¨We were desperate and tried everything in vain¨ Jalang´o speaks of eating rats with Captain Otoyo

Kenyan celebrated comedians, Jalang´o and Otoyo have been buddies since time immemorial but their roots are dreadful.

Tuesday, the 21st of January, speaking during his show on Milele FM, Jalang´o spoke of days him and Otoyo would hunt for rats as food. Since poverty couldn´t allow them anything decent.

The funny man who doubles up as a radio presenter narrated how him and is close ally, Otoyo suffered for long before fame knocked on their doors.

We ate rats together with Otoyo when we were hungry. You know when you have to eat a rat, it means you are desperate and tried everything in vain. A rat is the last food anyone can think of eating.

We ate rats together with Otoyo when we were hungry – Jalang´o reveals

He further explained this as a reason why the two share a close bond and they remain tight for as long as they breathe.

The two celebrities are however currently swimming in some good money earned from their tireless hard work and persistence.

Comedians, Jalang´o and Otoyo now leaving life on the first lane after long-time suffering

Before fame, the duo who resided together, would occasionally stop by the Kenya National Theater, hunting for shows.

Jalang’o’s bitter reply at Joe Muchuri after he told him Huduma number is a scam 

Have you registered for Huduma number?

Well, today being the second last day, Kenyans are ready to die queuing for the number. Comedian Jalang’o has been campaigning for this since day one and is happy to see Kenyans are finally turning up to register.

Why register

The registration period for Huduma Namba ends on May 18. Jalang’o was forced to call out Joe Muchiri who expressed his doubts saying the number doesn’t make sense.

This is what Muchiri said:


“The idea that a Jubilee government that has not provided basic services for Kenyans for the last 6 years is crazy & lying that now it will provide services after U get a new huduma number is a blad fuckin joke. It is sad people have been duped to do it in millions. The big question is who benefits from this project ???? from data collection, to kits supply, to data maintenance etc LOL I mean the whole thing tender for Huduma cards. As a Kenyan U already have a unique identity in many forms from ur birth certificate to ur driving license to ur ID to ur passport to ur KRA pin unique to U so why would U need another one. ???????? what can a Huduma number do that ur ID can’t ????anyway ur data can be used by anyone now & the government has a disclaimer Expect news scams in 2019 where someone can use ur identity to do shit on ur behalf ???????? I hope ur Huduma digits makes U get cheaper fuel & groceries. I AM NOT BOARDING.”

Jalas fired back at him saying:

“You don’t have to mention me! You say I have been paid to tell people to take it…yes I have been paid! Very well! Because this is not just another page this is a media platform just like all radios and tv stations have been paid! There are a lot of things in this country [that are] worse, if this huduma namba will kill me, let it kill me! Bro, you don’t always have to drag everyone into your wars! So, which one will kill people first? The whisky you pour in people mouths in clubs or huduma namba? “saitan! Go take huduma namba! Maybe you wanted to be noticed! There you go! ????????????????.”

Mwakideu: It’s time Kenyan celebrities also storm Tanzania and steal their women like they are doing to us 

Since he’s already married and has one kid, Milele FM host Alex Mwakideu can not lead Kenyan men into Tanzania for a wife-hunting mission.

However, he’s ready to cheer other Kenyans into the neighboring country as they go for a revenge mission that will see them comeback with pretty Tanzanian women.

Date Tanzanians

The popular radio presenter has urged fellow Kenyans, celebs to be specific, to also date Tanzanian women now that their men have invaded the country, taking all the pretty women and making them their wives.

Diamond Platnumz has Natash Donna who he plans to marry soon, Ben Pol has Anerlisa Muigai, Alikiba also got his wife from Kenya.

The radio presenter urged the likes of Khaligraph Jones, Willy Paul and Timmy T Dat to go to Tanzania and reciprocate what Ali Kiba and Diamond are doing.

@officialalikiba alienda Kongowea Mombasa Kenya akamuoa mkewe Amina… @diamondplatnumz naye akaja Nairobi akampata mtoto wetu @tanashadonna naskia wanapanga Harusi February Sasa tena @iambenpolashamchukua mtoto wetu mwengine @anerlisa ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️Wakenya tutaambia watu nini??? Kuanzia sahii Nataka @otilebrown@timmytdat @[email protected] na makapera wengine wote wanaojiamini wakimbie Tanzania kulipiza kisasi!!! ???Sisi kama watazamaji tutawashangilia papa hapa mtandaoni ??????” he said. 

Jalango: My Brother will inherit my social media accounts when I die 

While many people have never bothered to include their social media accounts in their will, comedian Jalango has already done it and knows who will handle his fans once he’s gone.

According to the Milele FM radio host, his brother will take over all his social media accounts but without a clear strategy on what he should do with them. From there on, it’s up to him to decide.

“One of my brothers is in charge of all my accounts and it will be up to him if he wants to keep my legacy or use the account for his business.” he said.


With a following of over 280,000 Twitter followers, 820,000 fans on Instagram and about 74,000 fans on Facebook, his brother will sure have a lot of followers to take care off.

But with how fast technologies are changing, it’s hard to know whether this inheritance will have a long time value. Just ask those who had MySpace and hotmail accounts.

Jalang’o: Otile Brown is a very lucky man. Anakula pazuri

Comedian Jalang’o is settling down in his new home Milele FM where he’s now been reunited with his friend Alex Mwakidue.

The comedian during his show, spoke about Otile Brown and Vera Sidika’s love saying that the two are now a power couple.

Lucky man

Despite many thinking Otile is in a shaky relationship that might end up with tears any time after Vera dumps him, Jalang’o said that the singer is one lucky guy to have Vera.

“Nikiskia hii wimbo inaniambia jinsi mapenzi ni kitu mzito sana. Love is a very deep thing usichukulie mapenzi hivi hivi. Otile na Vera wameonyesha hivo jamani… Kwa wale wanoshangaa Otile ni nani? Otile ni mwanamziki ambaye amebobea sana na Vera ni mama yao!” said Jalas after playing their song Baby love.

He went on:

“Otile anakula pazuri , ushaiskia mahali pema peponi? Ndio hiyo sasa.” leaving that day’s guest Nairobi senator Sakaja and his co-host Mwakideu laughing out loud. 

Comedian Otoyo fired from Radio Maisha weeks after joining for reporting to work late

Weeks after switching from MediaMax’s Milele FM, comedian Otoyo has been allegedly fired from Radio Maisha.

Otoyo took to his Instagram account then to inform his listeners that April 4 was his last day at Milele FM and it seems he might be making another similar announcement soon after he was fired for misconduct, TUKO reports.

He was fired on Friday. He could report to work late. The human resource manager had warned him more than once. Sometimes Otoyo could not just show up or pick calls even when Head of Programmes Lynda Oriaso reached him. He had it coming,” said a source to TUKO.


Asked for a comment, the comedian denied that he had been fired saying:”I am on duty as has been. Programming changes ongoing.”

The Funny man made the decision of ditching Mediamax after landing a new Job at the Standard Group owned radio station.

After calling it quits on Papa Shirandula, Jalas and Otos to launch their new hilarious show! (Video)

You would think that school, work and more work would make Jalang’o slow down on releasing his personal projects, right?

Well, the comedian is proving to be one tough man who is out to make good money in the entertainment industry. Word has it that together with his friend Otoyo, the two are set to release a new comedy show!

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Jalas and Otos unite!

The comedy show which will consist of a tailor (Jalas), Carpenter (Otos) and Nigerian barbar (Obinna) might just be the most hilarious show to be seen this year.

So far we have witnessed Jalas and Otoyo work together on Papa Shirandula and indeed their chemistry was mind blowing.

Obinna on the other hand has managed to build a strong career thanks to his Nigerian accent. In his new role on Jalas and Otos he once again proves that his is still intact!