Mwanaume kamili: Jaguar’s polygamous lifestyle just makes sense

Jaguar is not playing around. He is a man at the point of his life where self-actualization is a thing. Translation? He can focus on other things other than getting his daily requirements. And this is no small feat for a man of his background.

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You see, Jaguar is a man who came from nothing. He was born into not just poverty but abject poverty. He probably was not destined for anything large in this life but he decided to make his own destiny. He started off with his music career but quickly realized that in Kenya, at the time he first started pursuing the career, Kenyans weren’t making any money from the arts.

Hon Jaguar in hospital

Jaguar then decided to take a hiatus from the entertainment scene and focus on making money. So he went into business. From rumours doing rounds, one of the main business he focused on was a garage and it made a killing for him. All the celebs would take their cars to him for a quick tune-up or whenever bodywork was needed. And he made his money.

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As a man, Jaguar then began to focus on other things. Once he had some financial muscle and the freedom to focus on other things, he went into making music once more. But his music was pointed. With songs like Kigeugeu, he was soon clearly pursuing an agenda and that was politics. he somehow managed to findangle an appointment to NACADA and from there, he has never looked back.

Jaguar in London

Jaguar then decided to set down roots. He began to procreate with different women and I would argue that he went the polygamous route. You see, he has children by three women: Mercy, Annie and Magda and though they have kept their relationship private, there are still the occasional mutterings about them. The most recent being that he had a privately conducted traditional ceremony with Mercy.

Jaguar and his women
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And then also, given that these ladies have for some reason chosen to remain single even as he moved on with his life, collecting women to sire his children with, I am of the opinion that he is a lowkey polygamist. Hear me out. You see, He still has an intimate friendship with each of the mothers of his children. They never attack each other publicly which tells me his is a very firm steering hand, guiding these women in how they raise his children but also how they relate with one another.


it actually makes perfect sense for a man in Jaguar’s position to have multiple women as he has what most women crave in their man: financial muscle. He has resources, status both as an MP and a musician and finally, he is upfront about his dealings. You see, unlike a majority of Kenyan celebrities such as DJ Mo who lie about their nature as high-value men, Jaguar simply keeps his business private but he owns his proclivities. And that is a very smart thing to do. He doesn’t have to fear getting caught up in the type of bullshit we see men like Jalang’o, Terrence Creative and if rumours are to be believed, Willis Raburu does. Why? Because he is open about his polygamous nature.

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