Jalango’s former employee Omundu says he is broke & afraid his wife will leave him

Eli Omundu who once worked with former friend, Morrison Litiema has been having it rough since returning the ksh 400,000 he was left with after splitting the Ksh 1M they stole from their boss Jalango a few months ago.

Eli and Morrison steal from Jalang’o

According to the fella he blames the devil for his actions and if anything is embarrassed and regrets what he did to Jalango; a man that had given him a job, friendship and above all – Trust only to be betrayed in the end.

As you already know, the two allegedly returned part of the money from the ksh 1 which they’d split half half. Eli says he turned 400k after spending 100k on the run. This is because he felt sorry for having stolen from his boss and was hoping maybe he should take him back now that the grass looks greener after winning Langata parliamentary seat.

Situation is too tough

Well, so far he has tried reaching his former boss but all his efforts end up in vain. According to Eli, his former boss has refused to speak with him hence making it hard to ask for his job back.

Eli Omundu

He went on to add the reason he is begging Jalango to take him back is because he has nothing; and his family is really struggling since both him and wife are jobless.

I don’t have even a coin left from the money we took, and that’s why I am struggling back at home. I have been farming and selling trees from my land until there’s no more left. Even my children are still at home as I can’t afford to take them to school. My wife heard about it and she could not believe it because she loved my boss.

With the man of the house not bringing in anything to the table, Eli now fears his wife might leave him for someone else.

My marriage is even in jeopardy and I am afraid my wife may decide to leave any time all because of the wrong I did.


“Wasn’t me!” Eli Omundu paints partner in crime, Morrison Litiema as mastermind behind heist

Word making rounds on social media is that Eli Omundu and Morrison Litiema who allegedly stole a couple of millions from Jalang’o’s car have surrendered to the DCI.

This is after they were smoked out of hiding by the police and now that they’ve been found – the two have started opening up on why; and what led them to steal from a boss.

Eli Omundu and Morrison Litiema finally speak up about alleged heist

But as you already know – money is the root of all evil. I mean didn’t Judas sell out Jesus for 30 Silver coins….now imagine what he would done if he’d been offered millions that time…huh.?

Jalango facing betrayal

Anyway just like Jesus was good to Judas Iscariot – Jalango too handled his workers as family and was even promoting them on social media hence the small cooperate deals they’d started making money off….but in end they played him.

Eli and Morrison steal from Jalang’o

Well this heist however turned out to be Eli Omundu’s biggest regret that is judging from the new information he shared with Ankali Ray on Milele FM. From what he says is that the heist story is a lie and never did he steal from his boss. He went on to justify this by claiming he’s been broke for the longest time and never has he ever thought of stealing from Jalang’o.

Hatuwezi fanya kitu kama hio [kuiba]… Picha ilikuwa hewani, unaweza kaa uone raia wamechukua sheria mikononi mwao.

Wasn’t me

When asked how they spent the money – now that they claim to be broke, Eli distanced himself from the heist leaving his partner in crime Morrison looking like the mastermind behind the robbery. He said;

  Mimi sijaona pesa yote. Ata saa hii nimesota mbaya. Labda Morrison aongee pande yake. Labda alichukua akanicheza, sijui.

Is it just me or is this whole heist story starting to feel like we’re being played? Think about it this way – if you stole from your boss and get caught wouldn’t you be pleading your case; and asking for forgiveness none stop?

Well in Eli and Morrison’s case – they hope to sit down and have some Black Label with their former boss as they sort this issues out. Yes I said Black label….lanes.

  Tunangoja boss tuongee vizuri na yeye, tujue ni vipi. Tumezungumza na mdosi na hana tatizo. Sasa tunataka tupatane kidogo, tukunywe hata Black Label tujue niaje.

“They have finally reached out ” Jalango shares update on Eli and Litiema

Word making rounds is that chances are that Jalang’o and his workers came up with a plan/skit where he would accuse them of robbing him and disappearing – a strategy that would help win sympathy votes now that elections are around the corner.

For some reason – netizens did not want to believe that Jalang’o would leave a huge amount i.e millions in his car – and still entrust the same vehicles to his two workers. From what most netizens say is that paranoia would never allow them to ever trust a person that much….like come on, we’re talking about millions of shillings here.

Revealed: Huge amount Jalang’o’s ex workers allegedly stole from his car

Eli and Morrison steal from Jalang’o

Anyway speaking to Mungai eve in recent interview, Jalang’o came out clean distancing himself from the clout chasing stunt. In his voice, you can hear the bitterness he still holds inside after being betrayed by the two people he had trusted with his home and even drunk with once in a while in his backyard.

Police matter

Through the interview, we also learnt that Eli Omundu and Morrison Litiema already reached out fans are in contact with both him and the police.


Although Jalang’o says he is yet to come into terms with such betrayal – truth is, there is no way he would rehire these two. Not just because once bitten twice shy but because they’ve proven themselves in broad daylight.

As of now, we’re hoping the police and the politician will share more details about the two and since they’re in Bungoma…chances are that the DCI are already tracking them too.