Dad girl goals! Tedd Josiah over the moon as daughter joins school

By now we all know who Tedd Josiah is and why he remains a favorite to many women out here because – he has proven to be a responsible dad – something we don’t see everyday.

As you know, he was left behind with 3 month old baby after his late wife, Regina Katar passed on after developing some health issues after her delivery. Painful experience for both Tedd Josiah and his daughter – but through it all they’ve managed to keep going.

With his wife dead, Tedd Josiah took it upon himself to raise his daughter and paused his love life – just to dedicate his attention to Jameela Wendo. So far we have a seen a love like no other between this two, which brings to why 52 year old Tedd Josiah feels proud of the far they’ve since come.

Finally in school

Having home schooled his girl for the past 4 years, baby Wendo just joined school for the first time at 5 years – something Tedd Josiah takes pride in.

Sharing the good news through his social media pages, Tedd Josiah shared a photo of his princess in full school uniform to which he captioned;

Jameela Wendo

BOOM!!! Just like that they are out of ur hands, wanting to see the world, looking forward to friends, swimming, school and other activities that don’t involve you!!! ???????????????? We’ve successfully transitioned from infant, baby, toddler, home school and now we are in a REAL SCHOOL!!!
Time flies

Of course he hasn’t been raising the girl by himself but through the help of aunties and uncles who have committed themselves to giving Jameela a complete family.

Thanking them for the hours they’ve put in all these years, Tedd wrote;

To all those aunties and uncles who’ve stood by us, prayed for us, been with us thru this journey this is ur win as much as it is ours! Thank u ☺️

And just like that – Tedd Josiah is living proof that dads can also raise daughter or rather kids with or without a woman in their lives!