Detective Jane Mugo off the market, introduces new husband

Is it me or this weather is just off. Like honestly, who knew after June’s freezing cold, we would have to put up with rains in July?

I mean, if I knew –  I’d have stopped asking people ‘who have you my number’ and instead plan ahead for this winter. But si ni life, either way this gives me a chance to fully prepare for October/November weather. So don’t say I never gave you a heads up.

Jane Mugo off the market

Anyway while the singles continue hunting for human heaters – it appears your favorite Detective – Jane Mugo just bagged herself a husband. Yes read that again – I said husband not boyfriends and the detective is not afraid of flaunting him everywhere.

So far Jane Mugo has introduced the fella as one who worked for the KDF before moving to deal with private security – a field that may have brought them together.

Flaunts wedding ring

Well, 4 years after their engagement and Jane Mugo is officially off the market. She made this known through her social media pages parading her ring and new husband to the world.

On one of the posts, Jane Mugo wrote;

Even the mighty fall in love!!! ™️????‍❤️‍???????? ❤️

And if you thought Mugo just bagged another ordinary old man to be her son’s step father…you’re wrong cause the fella actually looks younger. But then again, age is nothing but a number right? As long as it’s past 21 though.