”I want a baby sister” Ivanna to Betty Kyallo

Betty Kyallo is aging like fine wine and we love it. Of course her fine looks keep captivating many; not forgetting her BBW body that could  be giving the male species sleepless nights on social media.

Away from that, we do understand that Betty Kyallo only has one child, Ivanna from her previous marriage.

Betty Kyallo with Ex, Dennis Okari on their wedding day

Since then, it appears that Miss BK took a long break from adding more babies; but thanks to daughter, Ivanna – the former news anchor might just reconsider her plans on having another baby.

Baby number 2

On the video shared by Betty Kyallo, one can clearly hear 6 year old Ivanna asking her mum for a baby sister; before proceeding to sing a lullaby for her baby doll.

Betty Kyallo’s bae

In response, Betty Kyallo goes on to express her surprise; but come on, a 6 year gap is enough to add another baby, right? However I guess this time around Miss Betty will be welcoming a mixed Ethiopian baby; since fans already met their in law – and approved!

Well, if indeed she has plans on having a baby this 2021 – then I guess the time is now since the year remains fresh! Watch the video below.


Betty Kyallo

“I wanted to be a Catholic nun but Ivanna might become the one,” Betty Kyallo reveals

Even before her passion in Journalism was born, Betty Kyallo always desired to end up a Catholic nun since a tender age.

No marriage, no family, no children, that was to be a young Betty Mutei’s future that never came to pass. However, all hope is not lost because her daughter Ivanna may end up taking over her mum’s dream.

Betty Kyallo on her knees for daughter Ivanna

During her exclusive interview on Churchill Show, the popular journalist admitted that her heart was always for the convent, every Sunday gazing at and admiring the Catholic nuns dressed in white and she could not wait to get there.

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Having been born and bred into a Catholic family, Betty enjoyed the Sunday hymns, would always lead prayers at home and would admire the modesty of the nuns and their crisp-ironed veils. Funny enough, she didn’t like the male species.

I just wanted to be like them and serve God. Hakuna kusumbuliwa na machali nini nini…

Mompreneur, Betty Kyallo

Unfortunately, it proved tough with time and that’s when her spark for the media was born.

But I really wanted to be a nun. Maybe now Ivanna can take it up. Because now I’m past that, unemployed etc. Plus, mabudesko walinichanganyisha.

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Churchill savagely admitted that Betty was no longer viable to become a nun for reasons he kept to himself, but got Betty worried and felling guilty. Have a listen:

Growing up before our eyes! Betty Kyallo’s daughter, Ivanna, is turning into a beautiful young lady (Photos)

Betty Kyallo’s daughter recently celebarted her 6th birthday; and yes, we also can’t believe how time flies so fast when we are not watching!

At 6 years, of course Ivanna continues to change both physically and mentally. From the few videos shared by her mummy BK we understand that Ivanna is one smart baby who definitely got her brains from her parents.

Looking at her photos, it’s also obvious to see that she may have inherited most of her looks from her grandmother (BK’s mum).

Not just the serious facial expression but her calmness; and physical appearance prove that BK’s family genes highly came through when she conceived Ivanna.

Dennis Okari with younger Ivanna

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Being a Wednesday of course we choose to celebrate the adorable baby girl who continues to entertain through her social media pages.

We also want to acknowledge the fact that she is a fighter who overcame a rare autoimmune disease acute disseminated encephalomyelitis; that was marked by a sudden widespread attack of inflammation in the brain and spinal cord.

She however recovered and continues to make her parents proud with her funny character that probably earned her the name ‘Ivanna the entertainer’ on social media.

The young girl has also managed to bring her parents back together, even though it means co parenting since Okari already moved on!

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Anyway below are just a few photos showing the grown baby Ivanna.

BK’s baby girl showing off her stylish side
Ivanna the entertainer
Baby Ivanna all grown up
Mommy and daughter moments; BK with Ivanna
They grow up so fast

Boss Moves! Ken Mijungu reveals his next big project after he was fired from NTV

Ken Mijungu was unfortunately among the fired news anchors from NTV Kenya. The journalist then confirmed rumors about his exit from the station in a post shared on his social media pages.

He went on to thank everyone he had been working with a post where he wrote:

The axe fell @NTVnewsroom and I was on its way. 7 years in those corridors summed up in a two-page letter of termination. We live to fight another day. Thanks to God, He remains the greatest, thank you @ntvkenya for the opportunity and thank you for always staying tuned.

Ken Mijungu fired

However unlike some of his colleagues, Ken Mijungu already had a plan B that will not see him go broke in a few months; or even years, that is if he is now venturing into law permanently.

Law firm

As seen on his latest post, it appears that the former NTV news anchor is now planning to join his law firm identified as Ken Mijungu Legal Consultancy; The firm will not only deal with Immigration, Finance, Property, imports and Exports but any legal matter a client has.

He accompanied his post with a short caption from the scriptures where he wrote;

Ken Mijungu’s law firm

Believers will always be believers Matthew 6: 26-34

Ken Mijungu and Dennis Okari

Although he remains best friends with Dennis Okari; the sad part is that these two will no longer be working together like before.

Rumor has it that these two men also started attending the same church and since then, they have become closer than ever.

This was proven by Mijungu who came out to bash Betty Kyallo for not appreciating Dennis Okari on her post; where she talked about Ivanna’s health scare back in 2019.

According to Ken Mijungu Betty and her family should have acknowledged Dennis Okari’s presence at the hospital; instead of making him look like a deadbeat dad.

Dennis Okari responds to allegations made by his ex wife about him not being part of their child’s life

After Betty Kyallo opened up about what really went on between her and Dennis Okari – we now understand that the two got married to maintain the ‘perfect couple’ image which later turned sour forcing them to split.

Their breakup was however not bitter as they did not yup about it on their social media pages for almost a year until just recently when Betty Kyallo opened up about her life on True Love magazine.

Well…at some point Betty revealed that Dennis Okari has not been in their daughter’s life (Ivanna) for a while nor has he made any effort to visit her. Betty said;

“I was comfortable with him being part of our daughter’s life but he decided otherwise and I’m perfectly fine with it. I respect his decision.”

After this Mpasho has reported that they contacted Denis Okari for a comment but things did not go as they had planned. Apparently Dennis Okari told off them by saying;

“I do not owe you or anyone else an explanation about anything!”

So does this mean that there is more that we don’t know? Could be!

Betty Kyallo’s 3 year old daughter steps out carrying a Chanel purse worth Ksh 90,000

Ivanna is not only a celebrity baby but a very lucky girl who gets to enjoy the fast life.

Having celebrated her 3rd birthday a few weeks ago, her mum, Betty Kyallo recently shared a photo of the little girl rocking a ballet outfit which she combined with a Chanel bag.

Baby Ivanna

Well, looking at Betty Kyallo’s life we can all agree that she has made enough money to carry knock off bags and for this reason her Chanel bag might have cost her around $ 9,999 since this is the price at which the designer bags cost.

The news anchor shared the photo through her Instagram page where she wrote saying,

My ballerina already rocking Chanel

Ivanna on the other hand definitely looked cute and judging from her height, there is no doubt that she got it from her daddy, Dennis Okari.

Check out the photo below;


This is the beautiful message Betty Kyallo wrote to celebrate her daughter’s 3rd Birthday

Betty Kyallo and Dennis Okari’s daughter turned 3 years yesterday and to mark this day, she wrote a moving message wishing her baby girl more years to come and a healthy life.

However, unlike most of her birthday parties…this time around Betty Kyallo will be throwing a big bash at a children’s home as she wants to give back to the society by celebrating her daughter’s birthday together with other children.

Through her Instagram page the KTN news anchor wrote to say,


Happy birthday my angel. You are my slice of heaven, my little hurricane. I love you so much my baby…happy 3rd birthday you are destined for greatness because God loves you and your mama will always work hard for you.


Betty Kyallo holds pre-birthday party for her daughter with the big celebration to be held in Kayole (Photos)

Baby Ivanna will turn a year old in a few days and her mother decided to do something out of the box for her daughter’s birthday celebration.

Betty Kyallo’s daughter has grown big, the kid will turn 3 this Friday June 23rd. The beautiful KTN anchor has already laid plans for her daughter’s birthday celebration.

Last night Betty held a pre-birthday party for Ivanna at her house which was only attended by a handful of friends and family.

The main birthday celebration for Ivanna will however be held in Kayole. The KTN anchor wants her daughter to celebrate her birthday with other kids at to Imani Children’s Centre in Kayole.

Betty has requested other Kenyans to donate foodstuff, clothes etc so that she could take them to the children’s home as her daughter celebrates her birthday there.

“Ivanna is turning 3 tomorrow ❤️ so instead of a birthday party my friends, family and I will be going to Imani Children’s Centre in Kayole on Saturday to celebrate it with the kids. If you have anything you want to give, not money but dry food, toiletries, clothes please I humbly request you to drop them off at Posh Palace,Sifa Towers Kilimani between today and Friday then I will deliver them to the sweet little souls on Saturday. Also if you want to accompany me just DM me. Please support me as I do something small for them. #IvannaTurns3” Wrote Betty.



Proof that Betty Kyallo’s daughter looks more like her daddy (Photos)

Betty Kyalo and Dennis Okari’s baby is undeniably adorable and from the new photos, baby Ivanna is slowly growing into a fine young girl.

Though her parents split a few months after their glamorous wedding, the two media personalities have been co-parenting something practiced by most parents from this generation.

Anyway, I recently bumped into a few photos of baby Ivanna that have left me thinking that she looks more like her daddy than her mum. Her facial structure and her smile clearly confirms that she is Dennis Okari’s baby though she got her eyes from her mum.

Ivanna is undeniably beautiful and even though she looks more like her daddy, I am pretty sure she will get her mum’s features when she hits teenage hood. Checkout her photos below.