Njambi warns Kenyans: Con men are using my photo to extort money from people

Radio host and former The Trend TV presenter has warned Kenyans to be very careful when contributing money for her health because con men are now using her photos to collect money.

Taking to social media, the radio presenter said that she has been alerted by many people who noticed her photo circulating on a different pay bill number.

Avoid be conned


Jahmby said she had reported the cases to Facebook but nothing had been done and the post shared on the social media platforms have not been pulled down.

”I have been tagged by many people and informed of some people using this picture of mine on Facebook to extort money from people. Firstly, we’ve reported it on Facebook and the posts haven’t been pulled down. It’s quite sad that as I share my painful, excruciating journey others see it as an opportunity to con others. My prayer is that they never end up in a situation like this,” she wrote.

Just to make things clear, Njambi shared the Mpesa number that well wishers should send money too.

Paybill Number is 490681

Account Name is Jahmby Koikai Fund

For US fans: Cashapp is 678-467-2746 $jahmbykoikai

In the for section kindly put Njambi Endofund


Jahmby Koikai shares funny story of when she dated a rich kid 

Presenter Jahmby Koikai recently opened up of when she dated a rich kid. The presenter, who is suffering from Endometriosis, a disorder in which tissue that normally lines the uterus grows outside the uterus, opened up about dating the guy who was Lavington and, it’s rather funny.

Here’s what she said:

I love this throwback pic. Anyway isn’t it amazing how back in the day, we would do all we could to be in love lol? Love is a beautiful thing. You should never be made to feel less of a person by the other person. You never have to be ashamed of where you come from. You should be yourself. If someone doesn’t love who you are, that’s not your problem. That’s their problem. I’ve seen loads of ghetto yutes with uptown girls here in America ( all Kenyan btw). Something that wouldn’t necessarily take place because of our classism society. It makes me so happy kuona mtu wa Kayole na Lavington wameshikana. Dandora na Karen. Kawangware na Muthaiga. Kibera na Runda etc.”

“I dated some uptown guy who once invited me for dinner at their place. He warned me not to say where I come from but I should instead say i came from Lavington. Sasa hapo ndio nikajua hii ni noma. Nikisema kwetu ni Lavington niulizwe street gani ntasema? Ama nikiulizwa doggy zetu hupelekwa kwa veterinary mgani ntasema? Hahahahahaha na sa hiyo doggy zote kwetu ni mwitu hazinanga mwenyewe ni za Mungu?????? Ama nikiulizwa gate code ntasema? Hahahahah na sahi gate yetu hata kufuli haina. Ama nikiulizwa groceries si hununua wapi ntasema? Na sa hiyo madhe na shosho yangu hawakosi soko ya Ungwaro kila Tuesday na Friday wakijazana na mboga za kienyeji hahahahahahaha.
Na nikiulizwa kina madhe ni members wa Club gani ntasema? Na sa hiyo kina madhe tu ni machama tu lol.”

Dinner ikaiva. Keja sa hiyo imejaa njeve juu pia hawa mababi hawaongeleshanagi sana. Chef akaleta dish hapo. Mi na usoro za mtaa nikangoja kucheki ni nini chef amepika. Nikangoja watu waombe lol niliona kila mtu amejiserve wengine wameenda sijui upstairs kudish tukabaki hapo na morio wa mine na mzae wake hahahahahaha. Mzae akaniuliza ‘Wewe dio unaitwa nani?’ Nikasema Jahmby. Mzae akadai ‘Ooh ok Jabi’…akaniuliza ‘Kwenyu ni wapi?’….nikajikuta nimesema 46??????? mzae anashindwa kijana wake alitoana na huyu dame wapi lol. Akauliza 46 ni wapi…nikamshow at the end of Braeburn and Rusinga School. Nikaona mzae ameinua kichwa anangoja nimwai directions za kwetu kama Uber haha. Nilichujiwa hapo jo. Wacheni watu wapendane ghetto na mababi,” she concluded.

Jahmby puts Kenyans on check: I’m not cursed, Don’t come to my DM with these suggestions 

Presenter Jahmby Koikai has been forced to address a few misconceptions that Kenyans have been having regarding her sickness.

Jahmby, who is suffering from Endometriosis, has been giving step by step treatment process and progress to her fans who contributed a huge chunk of her hospital bill abroad where she’s being treated.



The host, however, decided to address a few rumors spreading around regarding her state telling Kenyans to stopping hitting her Instagram inbox with solution messages that are based on these false words.

Here’s what she said:

“Hey fam let’s make a few things clear. My DM has been filled with some of these peeps of late.
Please don’t come in my DM
1. ‘advising me about my hair’, ‘it’s not acceptable and i should shave’
2. Asking me to visit pastors and prophets for healing and altogether absconding my treatment and therapies
3. Asking me to carry out rituals and how ishould visit the elders 
4. I’m not cursed.
Just accept me. Accept the fact that I’ve broken barriers by speaking about menstruation. A taboo topic. Accept that I’m in the fight to make sure our women get the best reproductive healthcare.
My hair ain’t got nothing to do with this. I think my brain, my heart, my uterus and my love for God does.

“This is a milestone for all women that we shall be silent no more. Reproductive health issues are affecting all of us rich and poor. Educated and alternatively educated. Married and single. We as women are fighting with biological functions. If you understand that, then you will know that this is about the millions of women fighting for freedom from pain.


“Last 2 years have been the craziest!” Jahmby Koikoi reveals in a detailed post

Former TV personality Jahmby has not had the easiest time due to her illness that has seen her in and out of hospital for months now.

Now that she has travelled abroad to seek more medical attention, most of her fans have been wishing her the very best.

In a new post shared on her Instagram page, Jahmby pours out her heart as she reveals some of the things she has been through.

Jahmby’s post

Apart from her body reducing to 41kgs, Jahmby remain confident that Gods plan about her life shall come to pass. She wrote saying;