babies in an interview with Word Is. He explained how he was coping with the situation almost a year later.

“I am a happy dad of one surviving child from my triplets. I love the way we play around with him because he reminds me that if his brother and sister would be alive today, they would have also been like him because they looked alike,” said Mwaura.

Isaac Mwaura with his son
Isaac Mwaura with his son

Mwaura also opened up about being attacked just because of his skin color. He says some political critics even claim he sacrificed the lives of his two babies.

“People attack me on the basis of albinism and tell me nitauzwa Tanzania. They even say that I sacrificed my children. In the beginning, you feel the trolls but over time you realise it is common and decide to just laugh because that is when you are making an impact. I even thought of blocking the trolls but realised that is a way of attracting traffic on their timelines, through posting controversial sentiments on my timelines.”

Nelius Mukami with her son
Nelius Mukami with her son




Issac Mwaura’s wife pens emotional message after losing twins 

Wife to nominated Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura has posted a sad message on social media as a tribute to two of her triplets who passed away last year.

Mukami Mwaura lost twins last year during the campaign period but didn’t open much about it.

She recently took to Instagram during the Pregnancy and Infant loss Awareness day to post a sad message remembering her two kids.

“Remembering My beautiful Angels, Baby Njeri and Baby Mwaura Jr. Today we remember all babies born sleeping,
Those we’ve carried but never met,
Those we’ve held but couldn’t take home,
The ones that came home but did not stay.
Make this your profile status if you or someone you know has suffered the loss of a baby. Break the silence. In memory of all angels too perfect for earth. #pregnancyandinfantlossawareness #Sleepingangels #angelmummy #PreemieLoss#infantlossawareness
” wrote Ms Mukami.


Her husband spoke about the incident last year saying that it left them with a huge hospital bill.

 “Mukami and I lost two of our triplets (a boy and a girl) and we were left with only one son and a hospital bill of 11.2 million to clear not forgetting that we were in the middle of party primary campaigns. It was really tough but we kept the faith,”Mwaura shared on Facebook.

Isaac Mwaura’s wife reads the riot act to people asking her why her son can’t walk at one and a half year

Nominated senator Isaac Mwaura’s wife Nelius Mukami were blessed with triplets – two boys and a girl sometimes in January 2017. The triplets were delivered premature and stayed in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for 11 weeks before two of them died.

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Isaac and Nelius’ son who survived has grown big, he is almost one and a half years old. The senator’s wife is however irked by concerned people who want to know why her son is not walking at one and a half year.

Isaac Mwaura's son
Isaac Mwaura’s son
Every child is different

Nelius took to social media to rant about people judging her son. The mother of one wants people to understand every child is different and stop asking her irritating questions.

“I must admit ,being a Preemie mum is not easy . the worst part about it is dealing with questions about delayed milestones .. my son will be turning one year 5 months on 19th June . but since he turned one every most people I meet are always asking if he is walking … others ask me if I have checked his calcium levels to see if he has a problem … others who are close to me tell me I dnt walk him enough thats why he is not walking .. Other self appointed nutritionists will tell me he is too Small for his age … he does not weigh as much .. who died and apppinted you distributor of weight ??? the thing is every child is different . I know my child is doing great considering his birth weight and his history … so I dnt need you to highlight it after seeing him for one hour. people really dnt understand how some questions and comments hurt .. We should endevour to nderstand and appreciate that every child is different . halafu be sensitive … empathise before you ask some hurtful questions,” wrote Nelius Mukami.

Nelius Mukami with her son
Nelius Mukami with her son


Why Isaac Mwaura wants Charity Ngilu arrested after Kikuyu singer who composed anti-Kamba song is arraigned in court

John Gichiri Njau was on Monday morning arraigned in court. The vernacular singer composed the infamous Ikamba song that disses the Kamba community.

Ikamba song has lyrics querying what the Kamba community will eat when the mango season is over. The singers suggest that Kambas will feed on dogs and wild birds.

The song was composed after Charity Ngilu banned charcoal trade in Kitui county. Some trucks ferrying charcoal from Kitui were set ablaze following the ban. The lorries belonged to members of Kikuyu community.

John Gichiri Njau when he appeared before Nairobi Chief Magistrate Francis Andayi. He was charged with three counts of ethnic contempt.
Time for Ngilu to face the music

Isaac Mwaura also wants Charity Ngilu to be charged in court for fanning ethnic tensions. The nominated senator says it’s impunity for the Kitui governor not to be charged alongside the Ikamba hate mongers.

“Isn’t it telling that the two musicians who sang a song against the Kamba Community have have been charged yet Charity Ngilu is yet to be arraigned in court. If NCIC chair says that it’s Ferdinard Waititu who started it, why is he yet to be charged almost two months later?” Wrote Isaac Mwaura.



Isaac Mwaura’s wife opens up about losing 2 kids after welcoming triplets!

Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura and his wife Mukami welcomed 3 premature babies last year but unfortunately 2 passed on.

They were left with their son who recently celebrated his 1 year birthday. In a new post shared on her Facebook page, Ms Mukami talked about a few of the issues she faced after losing her babies. She wrote saying;

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In the last one year, I have learnt so much that we don’t usually prepare for especially when it comes to marriage. Life has its ups and downs which we can never fully anticipate or even prepare for so this is not about being prepared for every single situation that can occur in life. But….am thinking there are conversations that need to be had About things that are happening every day. So disclaimer…. I am not a marriage expert, I am just learning but I feel some things need to be said out loud.

The death of her babies hits her marriage

In the video she went on to narrate how the death of her babies were now affecting her marriage. This is after she took all the pain in and did not know how to handle such a situation.

Just like any parent, Mukami was never prepared to handle the loss of her babies but she managed to pull through.

Some of the things I never prepared for was the death of a child. We do a lot from baby showers to shopping but no one prepares for the death of a child. So when this happens it brings a very big strain on the marriage. Some marriages break because if you lose a child, you have to deal with emotion differently.

But together with her husband things worked out just fine and they are now raising their son peacefully.

Moses Kuria warns Waititu against threatening Luo MCA elected in Kiambu County

Controversial governor Ferdinand Waititu caused a stir when he publicly warned Kiambu residents against electing non-Kikuyus again.

Waititu’s words come after he clashed with Kahawa Wendani MCA Cyrus Omondi. Cyrus opposed the governor’s decision to demolish kiosks set up near a public toilet.

Waititu asked Kiambu people not to vote for non-locals in his county after the clash with Kahawa Wendani MCA. He said that was a mistake that should never be repeated again.

Kahawa Wendani MCA Cyrus Omondi
In defense of Omondi

Moses Kuria surprisingly defended Cyrus Omondi against Waititu’s tribal remarks. Kuria is known for hurling tribal insults, no one expected him to stand up against tribalism.

“The people of Kahawa Wendani found it fit to elect Omondi as their ward representative, they should not be blamed for exercising their constitutional right,” said Moses Kuria.

Nominated senator Isaac Mwaura also condemned Waititu’s remarks:

“I want to condemn Waititu’s statement that Kiambu residents should not vote for outsiders. I want to remind him that he came to Kiambu from Nairobi and our people elected him,” said Isaac Mwaura.



KCPE top performer receives cash reward as Daily Nation is roasted for perpetuating injustice against her

Goldalyn Kakuya scored the highest marks in 2017 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE). The 14-year-old who is proudly living with albinism scored 455 out of the possible 500 marks.

Goldalyn sat for KCPE exams at St. Anne’s Junior School in Lubao, Kakamega. She has become the darling of many people because she defied prejudice against albinism to be Kenya’s top performer.

Daily Nation robs Goldalyn her top spot

Daily Nation newspaper has been but on the spot for perpetuating injustice against Goldalyn. The daily omitted Goldalyn’s name from their list of 2017 KCPE top performers.

Kenyans on Twitter are demanding apology from Nation for their omission. Some claim the Daily deliberately left out Goldalyn’s name.

Goldalyn  feted

The 2017 KCPE top performer was feted by the Albinism Society of Kenya. Goldalyn was given a cash reward of Kes 100,000.

Goldalyn Kakuya receives a dummy cheque of Kes 100,000 from nominated senator Isaac Mwaura



Adorable: After losing 2 of their triplets, Senator Isaac Mwaura and wife show off their cute son

In January 2017, Senator Isaac Mwaura’s wife welcomed three premature babies. However, two passed on leaving behind one boy who recently turned 10 months.

Having lost the two babies was not easy for the couple. But even during this hard time they were grateful to have remained with one healthy child.

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Just recently the senator and his wife dedicated him to the Lord like most parents Christian parents through Baptism. From the photos shared on social media seems like the family decided to step out in stunning matching outfits.

Isaac Waweru’s son on the other hand seems to have taken after his daddy as the two share striking resemblance.  The photos from the occasion can confirm that indeed the Senator’s genes overpowered his wife’s making the baby look exactly like his daddy.

The baby’s baptism

As expected Senator Isaac Mwaura together with his wife invited close friends and family to celebrate the special ceremony which took place at their home church.

Below are the cute photos of the young family.

Isaac Mwaura and wife share first photos of their only son who survived January tragedy (Photos)

Isaac Mwaura and his wife lost two of their triplets and were left with a hospital bill of Kes 11.2 million to clear. The tragedy however only made the couple stronger as narrated by the senator’s wife.

Mwaura’s wife Nelius Mukami almost made some people shed tears when she narrated how she gave birth to her triplets prematurely in January and how she lost two babies – a boy and a girl.

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Well, it has taken the couple eight months to publicly share photos of their only son who survived. Nelius opened up about her paranoia even as her son Njiru was discharged from hospital.

Njiru sleeping

“My son Njiru spent 10 weeks in hospital …so when he finally came home I couldn’t sleep… I literally watched him sleep most nights.. I would stare at him almost through the night . I couldn’t believe my baby was home . And sometimes I watched him sleep to ensure he was breathing … I was told I would out grow this habit but 6 months down the line I still watch my baby sleeping . I spend at least half the night just staring at him . I can’t get enough of his awesomeness …His cute smile as he sleeps .. I always think he is laughing with his angel brother and angel sister … so I say hi to them each time I see him smile in his sleep,” wrote Nelius.


Isaac Mwaura’s wife explains look of horror in her face when she first saw her triplets born at 28 weeks

Isaac Mwaura’s triplets were born prematurely on 19th Jan 2017 at around 10am. Mwaura’s wife Nelius Mukami has since opened up about her struggles ever since were babies were born.

About a fortnight ago, Jubilee nominated senator Isaac Mwaura revealed that he a had a hospital bill of 11.2 million to clear when they lost two of their babies.

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Nelius Mukami through her blog has since narrated her ordeal after her triplets were delivered. She explained that she struggled to accept the babies since they looked ‘funny’.

Mukami went in early labor and delivered her triplets through the cesarean section. The horror that met her face when she woke up from the surgery made her contemplate abandoning her babies.

She however came to accept the state of her premature babies and after seeing other tiny babies fighting for their life at the unit, she changed her view of life.

Below is her narration:

At 28 weeks pregnant the last thing I expected was to deliver my babies, so when I got strange cramp pains at around 9 pm on Wednesday 18th January, labor was the last thing on my mind. I called my doctor who told me to head to the labour ward, this was not strange as I had been admitted to the labour ward several times before in the course of the pregnancy.

So once we got to the labour ward they started giving me meds to hold or reverse the labour. By 3am that night I was in full blown labour, at around 7am the doctor checked in and said we would be going into the delivery room for an emergency CS.

My babies were born on 19th Jan 2017 at roughly 10am, this was on a Thursday.

I woke up a few hours later to find a lot of happiness in the room from my mum, my sister, my mother in law and a few friends. My husband seemed to be in a state of shock and a bit of sadness. I just thought it was the shock of the whole incident but I would later discover the reason of his sadness was because he had seen the children as they were being rushed to NICU.

I was not able to see my babies until later in the evening as I was transferred to the main maternity ward which was next to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. I was helped out of my bed at around 8pm,” wrote Mukami.

For the longest time I have blocked the memories of this first night because it was horrible. Seeing your child/children for the first time should be a joyous occasion but for me it was one night that I hope to forget. Every time I look back at this night I feel so helpless and disappointed and I can’t help but break down in tears. I never want to go through this again.

It was a feeling of shock, disbelief coupled by feelings of failure, failure as a mother. I had failed my children, my body had failed me, so many questions ran through my mind when I remember this night. We began with triplet number one (Mwaura Jr) who was at the furthest corner of the first room, then triplet 2 (Njiru) and 3 (Njeri) who were together on neighboring incubators.

Small is an understatement, my babies were tiny, a bit wrinkled and covered in cotton wool wrapped in polythene bags to keep them extra warm. They were all intubated and on life support. I was sure this were not my children, they were white with a lot of black hair. They did not look like babies. I immediately felt like running away. Why was I here? These are not my children.



“I lost two of our triplets and 11.2 million bill to clear” Isaac Mwaura reveals how president Uhuru saved him

Life was hell for Isaac Mwaura after he lost Jubilee ticket to vie for Ruiru parliamentary seat. The outspoken politician lost two of his triplets while in the middle of party primary campaigns.

Mwaura’s wife Nelius Mukami gave birth to triplets – two boys and a girl sometimes in January 2017. The former nominated MP who ditched ODM to seek Jubilee ticket for Ruiru constituency, revealed that two of his triplets died during party nominations leaving him with a hospital bill of 11.2 million to clear.

Isaac Mwaura and his wife Nelius Mukami show off baby shoes of their triplets few days before the wife gave birth

“I went ahead to vie for Ruiru parliamentary seat, sufferred political violence and eventually lost the election. Some people thought that I was down and out. Others even celebrated!!! Mukami and I even lost two of our triplets (a boy and a girl) and we were left with only one son and a hospital bill of 11.2 million to clear not forgetting that we were in the middle of party primary campaigns. It was really tough but we kept the faith,” Isaac Mwaura wrote in part.

Just when all hope was lost, Mwaura was redeemed when President Uhuru Kenyatta who nominated him to the Senate under the Jubilee Party via a Kenya gazzette notice.

Isaac Mwaura and his wife Nelius Mukami with president Uhuru at State House on the day of their wedding

The vocal politician attributes his near impossible return to the August House to God. He explained that he made history since in 2013 it was Raila Odinga who nominated him to parliament and in 2017 Uhuru Kenyatta nominated him to Senate.

“After the primaries, I campaigned vigorously for H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto in mainstream media talk shows and attending over 400 meetings and rallies across the country within 63 days.

“Exactly a year later on 25th August 2017, President Uhuru Kenyatta has nominated me to the Senate under the Jubilee Party via a Kenya gazzette notice.

“The impossible has happened in the history of Kenya. That in one election 2013, one is nominated by Raila Odinga via ODM in the National Assembly and inthe next election 2017, the same person is nominated by President Uhuru Kenyatta under a different party, Jubilee inthe Senate.

“This is the making of the LORD and HE looks at us deeply. HE and only HE knows the intentions of our hearts. HE makes a way where there seems to be no way. HE lifts and exalts HIS own and HIS word shall surely come to pass.

“For in His TIME, HE makes all things beautiful. How else would you explain this coincidence? There is a GOD in heaven and I know He never lets down HIS own.

“Lets learn to trust and believe in HIM and never ever give up even when there is evidence to the contrary. HE gives favour to whom He so desires for HIS promises are yeah and amen!! Thanks to all those who have believed in me and who have prayed for and with me,” wrote Mwaura.


Isaac Mwaura’s wife sends him an encouraging message to sooth him after his defeat, indeed she is heaven sent!

They say behind every successful man is a woman, behind her is his wife. This has been proven once again by Mukami Mwaura who is the wife to Nominated MP Isaac Mwaura.

Well, after her husband was defeated by Simon King’ara who managed to walk out as the winner with over 4067 votes in the Jubilee polls, the lady felt the need to encourage her husband with a moving message that has left many admiring the love they share.

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Isaac with his beautiful wife, Mukami Mwaura
Isaac with his beautiful wife, Mukami Mwaura

Through her social media page Mukami wrote to say,

“Our life is a sacred journey. It is about change, growth, discovery, movement, transformation, continuously expanding our vision of what is possible, stretching our souls, learning to see clearly and deeply, listening to our intuition, taking courageous challenges at every step along the way. We are on the path… exactly where we are meant to be right now……….. And from here, we can only go forward, shaping our life story into a magnificent tale of triumph, of healing, of courage, of beauty, of wisdom, of power, of dignity, and of love.”

Her beautiful message came moments after Isaac Mwaura had conceded defeated by congratulating  Simon King’ara through a post he shared not forgetting to thank all his supporters for staying loyal and believing in him. He wrote,

“Thanks for believing in us and in me, giving your all, never doubting that indeed we stood a chance to victory. We ran against candidates who had more experience and who had been on the ground for nearly 10 years doing what we did in slightly more than a year. We will be there someday and am certain that this campaign has left us better than the way we started.”

“Even after cutting your own ear with a razor blade you still lost?” Isaac Mwaura’s concession speech attracts hate and criticisms

Simon Ng’ang’a King’ara trounced Isaac Mwaura to clinch Jubilee ticket for Ruiru parliamentary seat. Mwaura conceded defeat early before all votes were tallied.

Mwaura took time to decorate his concession speech, he mentioned legends like Jesse Jackson, Barrack Obama, Wangari Mathai and Nelson Mandela. Read the full speech below:

“Good morning Team.

“The results are out and the people of Ruiru have spoken on who should be their next Member of Parliament.

“We did our best and we live to fight for another day. Our bid was a debut for a person with albinism and also a youth to ran for a high level political office in our constituency and country. This in itself has had its own challenges. Like many pioneers such as Martin Luther King Jr, Rev Jesse Jackson, Barrack Obama, Wangari Mathai, Martha Karua, Nelson Mandela, and recently Hillary Clinton, its never easy but someone had to do it. Someone had to be the first to pay the price and create a pathway of possibilities.

“Our candidature was the best in relation to the true roles of a quintessential Member of Parliament. It has helped fight stigma and discrimination, break glass ceiling, push the awareness and inclusion agenda forward, and inspire many other people in our great country and beyond to stand up and be counted.

“I remain committed to the dream of the Jubilee Party and most sincerely thank H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta C.G.H and his able deputy H.E William Samoei Ruto for the great support and faith that they gave us.

“To all my supporters, let us support the winner Simon Ng’ang’a King’ara of whom I called at 4.11 am and congratulated him. I wish him well in serving the people of Ruiru and wish to assure him of my full support in exercising his mandate, for leadership almost invariably, has capacity to transform society.

“We now join hands in consolidating the jubilee presidential votes towards the August general elections in order to ensure that President Uhuru Kenyatta and our deputy William Ruto secure a 2nd term.

“I truly want to thank all TeaMwaura volunteers who constituted people of grate talent both young and old. Vijana, warembo na Mwaura… thanks a million!! Thanks for believing in us and in me, giving your all, never doubting that indeed we stood a chance to victory.

“We ran against candidates who had more experience and who had been onthe ground for nearly 10 years doing what we did in slightly more than a year. We will be there someday and am certain that this campaign has left us better than the way we started. People of great talent and resource, well put into good use.

“For all those who supported us financially, materially, emotionally, in prayers and more so those who turned up to give us their votes, I say thanks alot indeed. Thanks for believing in us against all odds.

“We have ran the race, we have kept the faith. Victory belongs to the LORD.

“Thanks once again and may our good LORD bless you.

“Hon Dr Mwaura M Isaac CBS MP.”

Mwaura’s speech only attracted hate and criticisms, some said his lost karma. See some of the reactions from Kenyans below:

Omosa Collins: Kizungu miingi ya nini? Enda nyumbani and take a rest..u don’t mess with your godfather..learn to respect people, RAO picked u from garbage lakini ulimtusi ukaona umefika,kweli asante ya punda ni mateke,lets see what jubilee has in store for you…nwei pole!!!

Maggie Megan: Who wrote all these words?certainly not you,why are you mentioning great names like Obama,martin Luther king,Nelson mandela?You are not in the same circle,they never abused people…Who are you Isaac Mwaura?You fought for albinos’?where?when?….go R.I.P

Ken Jackson: God punished you for being ungrateful. RAIRA picked you up from the sewage of ruiru nominated you as the first albino MP in Africa. Then you blame raira for being undemocratic, power hungry, tribalistic. The party you fled to hates you no wonder they didn’t even vote for a traitor like you

Gonza Atiang:  Even after cutting your own ear with a razor blade n fanning Raila hate in Ruiru, you still lost?, pole lakini wacha tukuchekelee bwana…..

Albert Ratemo: You revolted,abused your political father b4 he concluded shaping….. let the ear heal ,go home eat your ignorance…… i hope you are humble now… Kelele nyingi imeisha sasa..

Fued Mc’opondo: Lets see if jubilee shall be as good to give free nominations to parliament as ODM whose leadership became ur campaign agenda for Ruiru people..

Ibrahim Otieno: GOD believes in humble servants not with bloated egos.

Leadership is wisdom,remembering tomorrow you may need that bridge,so you don’t burn it.

I’ve seen respectable admirable leaders from central,they have objective agenda NOT ABUSING RAILA,A man who believed in you in all odds….

Thomas Dellesmonterous: Pwhahahahah #MoralLesson Never use your Disability as your Identity and you never fought for albinos or anybody with disability yours was just but personal interest. Usiwatukane wakunga maana uzazi ungalipo,ulipo kata mkono uliokulisha what were you thinking? Ata kuwa Nominated as a Spanner Boy you won’t get. #TheRiseAndFallOfMwaura #Rip and thank you for signing your political Obituary.

Samuel Midianga: Jubilee iko na wenyewe and u should stop talking about Albinism everytime ur in a shit it seems Albinism is one of ua developement agenda there r many succesful Albinos but they always don’t lament about their life status

David Maingi: The future is bright mheshimiwa, tomorrow will b better than today don’t give up,that has been the first stride 4 a long journey

Onesmus Mukhwana: Too bad. You lost your ear and later elections in a span of less than a week. Consult H.E the former P.M since you may be up for another shock. Remember the hands that fed you.

Wan Jala Collins: learn to respect your past…. Raila brought you completely from nowhere, u forgot and started insulting him… go home in peace my friend

Lucas Segera: Reason why u lost. Rails was your agenda. Ruiru people want solutions to their day to day problems not where Raila slept yesterday ?

Boaz Abdul-Rahman Jamal: Never insault a hand that has been feeding u, u were on the opposition all those days then suddenly h woke up and started supporting the government, this showed the people that u don’t stand for anything but just your stomach. The same thing is happening to onyango oloo #politicsofthestomach

John Nyongesa Patsi: Ati albinism…. You were assisted by Raila to be where you are. The results was to abuse him. The people of Ruiru were seeing this. Thanks to Ruiru people hii maneno ya kukataa kurudisha mkono yakome. Kula ujeuri wako

Wilson Njuki: Go to hell on a bike, you are so thankless, you’d better have stayed in ODM that elevated you.

Bado wewe ulisema doctors are tribal, I hope when your ear was almost chopped off, you rememberes to ask the tribe of the Doctor Who attended you.

Hope by drumming support for Uhuru would make him nominate you! Mscheew!

Lucky Maruti Mafruits: I remember this line from Mwaura , “Raila sleeps in graves so that he can win elections ” , sasa wewe mwenye unalala kwa church mbona unashindwa ? What goes around comes around !!!!,,,go well to political oblivion.

Peter Musau Mwaura: ur not a bright politician .u cursed your father baba .see know ur gone.don’t burn the ladder which assisted u climb the roof .otherwise when close down u shall falll

Kimweli Jameth: You spoke ill of the man who gave you a headstart in politics. Utazidi kukata masikio kijana.

Martin Mawira: You lost your ears now it’s nominations. You bit the hand that fed you.Am really sympathising with you loser!.Kizungu miiingi ni ya nini?

Nicholas Mijwanga Oloo: When people were campaigning on the ground you were abusing Raila hoping to get votes. Too bad that didn’t end well

Tobiace Akoko: Crocodile’s tears….stop consoling yourself….people of Ruiru never believed in you thats why they havent voyed for you.