Jaguar’s special message to Hamisa Mobetto’s son leaves tongues wagging!

This past weekend Jaguar decided to give fans a reason to talk and what best way than to wish his alleged Tanzanian son a happy birthday!

Well, just like Diamond Platnumz the Kenyan politician sent out a heartfelt message dedicated to baby Daylan! Of course Jaguar knew this would make him trend one way or another and I guess this how we also got our story.

Back in 2017 when Dylan was born, many went on to claim that he shared striking resemblance with Jaguar and not Diamond Platnumz. Many could have sworn that the baby boy was indeed Jaguar’s but with time he slowly started looking more like his daddy; but  a little more light skinned!

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Jaguar’s sons

Jaguar’s message to Dylan

Whats more surprising is that Dylan and Jaguar’s eldest son also look alike – but all in all Diamond remains the biological father to Dylan!

Anyway the Kenyan politician cum singer went on to comment under Mobetto’s post saying;

Happy birthday @deedaylan

Jaguar’s deleted comment

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Although the comment was pulled down shortly after people’s started noticing; we can’t help but assume Jaguar knew what he was doing – and of course the clout chasing definitely worked!

Fans in the comment section could however not let this go as they trolled both Jaguar and Diamond Platnumz for allegedly having an interest in the same woman. But, truth is we really can’t pin Jaguar to Mobetto as they have never been spotted together whether in public or private.

However like they say, Nairobi is one big bedroom with untold stories that would definitely shock the life out of you!

Mike Sonko mocked after stepping out in fake designer outfit (Photos)

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko was the butt of jokes on Sunday, August after photos that showed him rocking fake desinger outfits went viral on Twitter.

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Starehe MP Charles ‘Jaguar’ Kanyi had paid the county boss a visit at his home and they later posed for a photo. However, what caught many people’s attention was Sonko’s outfit.

Starehe MP Charles ‘Jaguar’ Kanyi with Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko

He wore clothes which were inscribed Louis Yutton, which is a knock off for Loius Vuitton. To add to that, his style generally seemed off.

Sonko left his followers wondering whether he has a stylist and what they were thinking when they bought those clothes.

Aura wrote, “I wonder why Sonko wear designer knock-offs when he has the money to buy the real thing.”

Atoti commented, “Thought it was a birthday clown till I looked closer.”

Martin posted, ” This is exactly what happened when you have so much money but zero drip.”

Here are more photos:

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko with Hon Ali
Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko with Jaguar’s daughter and his grand daughter
Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko with Jaguar’s daughter and his grand daughter

Adorable! Jaguar introduces his second born son as he turns 1 year old, ladies catch baby fever!

Honorable Jaguar this past weekend left many women asking him to give them babies shortly after introducing his cute second born baby boy.

Through his Instagram page the father of now 4 introduced his handsome young man as he wished him a happy 1st birthday!

Jaguar with his first born son and daughter

This came as a surprise to many but also quite impressive by the way Jaguar has mastered the art of keeping his private life on the low; without anyone leaking or exposing the mother of his sons on social media.

To celebrate his son’s 1st birthday, Jaguar shared the boys photo on Instagram and went on to caption.

Happy birthday son

Jaguar’s second born son

Jaguar’s strong genes

Looking at both his boys, it’s evident to see that he indeed has some powerful genes that can go unnoticed!

His boys are what many refer to as ‘copy and paste’ thanks to his strong genes passed down to his two young men. Below is a photo of the two boys together and don’t they just look amazing!

Jaguar’s sons

“My colleague, Hon. Babu Owino, will benefit from one!” Jaguar throws shade at Babu Owino after donating heavy duty mattress at Industrial Area prison

Jaguar is not only a politician and singer but also a comedian in the making as seen on his latest post.

The politician earlier today announced that he had donated 200 heavy duty mattresses at Industrial Area prison.

Jaguar with Eric Omondi

Well, this being the same prison Babu Owino will be spending his 7 days and nights before his trial begins; Jangur felt that Babu would benefit from one of the mattresses too.

Through his Instagram page Hon Jaguar wrote saying;

Jaguar donates 200 mattresses at Industrial area prison

“Today I will donate over 200 mattresses to Industrial Area Prison, Starehe. I believe that remandees should be as comfortable as possible as they await the outcome of their cases. My colleague, Hon. Babu Owino, will benefit from one of the heavy-duty mattresses #TuesdayMotivation,”

Jaguar and Babu Owino fist fight

This comes after Jaguar and Babu Owino exchanged blows during the divisive 2017 presidential election. They however reconciled about five months later in the spirit of the handshake between President Uhuru and Raila; however it seems that they still have some unfinished business to settle!

Kenyan musicians whose songs all sound the same and what they need to do

There are some Kenyan musicians who sound the same on almost every song they release. Sometimes it’s so hard to tell whether you’ve listened to the song before or if it’s new.

In most cases, this affects artists who sing. Other music genres, for instance Hip Hop, is all about the flow, rhymes and the beat. As such, it’s hard to find two songs that sound the same unless all the aforementioned things are the same.

Several local musicians have been on the spot before for sounding the same on almost all their songs. I’m sure some of them are not even aware of this because let’s be honest, an artist is not the best judge of their own music.

Before he ventured into politics and took a backseat in making music, Jaguar, was often accused of copy pasting his songs. There was a common joke in the entertainment circles that he kept releasing the same song with different titles.

In his defense, Jaguar explained that his songs sound the same because they were done by the same person. He missed the point but that’s a story for another day.

Other local musicians who sound the same in every subsequent release are Nadia Mukami, Arrow Bwoy, DNA, Dufla, just to name a few.

The only Kenyan musician who has managed to get away with sounding the same is Jua Cali. He has been sounding the same way since he debuted in the local entertainment industry but most music fans don’t seem to mind.

Jua Cali

There’s no denying that all these musicians are talented. However, I’m sure most music fans would appreciate if they can tell their songs apart.

And no, I didn’t say they should swap their voices with other artists. Far from it. Instead, they should look for ways of adding flavour to their songs so that there is a clear distinction with every subsequent release.

So the question is, what should these musicians do? In my opinion one of the solutions to this is working with different music producers. Every producer has a unique style. As such, if the artists will be able to incorporate different elements into their music with every subsequent release.

The other solution is doing more collabos. This often works. Working with another artist will definitely vary thier songs. For instance, the could do a collabo with a rapper which will help break the monotony.

Lastly, they could explore other music genres. I’m sure many music fans appreciate versatile artists. By trying out other genres, they will be proving that they can think outside the box.

What are your thoughts on this? Leave a comment below.


Jaguar reveals what he will do to help Kenyan musicians 

Starehe MP Jaguar has vowed to help Kenyan musician get what they want. The musician-cum-politician is seeking government intervention to solve the impasse.

Unless you have been living under the rock, then you know that Kenyan musicians and presenters and DJs have been embroiled in a heated argument. Musicians blame presenters and DJs for playing too much foreign music at the expense of Kenyan songs.

The debate on airplay has seen musicians and presenters even hurl insults at each other. Some people have taken the issue too personal to the extend that they can’t tolerate contrary opinions.

Kenya Music Policy draft Bill

Jaguar has now stepped in to assure musicians that he will ensure they get 60% airplay as stipulated in the Kenya Music Policy draft Bill which he says came to effect in 2015.

“The Kenya Music Policy draft Bill stipulating that radio stations should play 60 per cent local music came into place in 2015 and media houses asked for three years to align with the policy. When I hear artistes asking me to intervene through Parliament, what comes to mind is that the Communications Commission of Kenya should enforce this. This is what I am working towards… ensuring that local artistes are protected,” Jaguar was quoted by MondayBlues.





Harmonize blasts Jaguar for siding with promoters who failed to honor his contract

Tanzanian singer Harmonize has bashed singer Jaguar for a statement he made several weeks ago, siding with a promoter who had organised his show in Eldoret that turned chaotic.

In an interview with Mzazi Willy M Tuva, Jaguar said that Harmonize should have performed in Eldoret even though the promoter failed to honor their agreement.

Harmonize in a recent interview with Kiss FM said that Jaguar comments were uncalled for because the promoter did a shady job.

“Jaguar should have tried to reach out to me as the artiste or even my management like he did to the promoters,” Harmonize told Adelle and Shaffie on Kiss FM.

“I felt so bad when I heard about him commenting on radio. Kama msanii, namheshimu sana na pia ni mtu anaheshimika pia na watu, and what he says makes a great impact on people. Yeye ni kiongozi wa wasanii ila sio wa promoters.”

Poorly organised

Harmonize went on to add that he was fully prepared for the show but after learning the promoter was dodgy and had neglected him, he decided not to take stage.

“Nilifanya hadi roadshow in preparation of the show na sound check and was fully prepared, but at 1am I was told the show will not happen because the promoters were to pay the contract which they had not honored. They had not arranged even my flight to Eldoret. I mean it was poorly done.” he said. 

Harmonize also said that he was still willing to perform but his security team wouldn’t let him go out there.  He said Jaguar should have gotten information from his side and that of the promoters.

“Nilihisi kana kwamba Jaguar amenibagua labda kwa sababu sitoki Kenya lakini anafaa ajue kua sisi wote ni wasanii wa East Africa. I respect his work and his music, which I started listening to when I was still in school. Things happen and I would have explained to him so well. He would have gone on radio with information from both sides,” he said.




Jaguar’s drama queen baby mama Magda Ngima heavily pregnant with baby number three (Photos)

Jaguar’s baby mama Magda Ngima is expecting her third child soon. The singer-turned-politician and his baby mama are no longer in a relationship but they are co-parenting.

For starters, Jaguar is a proud father of three; two girls and one boy. The Starehe MP fathered his two girls with Magda Ngima while his son was born to a different woman.

Magda Ngima with daughters
Magda Ngima with daughters
Drama queen

Jaguar and Magda have had their fair share of drama, in May this year the baby mama went on a ranting spree accusing the MP of cheating on and disrespecting her.

“Keep stirring that pot “mheshimiwa”….you can only push me so far …let us talk about how you cheated …let us throw it all the way..let us talk how you cheated on me with magda (had a child)let us talk about how you had another child’ with another ann (stupid ass be more creative)i forgave you.I have been there through thick and thin…but still you want to try me?tell your baby mamas to leave me alone#postanddelete…wazidi kunijaribu…mtalijua jiji,” wrote Magda on one of her post on social media.

Back to Magda’s pregnancy, the mother of two has been flaunting her growing baby bump on social media. Recently she threw herself an exquisite baby shower at a Nairobi hotel. It’s not clear who knocked her up.


Like father, like son; Jaguar’s handsome son all grown up!

It has been a while since Jaguar shared a photo of his daughters or son; however his baby boy turned a year older just recently and thanks to this he finally shared new photos of his son.

Judging from photos of his girls it’s clear to see that they all took after him; and so did the young man. In the new photos taken during his son’s birthday we get a chance to see how big the boy has grown.

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Although we don’t know how old the boy has turned, we can only assume that he is around 3 to 4 years despite his big body.

Private lifestyle

Even before venturing into politics Jaguar has always been a private man when it comes to his family.

For years now he has managed to keep his baby mamas and kids on the low; this has however left very many people curious about life but sadly Jaguar only shares what he feels is important for the public to know.

Below are a few photos of Jaguar’s son on his birthday.

Jaguar with his son and daughter
Jaguar’s son, Jay
Jaguar and Jay

Fashion faceoff: Who wore it better? Babu Owino and Jaguar can’t agree who between them is more handsome in a suit (Photos)

Sometimes in October 2017 Babu Owino and Jaguar exchanged blows at Parliament media centre because of Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta.

The two buried the hatchet following Raila and Uhuru’s famous handshake. Babu and Jaguar were seen rubbing shoulders in parliament building in March 2018 after their party leaders ended their rivalry.

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Jaguar and Babu Owino seems to be getting along quite well, they are even forging new bonds making some people think they are now BFFs.

The two legislators recently met at parliament building and they couldn’t agree who between them was more handsome in the suits they wore.

“Man made suit,2.1 thread straight from Canaan.Hao wengine wamevaa ma Nguo,” Babu Owino captioned a photo he posed with Jaguar and other politicians.

“……..a man always look good in a dark suit ???,” Jaguar captioned a photo he posed with Babu Owino and other politicians.




Jaguar only won that election because he cried – Maina Kamanda 

Nominated MP Maina Kamanda is still insisting that he should have been the Starehe legislator and that singer Jaguar never won “fairly”.

According to the politician, Charles Njagua Kanyi, alias Jaguar, only won the Starehe seat after crying at the Jubilee Party headquarters in Pangani in April 2017.

Initial results had shown that Kamanda had garnered 10,374 votes compared to Jaguar’s 8,391 votes in the April 2017 Jubilee Party primaries but after the singer appealed, tribunal committee awarded him the Party’s certificate.


According to Kamanda, Jaguar managed to win the primaries because he cried making many sympathies with him. He was speaking during the national integration and healing convention in Nairobi on Wednesday, August 22 when he revisited the issue.


Jaguar’s father to auction Nyeri water and sewerage company for Kes 672,000 compensation

Jaguar’s father David Kanyi is yet to be compensated almost a year after court awarded him Kes 672,000 compensation in a lawsuit against Nyeri water and sewerage company (Nyewasco).

Mr. Kanyi sued Nyeri Water and Sewerage Company after he fell and broke his leg in a manhole owned by the water company on October 1st 2008.

He moved to the court to sue Nyewasco and the case dragged for almost 10 years before he was finally rewarded Kes 672,000 sometimes in September 2017.

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Nyewasco broke?

Apparently Nyewasco has no money to pay Jaguar’s father. On Monday Nyeri court gave Mr Kanyi the go-ahead to auction property belonging to Nyewasco to get the Kes 672,000 that was awarded to him.

Nyeri Senior Principal Magistrate Phillip Mutua dismissed application for temporary injunction filed by Nyewasco seeking to stop Jaguar’s father from inviting auctioneers to attach and sell its property.





Jaguar rewarded after he broke his leg while defending traders at Muthurwa, Marikiti and Wakulima markets (Photos)

Jaguar suffered a broken leg after fighting with county officers at Marikiti Market. The Starehe MP faced off with kanjos on 11th July when he approached them to protest against the harassment of the traders.

Traders at Muthurwa, Marikiti and Wakulima markets clashed with city county officers after traders association chairman Cyrus Kaguta was arrested.

The Starehe MP broke his leg during the fracas and was rushed to Karen Hospital. The legislator currently walks around with forearm crutches.


Over the past weekend, Wakulima Market committee presented the Starehe MP with gifts as a sign of gratitude for fighting for them.

“Received gifts from the executive committee of Wakulima market as a sign of gratitude for fighting for their rights during a clash between the traders and city council officers that lasted for two days. Unfortunately, during this incident, I fractured my leg but I pledge to continue fighting for and supporting my constituents,” said Jaguar as he received two sheep from the traders.





What Anne Kansiime and Jaguar told Chipukeezy after being appointed to NACADA board

Chipukeezy was on Wednesday 6th June appointed by Interior CS Fred Matiangi as a member to the National Authority for the Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (NACADA).

Jaguar was quick to congratulate on his appointment and also wished him well for the task ahead. The Starehe MP  once occupied the position Chipu has been appointed to, but he resigned as board member in April 2015 after a series of dramas.

Jaguar and Chipukeezy
Jaguar and Chipukeezy

“Congratulations Chipukizi on your appointment as a Director at Nacada….wish u well my brother,” wrote Jaguar.

You are worth the position

Ugandan comedian Anne Kansiime motivated Chipukeezy saying he has what it takes for the task ahead. Kansiime touched down in Nairobi on Thursday June 7th on Chupukeezy’s invitation.

Anne Kansiime and Chipukeezy
Anne Kansiime and Chipukeezy

“You are worth the position since you have been a role model and a voice for many young people who need to relate with someone with you in the fight against drug abuse, which is part of your mandate,” Kansime told Chipukeezy.



MP Jaguar speaks after Ezekiel Mutua’s new law that has left creatives pissed 

Singer Jaguar is now wears two hats after he was elected as the Starehe member of parliament. Kenyan creatives, especially entertainers, have been looking on to him to push different proposal in parliament that will see them make a living in the arts business without much hustle.

Recently, Kenya Film Classification Board announced that Filmmakers will be needed pay KSH 12,000 for registration and licenses, KSH 5000 for weekly upload, KSH 1000 for the days you film. A fine of 100,000 will be imposed if found Vlogging with a license.

Trash the bill

The proposal sparked outrage from Kenyans as many promised not to adhere. Jaguar has now addressed the issues saying that the law is a mistake and should be trashed since will kill the creative business in Kenya.

Here’s what he had to say:


Forgiveness and reconciliation! Prezzo and Jaguar do the impossible and announce end of all hostilities

Prezzo and Jaguar’s beef is the longest rivalry in the history of Kenyan showbiz. The two celebrities have passionately hated each other for years.

The genesis of Prezzo and Jaguar’s beef is not clearly understood but Prezzo once said that Jaguar snitched on him just to gain mileage back then when he was still struggling.

The beef stood the test of time as Prezzo and Jaguar didn’t see eye to eye for years. They have thrown words at each other while being interviewed separately at different radio stations.

Cessation of all hostilities

Enemies are now becoming friends ever since Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta shook hands. Jaguar and Babu Owino ended their beef weeks after the handshake.

Babu Owino and Jaguar
Babu Owino and Jaguar

Now Jaguar has also ended all hostilities with his archenemy Prezzo. The Starehe MP announced that he will be working with Prezzo for the betterment of Kenyan music industry after they met.

“Met up with my colleague and brother CMB @prezzo254
For long, we chose to walk on different paths despite chasing the same dream.
A lot was said over the years, but we have come to the conclusion it is time to rise above our differences and focus on the betterment of our entertainment industry as we prepare ground for those that come after us,” wrote Jaguar.

Prezzo and Jaguar when they recently met
Prezzo and Jaguar when they recently met

Bahati reveals what he wants from Jaguar and Babu Owino now that they have reconciled

Sometimes in October 2017 Babu Owino and Jaguar exchanged blows at parliament media centre because of Raila and Uhuru. The two MPs have since buried the hatchet.

Babu and Jaguar reconciled following the handshake between Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta. The Embakasi East MP even ended his beef with sworn enemy Moses Kuria.

Jaguar and Babu Owino fighting in parliament building

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What Bahati wants

Bahati talked about Babu Owino and Jaguar’s reconciliation during a thanksgiving dinner in which he hosted at KICC. The gospel singer wishes to see Starehe MP feature his Embakasi East counterpart in a new song.

“I challenge you to release another song soon and if possible, call Babu Owino to do a collabo with you,” said Bahati.

Diana Marua and Bahati during the thanksgiving dinner




Prezzo finally mends fences with Jaguar ending years of hostilities

Prezzo and Jaguar’s beef is the longest rivalry in the history of Kenyan showbiz. The two celebrities have hated each other with passion for years.

The genesis of Prezzo and Jaguar’s beef is not clearly understood but Prezzo once said that Jaguar snitched on him just to gain mileage back then when he was still struggling.

The beef stood the test of time as Prezzo and Jaguar didn’t see eye to eye for years. They have thrown words at each other while being interviewed separately at different radio stations.

New dawn

Prezzo has finally announced ceasefire sparking hope that his beef with Jaguar has finally come to an end. Speaking on Citizen TV’s 10 Over 10, the controversial rapper said that he had no problems with Jaguar.

“I don’t have issues with anyone, nowadays am a changed man. I am good with everyone, even Jaguar,” said Prezzo.

In the past Prezzo refused to acknowledge Jaguar, he said that the only Jaguar he knew were the British luxury vehicle brand – Jaguar and South American big cat – Jaguar.





Jaguar reveals why Babu Owino is more likely to defeat Jubilee candidate again in by-election

Jaguar and Babu Owino have reconciled following a cue from Raila and Uhuru. The Starehe MP says Babu Owino is more likely to crush Jubilee candidate in Embakasi East by-election.

Justice Joseph Sergon nullified the election of Babu Owino as the Embakasi East MP on March 2nd even after the court ordered vote recount which Babu won.

Babu has since moved to the Court of Appeal to challenge the nullification of his election. Jaguar however thinks Babu stands a chance of defeating Jubilee candidate again in the event that the court orders by-election in Embakasi East.

Jaguar revealed this as he spoke about his relationship with Babu Owino. He said Embakasi East has 60% Nasa supporters and 40% jubilee supporters.

“We have now made peace with each other and vowed to work together for the sake of our constituents and respective legacies. Starehe constituency is made up of 40 percent Nasa supporters and 60 percent Jubilee supporters, and the vice versa is true for Embakasi East. Babu and I realised what the youth in our respective constituencies care about is the availability of employment opportunities and a conducive environment for business – and not political sideshows,” said Jaguar.

No beef before the fight

Jaguar also reveals that there was no bad blood between Babu and him prior to their October 2017 fight in parliament. He explains the reason why they ended up exchanging blows.

“I knew Babu Owino way before I joined politics. We were good friends, and we’d never had a reason to fight before the October 2017 confrontation. If anything, I wasn’t going to beat Owino up, when I approached him on October 10, 2017 at Parliament Buildings. I just wanted to know why he had abused President Uhuru Kenyatta. And when I posed that question to him, he snapped and started shouting at me, saying there was nothing I could do to him. It is then that our confrontation turned physical.”




Flood waters wreak havoc in posh estate where Jaguar and Eric Omondi stay (Photos)

Heavy downpour wrecked havoc in Athi River on Thursday March 15th. Massive water flooded several houses in a gated community where Jaguar and Eric Omondi stay.

Mto wa Mawe River burst its banks after heavy rains on Thursday rendering part of Mombasa Road impassable. The Nairobi-Mombasa highway was closed at Athi River after a bridge was submerged in the water following the heavy rains.

Green Park Estate

The perimeter wall of Green Park Estate in Athi River was destroyed by the flood water. Jaguar an Eric Omondi live in the upmarket estate.

Several houses at the Green Park estate which is just along the Nairobi-Mombasa highway were flooded. Photos of the estate after the flash flood reveal the massive water quantity that ran through residents’ houses.








Photos of Babu Owino and Jaguar warming up to each other after Uhuru and Raila reconciled

ODM and Jubilee politicians are resolving the differences between them after Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta buried the hatchet and vowed to work together.

Babu Owino and his sworn enemy Moses Kuria also ended their beef after Uhuru/Raila meeting. The two MPs were notorious for insulting each other on social media.

New frenemies

Sometimes in October 2017 Babu Owino and Jaguar exchanged blows at Parliament media centre because of Raila and Uhuru.

The two have also buried the hatchet following Raila and Uhuru’s reconciliation. Babu and Jaguar were seen rubbing shoulders in parliament building after their party leaders ended their rivalry.

“Today I met Hon Jaguar at parliament and we reconciled our differences. Promised to work together to serve the interest of Kenyans,” said Babu Owino.

“Kenya is finally one,” Jaguar commented.





This is the new Range Rover sport Jaguar has been rolling around in

After his black Range Rover was involved in a road accident claiming the lives of 2 lives, seems that Jaguar has bought a new Range Rover sport.


Lately he has been seen rolling in a white Range Rover that is said to be the latest car he owns. The member of parliament who is also a singer is lately seen with the white ride added to collection of cars.

The new car is estimated to cost Ksh 4.9 million has left many Kenyans speculating whether he chose to replace his previous Range Rover which was destroyed after the accident at Rukanga shopping Centre along the Sagana-Makutano highway.

Jaguar takes fault after road accident

According to reports, Jaguar is said to have taken fault although an eyewitness says she saw a woman driving the KCB 808J hitting before the boda-boda which was carrying two passangers.

Anyway below are photos of the new ride!

Jaguar and Chipukeezy represent Kenyan celebrities at Mowzey Radio’s funeral (Photos)

Mowzey Radio was finally laid to rest at his home in Kagga located some 15km southwest of Kampala city. Jaguar and Chipukeezy traveled to Uganda to pay their last respect.

Thousands of people thronged Kagga on Saturday to attend Mowzey Radio’s burial. Dignitaries, celebrities, fans were all present to bid Mowzey the final goodbye.

Ugandan celebrities including Jose Chameleone and his brothers Weasel and Pallaso all dressed in military fatigue at Mowzey’s burial.

President Museveni vowed to bring to book Mowezy Radio’s killer. The president’s speech was read by state minister for Tourism Godfrey Kiwanda.

“I would like to assure the family and the mourners and all Ugandans that whoever killed Mowzey Radio will be brought to book. May his soul rest in eternal peace,” the minister read Museveni’s eulogy.

Kenya represented

Jaguar arrived in Uganda on Saturday morning ahead of the burial. The Starehe MP-cum-singer was accompanied to Kagga by Chipukeezy who had arrived in Uganda earlier.

Jaguar was given the opportunity to address mourners at Mowzey’s burial. He praised the deceased and said East Africa had lost a great musician who will forever be remembered.

See photos from the burial below:

Jaguar and Chipukeezy arrive in Kagga for Mowzey Radio’s burial
Jaguar greets fans at Mowzey Radio’s burial
Jaguar gripped with grief
Jaguar addresses mourners at Mowezy Radio’s funeral


Jose Chameleone and Jaguar warm up to each other at Mowzey Radio’s burial
Jose Chameleone, Weasel and Jaguar at Mowzey Radio’s burial
Mowzey Radio’s casket lowered into the grave
Jose Chameleone cries as Mowezy Radio’s coffin is finally lowered into the grave

Jaguar heckled by worshipers at Redeemed Gospel Church (Photos)

Irate faithful shouted at Jaguar after a church service at Redeemed Gospel Church in Jericho. The Starehe MP had accompanied DP William Ruto and Mike Sonko to the church.

Jaguar was last Sunday labelled ‘kigeugeu’ by worshipers at Redeemed Gospel Church. Faithful were angered by Jaguar’s reaction to Sonko’s ban of boda boda operators from the CBD.

DP William Ruto, Jaguar, Sonko and other Jubilee leaders during the service at Redeemed Gospel Church
Blanket ban

The Starehe MP moved to court to have the ban imposed on boda boda riders lifted. In a suit filed against governor Sonko’s government, Jaguar claimed that the ban may result to more harm than good since boda boda riders will be rendered jobless.

Sonko directive warned that anyone found ferrying passengers in the Nairobi CBD will face arrest and seizing of their motorcycles besides paying a hefty fine.

The directive followed increased incidences of robbery and mugging within the CBD. The ban is a means of curbing rising crime perpetrated by criminals on motorcycles.

Irate church worshipers expressed their anger with Jaguar for suing Sonko by shouting at him. Jaguar was called ‘kigeugeu’ because he decided to sue Sonko when the governor is credited for helping him secure Jubilee ticket for Starehe parliamentary seat when Maina Kamanda had rigged him out.


Jaguar’s 5-point solution to end incidents of mugging in Nairobi CBD

Nairobi Central Business District (CBD) has become a hotbed of criminal activities. Nairobians have been attacked and robbed in broad daylight by a group of muggers who operate in the CBD.

The mugging menace has sparked uproar prompting leaders to take action. Starehe MP Charles Njagua Kanyi ‘Jaguar’ proposes a 5-point solution to ending incidents of mugging.

Revamp NYS

Below are Jaguar’s suggestion to end mugging:

1.I urge all concerned authorities to step up efforts in curbing the recent mugging incidents witnessed in the streets of Nairobi.

2. I urge all city dwellers to be more vigilant and report any acts of robbery or violence. Most offenders are released back into the streets owing to lack of sufficient evidence or complainants to have them convicted.

3. I also request our officers to be more understanding when cases are brought to them by the general public to avoid fear of harassment or victimisation.

4. Besides partnering with Friends of the Homeless to rehabilitate street children, I have indeed reached out to various youth leaders more so within my constituency to talk to fellow youth and ensure they engage in constructive activities.

5. Lastly I call on the National government through the Ministry of youth to restore youth empowerment programs such as NYS that was able to employ more than 34,000 youth who are now jobless owing to its closure.
Additional programs like the youth enterprise fund should be made available with supplemented efforts from parastatals that deal with correctional behavior such as NACADA.

Police take action

Meanwhile police have started a crackdown on muggers and robbery gangs in the CBD. Two suspects were on Tuesday shot dead near Haile Selassie roundabout while another was was gunned down at the Globe Cinema roundabout.

The Nairobi County Security Committee on Monday activated an anti-mugging squad following an outcry by the public.



Jaguar employs Chipukeezy as his right-hand man

Chipukeezy follows Jaguar like a honey badger follows honey. The comedian is never far away from where the Starehe MP is.

Jaguar has employed Chipukeezy as his right-hand man even though he hasn’t publicly announced. Chipukeezy has been following Jaguar everywhere he goes raising questions about his role in the MP’s inner circle.

The Starehe MP even tags along Chipukeezy when he travels for holiday. The comedian was recently seen enjoying quality time with the Starehe MP and his children at the Coast.


Chipukeezy was also seen idling backstage as Jaguar performed at Club Lambada Mombasa on December 31st. The MP’s show in Mombasa sparked uproar over ticket price.

The photos below show how Chipukeezy is always shadowing Jaguar: