Pastor Ng’ang’a is charging his congregants Ksh 1,000 for a bottle of water

Pastor James Ng’ang’a has sparked controversy online after a video surfaced showing him collecting Sh 1000 notes from his congregants in exchange for bottles of water.


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In the video, he pauses during his sermon to instruct his church members that each bottle of water they take will cost Sh 1000.

“I want to see. I have given you water. And you will pay for it, each person, Sh 1000. Everyone owes me. Bring Sh 1000. Bring my money. You have angered me. You cannot drink my water for free.


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If you don’t have, give your shoes. If you don’t have, don’t sit in the front row; sit at the back,” he declared.

The video prompted many netizens to criticize the pastor for demanding money and publicly shaming those who genuinely couldn’t pay.

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Pastor Ng’ang’a cautions congregation members not to call him for help raising money for their school tuition.

The renowned founder of Neno Evangelism, James Maina Ng’ang’a, has issued a stern warning to his congregants, cautioning them against inviting him to participate in fundraisers aimed at financing their children’s education.

In an undated church service, the controversial clergyman adamantly declared that he would not be contributing any money towards such endeavors, expressing his disapproval of the practice.

“Some people are crazy. You’re calling me to come for a fundraiser for your child going to Form One. You expect me to come? Did we give birth together? Take back the child where they came from. Don’t bring nonsense to me. Didn’t you know you should have saved for their education since they were in Class One? I should contribute for your child to go to school?” Ng’ang’a exclaimed passionately during the service.

This incident is not the first of its kind, as Ng’ang’a has previously rebuked individuals seeking financial assistance from him.

In 2020, he addressed congregants who habitually requested handouts, expressing his reluctance to provide monetary aid.

In a viral video captured during his preaching, an agitated Ng’ang’a criticized those seeking assistance, suggesting that they should turn to the government for support with rent and childcare expenses rather than approaching him.

“I cannot give money to them. Will I build their house or will I build the house of God?” he angrily questioned.

Ng’ang’a has been consistent in his firm stance against financial appeals. He also criticized men who don’t pay the dowry for women despite their parents educating them.

“If it’s marriage, you take other people’s daughters…you just create chaos. You don’t want to give dowry for that girl, and then you come saying ‘Praise the Lord.’ Praise Him for what? You are just a liar. Inside, you are an empty bag. The girl has left school, and you have also abandoned your home…now look at how things have gone wrong. Because even the parents themselves are not practicing worship,” he said.

‘Wabebe’ hitmakers 34 GVNG have teamed up with Ex Ray and Dmore on ‘Ka Ni Mtam’ and we love it (Video)

34 GVNG (Good Vibes No Guns), the group that treated us to the hit dubbed Wabebe alongside Gwaash, is back with a new jam featuring Ex Ray from Boondocks Gang and Dmore who is one third of Ochunglo Family.

The song dubbed Ka Ni Mtam simply talks about what you should do when she is too sweet. Actually, I feel ashamed writing about this but it is what it is.

I love this jam. If you chose to ignore the raunchiness and focus on the lyrics you’ll realize that it’s such a masterpiece – the creativity in it is unmatched.


I don’r really know who it is but I suspect that it must be Vuva on the first verse. This guy aced it. From the wordplay to the witty rhymes to the punchlines, everything was really on point.

Of course, Dmore also came through. For this lad, you can never really tell whether he is a dope lyricist or it’s how he expresses himself. Anyway, the bottom line is that he is good.

Notably, Ex Ray also did a good job. His verse was too lit. It goes like, ‘ka ni mtam nampatia za ma dumbolela, ka ni chura niko dianga ma zangalewa na zikishika zifike bana kamelewa, muchiri si unapenda masiri…”

The beat which was produced by the one and only Hitman Kaht was also impeccable. It keeps you hooked from the moment you hit the play button. Props to him.

Watch Ka Ni Mtam below and tell us what you think.

Mazmatics Manenos! Pastor Ng’ang’a claims people are always wowed by his handsomeness when they meet him

Controversial pastor James Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism Ministries continues to top headlines but for the wrong reasons.

The pastor recently bragged to his congregation saying that he buys cars like shoes and it’s not because he’s a pastor but rather because he has been blessed.

“I buy vehicles like shoes, I buy vehicles when I want and don’t tell it is because of the church. If that is the case you can go and open yours too. Do all pastors buy vehicles that way? Those are blessings from God,” he told his congregation. 


The pastor went on to say that a lot has been said about him online both good and bad but he doesn’t care because at the end of the day it’s all publicity. People meet him and are usually shocked by how different he is.

“They talk negative things about me and I am not bothered because it gives me publicity. Some meet me and say ooh this is the famous Ng’ang’a, he is such a handsome guy,” he said. 

Pastor James Ng’ang’a casts out stubborn demon from singer Rose Muhando (Video)

Demon possessed Rose Muhando was in Kenya for healing and exorcism. The Tanzanian singer attended a church service at Neno Evangelism Center of controversial pastor James Ng’ang’a.

The Tanzanian singer had been plagued by a series of scandals and misfortunes over the past few year. Apparently Rose experienced all the misfortunes because a stubborn demon escaped from hell and managed to possess her.

A video has emerged showing pastor Ng’ang’a casting out the hell bound demon from Rose Muhando. The clip show the controversial preacher summoning Muhando to the pulpit before he starts talking about her problems.

Demon recorded

The controversial preacher then attacks the demon with a strong prayer as he performs the exorcism. Ng’ang’a’s aide is seen struggling to capture the voice of stubborn demon as the preacher performs the exorcism on Rose Muhando.

The demon later on confessed that it’s Rose Muhando’s former manager Alex Msama who summoned it to possess the troubled singer.

“Ni meneja wake alitutuma sisi, tukachukua gari zake zote, tukachukua vitu vyake vyote. Na sisi tumemtoa nyumbani sasa asirudi nyumbani, miezi mitatu sasa…” said the demon.

Critics however note that Rose Muhando’s troubles are as a result of her drug addiction, anyway watch the clip below: