Prezzo cautions Jaguar following his recent xenophobic outburst

Kenyan artists are not sharing the same thoughts as Starehe Member of Parliament Charles ‘Jaguar’ Kanyi who urged Kenyans recently to chase away foreigners taking over their business.

Several artists have bashed Jaguar’s comments saying that he should stop inciting war against our neighbors.

“If you asses our markets, Ugandans and Tanzanians have taken over our businesses… now we are saying enough is enough. If a 24-hour ultimatum is not enough for them to be deported, we will remove them and we’ll beat them up and we will not fear anyone,” he was filmed saying.


Rapper Prezzo asked the singer turned MP to stop inciting a war and find better ways to handle the problem.

“My brother @jaguarkenya I do not know where to start but your talk was not pleasing at all. A leader is supposed to lead people in a good way and not by inciting war especially to our neighbors Tanzania and Uganda.”

He added:

“All of us are trying to make ends meet in other countries apart from kenya so your decision of giving the government 24 hours to remove all foreign employees was uncalled for. I pray that god gives you strength so that you can be a leader of prosperity. #rapcellency.” 

Starehe MP, Jaguar comes out to publicly warn Kenyans to stay off the new ¨Jaguar Loan App¨ that is reaping thousands from Kenyans

Kenyan artist-cum-politician publicly identified as Jaguar has come out strong to dismiss any links in connection with the now trending ¨Jaguar Loan App¨ .

In the current technology age and time, rapid growth of mobile lending applications has been massive and beyond human control.

It´s brand

The latest is the ¨Jaguar Loan App¨ that has opted to use the popular artist´s stage name probably in a bid to promote itself countrywide.

As well as grow to its peak in the mobile lending apps´ business.

The application that can easily be accessed from the Play store, has been used to con off unsuspecting Kenyans who are hungry for mobile loans.

However, the Starehe MP has disowned the loan app that is tagging along his name.

Furthermore, the mobile app uses a vintage photo of the MP as its brand logo.

The products

The mobile app alleges to loan Kenya´s netizens loans from as high as Ksh 5,000 as its minimum amount.

The application developer apparently states that the app is here to save Kenyans whenever they are in need.

As a brand statement, the mobile app´s text reads:

Loans makes it easy for you to access loans from your phone anywhere, any time

Users who log into the mobile app, are requested to fill in necessary bank details, apply for a loan where they stand a chance of receiving the cash requested, independent of the Bank.

¨Jaguar Loan App¨ was born on the 28th of March this year but not sure how many Kenyans have fallen victim for such high level of deceitful fraudsters.

Be Warned!

MP Charles Kanyi Njagua gives prior warning to Kenyans to stay away from con artists, whether mobile applications or even street brokers.

He warns citizens to be on the look out and keep off from falling victims of such fraudulence:

Kenyans don´t get duped…

It would be so sad to lose your money to unscrupulous people.

Jaguar shares:

Background checks

It ought to be noted that with the recent campus students´ hacking into mobile loan apps´ IT system, it is definite that thousands of Kenyans have been over reliant on mobile loans.

This has come as a massive relief for Kenyans who have fallen captive with their enormous mobile loan apps´ unpaid debts.

And with the current escalating status of the Kenyan economic, life has presented harsh and crude conditions for sustainability of households.

As we speak, over 500K individuals have been blacklisted by CRB (Credit Reference Bureau).

This comes as a result of 1 out of every 2 people having acquired loans from mobile lenders.

It is a pity but one ought to tread carefully if at all you seek to reap out of your sweat.