Harmonize´s ex, Wolper sets terms for his wedding to Italian girlfriend, Sarah

Bongo fashion icon, Jacqueline Wolper who was previously bongo artist, Harmonize´s lover, speaks about her emotional well being if Harmonize proceeds with marriage.

Exclusively to Tanzanian local daily, Wolper cites that the chain of events at her ex´s wedding would really hurt her.

Harmonize and Italian fiancée, Sarah

Harmonize is set to marry his fiancée of Italian descent, Sarah.

The bongo movie actress reveals that she was initially set to wed Harmonize before their breakup and was not made aware of his engagement with Sarah.

Sijazipata habari za Harmonize kumvalisha pete ya uchumba Sara ila ikifanyika ndoa huenda nikapata presha.

Singer, Harmonize and ex, Jacqueline Wolper

Wolper shares that it will definitely put pressure on her, if the marriage between the two is to kick off.

However, it all depends on how the event goes down:

Itatagemea ndoa hiyo itafungwa vipi na yatafanyika mambo gani kama ni ya kuniumiza au ya kawaida kawaida.

This she expresses during the launch of an entertainment spot in Masaki, Dar es Salaam.

Sarah´s proposal

Roughly a month ago, just April, the WCB artist went down on one knee for Sarah while in Rome, Italy, with her family.


The news was shared across media platforms, an event that only family and close friends witnessed.

The duo was more than excited as pretty Sarah said ¨YES¨ to her then 25-year old King.

Wolper & Harmonize

Soon after the world set foot into 2017, Wolper took to social media to publicly call off her relationship with lover, Harmonize.

Bongo fashion icon and actress, Jacqueline Wolper

Further on, she trashed all videos and snaps the two ever took together.

This soon after saw Harmonize bag himself his current Italian model, Sarah.

‘I’m on a righteous path now’ Wolper forced to explain why she invited her ex Harmonize and his girlfriend to birthday party

Actress Jacqueline Wolper recently surprised many after inviting her ex Harmonize and his new girlfriend Sarah to her birthday.

The three haven’t been seeing eye-to-eye and the whole industries knows that they don’t like each other so much because of their histories.

Wolper, however, shared that she’s trying to put all this behind a reason why she invited them to his birthday party. In the party, Harmonize was seen in a video singing to the birthday girl while his fiancée presented Wolper with loads of cash.

“(I invited Harmonize and his girlfriend Sarah to my birthday) due to my faith and the people who surround me that know God. So they have set me on a righteous path. Right now even if you poked me in the eye I wouldn’t fight with you because I don’t want to create more enemies. If anyone wants to be my enemy I push them away. Right now I don’t what to make any enemies,” she told Radio & TV Personality Sam Misago during an interview.

Harmonize and Wolper had an ugly, public breakup that was marred with a lot of drama. After he moved to Sarah, the two ladies confronted each other on social media several times while fighting for the singer.

Harmonize publicly announce reunion with Jacqueline Wolper

Harmonize and Jacqueline Wolper are back together after close to two years apart, the two dated sometimes in 2016 before they broke up in the beginning of 2017.

Wolper dumped Harmonize after he cheated on her with Italian beauty Sarah Michelotti. Harmonize and Sarah got in a relationship after Wolper dumped him.

Now Harmonize and Wolper have gotten back together. The two reignited their love when they met at the inaugural Wasafi Festival in Mtwara on November 23rd, they hugged passionately in public for close to a minute.


Sarah rushed to social media to assert that she was still together with Harmonize following the public display of affection in Mtwara.

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We’re back together

Harmonize himself has since announced that he has reunited with Wolper after they were once again spotted together at Wasafi Festival in Iringa on November 3oth 2018.

The ‘Kwangwaru’ hit maker set the record straight while speaking during an interview with Ijumaa Wikienda at Samora stadium in Iringa at the sideline of Wasafi Festival.

“Naomba niseme wazi hapa hadharani kuwa nimerudi kwa Wolper wangu,” said Harmonize.



Sarah sets record straight about her relationship with Harmonize after the incident with Wolper at Wasafi Festival

The inaugural Wasafi Festival was not without drama, Diamond Platnumz was mugged of his pure diamond chains worth Kes 1.8 million while Harmonize ‘reunited’ with his ex Jacqueline Wolper.

Wolper and Harmonize met at a hotel in Mtwara and at first she was openly ignoring him, but Harmonize walked to where she was seated and hanged her by force.


Sarah reacts

The incident in Mtwara made many people believe that Harmonize had broken up with his Italian sweetheart Sarah Michelotti and that he was perhaps reuniting with Wolper.

But Sarah took to social media to set the record straight that Harmonize and her were still tight. She posted a photo of Harmonize and captioned it;

“A lot of people ask me if we are still together … this is my answer …. YES ..?? see you soon bab @harmonize_tz #Nangwanda ?”


She also shared more posts showing how they were still in love, she was referring herself as ‘Konde girl’ (Harmonize is also refers himself as Konde Boy).



Jacqueline Wolper targets Kobi Kihara and other Instagram slay queens with hard-hitting message

Bongo movie star-cum-fashionista Jacqueline Wolper Massawe has turned the heat on Instagram slay queens in the wake of Kobi Kihara scandal.

On August 24th 2018 Kobi Kihara was exposed for living a fake lifestyle. The former NTV anchor was lifting photos from other sites to fool her fans on social media that she was living large in US where she relocated to.

Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) went HAM on Kobi Kihara using #KobiKiharaChallenge to poke fun at the former NTV presenter. She quit social media altogether.

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Fake lifestyle


Jacqueline Wolper took a dig at slay queens faking life on social media during an interview with Ijumaa Wikienda. She stressed that whatever she posts on social media portrays her real life.

“Hakuna kitu ninakichukia kama maisha ya kuigiza kwenye mitandao ya kijamii, ninayachukia kwa sababu ipo siku mtu atakuja kuona maisha yangu halisi ashangae. Hivyo inapaswa kila mmoja kuishi vile Mungu amempangia na siyo kuigiza, hayo maisha feki tuyatupe kule,” said Wolper.





Jacqueline Wolper: Harmonize still loves me and wants me, I try my best to avoid him

Jacqueline Wolper has revealed that she always snubs her ex boyfriends even when they meet at a public place. She sensationally claimed all of her exes including Harmonize were still in love with her.

“Ujue mimi kila nikiachana na mwanaume anakuwa bado ananipenda, pale nilikimbia kwa sababu nikiachana na boyfriend, huwa sipendi niendelee kuwasiliana naye wala kusogeleana naye, sipendi kusalimiana na ex,” said Wolper during an interview with journalists.

Wolper and Harmonize dated for a long time before they broke up and the latter went on to date an Italian woman called Sarah Michelotti.

Fell for an ex

Wolper reveals that she avoids her exes because she once fell for an ex boyfriend and ended up messing. She says that she will go see a pastor to pray for her because she still has the urge in her to reconnect with some of her exes.

“Ilishawahi kutokea ex ananihitaji kwa ajili ya mambo ya kibiashara lakini kwa sababu nakuwa sihitaji kabisa kuwasiliana nao nili-crash halafu nikakosa dili, hilo ni pepo ambalo ninalo nadhani nitamwambia mchungaji aniombee,” said Wolper.

Watch the full interview below:

Jacqueline Wolper splashes Kes 300,000 to buy album of musician featured in King Kaka’s song ‘Radhi’

Jacqueline Wolper has showed her appreciation to Bongo singer Barnaba Classic by buying his new album for a whopping $3000 or Kes 301,701.

For starters, Barnaba Classic is a fast rising Bongo star, King Kaka featured him in his song ‘Radhi’ which was released in March 2018.

Barnaba Classic has released a new album dubbed ‘Gold’. The singer launched the album on Thursday night August 30th 2018 and Jacqueline Wolper was among the first people to buy the album.

Kind gesture

Asked why she splashed Kes 300,000 to buy Barnaba’s new album, Jacqueline Wolper stated that it was a kind gesture to appreciate the support Barnaba gave her while she was still struggling.

“Kabla ya mimi kuwa boss lady (Barnaba) alikuwa ankuja na kukesha katika sho zangu bure, kwahio kwangu mimi ni mtu muhimu sana hata kununua album hiyo kwa dola 3000 ni kumsapoti mtu muhimu sana kwangu,” said Jacqueline Wolper.




The price of lateness! Jacqueline Wolper blocked from judging Miss Tanzania pageant

Jacqueline Wolper was selected among judges to preside over 2018 Miss Tanzania beauty pageant, but unfortunately her name was dropped from the list.

There were a lot of speculations why Wolper was blocked from judging the forthcoming beauty pageant will be held on September 8th 2018.

Event organizer The Look has since offered an explanation why Wolper’s name was dropped from the list. Director General Basila Mwanukazi revealed that Wolper has herself to blame for missing the golden opportunity.

Jacqueline Wolper
Jacqueline Wolper

Speaking to the press, Basila revealed that Jacqueline Wolper was late to a seminar where judges were being taken through how they would preside over the Miss Tanzania pageant.

“Majaji wanapewa semina, Wolper alichelewa kufika katika semina hivyo… ataingiaje katika majaji wakati hajaongozwa? Sio kuwa super star basi uje kujaji, hapana kuna miongozo maarumu ambayo alitakiwa kupata endapoa agehudhuria kama wale majaji wengine walivyopewa , lakini yeye kafika semeina ieshaisha,” said Basila Mwanukazi.





Jacqueline Wolper no longer interested in dating Kenyan men

About a week ago, Jacqueline Wolper revealed she was yearning for an exotic man, she specifically said she wanted to get pregnant for a Kenyan man.

Wolper expressed her love for Kenya on an Instagram post where she shared a photo of president Uhuru Kenyatta and First Lady Margaret Kenyatta and captioned it ‘Mr president #my second home Kenya’.

She opened up about her desire to date a Kenyan man on the comment section where she said she will get pregnant for the next Kenyan man she dates.

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Only Tanzanian men
Jacqueline Wolper
Jacqueline Wolper

In an interview with Amani newspaper, Wolper stressed that she was no longer interested in dating exotic men. Wolper, who has previously dated a Congolese man, said that she doesn’t want to fall in love with any man who is not Tanzanian.

“Sifikirii kabisa kutoa penzi langu kwa mwanaume ambaye siyo raia wa nchi yangu kwa sasa kwa sababu huko nyuma nilipitia huko lakini sasa sihitaji tena kama nimeamua kupendana na mwanaume basi atakuwa ni wa nchi yangu tu,” said Wolper.




“Nkipata mwanaume kutoka Kenya ni mimba tu” Hormonize’s ex Jacqueline Wolper expresses desire to date Kenyan man

Jacqueline Wolper is in search of a sweetheart from Kenya. The Tanzanian actress considers Kenya her second home and as such wants to date a man from the 254.

Wolper expressed her love for Kenya on an Instagram post where she shared a photo of president Uhuru Kenyatta and First Lady Margaret Kenyatta and captioned it ‘Mr president #my second home Kenya’.

She opened up about her desire to date a Kenyan man on the comment section where she said she will get pregnant for the next Kenyan man she dates.


Fashion house

Wolper revealed plans to open House of Stylish in Nairobi to cater for her Kenyan customers when she last visited the country in May this year. She said  she was motivated to open the Kenyan store because customers have been struggling to reach her in Tanzania.

Jacqueline Wolper reaches out to Vera Sidika to offer her apology 

Tanzanian fashionista Jacqueline Wolper was among high profile guests that Vera Sidika invited to the launch of her beauty parlor a week ago.

The white and gold themed event was was graced by Vera’s friends and celebrities including Anita Nderu, Bonfire CEO Simon Kabu, Martin Kimathi. Of course Vera’s boyfriend Otile Brown didn’t miss.

Wolper however failed to show up at the launch which was held at Western Heights in Westlands, Nairobi. The Bongo actress has since reached out to Vera to explain everything.

I’ll come for my nail

Wolper says she knows she disappointed Vera when she failed to show up but promises to make it up to her. In a written apology on social media, Wolper tells Vera that she will personally explain to her why she missed the launch, she however promises to get her nails done at her parlor.

“Hongera sana my bby gal The boss lady herself, sasa stopata Tabu Tena kenya Mambo yote ya Urembo ?Classic from my baby Queen Vee?kesho mapema I will come for my Nails darling..
Najua ulinuna kidogo sikuja lkn unalijua Tatizo ??
I love u so Much, Acha Tupambane so that we Make That money baby.. Once again congratulations my love ??
I am proud of u.
@queenveebosset ????,” wrote Wolper.


Jacqueline Wolper sets the record straight on her alleged romantic relationship with Mr. Nice 

Jacqueline Wolper has come out to address claims she is dating onetime Bongo superstar Mr Nice. The Bongo actress is currently single, she dated at least two men after her breakup with Harmonize.

Rumors about Wolper and Mr Nice dating started when the two were seen hanging out together at a club in Nairobi sometimes in May this year.


Working on a project

Wolper dismissed the dating rumors while speaking to Risasi Mchanganyiko. She explained that Mr Nice and her are only working together in an upcoming project.

“Watu wajue sisi tupo kikazi zaidi kwani kuonekana na mtu ni lazima awe mpenzi wako? Si lazima, huyu ni kaka yangu na bosi wetu ni mmoja, projekti yetu ikiwa tayari tutaitangaza itajulikana tu lakini kwa sasa bado ni mapema kuitangaza,” said Jacqueline Wolper.




“Harmonize still loves me” Jacqueline Wolper says as she arrives in Nairobi (Photos)

Jacqueline Wolper is in Kenya to launch her business. The fashionista raised eyebrows when she commented about her past relationship with Harmonize.

Wolper and Harmonize broke up sometimes in 2017, she claimed the singer was cheating on her with his current Italian girlfriend Sarah Michelotti.

Wolper with Radio Maisha presenter Mwende Macharia
Wolper with Radio Maisha presenter Mwende Macharia

Wolper sensationally claims that Harmonize is still in love with her. She however asserts that she no longer loves back the ‘Kwa Ngwaru’ hit maker.

“Rajab (Harmonize) and I are done. I have moved on but I know he still loves me. I don’t love him back. He is just my ex. Forget all the things he has posted about me on social media,” said Wolper.

Fashion house

Wolper plans to open House of Stylish in Nairobi to cater for her Kenyan customers. She says she was motivated to open the Kenyan store because customers have been struggling to reach her in Tanzania.

“Kenya is my second home, that’s why I’m here, for the sake of my fans who have been struggling to reach me in Tanzania. I’m here as I plan on how and where my business will be located.”




“Simfwatili bwanako, niligoma kusex na yeye coz ya maumivu na dharau” Wolper writes open letter to Harmonize and his girlfriend

Harmonze, his Italian girlfriend Sarah and his ex girlfriend Jacqueline Wolper have been trading barbs ever since blogger Mangi Kimambi broke news that Diamond Platnumz’s bodyguard Mwarabu Fighter had been secretly smashing Sarah.

Sarah hit back at Wolper after she called her a cougar. The Italian babe advised Wolper to visit a dentist – she was making fun of her gap teeth.

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Open letter

Wolper has since written an open letter to Harmonize and Sarah. She tells Sarah that she has no interest whatsoever of getting back with Harmonize.

“Dear Sarah, sikuchukii popote ulipo simfwatili bwanawako sina muda nae namuogopa kama ukoma naata iwaje ata anipe bilion alizochuma k wako ili nirudi kamwe stoweza kuwa na amani kabisa ningesharudi toka nawatuma watu wake turudiane kwa siri,” Wolper wrote in part.

Wolper also tells Harmonize she has never thought about getting back with him. She further tells Harmonize that she even stopped having sex with him while they were still dating because he looked down upon her and treated her badly when he started making money.

“Mimi mmakonde sikutaki sijawah kutaka kurudi ata sku moja Tumeenda hotel moja picha ninazo nimegoma kusex na wewe coz ya maumivu na dharau ulizonionyesha baada yakuwa na pesa ukaona msimamo wangu na watu wakaongea nikakanusha yote sikutaka kukuharbia,” wrote Wolper in part.

Read the complete letter below:

“Please go see a dentist” Drama continues as Harmonize’s girlfriend savagely attacks Jacqueline Wolper

Harmonize current girlfriend Sarah and his former girlfriend Jacqueline Wolper have been embroiled in a fierce catfight on social media.

The whole drama started when popular Tanzanian social media influencer and blogger Mangi Kimambi broke news that Diamond Platnumz’s bodyguard Mwarabu Fighter was secretly smashing Sarah.

Jacqueline Wolper commented on Sarah’s cheating allegation and even said that she was a cougar. Harmonize lost his cool and published a list of young men Wolper has dated to prove that she is the real cougar.

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Wolper’s list

Wolper also published a list of all young men that she claims Sarah has been fooling around with. She even shared photos to make the list look more authentic.

Sarah hits back

Harmonize’s girlfriend fired back at Jacqueline Wolper after she published her list. Sarah savagely attacked Wolper saying she should see a dentist instead of concentrating on rumors.

“I don’t have that habit only u have it.. I left if for u see your list. And please go to dentist to put your teeth good. Live your life b**** @wolperstylish,” wrote Sarah.




Drama! Harmonize retaliates and publishes list of all men who have bedded his ex girlfriend Jacqueline Wolper

On Monday May 7th popular Tanzanian social media influencer and blogger Mangi Kimambi broke news that Diamond Platnumz bodyguard Mwarabu Fighter and Harmonize’s girlfriend Sarah were having an illicit affair.

Both Harmonize and Sarah rubbished Mangi’s ‘outrageous’ allegation. The two sweethearts made it clear that their relationship has not been dogged by unfaithfulness at all.

Harmonize's girlfriend Sarah
Harmonize’s girlfriend Sarah

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Harmonize lost his cool when his ex girlfriend Jacqueline Wolper commented on the cheating allegation. Remember Wolper and Harmonize broke up because of Sarah, Wolper claims Harmonize was fooling around with Sarah while they were still dating.

So Wolper couldn’t hide his joy when she heard Sarah was cheating on Harmonize with Diamond’s bodyguard. She called Sarah a cougar.

Jacqueline Wolper
Jacqueline Wolper

“Duh iyo ishu mbona ni exclusive kabisa sijaisikia lakini freshi tu mbona yule demu ni Mlezi wa wana labda kachoka kumlea mwana kaamua kumchukua mwana mwingine freshi tu,” said Jacqueline Wolper during an interview with Sam Misago TV.

Harmonize retaliates

Harmonize hit back at Wolper after she said that Sarah was a cougar. The ‘Kwa Ngwaru’ hit maker says Wolper is the queen cougar, he published a list of young men Wolper has dated just to drive the point home.




“Nko na msururu ya wanaume” Jacqueline Wolper reveals why was never hurt when she broke up with Harmonize

Jacqueline Wolper says she has never been hurt by the long list of men who dated her. The Tanzanian actress prides herself in having a backup plan when she is in a relationship.

Wolper has no apology using men like toilet paper and dumping them when she so pleases. She has an obsessive interest in young men in particular.

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Jacqueline Wolper and Harmonize
Spoiled for choice

Wolper reveals that she always have men waiting in the event that her relationship ends. She has dated Tanzanian stars like Diamond and Harmonize.

After her breakup with Harminize, Wolper dated a young model called Brown. She dumped Brown and moved on with another young upcoming artist called Engine.

Jacqueline Wolper

“Sijawahi kuumizwa na mapenzi yaani nisikufiche kabisa sijawahi kuumia kuachana na mtu ila naumia kwa nini nilimtangaza kuachana. Kuumia hapana, kwanza kwa sababu nina foleni ya wanaume wamejipanga wananisubiri nitoke kwenye mahusiano kwaiyo mimi ndio ninachagua nimchukue nani,” said Wolper during an interview with Global TV.



Jacqueline Wolper opens up about plan to spend 60 million on her two weddings

Jacqueline Wolper is set to wed her toyboy Sadick Athanas. The actress will have two weddings one in Tanzania and another one in America.

Jacqueline Wolper wants to settle down with a new toyboy. The actress was forced to unveil her new catch after his photos were leaked online.

Jacqueline Wolper with her soon husband-to-be Sadick Athanas

Wolper, who dated both Diamond and Harmonize, is now serious about marriage after years dating random men. She plans to spend Tsh 60 million/Kes 2.7 million on her wedding.

“Milioni kama 50 zitatumika kwenye sherehe ya hapa Bongo na nyingine 10 nje kwa sababu kule Marekani hatutakuwa na watu wengi sana,” Jacqueline Wolper said.

Tag along four artists

Wolper also reveals that she will fly four artists to America for her wedding there. She states that she will cater for the air tickets, accommodation and allowances.

“Wasanii ambao nitaenda nao kwa ajili ya kuhudhuria harusi yangu ni wanne tu, mmoja kati yao ni Aunt Ezekiel kwa sababu huwa ananipa sapoti kwenye biashara zangu hivyo siwezi kumwacha.”


Jacqueline Wolper unveils new toyboy who she now wants to marry (Photos)

Finally Jacqueline Wolper wants to settle down with a new toyboy. The actress was forced to unveil her new catch after his photos were leaked online.

Jacqueline Wolper dated and had a fling with several young men in 2017. Idris Sultan recently joked that the number of men Wolper was involved with in 2017 exceeded the number of song Alikiba released in the same year.

Wolper dumped Harmonize last year and hooked up with a certain man named Brown who was said to be bisexual. She also got rid of Brown and became a ‘free agent’ until she met the new man whom she now wants to marry.

Meet ‘Engine’

Wolper plans to marry an upcoming Tanzanian singer Sadick Athanas popularly known as ‘Engine’. The actress had previously refused to to unmask Engine for fear of losing him to other women.

Jacqueline Wolper and Sadick Athanas aka ‘Engine’

Jacqueline Wolpe revealed in a past interview that her new toyboy would traveled to her parents’ home in Moshi to pay dowry.



Idris: The number of men Wolper dated last year exceed the number of songs Alikiba released

Idris Sultan has killed two birds with one stone. He took a swipe at Jacqueline Wolper and Ali Kiba with a single post on social media.

Jacqueline Wolper has dated several men, some of her relationships barely lasted a month. The actress reveals she usually looks for fun and not a serious relationship that leads to marriage.

“Kwa kuwa nafanya vitu vya kijamii , najaribu kuepukana na baadhi ya mambo, mahusiano yangu mnayoyaona katika mitandao huwa ni ya kujifurahisa tu kwakweli na ndo maana mnaona nachiachia sana lakini endapo mama yangu angekuwa katika mitandao ya kijamii wala nisingejaribu kufanya hivyo, lazima niwaheshimu wazazi wangu,” Jacqueline Wolper said during an interview with Global Online TV.

Jacqueline Wolper with one of the boys she dated

Number of men

Idris Sultan is thrilled by how Jacqueline Wolper changes her men like a model changes clothes. The comedian jokingly said the number of men Wolper dated in 2017 exceeds the number of songs Alikiba released in the same year.

“Idadi ya wapenzi wa Wolper mwaka huu ni kubwa kuliko nyimbo alizotoa Kiba.” Idris tweeted.

“Hili pengo nimelipandia ndege kwenda South Africa” Jacqueline Wolper hits back at trolls making fun of her gap teeth

Jacqueline Wolper is gap-toothed and she is proud of it. Critics have been making fun of Wolper’s gap teeth and she decided to hit back.

Critics started trolling Jacqueline Wolper during her birthday a few weeks ago. A viral photo of the actress’ gap tooth was the reason why trolls started mocking Wolper.

Jacqueline Wolper during her birthday. This photo was the reason why critics started trolling her

I traveled to South Africa to get silver tooth

Jacqueline Wolper says the viral photo showing a wide gap between her teeth was photoshopped. The actress reveals that she traveled to South Africa to get a silver tooth filled on the gap between her teeth. Wolper also asserts that she is very proud of her gap teeth.

“Ngoja niwaelezeni kitu kimoja ambacho hamkijui kuhusiana na hili pengo….hili pengo nimelipandia ndege kwenda South Africa kwenda kulitoa na kuweka ma silver sasa wewe kunguni unatokea pasipojulikana unakuja kuedit ukadhani nitakasirika am soleee…mimi najipenda nilivyo na ikitokea nimechoka nitanyanyua makalio yangu na kwendaa kuweka jino ili niwe na jino so pliz usitokwe nadamu pliz pengo langu ndilo ninalodanga kwa taarifa yako kama ulikuwa hujui,” wrote Jacqueline Wolper on Instagram.


Zari Hassan nowhere to be seen as Diamond parties all night with his ex girlfriend Jacqueline Wolper

Diamond Platnumz and Jacqueline Wolper spent Thursday night partying together. Zari Hassan however didn’t attend the party in Dar es Salaam.

Tanzanian showbiz is the most interesting in East Africa. Bongo celebrities just keep recycling boyfriends and girlfriends.

Diamond, Alikiba and Harmonize have all shared the same girl – Jacqueline Wolper. The Tanzanian actress dated the three singers at different time of her life.

Wolper’s birthday party

Wolper arrived at her birthday party at a club in Dar dressed like the queen of Sheba. Diamond was the first person Wolper embarrassed when she got into the club.

Diamond and Wolper tightly hugged each other and spent almost a minute whispering in each other’s ears in the same posture.

Watch the video below to see how the two ex lovers rekindled old memories:

“Mwanaume si mashine” Harmonize ex Jacqueline Wolper reveals why she likes her boyfriends young and ‘tiny’

Jacqueline Wolper is fond of dating men who are younger than her. The Tanzanian actress has now explained her choice for boyfriends.

Jacqueline Wolper was dating Harmonize before she dumped him and moved on with another young man. Wolper has a fixation on young men especially if they are slim. Wolper also dated Diamond Platnumz, another team slim.

I can’t handle big men

Jacqueline Wolper and Harmonize

Jacqueline Wolper opened up about her choice for men while speaking on EATV’s Friday Night Live. The actress confessed that she gets turned on by men who are small body-wise.

Wolper states that she doesn’t chose her men based on what they carry between their legs. She reveals that she can’t handle big men.

“Actualy siwezi kusema nachukuliaje wanaume wenye maumbile madogo, na ndio nawapenda pia, kwa sababu mimi mwenyewe mdogo, nitapendaje vitu vikubwa ambavyo siwezi kuvihimili? Unajua mwanamke anayesema mwanaume mashine namshangaa, mwanaume pesa bwana, mwanamke ambaye anajua maisha, hawezi kusema mwanaume mashine, mimi mwenyewe siwezi kusifia mashine,” said Jacqueline Wolper.