Why Wilbroda feels family members contributed to her failed marriage

Actress Jacquey Nyaminde popularly known as Wilbroda was once married, you know – lived the good life of a good wife; but just like most young toxic marriages, she ended up splitting with hubby and was left to raise her son alone.

Actress Wilbroda

The popular actress opened up about her past during a recent interview with Buzz Central; where she spoke about her past marital woes for the first time.

Well, turns out that Wilbroda’s marriage was not so smooth; and although she didn’t spill much from her past – all I know is that at some point things almost physical and she quickly decided to leave. Speaking about this experience Nyaminde said;

Wilbroda with son

I acted immediately and started planning myself.

Blames family and herself

Apart from the violence she quickly escaped from, Nyaminde says she was also part of the problem; as she often hosted her family members every now and then – making privacy a problem for husband.

According to Nyaminde, she got to learn about the relatives issue through her husband’s friends; since the guy ranted about it after their divorce. Speaking to Cheptoek Boyo – Wilbroda said;

I also contributed to the breakup. I think by the time one thing that contributed to our breakup was that I was with my relatives all the time. My sisters were always at my house, I didn’t see a big deal with it until later on after we broke up, he mentioned it to his friend.


I didn’t see that. Looking at it now I am like, I contributed to their coming. I went overboard. I enjoyed their company but it cost me.

Having learnt her lesson the hard way, the popular actress now says;

I no longer entertain visitors even my relatives. People need their personal space. It’s one of the things. You have to be mentally prepared to have friends over.


“She could be 8 years now” Wilbroda opens up about miscarriage

Former Papa Shirandula’s actress Wilbroda aka Nyaminde is a proud mother of two; even though one of her kids never made it out alive – that is judging from her latest post.

Jacquey ‘Wilbroda’ Nyaminde

According to the last, she got pregnant in 2011 and was blessed with a handsome son; and in 2013 she got pregnant again and this time around she was blessed with a baby girl.

The lady opened up about a miscarriage she suffered back in 2013; just when she was expecting to welcome a baby girl. Through the detailed post, the lass went on to reveal how she even named the fetus – crossing her fingers that it would be a baby girl.

Actress Wilbroda

In 2013, I got pregnant again. Oh I was elated! I hoped and prayed that it was a girl. I was almost sure it was, so I named her Atis.


However at 3 months, Wilbroda says she started spotting; a big nightmare that left her heartbroken as she knew what this meant – a miscarriage.

In the detailed post, Wilbroda went on to add;

But then at 3 months, I noticed abnormal spotting and my heart just sunk. The doctor confirmed it and I went in for an evacuation 2 days later. That was a sad period for me. Sometimes I sit and imagine she’d be 8 years now…

To celebrate other mums who have gone through the same experience or worse; Nyaminde concluded her post by writing;

On this special Mother’s Day, I dedicate my post to all you special women. Mothers who have been through one struggle or another. Mothers who don’t understand it all. You’ll get the hang of it. Hang in there. You are doing Great. You are Phenomenal. You are a Mother and God’s No.1 helper.
Happy Mother’s Day!


‘Wibroda’ reveals why she could not stand actress Awinja the first time they met!

Actress Jacquey Nyaminde popularly known as Wilbroda recently joined her colleague Awinja on Jessy Junction; with MC Jessy where they opened up about a few things we did not know about each other.

Apart from sharing their work experience as a team, the went on to remember the late Papa Shirandula for his talent; and blessed heart. According to the two, the late actor brought them together in a way they still can’t explain especially since their first encounter was not so rosy.

Speaking to MC Jessy, actress Wilbroda for the first revealed how her first encounter with Awinja was. Turns out that the only spark she got from Awinja was that of dislike and for some reason the universe kept bringing them together despite ‘the bad vibe’ between the two!

Actress Wilbroda

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At first, I didn’t like her; she didn’t seem to understand her role. I even approached the producers inquiring on the type of person they’d brought on set.

How the friendship grew

However even with the negative vibe surrounding the two, they somehow managed to get along; and just when you thought it wouldn’t get better….another friendship was born!

Wilbroda with hubby, Papa Shirandula

Right now the two are apparently inseparable and apparently have to be separated from each other everytime they are on set: since they cannot stop talking to each other. Speaking about this, the popular actress went on to add;

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Our friendship was built on set. It has grown into a sisterhood as we know what’s happening in each other’s lives.  I have the most fun when Vike is on set as the two of us have so many sideshows: We have to be separated at times because we can’t stop talking. Our kids and parents even know each other.


Former Papa Shirandula actress Wilbroda attacked by Kenyans for posting bathtub photo 

Former Papa Shirandula actress Wilbroda recently rubbed Kenyans the wrong way after sharing a photo on her Instagram page.

The picture had her enjoying a nice bath in a bathtub but the majority of Kenyans were not happy with it.


The mother of one was chilling in a white bathtub and her body was only covered in white bubbles something that Kenyans didn’t like.

Her fans begged her not to post such photos because she’s a mother and shouldn’t be trying to compete with these young instagram models and influencers who flood the internet with half-naked photos when fighting for attention.

“Watu waoge tafadhali!” she captioned the photo.

Here’s how fans replied:

nickykarisky Sisi hatuna shida na kuoga shida ni aliye nyuma ya camera ako uchi ama ako na nguo😂😂

makale_favoured.one Social media will show us wonders aki woi nyasae was it really necessary? Anyway wacha nipambane na hali yangu🤣🤣🤣🤣

halimamshami_o Wooiyee aki i didn’t see this coming from a mentor like you. ….anyway lemmi mind my own biznaa

carlonimz Waaaa. ..hainihusu but honestly this lowers yr dignity. …we didn’t expect that from a noble lady like you!!!!lubish!!!! It’s pains wen we young gals see such nonsense from people we ought to emulate! !!!!!lubish …kwa raha zako lkn..huh


Wilbroda: We are still in good terms with Papa Shirandula even though he fired me

Jacquey ‘Wilbroda’ Nyaminde was on Papa Shirandula TV show since its inception several years ago. Her character was however axed sometimes last year.

Charles Bukeko ‘Papa Shiradula’ removed Wilbroda from the Citizen TV show after she joined Milele FM. Wilbroda used to be a presenter on Citizen Radio and her decision to leave and join a rival radio station (Milele FM) didn’t augur well with RMS management.

Speaking during an interview with Word Is, Wilbroda revealed that she was still in good terms with her onscreen husband Papa despite him removing her from the Citizen TV show.

“However, we are still good friends outside here and we even talk,” said Wilbroda.


Wilbroda further revealed that there was still room for negotiations for her to return to Papa Shirandula, she said her position had not been filled yet and that the show has also not yet announced that she left.

“I just had to take some break mainly because I was going to a new media house and, therefore, there must have been some conflict of interest. We left it open and that is why even the show has not announced that Wilbroda left because there is still room for negotiations for me to go back,” said Wilbroda.