Jamal Roho Safi Opens Up On Why He Prefers Having Two Wives, Advices Rich Men To Do The Same

Jamal Roho Safi is an epitome of a true gentleman. He has transferred his prowess in managing his businesses to managing his two wives without much drama erupting. After making things official with socialite Amber Ray, most netizens weren’t comfortable with the fact that Amber settled to be a 2nd wife to the businessman.

Opening up about his love life, Jamal claims that his first wife held on to him even when he had nothing.

”Ni dem mmoja mpole na tumetoka na yeye kutoka scratch. Ni mtu mwenye alikuwa ananifulia nikiwa na boxer moja. So she understands me when I have money”

Kumbe huyu ndiye co-wife wa Amber Ray? Meet Jamal's beautiful 1st wife (photo)

One Wife Is Not Enough?

Nevertheless, Jamal decided that one wife would not suffice for him. He claims it’s wise to have a second wife and make things official, rather than cheating on your wife with multiple women. In the interview, he said,

‘It’s much more better wanaume wakue na bibi wawili official kuliko kuenda kutangatanga. Ukona karibu mmoja Roysambu, mwingine Githurai, mwingine Umoja. So at the end of the day guys, utakufa na ugonjwa. Na hii life haina rehearsal. Chance moja, wewe umesonga.

Jamal continued by admonishing rich men who have other women outside marriage to just make things official.


I Used My School Fees Worth Ksh 420K To Buy A Matatu- Jamal Roho Safi Speaks On How He Made It In Business

Socialite Amber Ray’s hubby and entrepreneur Jamal Roho Safi is one of the most successful business men in the country. His success story is enough proof that nothing good comes on a silver platter.

In an interview on Jalang’o TV, Jamal reveals he used his school fees of Ksh 420,000, which he was given by his mom., to buy his first matatu. The money was meant to pay his fees for pursuing an aviation course at Wilson Airport. His journey to becoming rich started with his first matatu, which he named Telaviv. He worked both as a matatu tout and a driver for over 2 years.

In the same interview, Jamal disclosed that he always takes advantage of crisis to do business. He first took advantage of Michuki’s matatu restrictions; every matatu was supposed to have safety belts and be registered under a Sacco. Most matatus did not comply to this rule. He was the only one who complied and survived in business while others were waiting.

It was during this period that he made a lot of cash since his matatu was the only one in business. Jamal claimed he could make Ksh 30,ooo to Ksh 32,000 per day.

Additionally, Jamal claims he took advantage of Coronavirus and became the first person to import face masks when the virus hit. He has now moved to making money online.

Jamal proves that anyone just needs to think ahead and work smart to make some good money. He currently owns over 16 matatus working in different areas of the country. He also owns various luxurious cars which not most people can afford.


Weuh! Amber Ray’s reaction after bae, Jamal Roho safi publicly defends her from 1st wife, Amira

Jamal Rohosafi haskii wala haoni that is judging from his latest post shared on Instagram. Well, this past weekend Jamal’s first wife Amira, came out to accuse Amber Ray of snatching her husband; after months of pretending to be a friend.

Amber Ray introduced to Jamal Roho Safi’s family

According to Amira – Amber started befriending her after buying a few clothes from the socialite; only to realize that this friendship was actually a strategy to get her way into Jamal’s life. Addressing this in a series of posts, Amira went on to say;

Amber Ray with Somali bae, Jamal

“I used to talk to her until I realised kikulacho ki nguoni mwako.”

Jamal speaks

Seeing how his first wife was trending on blogs and media outlets thanks to her posts; Jamal on the other hand decided to defend his current second wife saying;

Allow me to put this matter to rest . @iam_amberay is my legal wife and that’s the truth. She has not used any juju on me as it’s being claimed, I am the one who knowingly went after her,hit on her and later married her. As a family we have our own disputes and am sure you have them in yours too , ours is not perfect in any way . Have a great a Saturday.

He who laughs…

Well, now that it’s clear Amber Ray is not going anywhere since Jamal considers her as a second wife; the socialite in response to bae’s post went on to comment saying;

Alafu uskie mtu akisema nikuache🤣🤣 oliskia wapi? 😅 Thank you my husband for standing by me ❤️❤️❤️❤️