Zari: I have also dated broke guys before 

While many think that Zari Hassan is always getting rich guys, the socialite has come out to reveal that she also dated her own share of broke guys.

During a recent interview in Uganda, the mother of five said that she also dated a few broke guys before settling for the rich  Ivan Don and later Diamond Platnumz.


She went on to add that when dating, people should go after the connection first and understanding each other. Not money.

“You just need to find someone who understands you. It’s not about money or looks because I have been through the money phase, the broke phase so you can’t tell me anything. I have dated some broke guys too so I do know the broke phase so you can’t tell me anything. I have dated some broke guys too so I do know where I fall,” Zari said during her Interview on NBS.

She also said that she’s still not yet ready to date again after Diamond broke her heart.

“Maybe next year is when I will come out with someone to date but now I am not thinking of it.” added Zari

Fans shocked after new photos are uploaded on The late Ivan Don’s social media pages

Could he be back? A lot of people have been left wondering whether Ivan Don is back from the dead after ‘he’ posted a new photo of his son dining with one of his friends through his gram a few months after his death.

The photo which has raised mixed reactions among social media users who are now demanding to know who is handling Ivan Don’s Instagram page since they all witnessed his burial.

Latest photo shared on Ivan’s page

However, Zari who was among those who commented on the photo revealed that the photo had been posted by Ivan’s management team but the fans could not hear none of this.

Anyway, we are yet to know whether the Instagram account will be passed down to the son’s or deactivated since fans are not comfortable with photos being uploaded on a dead man’s social media account.

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