Police destroy Jalang’o’s brand new Mercedes worth millions(photos)

Comedian Jalang’o’s brand new convertible Mercedes Benz has been wrecked after an accident involving a police car.

The comedian took to social media to share the photos sating that his Mercedes Benz SL450 2014 model was involved in the accident on Ngong Road while on his way to school.

Brand new

The vehicle had to be towed away after the accident because it had been completely ruined after colliding with the police cruiser.

???????????????? Not the best way I wanted my day to End…Headed to school down on Ngong rd this police cruiser has ripped off my ka baby!! ????????????????,” he posted.

The accident comes just a month after the radio presenter bought the car and has been flaunting it on social media.

The Mercedes-Benz SL450 has 429-horsepower, twin-turbocharged V8 engine that generates vigorous highway passing power and near-instant off-the-line acceleration. The engine is mated to a smooth-shifting seven-speed automatic transmission.

In Kenya, the car costs almost Ksh 8 Million.

Here are the photos of the accident.

Jalang’o explains how he started wearing his “blouse” and green suit that Kenyans are very familiar with now 

Radio host Jalang’o is usually identified by his green suit. The suit is always worn with an animal print trademark blouse that all his fans are also used to.


The comedian recently explained how he came up with his signature dress code. According to Jalango, it wasn’t planned at all and he really just needed to get on stage fast when he happened to pick the blouse.

“About this shirt. I only have 1..Ok about this blouse! First it is made of siphon…is that the right word? So we were acting at the national theatre and I was late to change and get into my next scene so I picked anything to just wear….I picked this blouse that belonged to arigi…everyone laughed when I got on stage….As they say the rest is_______________?,” He said on Instagram.

Sauti Sol takes a dig at Jalang’o yet again for ignoring their new song ‘Extravaganza’ 

Sauti Sol recently released a new single dubbed, ‘Extravaganza’ that has been taking over airwaves.

The group started their new record label called Sol Generations that singed BenSoul, Kaskazini (a Kenyan urban-fusion trio formed by Chris, Ywaya and Israel) and Nviiri.

Sauti Sol however, are not happy with presenter Jalang’o who has been accusing them of not supporting local market.

Bien called out Jalang’o for ignoring their new song saying that he can hate, but they are making major moves in the market.

“We knew what we wanted as a group and have our financial projections. We even went to school for this so we get the best direction on how to run a record label,” Bien said.

Bien went on to say that the next project the group will be working on will be even hotter.


Jalang’o had claimed in an instagram post that Kenyan music industry has not benefited from the band because they don’t want to share any knowledge about the business.

“To our haters, time will tell, as we are still coming up with bigger projects.The next project we are releasing with him will be bigger and better than ‘Lucy’ and ‘Favourite Song’.”

Jalango gave me Ksh 6000 and started telling everyone how he helped my career- Otile and Jalas recount beef 

Singer Otile Brown and presenter Jalang’o have finally addressed their beef.

Apparently, the two have been fighting because when Otile was starting out as an artist, Jalango kept telling guys that he helped him build his career while in real sense, he only gave him Ksh 6000.

Jalang’o felt that Otile was being too proud and since then he stopped communicating to him. The two however made up recently during the radio show saying it was all a misunderstanding.

“Mimi na ndugu yangu huyu ni kama pia tuko na grudge! Na leo nataka tuizungumze, we are finishing everything today,”Otile said.

“Wakati Wakhungu alikuwa anasoma news hapa na furahi kuwa mumeweza kumazila differences zenu na sasa mambo yako sawa. I like how you deal with your issues kiutu uzima sana. And with that spirit utaenda mbali sana,” said Mwakideu.


Both artists were thankful that they have managed to put the beef aside and focus on growth.

Otile said, “Nashukuru kwamba tumeweza kuongea na mambo yetu yamekwendasawa.

To which Jalang’o added, “Kabisa sai tuko tayari kufanya kazi pamoja and I can’t wait for your next project.”

Comedian Jalang’o forced by fans and feminists to apologize following his views on Ivy Wangechi death 

Jalang’o took to social media yesterday to air his views regarding Ivy Wangechi’s murder and in the process quickly realized he has just messed up.

The radio presenter shared that women should avoid taking gifts from men that they have not interest in because these gifts come at a price.

”I think it’s time we became honest with each other. Too many young beautiful girls are dying some of the most saddest deaths you can’t wish for someone’s daughter! It is time we discussed this issue! Rule one! No man gives any woman anything for free! Yes I said it ! Men can we tell them this!” he wrote in part. 


The post angered many who rushed to the comment section to attack him. In the end, Jalango was forced to delete the post and later post another clarifying what he was trying to state in his earlier post.

In his apology, Jalang’o said that he didn’t justify murder but still insisted that women should stay away from “free” gifts from men if they are not into them.



Sauti Sol blast Jalang’o after he claimed they are killing the industry: Don’t fix your brother’s collar in public

Comedian Jalang’o, during a heated exchange with Kenyan artists last month claimed that Sauti Sol are among artists who are letting the industry down.

Jalang’o said that Sauti Sol have a lot of Knowlegde on how to operate in the industry but have refused to share with local artists. According to the members, they have been tirelessly working on how they can help the industry but Jalang’o never bothered to investigate.

“Jalang’o is the biggest letdown but that’s a story for another day. I’m a letdown if i see a brother putting down another brother. He’s my guy and he knows the plans that have been underway. I would expect him to have called me first instead of politicizing the whole thing. I got really pissed and actually went off on him on that.

“Polycarp is doing a copyright course at Harvard. Just all these things. I launched Kenya writers association, those are the things he (jalang’o) didn’t know we were doing in the background so that we can have a better dispensation for our artistes.” said Bien Baraza.


He added that their new record label Sol generations will show their hard work. He asked Jalang’o to avoid talking ill about his brother to look like he’s helping others.

“Labels have been started but have fallen for a reason because people are not putting organisational structure behind them. And so we’ve been doing for the last year for our fans have not been just chilling and watching Kenyan music crumble. No. We’ve been taking our time to approach this animal in a different way. To my brother jalang’o what I would say is meza dawa yako. And if i go wrong, don’t fix your brother’s collar in public,” he said. 







Jalang’o predicts 2019: Willy Paul will officially become a secular artist, China will takeover Mombasa Port 

As we crawl through the first week of 2019, many people have been sharing their personal goals and are glowing with optimism.

Many are also trying to predict how the year will go. Comedian Jalang’o recently shared his prediction of how the year will fall in place and it’s a bit surprising.

According to the radio host, China, who recently said they are not after Mombasa Port despite Kenya’s mounting debt, will still takeover the port. He also believes Willy Paul will release a secular song( what has he been releasing?) in 2019.

“Gospel Willy Paul will announce that he is finally a secular artiste because he has already shown signs with his latest music releases. Also, Masauti will become the biggest artiste in Kenya and this will happen by February. I won’t forget our brothers, China will take our Mombasa port because of our mounting debt.” said Jalang’o.

New songs

Comedian Chipukeezy also shared his view of 2019 saying that Huddah Monroe will hit the studio for a new jam.

“Socialite Huddah Monroe will release a song and call it ‘Nitaambia nini watu’, Miguna Miguna is expected to release a song called “I am back!”. I will bring Nick Minaj on a tour of Kenya to talk to the youths about drugs and Eric Omondi will be a news anchor.” he said. 

Jalango pens lovely message to Amina Abdi for being a hard worker and motivating other women

Comedian Jalang’o is one of the hardest working media personalities in Kenya. The guys wakes up at 3 am in the morning and goes to sleep at barely 12 midnight almost everyday.

So he knows what true hard works means and will always appreciate it whenever he spots it.

Jalang’o recently had some lovely message for Capital FM presenter Amina Abdi who is also another hard worker in the business and has a tight schedule just as his.

Amina hosts a radio show, hosts The Trend on NTV and also has a show on Maisha Magic. She’s also an MC who is on high demand and…a mother of one.

Her schedule is as packed as they come and Jalango is proud of her.

“Today let me tell you a short story about my sister @amina_kenya. She is one of the top female events hosts in Africa…one of the most humble hard working people I know! Most of you would think that I am just talking but this is a trailblazer! Tv host at the trend! Radio host, tv host at Maisha magic..super event host!” said Jalango. 


He went on to say that her hustle should be used as a benchmark by other ladies since she’s motivating a lot of women out there to focus on their hustles.

“Amina may your hustle inspire a girl out there to make them see you as a role model! I am happy that I know you and you are my friend! To any event organisers looking for a top duo male and female host…..Heavy J and Amina will make your event what you wanted and even more!.” 

Jalang’o and Alex Mwakideu disagree live on air and end up switching off each other’s Mics 

Radio hosts Jalang’o and Alex Mwakideu are very good friends but when it’s working time, the two Milele FM breakfast show presenters switch to something close to enemies.

The two recently ended up having a very heated argument live on radio that almost turned ugly and even saw the two switch off each other mics.

Jalas and Mwakideu were discussing ‘The Michuki rules’ which are now making a comeback.

Mwakideu claimed that he had an issue with the return of the law because it would make innocent Kenyans suffer for the mistakes of the enforcers.

“Kenyans walked during Michuki’s time for two weeks and I was one of them and we walked because we wanted this change and they changed. After the law was implemented it was upon the police to ensure it was enforced until today. Kenyans should not suffer again on Monday,” Alex said. 


Jalango on the hand, wanted matatus to be controlled by the rules because they have been out of line lately.

You have a lot of lies on radio and you are not even supposed to be a radio presenter here because you have travelled and lived abroad and you know how things happen there,” said Jalang’o.

The two argued to a point they were burning with anger leaving the studio melting with tension.

“You have a lot of lies on radio and you are not even supposed to be a radio presenter here because you have traveled and lived abroad and you know how things happen there,” Jalas said.

Jalango: My Brother will inherit my social media accounts when I die 

While many people have never bothered to include their social media accounts in their will, comedian Jalango has already done it and knows who will handle his fans once he’s gone.

According to the Milele FM radio host, his brother will take over all his social media accounts but without a clear strategy on what he should do with them. From there on, it’s up to him to decide.

“One of my brothers is in charge of all my accounts and it will be up to him if he wants to keep my legacy or use the account for his business.” he said.


With a following of over 280,000 Twitter followers, 820,000 fans on Instagram and about 74,000 fans on Facebook, his brother will sure have a lot of followers to take care off.

But with how fast technologies are changing, it’s hard to know whether this inheritance will have a long time value. Just ask those who had MySpace and hotmail accounts.

Jalang’o to ladies: If you are in an illicit relationship it should remain a secret. You are there for the money, get your money and keep quiet

Comedian Jalang’o has some advice for ladies who are involved in illicit affairs with older men. After what happened to Sharon Otieno recently, the comedian has come out to warn women in such affairs saying that they should now what they want first in such relationships.

“The death of Sharon Otieno has become a subject of discussion…This is a message to the ladies that have a sponsor, you have decided that you will have a sponsor, someone else’s husband. It’s something that is happening, we cannot bury our heads in the sand, sponsors exist. When you have a sponsor know that you are in a very illicit relationship. Know what you want, you are in an illicit relationship all you want is money and the old man wants to have a good time with you. Underline good time. You get your money, you are maintained well and you will be destroying another woman’s relationship,” He said on Milele FM.


The comedian went to assure ladies that men with families will do everything to protect themselves and their reputation and therefore ladies should be always aware of this.

“You have to be careful about everything because this person is protecting his family as much as he is a relationship with you. When you are in this kind of relationship eat the money and keep quiet, don’t complicate things. Anytime you try to blackmail them you are putting yourself in trouble,” he said.

Jalango added:

“Mambo ya kuanza kushika mimba na kutumia kama blackmail itakuingisha kwa mambo mbaya sana. You are in an illicit relationship and that should remain a secret. You are there for the money, get your money and keep quiet without complicating things. Having a sponsor is very risky and very dangerous, ”Jalas said.

Jalang’o: The same day I got my very first gig at Kiss 100 is the same day my dad died 

Milele FM Radio host Jalang’o has opened up on the emotional day he got his first big job on radio.

According the comedian who is now one of the best paid in Kenya, he got the job and before he could actually celebrate, he received another from his mum breaking the sad news to him that his father had died.

“When my dad died he told me one thing, I have a letter from my dad before he died because I could not even afford to go bury my dad when he died. The same day I got my very first gig at Kiss 100 is the same day my dad died. Caroline called me and told me Jalang’o you are replacing Nyambane when she hung up my mom called and told me your dad is gone. That’s how sad it was for me,” he narrated.

Missed opportunities

Recently, Jalango also confessed that he was chased away from Maseno High School due to lack of fee. This made his dad break down to tears after his son missed a chance to join one of the best National schools in Kenya.

Jalang’o ready to send Langata MP Nixon Kiprotich home in 2022 as he declares interest in politics

Comedian and radio presenter Jalang’o has always been looking for the right time to join politics after his illustrious career in entertainment.

Jalango recently told his fans that in 2022 he’ll vie for the Langata parliamentary seat. The comedian said that ousting current Langata MP Nixon Kiprotich Korir is his current dream.

The Milele FM presenter shared this during Instagram’s question and answer session with his fans which saw him tackle different questions about his life.

The comedian also shared that he doesn’t have a degree but he’s currently taking Community Development at Daystar University.


He added that he plans to start a charity soon and that he’s new show with Otoyo will begin next month. In the chart, Jalango also revealed that he’s dating but didn’t share much about his new partner.

Here are some of the questions he answered:



Jalang’o: Otile Brown is a very lucky man. Anakula pazuri

Comedian Jalang’o is settling down in his new home Milele FM where he’s now been reunited with his friend Alex Mwakidue.

The comedian during his show, spoke about Otile Brown and Vera Sidika’s love saying that the two are now a power couple.

Lucky man

Despite many thinking Otile is in a shaky relationship that might end up with tears any time after Vera dumps him, Jalang’o said that the singer is one lucky guy to have Vera.

“Nikiskia hii wimbo inaniambia jinsi mapenzi ni kitu mzito sana. Love is a very deep thing usichukulie mapenzi hivi hivi. Otile na Vera wameonyesha hivo jamani… Kwa wale wanoshangaa Otile ni nani? Otile ni mwanamziki ambaye amebobea sana na Vera ni mama yao!” said Jalas after playing their song Baby love.

He went on:

“Otile anakula pazuri , ushaiskia mahali pema peponi? Ndio hiyo sasa.” leaving that day’s guest Nairobi senator Sakaja and his co-host Mwakideu laughing out loud. 

Who will replace Jalas? Hot 96 FM rebrands after Jalang’o ditched them

Comedian Jalang’o, after just an year and some months working at Hot 96 FM, has ditched the station and moved on to MediaMax where he’s now working alongside Alex Mwakideu at Milele FM.

“Thanks Fam… I got nothing but love for all of you… Hard decision to make but so here we are! A great 1 year 4 months of us. God bless you guys… the struggle continues on my side. Thank you,” Said Jalas after officially leaving the station.

Jeff Koinange, his former host, is now hosting the morning show all alone till they find a person to replace the self proclaimed best comedian in Kenya.

New name

The show, which used to be called “Jeff and Jalas on Hot 96” has now been re-branded to just “Jeff in the morning”. The station has not announced their next move yet.

Comedians troll Jalang’o for ‘forcing’ Obama to great him

Comedian Jalang’o will have one unforgettable day to add to his piling collection after meeting and working with former US president Barrack Obama who was recently in Kogelo for a charity event.

Jalas was the MC of the event and said that he got the job after he jokingly suggested he will be in the event as an MC. Comedian Chipukeezy and Eddie Butita however jokingly mocked the storied MC, saying that he forced Obama to shake his hand.

“Jalango atasumbua Sana..??? congratulations Bro,” Chipukeezy captioned the clip.

Fire with Fire

Jalang’o also tore them apart in the comment section saying:  “Bangi…bangi….kazi ku MC matanga na harambe za kujenga Choo za shule….mtapata taabu..kumbafffff ???”