Amber Ray Is Not Over Amira And Jamal

Amber Ray is clearly not done with her troubles with Amira and Jamal Roho Safi and it shows. We can tell because every time Amira shares something about her situation with her husband and the nice things they do for each other, she has something to say.

Don’t Judge My Life On What I Post- Amber Ray

And it is never anything worth the effort it took to log onto her IG account and comment about it.

When it’s done, she then gaslights all her fans who are smart enough to question why she is busy sending missives at Amira. Because at the end of the day, Amira is Jamal’s lawfully wedded wife. Amber Ray, therefore, has no reason to be jealous.

Bitterness galore? Socialite Amber Ray back to trolling Amira over Jimal Rohosafi

Well, there is that and the fact that she claimed that she was over their relationship. Yup, remember how she was busy letting us all in on the fact that her life had moved on and she was back on these streets looking for the next man.

We have now arrived at the point where I advise people to get therapy. She clearly has attachment issues. There is no real reason why she would still be reacting almost in tandem to whatever Amira or Jamal Roho Safi posts -well unless she is still involved with their family.

Eric Omondi Weighs In On Marrying Amber Ray, Reveals Bride Price He Would Pay For Her (Video)

And if that is the case, then she does indeed need to try and fix their relationship offline. If that is not what she needs, then she needs to start intensive therapy. Because this is not a good look for Amber Ray.

Wait, what am I saying, she is a problematic personality so this is in tune with her brand. This is really who she is simply extended to her digital platform.

It’s still not a good look for anyone. Being the stalker type of ex -constantly watching what your ex does. Constantly involving yourself with their lives from the fringes. And this is why I say people should keep their relationships off the internet. Because it makes seeing the flaws in our stars that much simpler.

At the end of the day though, the day ends and Amber Ray will doubtless continue being a crazy ex with attachment issues who seems to have decided to keep up with the Jonses -sorry, I meant Amira.

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Jamal Roho Safi shows us how not to start a polygamous marriage

Jamal Roho Safi recently made the news for all the wrong reasons: he was caught up in a love scandal with established video vixen and socialite, Amberay who outed their love affair and revealed that he was taking her on as his second wife.

Jimal Roho Safi snubs first wife and Amber Ray on Mother’s Day – introduces the real love of his life (Photo)

But there was just one problem -despite his religion, Islam, allowing him to take up to four wives, he has to get the support and acceptance of his first wife before he brings in a second or more to his household.

Jamal Marlow Jimal Roho Safi

And wouldn’t you know it, she recently revealed that this protocol and cultural dictate was not observed. According to Jamal Roho Safi’s first wife, Amira,

Mimi Sikuambiwa!- Jamal Roho Safi’s 1st Wife Tells Him Off For Marrying 2nd Wife Without Her Knowledge

 ”The thing is, kila mtu ni mtu mzima… It was his own decision. Sio rahisi. But usisasahau pia; according to religion, ukiwa unaoa mke wa pili unafaa umjulishe mke wako wa kwanza…. Sio sawa kwangu na haitawai kuwa sawa… Dini inaruhusu lakini mimi sikujulishwa.

Mimi mwenyewe nilikuja kujua kwa social media…”

And you can imagine just how spineless this approach seems to anyone with a head and sense of courage and common decency. I get it, every story has two sides but I do not see a reason for Amira to lie on Jamal Roho Safi’s name so I have to ask why he took such a spineless route.

Couple goals! Amber Ray with Jamal Rohosafi

You see, high-value individuals are not to be confused with high networth individuals. Jamal is the latter. When a man has ascended to the top of his world, it is only natural for him to attract attention from both women of value (traditional women) and trollops. Thing is, however, that if he is married, he would be wise to keep his affairs hidden like a dirty secret so as not to upset the balance of his family.

Jamal Roho Safi Opens Up On Why He Prefers Having Two Wives, Advices Rich Men To Do The Same

But if he is looking to become a polygamist, the right thing to do is to notify all the involved parties and that especially includes your wife. So Jamal Roho Safi’s actions smell of desperation and a scarcity mindset. I would argue that he is deathly afraid of losing Amira so instead, he attempted to finesse her into accepting the situation.

Jamal Roho Safi takes Amber Ray to meet parents

And that raises a second issue: never publicly humiliate your partner. What Jamal did with Amberay was to carry on and then break the news via social media so now his wife and the mother of his children is being humiliated in such a crushing and public way. Trust that women know how to nurse grudges.

Amberay’s hubby Jamal Roho Safi is proof not all men can handle polygamy

But at the end of the day, if indeed he did not inform his wife Amira before the rest of us, this speaks to his lack of respect for his marriage and the fact that indeed, he doesn’t need to involve himself in a polygamous marriage when he cannot ebven manage and lead his first marriage in a straight forward fashion. Why take on a second wife when you’re too scared of your first wife to tell her your decision?

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Nyashinski needs to teach Kenyan celebs how to be a celebrity family man

Nyashinski is one of the few celebrities who can teach his male counterparts healthy and wholesome ways of how to maintain their status and still be a functional husband and father because he understands a key factor: the difference between secrecy and privacy.

Nyashinski’s Wife Zia Opens Up On Why They Keep Family Off Social Media

You see, like every other Kenyan celeb out there, his DMs is choke-full of members of the opposite gender shooting their shot at him trying to either enjoy a stolen moment or perhaps even steal the position of wife from Zia Bett.

Lovers, Zia Bett and Nyashinski

But he has his head on straight and he understands priorities and for him, his wife and family is a chief priority. So he keeps his business private thus protecting it from all the demons. We see and know that he is a married man and father but beyond that, ask yourself, what do you really know?

Nyashinski Celebrates Birthday With Message Of Hope To Netizens Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

And it is because he respects his family enough to keep their business private that Nyashinski has given his family a fighting chance. First, should he decide to get involved with some random snatch, the bearers of said snatch know not to try to implode his life because there is a hard boundary there. Any woman who decides to help him scratch his itch knows that he cannot be distracted from focusing on being a great husband and father.

Nyashinski stays in his lane and that’s why he’s always winning

And as a result, they would all know to toe the line. They would understand that unlike with Mr Seed or Jamal Roho Safi, any disrespect these women send at his wife would not be tolerated.

Nyashinski’s hot wife opens up about struggle with weight loss months after giving birth (Photos)

And should he decide to be the solitary outlier of Kenyan celebrities who does not have any hanky-panky outside of his wedlock, then he wouldn’t have lost anything because his brand is firmly rooted in you not knowing a damn thing anyway.

Zia Bett
Mrs Nyashinski, Zia Bett

As a result, he has peace, his wife, Zia Bett has peace and more importantly, their family knows peace because even when they stumble and have to deal with an issue, they have all the privacy they need to navigate choppy waters. I hope Anerlisa Muigai is taking notes here.

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Amberay exemplifies why dating single mothers is frowned upon

Amberay is a single mother who has gone through all the stages of single motherhood that are available for low tier women. From being married as a second wife earlier, to failing at that relationship and bouncing around in different relationships and finally becoming a video vixen.

DM Police: Amberay is fooling herself to think she has no competition for Jamal

She is currently married to Jamal Roho Safi and while a lot of women are celebrating this new relationship as a win, but to be honest, the more she opens her mouth to tell us about the dynamics in her relationship, the more we laugh at Jamal Roho Safi for being a beta cuck.

Jamal introduces Amberay to his people

You see, Jamal Roho Safi is a huge contrast to Amberay’s baby daddy. He is a high networth man who has built for himself an empire that he doubtless would like to pass on to his children.

The Amberay situation shows modern women don’t even know how to be co-wives

He is clearly a family oriented man and is even more than willing to make an honest woman out of his former affair partner, all at the same time while humiliating his first wife (as Amberay keeps insulting her) and yet this man’s second wife has just declared her unwillingness to give him children.

Amberay says she will not be giving her husband children of his own by her

Let that sink in. Faith Makau was more than willing to carry and bear a child for some useless deadbeat kijana kia base: a man who by her own admission was too immature to raise their son but she is busy telling strangers on the internet how she is not prepared to give her new husband children because reasons

Kathy Kiuna needs to teach single mothers how to get and keep a husband

Not that she and Jamal Roho Safi agreed that this is not what they want but rather that she is scared of giving him children and she has unilaterally decided not to carry children for him. That has to make even his most useless uncle wonder what benefits this man gets from being with Amberay.

Amberay it could be said belonged to the streets

And this is not a laughing matter either. Jamal Roho Safi has now taken her and her bast son in as his responsibility. he is literally going to be diverting some of his resources from his two full-blooded sons and their mother inorder to share it with Mrs Makau Jamal and her son but she will not give him his own offspring?

Single mothers unite: Saumu Mbuvi is perpetuating a dangerous myth

This is the literal definition of cuckoldry. If you don’t know, that is a term derived from the behaviour of the cuckoo bird with often kills the offspring of other birds and lays its eggs in those birds’ nests and those birds then raise these cuckoo chicks. Sometimes, they don’t actually kill the eggs but simply add their own to the new parent’s brood and because of how big and insatiable the cuckoo bird chics are, the original chick starves to death and the new parents work themselves to death feeding these bastard birds.

Amberay has been linked to many celebs but has nothing special to give her husband

This is how my mentor explained all of this nonsense to me. Imagine Jamal Roho Safi providing the best for another man’s child while being denied children of his own by Amberay… How can this be viewed as anything short of a foolish decision?

Kate Actress, this is the reason why men dating single mothers show them fire

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DM Police: Amberay is fooling herself to think she has no competition for Jamal

Amberay recently revealed that she is her husband’s community manager and she handles his social media accounts. At first I laughed at this notion because it should be the inverse given she was a trollop socialite.

Has Amberay been exposed for lying about her financial acumen by her hubby?

Then I realized she was serious and it was a couple of weeks too late for her statement to qualify as an April Fool’s joke. And this got me thinking that indeed, it is more than just an example of how unfair modern relationships are but also a statement of how insecure this socialite is.

Jamal introduces Amberay to his people

She seems acutely aware that given the circumstances surrounding how their relationship started, she could very well be replaced by a woman as enthusiastic in her new hubby as she was. And this all amount to Amberay mate guarding her man.

Amberay’s hubby Jamal Roho Safi is proof not all men can handle polygamy

You see, she knows she needs to protect her meal ticket man. And who can blame her? She is being proactive about protecting her guy from someone like her especially because he has shown he has very little patience and attention span for long term relationships and when he finds a willing woman, he might very well wife her up.

Amberay used to post such wholesome images online yet she is worried about her husband’s DMs

But with all things said and done, whether or not she controls his social media profiles inorder to police his DMs (direct messages), this is a losing proposition that depends entirely on all Jamal’s suitors approaching him on social media rather than by calling him or cold approaching him on the streets of Nairobi.

Amberay financial times: stop taking advice from socialites

It is a rather ironic and hilarious self-awareness to know that she must stave off competition from women like her but there is actually a fool-proof way to ensure she maintains the happiness and joy she is currently enjoying with the new relationship energy:

Amberay with Somali bae, Jamal

Just live your life Amberay. You see, there are more women out there who are more attractive than you and who have better bodies without the burden of coming with some other man’s bastard love child. Add to this the fact that father time and mother nature are not on your side so you can actually realize that policing your man’s DMs is a loser’s game.

Gotta love her guts: Why you can’t help but love Amberay

Instead, Amberay should focus on ensuring she creates a peaceful environment for Jamal. She needs to maintain her physique as much as she can and also keep their relationship fun. That way, when the next social media bimbo catches his eye, he will still come back home. Because at the end of the day, she will not out-think hundreds of women who spend their free time dreaming up ways to approach a man like Jamal.

more wholesome Amberay photos

At the end of the day, she chose this battle when she decided to chase after a high-networth man so she has to make peace with the fact she cannot police his DMs nor his loins and actually focus on what she can control: her behaviour.

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Has Amberay been exposed for lying about her financial acumen by her hubby?

Remember when I told you not to take Amberay’s financial advice to heart because it was less than straight forward? Well, this has partially been proven to be the case as her husband, Jamal Roho Safi recently revealed he bought her her Hurlingham house.

Amberay financial times: stop taking advice from socialites

My argument was that if you’re going to take advice from someone, let it be someone who can account for their success beyond parting their lips to give you vague answers and amorphous solutions.

Jamal introduces Amberay to his people

Amberay recently took to her Instagram to tell people that she became a millionaire from selling cereals and matumbo. Which is fine and plausible if she can explain the market dynamics that helped propel her to her first million beyond saying “God blessed me”.

Amberay’s hubby Jamal Roho Safi is proof not all men can handle polygamy

You see, she is a single mother who did not grow up with a silver spoon. She had no connections other than the ones she started forming with the men who were thirsting after her. That is pretty much how to sum up her relationship with Zaheer Jhanda.

Amberay, Jamal Roho Safi
Jamal Roho Safi takes Amber Ray to meet parents

From there Amberay managed to use her intellect to propel her further by also forming connections with his peers. And the man is a multimillionaire so make no mistake about it, his friends are on a similar plane.

Gotta love her guts: Why you can’t help but love Amberay

But to go from there to owning a 30 million shilling home is not a joke. And to declare so without bothering to show proof of ownership… Clearly, men and women are held to different standards as any male celebrity who claims they own a house is often impelled to show proof of fact.

And Amberay is not going to be the financial guru you and your girlfriends think her to be. And there is nothing wrong with making her money through marriage but we need to stop being hypocritical. We need to stop being liars.

The only 2 ways socialites like Amberay and Huddah can afford their lifestyle

Let us call a spade a spade. That way, we will not have hardworking girls living their lives, trying to survive these harsh economic times sinking to depression as they compare their own trajectory to a mirage.

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