Jalang´o finally responds to getting fired and wife fleeing from home

Popular radio presenter, Jalang´o is an embattled man after screenshots of intimate conversations between him and his boys leaked online.

YouTuber, Edgar Obare was the man behind the leakage, out to expose what goes on behind closed doors and in places where no camera finds its way into.

Yesterday, Jalang´o was the topic of discussions with speculations rife that the guy got fired from Mediamax-owned Swahili radio station, Milele FM for his uncouth behavior.

Popular media personality, Jalang´o

This is after his voice on radio could no longer be heard for at least 2 days now and counting and the compass directed fans to his unkempt ways.

He responds

However, word reached him soon enough and in response, he stated he has been on a 2-weeks´ leave since 2 days ago.

Therefore, getting rid of reports he had been fired for being a guy with two different personalities during the day and at night fall.

Milele FM co-hosts, Jalang´o (left) and Alex Mwakideu (right)

He added that his co-host Alex Mwakideu would be taking over alongside stand-up comedian, Wambilianga.

Good morning…Happy new week! So to answer the many who are asking why Iam not on radio today…my 2 weeks leave begins today. So my brother @alex_mwakideu is holding it down with the amazingly talented comedian @wambilianga_ke. Keep them company and tune in @milelefm!!

Meanwhile, he would be keeping busy on his YouTube Live, urging fans to tune in, as he preps for amazing shows during the week.

So this week we just meet on my YouTube live! I have amazing shows line up this week! Wednesday and Friday!! Keep it here and lets stay safe!!
Much love! This week our target is to hit 60k subscribers! CLICK the link in my BIO and enjoy #BongaNaJalas or just dial *544*32# to ge free 70mbs to watch!

Kenyan comedian, Jalang´o

Cheating scandal

Born, Felix Odiwuor was yet to respond to claims he had been a man likened to many women behind the curtains, despite the fact that he has a Taita wife, or fianceé, at least.

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It irked Kenyans so bad, that he dared have the guts to cheat, not once, not twice, while still housing a ravishing Taita babe back at home.

Jalas with his Taita wife

It just didn´t add up. With a section, taking on, the Taita babe for entertaining a man who can´t respect his home.

Anyway, when reached out by Tuko to respond, the Kenyan comedian admitted to the WhatsApp group which he labeled ´a normal one just like any other´.

It was just a normal WhatsApp chat just like any other group.

Further bashing reports that matters discussed were nothing but around competing on the number of women one has been able to handle.

Radio personality and MC, Jalang´o

Additionally refuting claims that his Taita wife walked out on him after she could no longer table his philandering ways.

Here is a screenshot of ´The Boys Club´ alleged chat.