Police destroy Jalang’o’s brand new Mercedes worth millions(photos)

Comedian Jalang’o’s brand new convertible Mercedes Benz has been wrecked after an accident involving a police car.

The comedian took to social media to share the photos sating that his Mercedes Benz SL450 2014 model was involved in the accident on Ngong Road while on his way to school.

Brand new

The vehicle had to be towed away after the accident because it had been completely ruined after colliding with the police cruiser.

???????????????? Not the best way I wanted my day to End…Headed to school down on Ngong rd this police cruiser has ripped off my ka baby!! ????????????????,” he posted.

The accident comes just a month after the radio presenter bought the car and has been flaunting it on social media.

The Mercedes-Benz SL450 has 429-horsepower, twin-turbocharged V8 engine that generates vigorous highway passing power and near-instant off-the-line acceleration. The engine is mated to a smooth-shifting seven-speed automatic transmission.

In Kenya, the car costs almost Ksh 8 Million.

Here are the photos of the accident.

Jalango denies he had a wedding, says it was just a family function

Comedian Jalang’o has come out to reveal that he didn’t have a wedding as people have been told on social media but had just a family meeting.

Speaking to his co-host on Mwakideu on Milele FM, Jalango cleared the air saying he didn’t have a wedding and that was just a family meeting that he went with friends.

“Mwakideu, you have known for the longest time that I have a wife. The weekend event was not a wedding, it was a function we had just gone to visit her family and I took a few good men with me.  They came with so much pomp that the news of it blew up all over social media,” he said. 

Jalang’o promised that when his wedding with Amina Chao comes, all his friends will be invited.

 “It was a fun weekend, the inlaws prepared everything so well for us. They welcomed us very well, I felt very welcome, I was at home. I even met my primary school teacher.” said Mwakideu. 

Jalang’o added, “Don’t worry guys when the day of my wedding comes, you will know you will get invites, or not.”

Akothee wants chopper, Limousine, Presidential Suite before she performs at Luo night, Jalang’o claims 

Radio presenter Jalang’o has said landing Akothee to perform in your event isn’t an easy thing.

On Instagram Jalang’o revealed that the singer has made outrageous requests before she can step on stage for the Luo festival.

Akothee not only asked for a huge performance fee, but she also made some outrageous demands before agreeing to perform at the event scheduled for August 31, 2019, at Carnivore grounds.


“I could not confirm Akothee for Luo Festival because of alot of things but that was until yesterday when we met and she agreed that she will be performing! To have Akothee for your show is not easy and even her coming for Luo festival is almost impossible!” said Jalas.

Here are the crazy demands from the mother of five shared by Jalas.

1. Akothee logistics is crazy…apart from your security she has her own security who must ensure that everything is fine…that is 10 security team! 5 men 5 women!
2. Akothee flies to Luo FESTIVAL from Wilson to Carnivore! Don’t forget that Wilson and Carnivore share fences! She just does not come ! She makes an entrance! Helicopter costs 200k from Wilson to Carnivore! Thanks to @silverstoneairservices this cost has been taken by them!
3. Akothee has her own backstage…changing room four full length mirrors, 4 lounge seats , 5 cases of still water , 5 cases of sparkling water, 40 white towels, private bathroom and toilet, private live Kitchen and private chef, assorted juices of different flavours that must be Orchid Valley , 10 flower bouquets, a massage table and 4 private assistants!
4. Since the show ends in the night you must organise a limousine to take her to her hotel since when she is performing she doesn’t stay at home but prefers the privacy of presidential suite!
5. Her performance fee is a story for another day!! But now we can confirm Madam boss will be available because all this has been confirmed by our sponsors


Jalang’o to ladies: If you are in an illicit relationship it should remain a secret. You are there for the money, get your money and keep quiet

Comedian Jalang’o has some advice for ladies who are involved in illicit affairs with older men. After what happened to Sharon Otieno recently, the comedian has come out to warn women in such affairs saying that they should now what they want first in such relationships.

“The death of Sharon Otieno has become a subject of discussion…This is a message to the ladies that have a sponsor, you have decided that you will have a sponsor, someone else’s husband. It’s something that is happening, we cannot bury our heads in the sand, sponsors exist. When you have a sponsor know that you are in a very illicit relationship. Know what you want, you are in an illicit relationship all you want is money and the old man wants to have a good time with you. Underline good time. You get your money, you are maintained well and you will be destroying another woman’s relationship,” He said on Milele FM.


The comedian went to assure ladies that men with families will do everything to protect themselves and their reputation and therefore ladies should be always aware of this.

“You have to be careful about everything because this person is protecting his family as much as he is a relationship with you. When you are in this kind of relationship eat the money and keep quiet, don’t complicate things. Anytime you try to blackmail them you are putting yourself in trouble,” he said.

Jalango added:

“Mambo ya kuanza kushika mimba na kutumia kama blackmail itakuingisha kwa mambo mbaya sana. You are in an illicit relationship and that should remain a secret. You are there for the money, get your money and keep quiet without complicating things. Having a sponsor is very risky and very dangerous, ”Jalas said.

Jalang’o: The reason why I left t Alex Mwakideu was because of money

Comedian Jalang’o has been hoping around radio stations lately, with Milele FM being his latest home. At Milele, the comedian rejoined his friend Alex Mwakideu who he worked with at Radio Maisha before he ditched him for Hot 96.

Jalas recently opened up on why he ditched the station and his friend behind saying money came in between them. The offer was so sweet that Jalango had to leave.

Blame money

“What happened is when I left Maisha and he stayed there we only left the Maisha we did not leave the friendship.” he said.

“So I think if there is one person I hang out with is still Alex even when we were apart and guys kept on asking now you guys why are you lying to us that you are not together anymore you need to get yourselves back here. But anyway my reason for leaving Alex was very very simple. It was money. So I went somewhere where I was needed not where I was loved,” he stated.



Who will replace Jalas? Hot 96 FM rebrands after Jalang’o ditched them

Comedian Jalang’o, after just an year and some months working at Hot 96 FM, has ditched the station and moved on to MediaMax where he’s now working alongside Alex Mwakideu at Milele FM.

“Thanks Fam… I got nothing but love for all of you… Hard decision to make but so here we are! A great 1 year 4 months of us. God bless you guys… the struggle continues on my side. Thank you,” Said Jalas after officially leaving the station.

Jeff Koinange, his former host, is now hosting the morning show all alone till they find a person to replace the self proclaimed best comedian in Kenya.

New name

The show, which used to be called “Jeff and Jalas on Hot 96” has now been re-branded to just “Jeff in the morning”. The station has not announced their next move yet.

Popular pastor: Groove Awards is fake. There is no power of gospel in those awards

A popular pastor has joined a bunch of Kenyans who have been complaining about the gospel industry and also rebuked the it saying that it’s full of pretenders.

On social media, pastor James Reborn specifically attacked Groove Awards saying that it’s rewarding music that doesn’t praise God but earthly things.

“GROOVE AWARDS is fake there is no power of gospel in those awards they are just lost generation hiding in the church secularising gospel,” said the pastor on Facebook.

James Reborn

Dance music

He then went on to attack such song as Oddi dance, KDF and other similar song that have been ruling the airwaves claiming that they shouldn’t be categorized as gospel at all.

“I weep for our young generation because if odi dance, KDF,kula neno,baksizo, is what we call gospel then we are lost completely lost,where are the Franck mtakatifu, babeto, Israel hezekiah, of this generation.we need to fix something here before all is lost.GROVE AWARDS is fake and fake change to secular awards before Jesus finds you with a nyahunyo and teach you a lesson. # Grove awards is fake
# The truth be told # Temple of Grace Church Ruiru.” 



Zero chills! Jalang’o bashed on Twitter for having failed to marry his baby mama

KOT has no chills and sadly this time around comedian cum popular radio personality Jalang’o faced their wrath moments after he shared a tweet telling Kenyans to stop whining about their senators who had not accomplished much in their 4 year term as he sarcastically used an example of the men who date women for 5 years and still never get to marry them.

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With the simple tweet, Jalang’o seemed to have sparked a war he was not ready for. One of his followers responded by asking him why he had not married his baby mama, Cheptoek, who he has dated for more than 5 years…double standards?

Sounds personal… but for once Jalang’o chose to keep his calm as he did not reply to the tweep. This was however a big blow to the comedian as he had not imagined that the tables would turn on him. Anyway, having a few days remaining to the the election date, many celebrities have been trying to preach peace to the youths who are often misled by political talks hoping that whatever happened back in 2007 would not repeat itself again.

Checkout the tweet below: