After going missing during the J Blessing saga, Avril returned to the internet with a bang

Renowned Kenyan singer Judith Nyambura, better known as Avril, has reactivated her Instagram account, approximately a week after deactivating it.

The ‘Nikimuna’ hitmaker abruptly closed her account, boasting nearly two million followers, last Wednesday following accusations of abuse against her co-parent, J Blessing.

On Tuesday, Avril’s account resurfaced, and she promptly shared an announcement regarding a classical music festival in Nairobi, featuring her alongside other veteran Kenyan artists, including Jua Cali, Mr. Lenny, Pilipili, and Jimwat.

“Old skul vibe on December 2nd #SaveTheDate,” Avril captioned the promotional poster.

Last Tuesday, Avril sparked concern among her fans after posting disturbing photographs of her face bearing apparent bruise marks, hinting at physical abuse by J Blessing.

Subsequently, the mother of one addressed the situation, clarifying her reasons for publicly disclosing her private struggles.

Avril later expressed forgiveness towards J Blessing for any past incidents and encouraged her fans to extend the same grace.

“I acknowledge that our seven-year relationship and our journey as parents to a beautiful little boy has been fraught with challenges, leading to conflicts that escalated into physical altercations,” she stated.

“We recognize the need for positive change and are committed to seeking support and learning more effective communication and conflict resolution strategies. Our shared goal is to foster a harmonious environment and provide mutual support, fostering understanding and personal growth,” Avril added.

In his defense, J Blessing acknowledged one of the images shared by Avril as an incident that occurred in the past.

“I deeply regret the harm I have caused Avril or anyone else. I acknowledge my wrongdoing, but I would like to clarify a few points,” J Blessing stated.

“Approximately a year ago, we engaged in a physical altercation, resulting in injuries for both of us. I immediately sought medical attention for Avril that day. I take full responsibility for that moment of weakness. One of the pictures she posted is from that incident,” he added.

The video producer further revealed that he and Avril had mutually agreed to end their relationship following the recent incident.

J Blessing reveals he has now split with Avril

Music video director and television producer J Blessing has confirmed his separation from singer Judith Nyambura Mwangi, known professionally as Avril. In a recent Instagram story, addressing the assault allegations against him, J Blessing stated that the couple has mutually agreed to “stay away from each other” to prevent similar incidents from recurring.

He further clarified that one of the circulating photos of Avril with a bruised face was indeed from a previous “altercation” that occurred a year ago. He acknowledged taking Avril to the hospital following the incident and expressed full responsibility for his actions.

However, J Blessing strongly denied the allegations of assaulting Avril “last night.” He apologized for any harm he may have caused Avril or anyone else, emphasizing that he is not an abuser, does not support violence, and has made mistakes in his life.

Earlier, Avril issued a statement forgiving her baby daddy and appealing to her fans to extend the same grace, stating that “everyone is deserving of forgiveness in this life.” She expressed her willingness to work on their seven-year relationship, acknowledging the need for change and seeking healthier communication and conflict resolution strategies.

“Our mutual goal is to create a more positive and supportive environment for each other, fostering understanding and growth,” Avril stated.

Avril publicly forgives J Blessing for bashing her, begs Kenyans to do the same

Avril Nyambura, a Kenyan musician, has reversed course and begged Kenyans to pardon her baby daddy. The single mother posted a picture of her damaged face on social media and tagged her baby daddy, saying, “Nikome umbwa hii.” She tagged him after captioning the photo.

Based on the responses, several people seemed to think she was chasing after clout and weren’t as encouraging as she had thought.

“Going through the comments, and I am in utter shock,this is why people never report this shit. Post this cause you all make people actually want to kill themselves after all they have been through. Have a laugh enjoy…bye “

She claims to have forgiven him now. She did, however, also say that the story is with the appropriate authorities, thus her comment was inconsistent.

J Blessing addresses allegations he beat up Avril

On November 14, 2023, singer Avril Nyambura posted pictures of her damaged face to Instagram Stories, which she quickly removed. Online communities expressed a wide range of opinions and worries in response to the unsettling photos, which rapidly went viral.

Avril bluntly attacked her baby daddy and well-known music director, J Blessing, in the since-deleted tweet, writing, “J Blessing unikome…” and using strong language after that. Avril took to social media to express her dismay at the public’s response to domestic violence. She criticized Kenyans, highlighting the seriousness of the problem and calling for increased awareness.

She expressed her disapproval of the internet mockery of such serious issues on Nairobi Gossip’s Instagram page, writing, “I’m shocked to read the comments. This is why people never report or post this shit because you guys make people want to commit suicide after everything they’ve been through. Enjoy your laugh and say “bye.”

He refused to comment when asked about the situation. He dismissed it with a joke, implying that he would use his social media accounts to address the matter if he choose to do so.
When contacted, Avril’s phone number was inaccessible.

Many Kenyans who were disturbed by the images rushed to social media to voice their outrage, denouncing domestic abuse and demanding responsibility:

J Blessing and Avril have been quietly dating for some time now, and they have never come clean about their relationship to the world.

I Thriveinchaos: There is no justification for this; he must face the law.

_ms_ngendo: This is extremely heartbreaking,the comments even worse.

J Blessing opens up about the toll son’s death had on his marriage to Chantelle

In an interview with CTA, J Blessing discussed the claims made by Jibril, which he denies, that he went away to Uganda and sacrificed his late kid.

He refers to this experience as a lesson learned, the most important of which is to make amends with people he has issues with. “They said nilienda kupata nguvu Uganda,” he says.

Because he was attending school in the USA, Blessing was not present during the pregnancy.

“So I wasn’t present sana, during the pregnancy but when I was around I was able to spend some time. So there is so much that happened in Uganda I don’t want to talk about it. I did a couple of videos with big artistes, When I am about to  come back home, the guy that invited me amehepa. with the money.

So when it came to time to come back, mi sina doh ya kurudi, the guy has hepad with all of it. Here at home (KE) mabloggers are saying nilikimbilia wapi? Here (UG).

So tried to raise some money. My son needed my attention For a month being away that was too much, so Cindy Sanyu bailed me out. She paid for my hotel where I was living, and it was quite some amount.

Nilikuwa nimekauka kabisa so uko (UG) nimeibiwa and also many other things I do not want to talk about, so coming here, the toi (Kyle) needed attention, hosi he was just normal, he was supposed to get the 6-month immunization injection. So we delayed kidogo, so during that time RK had a project, he called me.

And then now that’s when the problem started. Alikuwa sawa but mguu ni ka ilioza, sijui like every single day, there was a news that mtoi anaget worse. I told them no, my son is going to live, I know that. What I’ve gone through this period, I don’t think that God would dessert me like that.

I think maybe I might have forgotten who I was. Coz you are in a high place, you are trying to make everything work so during the time that my son was sick, I was able to reconcile with every single person that I’ve ever …I was calling everyone, coz I wanted God to listen to my prayers.

At night I told god you know I’ve gone through so much in my life, and you’ve always been there, you have always come through for me, you’ve always provided, even in the worst moments ever. I just want to have a testimony like other people, to say that I’ve seen you do a miracle.

Immediately J Blessing made that prayer, he got a call from the hospital, “I got a call from the hosi eh your child had gone but we resuscitated him back. I told God if this is how  you want it I do not want to see you.

God had already dealt with the mum. So by the time we were going to the hospital I think the mum had already known that he had passed. Me I couldn’t.”

The bill came to over Sh1 million. “For the body to be released you have to clear this debt.” Since J Blessing was unconscious, his friend RK paid the bill and handled the remaining processes.


J Blessing Refutes Accusations Of Child Sacrifice & Explains Ugandan Ordeal

Kenyan music video director J Blessing has vehemently denied the sensational claims that he sacrificed his late son and fled to Uganda. In a candid interview with CTA on November 6th, J Blessing provided a detailed account of the events surrounding his son’s tragic passing and the challenges he faced during his time in Uganda, effectively dispelling the baseless accusations that had been leveled against him.

J Blessing addressed his absence during his partner’s pregnancy, explaining that his studies in the United States limited his ability to be physically present. However, whenever he was available, he made every effort to spend quality time with his unborn child. He also clarified that his trip to Uganda was motivated by an opportunity to establish a studio in the country.

While in Uganda, J Blessing encountered unforeseen circumstances that led to financial difficulties. He refrained from elaborating on the specific incidents but acknowledged that he faced challenges during his stay. Despite these setbacks, he managed to produce music videos for both established and emerging Ugandan artists.

Just as he was preparing to return to Kenya, J Blessing found himself stranded in Uganda due to financial constraints, compounded by the growing health concerns of his son back home. Cindy Sanyu, a fellow artist in the Ugandan music industry, stepped in to assist J Blessing, providing him with accommodation during his extended stay.

Upon his return to Kenya, J Blessing’s son’s health deteriorated rapidly. The child, who had initially been in good health, began experiencing complications, particularly with one of his legs. The situation became increasingly dire, with daily updates highlighting the child’s declining condition.

J Blessing emphasized that the accusations of child sacrifice were fabricated and deeply hurtful. He expressed his unwavering love for his son and the profound grief he felt upon his passing.

J Blessing’s willingness to share his personal story and address the false accusations against him demonstrates his commitment to transparency and accountability. His narrative highlights the importance of seeking clarification in the face of misinformation and the power of compassion and support during difficult times.

J Blessing’s Multiple Baby Mamas: The Internet Reacts

In the world of celebrities, relationships can be complex, and J Blessing, a highly acclaimed video director, is no exception.

Recently, a photo shared by his former partner, Mwende Macharia, sparked a social media frenzy as fans and followers discovered another chapter in the intriguing saga of J Blessing’s love life.

The photo featured J Blessing alongside Mwende and their son, as they celebrated their child’s birthday together.

While the heartfelt message seemed to signify a peaceful co-parenting relationship, it also shed light on the larger narrative of J Blessing’s multiple baby mamas.

Over the years, J Blessing has been linked to various women, including ‘Tokelezea’ hit singer Chantelle, singer Avril, and gospel artist Laika.

The revelation of these relationships has ignited a discussion on social media about the number of children and baby mamas J Blessing allegedly has.

Some social media users have speculated that J Blessing has as many as five baby mamas, while others have claimed that the number is even higher.

Whatever the real number may be, there is no doubt that J Blessing’s love life is a complicated one. And the internet has had a field day with it.

Some people have taken to Twitter to share jokes and memes about J Blessing’s baby mamas. Others have expressed their disapproval of his lifestyle.

But there have also been some who have come to J Blessing’s defense, arguing that he is simply a man who enjoys being in relationships.

Whatever the case may be, J Blessing’s love life is certainly one of the most talked-about topics on the internet right now. And it is sure to continue to be a source of amusement and controversy for years to come.

Here are some of the funniest reactions from the internet:

  • “J Blessing is the real-life equivalent of a Pokemon trainer, except instead of catching Pokemon, he’s catching baby mamas.”
  • “I’m starting to think that J Blessing’s middle name is ‘Baby Mama.'”
  • “I’m not sure if I should be impressed or worried about J Blessing’s ability to get women pregnant.”

The Internet Reacts To J Blessing’s Multiple Baby Mamas

J Blessing, a highly acclaimed video director, has been linked to various women over the years, and he is rumored to have multiple baby mamas.

Recently, a photo shared by his former partner, Mwende Macharia, sparked a social media frenzy as fans and followers discovered another chapter in the intriguing saga of J Blessing’s love life.

The photo featured J Blessing alongside Mwende and their son, as they celebrated their child’s birthday together.

While the heartfelt message seemed to signify a peaceful co-parenting relationship, it also shed light on the larger narrative of J Blessing’s multiple baby mamas.

The revelation of these relationships has ignited a discussion on social media about the number of children and baby mamas J Blessing allegedly has.

Some social media users have taken to joking about J Blessing’s alleged baby mamas, while others have expressed their disapproval of his lifestyle.

One user wrote, “J Blessing is a player. He has baby mamas all over the place.”

Another user commented,

“I don’t understand how J Blessing can juggle so many women. He must be exhausted.”

Still another user said,

“I feel sorry for J Blessing’s baby mamas. They must be stressed out.”

The internet’s reaction to J Blessing’s multiple baby mamas has been mixed. Some people find it amusing, while others find it concerning.

Only time will tell how J Blessing’s love life will unfold. However, one thing is for sure: the internet will be watching closely.

Avril Nyambura’s special birthday message from baby daddy as she celebrate 34th birthday!

Avril Nyambura is finally 34 years…yes just 6 away from hitting 40, that age many women including myself tend to fear.

Anyway, the lass who is also a mother of a 2 year old baby boy has been aging like fine wine and unlike most women who are self conscious; Miss Avril is the true definition of beauty and inspiration to women.

However unlike other female celebrities like Betty Kyallo and Catherine Kamau who are sweethearts to many Kenyans; Avril has lately been receiving mixed feelings from Kenyans demanding for new projects since her silence is putting her talent to waste.


Birthday message from J Blessing

Anyway even after refusing to address claims linking her to J Blessing who is her alleged baby daddy; there is no doubt the chemistry between these two is quite strong.

A few weeks ago the singer excited many Kenyans with her birthday dedicated to Jibril. And now, the fella has returned the favor as he celebrated Avril with unique birthday message showing the real Avril.

As seen on the video, clearly there was no need of photoshop or slimming effects; and for some reason many seem to have fallen in love with the video showing Avril the small imperfections that make the lady an African Queen.

Private relationship

Although it’s evident that they have no plans of exposing their relationship to the public; chances are that these two now live as man and wife!

Indeed Jibril bagged himself a gorgeous woman, who is not only beautiful but has brains!

Avril with baby daddy, Jibril Blessing

Avril Nyambura has also proven to be good in terms of chasing her paper, and I bet this is why she cares less of what people say about her; whether good or bad since she can afford to pay her bills!

Avril finally confirms romantic relationship with J Blessing!

It is final that Avril and J Blessing are an item and if anything, the same fella is also the father of her son!

The singer confirmed this through her Instagram page where she recently went on to shower him with love as he celebrated his birthday.

Judging from her message, it is evident to see that Avril is in love with her man despite keeping him on the low for year now.

Anyway Avril captioned the photo saying;

Avril confirms relationship with J Blessing

Happy Birthday ❤️. I thank God for you ❤️❤️❤️

Chantelle and J Blessing

Rumor has it that these two started seeing each other just after J Blessing and Chantelle parted ways about 3 years.


However according to Chantelle, they both did not cheat on each other to break off their relationship; but apparently they both decided to end their relationship due to personal reasons.

They however finally walked out on each other after losing their son due to a medical condition they both chose to not to reveal

J Blessing and Avril

Anyway, as soon as J Blessing broke up with Chantelle, he then moved on with Avril who is currently the mother of his almost 2 year old son.

The couple has however been maintaining a low profile, however rumor already had it that the two were now living as man and wife. But after speculating this for almost 2 years, Ms Avril has finally come out clean about his relationship with the popular producer!

Ricky Bekko Vs Deska Torres Vs X Antonio: Who is the baddest video director?

If you watch Kenyan music videos and don’t bother to find out who shot them then I’m sure you are wondering who these people are. However, if you give a hoot, like yours truly, then you are definitely familiar with the three names.

The three; Ricky Bekko, Deska Torres and X Antonio are the brains behind the most viral music videos in Kenya today. Chances are your favorite artist has already worked with any of them or is planning to because, let’s be honest, they are the best in the business.

Also read: 10 super talented Kenyan music video directors

The truth is that Kenya has no shortage of talented video directors. If you ask anyone who they want to shoot their music videos, you’ll hear names like; J.Blessing, Sammy Dee, Moses Osidiana, Johnson Kyallo, Kevin Bosco Jr. etc. However, this is changing fast because of the new kids on the block.

Other newcomers whose work really stands out include; Mike Lolly P, Nezzoh Montana, Dambiz, VJ One, Trey Juelz, X Benjoes, Joweezy, Ivan Odie etc. However, today we’ll only focus on Ricky Bekko, Deska Torres and X Antonio because we’ve been seeing more videos by them compared to the others.

All the three videographers are talented, no one is denying that. However, we’d like to know who you would pick if you had to settle on one. If you don’t know them, we’ll mention some of their works so that you can compare and contrast every aspect, from the shooting to the editing.

Ricky Bekko

Ricky Bekko
Ricky Bekko

He is the founder of Big Dreams Studios. Some of the videos he has directed include; Ethic’s Position, The Kansoul’s Accelerator, Rawbeena’s Romantic, Femi One’s Hiyo One, Nadia Mukami’s Radio Love, King Kaka’s Kula Vako, most of Kush Tracey’s songs, among others.

Deska Torres

Deka Torres
Deska Torres

He is the co-founder of Platnumz Pictures and arguably one of the best video directors in East and Central Africa. His works include; Ngeta by Arrow Bwoy, Otile Brown’s Dala Dala, Nadia Mukami’s Lola, Alvindo’s Taka Taka & Boychild, Eddie Butita’s Kidesign, Magix Enga’s Some Love, Dom’s Chupa among others.

X Antonio

X Antonio

He is the lad behind International Textures. Some of the videos he has directed include; The Band BeCa’s 1234, Janet Otieno’s Nifunze, The Kansoul’s No Woman No Party, Papa Dennis’ Olalo, Vivian’s Charm, Bahati’s Mapenzi, Elani’s Sirudi, Size 8’s Ni Yesu, Otile Brown’s Baby Love, Chaguo La Moyo, Mapenzi Hisia, Aje Anione among others.

That said, who among the three is the baddest video director according to you? Leave a comment below.

10 super talented Kenyan music video directors

Maybe you’ve noticed, maybe you haven’t but in the last few years, our local musicians have had some very good music videos.

Artists have learnt that that a good music video is part of the package and it will play a significant role on how their songs are received. As such, they have been going out of their way to seek the services of the best videographers.

Truth is, Kenya has no shortage of gifted music video directors. They are so many. I’m not even exaggerating. However, today we’ll talk about the ones whose works we’ve been seeing a lot in the last few years.

That said, here are 10 super talented Kenyan music video directors in no particular order.

1. Ricky Bekko – He directed Ethic’s Position, Rawbeena’s Romantic, Femi One’s Hiyo One, Nadi Mukami Radio Love among others.

Ricky Bekko

2. VJ One – He directed most of Naiboi’s songs including Dinda, Usipime Mwanaume, Somaga, Gudi Gudi. He also worked on Nameless’ Voloyoom, Mega Rider among others.

VJ One

3. Ivan Odie – He directed Tunji’s Mat Za Ronga (Remix), Ochunglo Family’s Na Iwake (Remix), Steph Kapela’s Too Easy among others.

Ivan Odie

4. Trey Juelz – He directed Khaligraph’s Juu Ya Ngori, Kelechi Africana’s Superwoman, Rojo Mo’s Ni Wewe, Khaligraph ft Msupa S’ Watajua Hawajui among others.

Trey Juelz

5. Enos Olik – He needs no introduction. Enos is the brains behind most videos in Kenya. Some of his latest work include; Timmy Tdat ft Rosa Ree’s Kipopo, Masauti’s Kiboko Remix featuring Khaligraph, Otile Brown ft Khaligraph’s Japo Kidogo, Gilad ft Dela’s Fire.

Enos Olik

6. X Antonio – He directed Otile Brown’s Baby Love, Chaguo La Moyo, Mapenzi Hisia, Aje Anione among others.

X Antonio

7. Johnson Kyallo – Some of his notable works include; Femi One ft Kristoff’s Tippy Toe, Mbithi’s Msichana Mmoja, Arrow Bwoy’s Murder, Rosa’s Ride among others.

Johnson Kyallo

8. J. Blessing – He is also a household name having worked with some of the biggest name. Some of his latest videos include; Avril’s Kitoko, Wahu’s Sifa, Fik Fameica’s Tonsukuma among others.

J. Blessing

9. Moses Osidiana – He directed Drinks Na Mayenx by Bon Eye, Brian Narrates and Konkodi, Le Band’s Move, Konkodi’s Gaza among others.

Moses Osidiana

10. Nezzoh Monts – He directed Naiboi’s I Wanna Be, Arrow Bwoy’s Lover Man and Digi Digi, Nadia Mukami’s African Lover, Si Rahisi among others.

Nezzoh Monts

Honourable mentions; Mike Lolly P, Kevin Bosco Jnr, Dambiz and Joweezy.

J Blessing introduces beautiful girlfriend. So who’s Avril’s baby daddy?

Popular music producer Jibril Blessing alias J Blessing has long been rumored to be the father of singer Avril’s son. But now it seems unlikely that he is Avril’s baby daddy.

Avril has remained mum about the identify of her son’s father, she has neither confirmed or denied claims that J Blessing father her son.

Well, the identity of the songbird’s baby daddy will remain a puzzle for some time, not unless she decides to open up about it.

New bae

J Blessing is certainly not dating Avril, the music producer introduced his sweetheart and to the surprise of many, it wasn’t Avril.

J introduced his girlfriend to his fans on social media, he posted her photo on his Instagram account as he wished her a happy birthday.

“Words only are not enough to say all that i wish for you… ?❤️?? Help me wish #royalT happy birthday,” wrote J Blessing.

In another photo, J Blessing is seen with his sweetheart at a beach enjoying quality time together;

Radio Maisha presenter Mwende Macharia reveals how J Blessing impregnated her and disappeared like IEBC commissioners

Radio Maisha’s Mwende Macharia has finally opened up about her split with her baby daddy Jibril Blessing popularly known as J Blessing.

Mwende discussed details of her relationship with J Blessing in an interview with Parents Magazine. She reveals that  she was engaged to the popular music video director contrary to earlier reports.

There were claims that Mwenda and J Blessing just had a casual relationship but the Radio Maisha presenter dismissed this saying wedding plans were in the pipeline as J had even met her parents in Diani.

Mwende Macharia with her son
Mwende Macharia with her son

Mwende says J Blessing was already not committed to their relationship by the time she discovered she was pregnant for him. The video director moved on with Chantelle who he later married, he however chose to help out with the child.

J Blessing and Chantelle split last year and it’s now rumored that the video director is the father of Avril Nyambura’s baby. J and Avril have neither confirmed or denied they are dating.



“Mnakaa mmeshiba” J Blessing takes shots at DK Kwenye Beat’s belly

Even after releasing a song telling his story, seems that DK Kwenye Beat will have to embrace the trolls about his weight gain.

A couple of days ago the singer came out to reveal how the ruthless comments affected his feelings.

Quitting social media

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DK went on to mention that he wanted to quit social media to avoid the criticism but his career wouldn’t allow him.

He however put his feelings in a song that has been receiving positive reviews on social media.

J Blessing’s comment

Anyway seems like J Blessing is the latest fan to troll the singer. In a comment left under a photo shared by DJ Mo, the videographer makes fun of DK’s belly by writing to say;

Though it was on a light note, does this qualify him to leave such comments?

J Blessing opens up about claims Avril is four months pregnant with his baby

Jibril Blessing broke up with Chantelle early this year. The popular music video director is reportedly dating sultry singer Avril Nyambura.

Sometimes in April Chantelle was said to be cheating on J Blessing. The actress however came out to set the record straight saying that she was no longer in a relationship with J Blessing.

Chantelle said they are no longer an item, were never married and went further ahead to confirm that she never cheated on J Blessing.

J Blessing and Chantelle when they were still dating

J Blessing is said to have hooked up with Avril after the breakup with Chantelle. It’s also rumored that Avril and J Blessing are expecting a baby together.

I am in a transition

J Blessing has since responded to claims he is dating Avril and that she is four months pregnant with his child. The Link Video Global founder explains that he is still not ready to get in another relationship.

J Blessing

“I am in a transition in my life and everything will be okay. Where I am right now I have so much going on that I don’t think relationship is one thing I will endorse. There is so much in my bowl, I have work, I have products that I want to bring out, I have a child… a beautiful daughter and so relationship is somewhere but not…” said J Blessing.



After pregnancy rumors, Is Avril rolling around with her new boyfriend’s BMW ? (Details + Photo)

Word making rounds is that J Blessing and Avril Nyambura are now an item. Apparently the two have been at it for a few photos now and another rumor claims that they have a baby on the way.

However speaking to Mpasho about the baby details, both the video producer and singer denied the story. According to Avril, she says she is immune to controversy making it hard to know who is telling the truth.

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Anyway speaking to a close source to the couple, Ghafla has learnt the two are indeed dating. They have been spotted together a couple of time and Avril Nyambura is also said to be driving his old Bima now that they are together.

Avril responds

Ghafla tried reach out to Avril who at first hang up before replying with a ‘Kindly reply’ text.


Though our conversation did not go anywhere she text back saying;

Anyway since pregnancy is not something you can conceal for 9 months, we shall be patiently waiting. About the BMW 5 series….yes she is indeed riding around with one.

After splitting with “Tokelezea” hit maker, J Blessing buys himself a Range Rover? (Photos)

29-year-old J Blessing who among the most popular TV producers and music video directors in East Africa might be driving one expensive rid if the photos of the Range Rover shared on his gram is actually his.

J Blessing with ex Wife

Well, he paraded the Range Rover on his Instastory before he uploaded the other one on his page. Well as expected the photo attracted a lot of comments from fans who wanted to know whether this was his new ‘baby’. He however chose not to talk about it as he captioned the photo saying;

Office Mondays. Reflecting on life: whenever you find yourself doubting how far you can go just remember how far you have come. Remember everything you have faced, all the battles you have won, and all the fears you have overcome!jblessingword

With such deep words, one can’t be too sure if he was talking about himself – but looking at the years he has been in the industry, he is definitely in a position of buying such a guzzler!

Away from that, he has been keeping his personal life off social media ever since he split with his ex wife, Chantelle but the two continue to be friends!

Jibril Blessing
J Blessing

J Blessing’s selfie with popular news anchor leaves tongues wagging

Being one of the best video producers in the country, J Blessing has managed to make a name for himself as well as mingle with some of the big ‘fish’ in the entertainment industry.

For this reason, he is now considered as a celebrity whose life has been in the public eye for quite sometime. Anyway, he recently shocked many after confirming that he had split with Chantelle after dating for some years.

However, their relationship seems to have taken a drastic change after the ex couple lost their son a while back. Away from that, J Blessing and Ebru TV’s news anchor have left many assuming that they are seeing each other after sharing a selfie hanging out together.

But what we know is that Kamene Goro is actually involved with popular Tanzanian radio presenter, Gnex_thebaddest…. So does this mean she is just friends with J Blessing? Well, who knows.

Photos of J Blessing and Chantell when they were madly in love and before it emerged Chantelle was cheating on the poor lad

J Blessing and Chantell’e marriage is definitely on the rocks and this is after a video emerged of Chantelle getting cozy with another man, one of these flashy new age Nairobi “business men.”

They attended last week’s Industry night together at Privee where they seemed to be having a lot of fun sipping on some Hennessy and kissing without a care in the world.

Without a care that people were watching and definitely somebody would take notice.

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Well, Mpasho did and run the story. Ad when they called J Blessing to comment on the story, he declined to comment saying he didn’t want to talk about the issue.

Mpasho further alluded that things had taken a downturn for the couple when they lost their son and both of them were struggling to get balance, something that was messing up with their relationship.

All in all, everything that started must come to an end and probably their time has come.

And what does it hurt, the two really had some great times as we can depict here in these adorable photos:

J Blessing

J Blessing


Churchill Show’s David the Student accused of eyeing one of his workmate’s woman and no…it doesn’t look pretty

I have been wondering where David the Stupid disappeared to only to bump into a story putting him on the spot for apparently ‘eyeing’ J Blessings wife, Chantelle…the Toklezea hit maker from back in the day.

Anyway, so rumor had it that David the Student was interested in the lady something that might have pissed off J Blessing who happens to be responsible for the production of Churchill Show. This rumor was however sparked by a reliable source as revealed by SDE.

David the Student
David the Student

The story goes on to reveal that J Blessing and David the student have bad blood between, something that left Churchill asking them to sort out their differences away from work. Speaking to Pulse, David the student had this to say,

“Chantelle is just a good friend of mine. Nothing like that has ever happened between us, We took our differences to Churchill (Dan Ndambuki) himself who told us to go and solve our personal differences elsewhere away from the show. The bottom line is that Chantelle and I have nothing to do with anything beyond friendship.”


When Chantelle was reached out for a comment, the lass denied the rumor saying she was never involved with the comedian…

Are you kidding me? There has never ever been anything between him and I. I am telling you, never!

J Blessing on the other hand did not admit nor deny the story as he said…

Just evaluate whether this story is true or not. Call me when you have something else to ask