Life is for the living: Zari Hassan comes clean on inheriting late husband’s wealth

Zari Hassan lost her ex husband Ivan Don in the year, and being a wise wealthy man, Ivan is believed to have left all his inheritance to his kids and their mum Zari Hassan.

Ivan Don's mansion
The late Ivan Don at his Ugandan mansion

If you know how wealth Ivan Don was – then I bet you understand the amount that was left in his 3 sons names. So far those who knew Zari back then claim that Ivan Don’s death changed Zari’s life for the better as she now rolls with the rich widows of South Africa.

The late Ivan Don with friends

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Yes, a lot of money was left in her care but what Zari says is that she helped in building Ivan’s wealth; something that very few tend to forget hence accuse her of inheriting money she never worked for. Speaking her YouTube interview, the boss lady said;

When we got together we had so much ambition. Looking at him he had so much potential and when he looked at me he saw my force.So we combined both our energies and created an empire.

I’ve earned all the money in my name

Responding to claims that her current wealth is that of late husband Ivan Don, Zari said;

Zari with late ex husband, Ivan

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I never inherited anything from him. There were times we drove a car whose doors wouldn’t even open, but people did not know that.But now when someone sees you posting a Lamborghini they say ‘she inherited it.

Okay, yes we get it that she also helped where she could; but also we cannot overlook the fact that after Ivan Don’s death is when she stopped asking Diamond Platnumz for child support.

I mean, with all that money in her account – lately it appears that Diamond Platnumz is the one doing the begging; unlike back when he used to communicate with mama Tiffah through his lawyers. Aki Wewe pesa!

“No one has ever matched your giving heart, everyone is clout chasing” Zari Hassan throwing at Diamond Platnumz while celebrating Ivan Don?

Zari Hassan is missing the late Ivan Don for all the good reason. He is the man who fathered her 3 first born sons and was her first husband before they parted ways following personal reasons.

However the two were among the top discussed couple from East Africa and after the death of Ivan Don; both Zari and her boys stopped visiting Uganda that much.

Even with Ivan Don gone, his sons seem ready to take over their dad’s legacy. The late tycoon was not only known for his parties but also good gestures in terms of helping the needy back at home.

For those who can remember, Ivan always made headlines during Blankets and Wine in uganda; which now stays different with the rich gang no longer participating like old times.

Ivan don
Ivan don

Zari pours out her heart

Anyway, it has since been 3 years since Ivan left his loved ones and fans following his untimely death. According to reports, the tycoon passed on following a heart condition that worsened while he was in the ICU.

Details about his passing however remain in the family; but hopefully one day his sons will open up to share what really went on. To mark this special day, Zari went on to share a new post dedicated to her late ex husband. In the caption, Zari Hassan described the late Ivan as a great man who brought change into his community.

Rich Gang

According to Zari nothing has been the same since he left, promising him that the fire he started will continue burning from generation to generation. She wrote;

You still the G.O.A.T even after 3 years of your passing. The game has never been the same since you left, December’s are nolonger the same, obubalaza here in SA aint the same, pop bottle games not the same, your giving heart was never matched.

While praising him, Zari also mentioned that he was a Ivan was generous man whose giving heart can not be matched! Zari also mentioned that those pretending to help the poor were either clowning; remembering the fact that she referred to Diamond a clown for helping the poor yet he didn’t know what his children were eating; or clout chasing. She concluded saying;

You were the ‘UN office for all’. Everyone else is just clowning or chasing clout. Your shoes are too big to fit/fill. Continue resting in peace champ, 3 years already but it seems like yesterday. We love you and miss you always #TheDon

Ivan Don and Zari Hassan’s last born son Lil Q already looking like an 18 year old only at 13! (Photos)

Zari Hassan’s last born son with the late Ivan Don is finally a teen! However it appears that Zari is either over feeding him or the teenage hormones have been kicking in quite strong!

This past weekend despite the current lock down, Zari Hassan chose to celebrate her baby boy’s birthday now that he is finally a teenager!

Through her Instagram page, Zari Hassan went on to share a never before seen photo of Lil Q; leaving many talking since his appearance and age don’t really seem to add up! Well this is because lil Q looks more of like an 18 year old in terms of the body size – however we all know he is not yet legal.

Lil Q with his late daddy, Ivan Don

The boss lady celebrated her son’s special day in a short message where she wrote;

Happy birthday to my lil q aka Ivan Junior. You’ll forever be mummy’s bae no matter how big you get. 13 these days looks like 18

Zari’s baby boy, Lil Q

In her message, Zari praised him for growing up so fast not forgetting to add the fact that he looks everything like the late Ivan Don.

Looking at the photos it’s quite evident to notice the resemblance Lil Q has with his late daddy, especially around his mouth region. What’s more surprising is that all Zari’s son seem to have matured overnight especially since their mum is often busy with the youngest siblings, Tiffah and Nillan!

Lil Q aka Ivan Junior

Nillan Dangote

Just a few days ago, Zari Hassan celebrated her baby boy Nillan as her MCM for always being responsible; and unlike Tiffah – Zari also revealed that her young man basically raised himself.

In the post, the mother of 5 also went on to mention that unlike most kids; Nillan never showed any signs of competition in terms of attention – probably because he learnt it from his older brothers!

However we cannot forget to applaud Zari for being a super mum on social media!

Zari: If I was as foolish as people say am I, Wouldn’t I have wasted all our riches since Ivan died?

Over and over again socialite Zari Hassan has insisted that she helped her late ex-hubby Ivan Ssemwanga build the empire that he left to her.

In a recent interview, the socialite addressed this yet again saying that all that she has now was not really inherited but built by her and his ex-husband. She said that people keep saying she will blow the money but two years on, everything is still running intact.

Watu wakisema oh pesa za urithi huwezi hata kama umewacha mamilioni ukawachia mwanamke mjinga sasa hivi miaka miwili hivyo vitu vikawa bado vipo. Shule ingekuwa ishafunga, gari hazipo, majumba hayapo, yaani kila kitu,” she added.


The mother of five added that as much as there are pending projects, she still manages all things and she’ll continue proving to guys wrong.

Uganda kuna unfinished hotel, they’re two big buildings worth 5 million Dollars and uncompleted and at this rate. Hio project unajua vile Ivan amefariki kumekuwa na vitu vingi, madeni kidogo unajua nilikuwa nimeweka bidii sana kuona hizi deni zimelipwa. Tungekuwa hatujalipa hizi deni nyumba zingekuwa zimeenda, hio hoteli Uganda ingekuwa imeenda, vitu vingi vingekuwa vimeenda lakini vile amefariki nimejitahidi sana,” said Zari.

She added:

Mimi na Ivan tumekutana when we had nothing, we hustled our way to build this empire that is still standing today the legacy.” she said.

Zari Hassan denies ex-husband Ivan made her: That’s where y’all get confused

Socialite Zari Hassan has come out to deny that all her riches, name and lifestyle are because of her ex-hubby Ivan Don Ssemwanga. As it were, Ivan was very wealthy, a fete that got him crowned “God-father of the rich gang”.

The late Ivan who sired three kids with Zari Hassan, passed away on Thursday, May 25, in a South African hospital after 11 days in ICU following heart related complications.

Zari however has denied that she fell for him because of these riches. Responding to a comment on Instagram, Zari said that she was way way ambitious even before meeting Ivan.

While you’re looking for rich husbands, I wanna be a rich wife. #MondayMotivation to all my hustler ladies out there tryna make it in a male dominated world. We can do,” wrote Zari.


An Instagram follower then responded to Zari’s post saying her late ex-husband was her sponsor.

But after all said and done Don (R.i.p) is still the sponsor of your wealth. But I like the way you have kept up his legacy. #RESPECT,” said Jeddy.

Zari fired back saying:

@jeedymarto that’s where y’all get confused. He never made me, we made each other, we equally played the roles because we had big goals, big dreams. Y’all know Ivan after the boys have been born and grown, look back at my throwbacks and you’ll see what I mean,” responded Zari Hassan.


Fans shocked after new photos are uploaded on The late Ivan Don’s social media pages

Could he be back? A lot of people have been left wondering whether Ivan Don is back from the dead after ‘he’ posted a new photo of his son dining with one of his friends through his gram a few months after his death.

The photo which has raised mixed reactions among social media users who are now demanding to know who is handling Ivan Don’s Instagram page since they all witnessed his burial.

Latest photo shared on Ivan’s page

However, Zari who was among those who commented on the photo revealed that the photo had been posted by Ivan’s management team but the fans could not hear none of this.

Anyway, we are yet to know whether the Instagram account will be passed down to the son’s or deactivated since fans are not comfortable with photos being uploaded on a dead man’s social media account.

checkout the comments below:

“You might not be physically here but you will forever be remembered” Zari Hassan beautiful message to her late husband

It’s not everyday you find women wishing their exes the best. In fact, most wish death on them (sooo true) but Zari Hassan is proving to be different. From her posts one can clearly see her wishing that Ivan wouldn’t have left them so soon.

Despite having separated, she was still close to him for the sake of their sons and their friendship that began even before they became man and wife. Now that Ivan’s body was buried and is now in a better place…Zari Hassan shared a photo showing the shrine she made for him at her house to pray and remember him.

She wrote saying,

“Death robbed you from us but I strongly believe you are in a better place now that you are with God. Your physical presence will be missed but you will forever be remembered. Till we meet again, Rest in internal peace Ivan the Don.”

Her sons have also been doing the same but their fathers death came at a time when they did not expect it!

Beautiful photos of the late Ivan Don spending time with his 3 sons and ex wife Zari Hassan

Before Zari Hassan got involved with Diamond Platnumz, to be honest we didn’t know much about the lass and her family. However, with time we learnt about her sons and her ex husband Ivan Don who was a socialite, businessman and a Ugandan tycoon.

Unfortunately Ivan Don as he is known is said to have passed on in the wee hours this morning leaving many shocked as we never saw it coming. The late dad of three boys apparently suffered a heart condition that left him lifeless a few days after being admitted to the ICU.

Though he is gone, I have a compiled a few photos of the guy spending some quality time with his ex wife and their sons when he was still alive. These are the times he looked happier compared to their photos we have come to see since he split with his ex wife.

If I am not wrong, Ivan Don never married again after Zari nor does he have any kids outside that we have heard of (yet). Anyway checkout the photos here.



Zari claims Ivan’s property belongs to her and her sons, is the Ugandan tycoon still alive? (audio)

So far what we know is that Ivan is still in hospital battling for his life but now we are left wondering whether he is still alive since Zari has come out to claim his property as she tells those who are not family should keep off their business.


This was revealed through an audio that is currently making rounds on social media where the mother of 5 is heard screaming at the top of her voice saying that she has an understanding with Ivan Don since they have children together.

The audio shared by a popular Instagram gossip outlet has left many questioning why the lass is now interested in Ivan’s property when he is still in hospital or they are not telling the public the truth. According to the tabloid the lass is heard saying,

Update on Zari’s ex husband: Another heartbreaking photo of Ivan Don on Life-support machine

It is true that money cannot buy life or good health. Some of the richest people in the world can confirm this including Ivan Don, who is currently battling for his life after he suffered a heart attack a few days ago.

According to the stories making rounds on social media, the Ugandan tycoon has not regained his consciousness yet and is still breathing through the help of a life machine that is keeping him alive. Friends have been posting photos of him as they ask fans to join in and pray for the fella’s health as his family is suffering to see him in his current condition.

His latest photo that was posted on social media shows Ivan Don on his hospital bed looking totally different from the Jovial party person we are used to. Though his close friends are however complaining about this photo making rounds on social media, we are not quite sure who shared it since his family and friends are the only people who are allowed to visit him at the hospital.

We however pray that the father of three boys will soon get better and reunite with his family. Checkout the photo below:

Zari Hassan’s ex husband Ivan Ssemwanga put on life support machine as he battles to stay alive

Ivan Don who is the father of Zari’s three sons is now admitted at Steve Biko hospital, Pretoria, South Africa where he is reported to be fighting for his life after being hospitalized following a heart condition after two of his blood vessels burst.

As reported by several Ugandan tabloids Ivan Don has never suffered a heart condition before and as many know he is a man who enjoys going out with friends and living large as he is among the richest people we have in East Africa.

Zari's post
Zari’s post

Anyway a few hours ago Zari Hassan shared a photo of a lit candle as she asked her fans to pray for her baby daddy who is currently hospitalized. She wrote saying…

“Pray for @ivandon”

In another photo Zari is seen at the Steve Biko hospital in Pretoria, South Africa starring at her ex husband who is in coma fighting for his dear life. We are still waiting for more details concerning his health but we wish him a quick recovery.

Ivan fighting for his life
Ivan fighting for his life

Who got the key to the city!! After Diamond Platnumz showed off his new hummer, Zari’s ex husband acquires a similar ride and a 3 story mansion

The competition between Diamond Platnumz and Zari’s ex husband Ivan Don is quite healthy. The two are always out to out do each other and though Diamond Platnumz acquired his wealth just the other day unlike Ivan… let us just say that he is not doing lagging behind.

A few days ago the Tanzanian artiste shared a photo of the hummer he bought while in South Africa and word has it that this is his errand car whenever he will be visiting his baby mama who happens to live in SA.

Diamond's new ride
Diamond’s new ride

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Now it seems that Ivan Don is not willing to be left behind. He recently shared a photo chilling next to his hummer which was parked outside his 3 story mansion in South Africa.

From the comments I have reason to believe that Ivan shared the photo as a throw back just to throw some shade to his ex wife’s new man…showing him who did it first.

Ivan don
Ivan don

Ivan Don is popularly known for wealth and clubbing ways together with his boys from Rich Gang.

Ivan Don