Willis Raburu’s girlfriend admits feeling helpless and tired after son fell ill

They say motherhood is a full time job and I’m pretty sure Ivy Namu now understands what that means not forgetting what it takes to be a mum.

I’ve  heard that it’s tough – there are days that include sleepless nights, fatigue and worse – tending to a sick baby and all you can rely on medication alone. Well, Ivy Namu and partner Willis Raburu have not been having it easy after their son fell ill recently.

According to the new mum – despite all the advise she’s gathered from fellow mums and even her own mum – nothing would have ever prepared her on how to handle a sick baby.

Ivy Namu with son

 Nothing could’ve prepared me for how intense it is to have a sick baby.


In a detailed post shared on her Instagram page, Namu narrated her experience with a sick baby saying;

I feel so sorry for him and helpless. And I am also very tired. He is tired of the meds but hatuna otherwise. I hope today is even better than the last couple of days. For now it’s lots of cuddles & TLC for my little one.

But the good thing is that baby is responding well to his medications; meaning this will be over even before Ivy Namu and Willis Raburu realize it.

Adorable photo of Willis Raburu’s girlfriend hanging out with her ‘mother in law’

So this past weekend Willis Raburu took his family (Ivy Namu and son) back to his village and judging from the new photos taken during the short vacation – let’s just say they’re living the life.

Well at least Willis Raburu is hanging out with his parents while enjoying the company of his toddler son; while Ivy Namu on the other hand   appears to have found a best friend in Willis Raburu’s mum.

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The new mum in town revealed this through a new photo shared on her page where she appears quite happy and excited to hang out with her ‘mother in love.’ Yes guys – Ivy Namu and her mother in law

Ivy Namu with Willis Raburu’s mum

Wife Material

From the photo shared above, we can say that Raburu’s parents also moved on from their previous daughter in law as soon as their son left her, but si ni life?

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Anyway, with Ivy Namu already besties with Willis Raburu’s mum, probably it’s time to make this union official cause clearly these two are a match made in Heaven. No?