Janet Mbugua to start another show just weeks after joining NTV

TV host Janet Mbugua a few months ago launched her new show on NTV dubbed “Here and Now”. 

The popular TV host it seems has been also working on another show which is set to kick off soon.

New show

Without giving much, the mother of two said that she’s releasing another TV project on social media very soon. She did not, however, disclose the exact date of the beginning and where the show will air.

I’m so excited to announce that very soon, I’ll be releasing what has been a labor of love. A project near and dear to me that I hope will spark the conversations we need to be having and spark the change we need to see as well. Follow @myfirsttimestories on IG for teasers now, and major details in the coming weeks!” she wrote.


The Mbuguas finally reveal face of second baby months after being born(photos)  

Former Citizen TV news anchor Janet Mbugua and her hubby Eddie Ndichu were recently on social media to share some cute family moments.

It has been eight months now since Janet delivered her second born, Mali. On instagram, Ndichu shared cute photos with his two sons enjoying a day out and it’s totally worth it.

Hell and Back

Janet shared how she went through hell and back to welcome her second bundle of joy after delivery. The former news anchor had to be hospitalized.

Mbugua, in a live session with her fans on Instagram, shared that she had to undergo surgery after delivering her new born.

“It was insane, I underwent a surgical procedure next to my newborn. I had multiple meltdowns and I thank my family members (both mine and my hubby’s) for being supportive. They were there for me. Most incredible families,” narrated Mbugua. 

Here are the photos:

Janet Mbugua praises Mike Sonko: I feel like we need more leaders to stand up like him

Since taking the Nairobi County Office, Governor Mike Sonko has been a man facing criticism from his work. Many Kenyans have always insisted he’s not fit for office despite lining up and voting him in.

Janet Mbugua, though not really a fan of the governor, recently took to social media to share that Sonko made the right move after announcing Chandarana Supermarkets licenses’ were revoked after a ‘racist’ email went viral.

Speak up

The leaked email from the supermarket was instructing managers to focus on the white clientele.

“In as much as I don’t think what Sonko did completely solve the issue, cancelling licenses means affecting businesses, means affecting the employees of this company meaning they don’t have work. This is what I will say, the Governor made a strong statement by saying ‘You will treat our people with respect’ and for me, I feel like that is one of the solutions. For leaders to stand up and say ‘Look you are welcome to work in our country, have your own companies and build your own empires but don’t mistreat our citizens.’” said Janet.


“I feel like we need more leaders to stand up and say that …because it’s not just the leaked emails or the apology it’s the nature of how a lot of these companies treat Kenyans. It’s the nature of how the way racism is engrained in these companies; sometimes it’s subtle, sometimes is in your face,” Janet said in her Vlog.


Janet Mbugua’s sons asks her to ‘dress properly’ after stepping out like this 

Janet Mbugua is heavily pregnant and is finding it a little bit hard to find cloths that are comfortable and still fashionable.

Mbugua, who is married to Edward Ndichu, is pregnant with her second child and has been informing her son Huru that he’ll soon have a brother/sister.

“We speak to him like an adult and he has really become independent, which is helping him a lot. We have also made sure that when he asks a question, we try as much as possible to explain to him about that,” Janet revealed awhile ago. 

Not done

It seems Huru has grown up and even now can suggest how his mum should dress. Mbugua shared that Huru commented on a pair of tights she wore which, he wanted his mum to add something else to go with them. He felt his mum wasn’t fully dressed.

Here’s what Janet shared:

“My son looked at this outfit and told me, “Mummy you haven’t finished dressing”. Verbatim ? I think the tights made the look seem incomplete to him but these are one of the few outfits that are comfortable enough at this point! I’d wear a bedsheet if I could ? #PreggersStruggles…Sometimes…?
Sweater from @kachebyangie”

Wewe endelea kungoja bike! Janet Mbugua and hubby adopted an elephant for son as birthday gift 

Janet Mbugua and Eddie Ndichu’s son Huru is now officially three years old and he got a present not many would ever think of giving their son. Janet Mbugua took social media to share that they adopted him a baby elephant on his first birthday.

“Some of you have asked me what we got #babyhuru as a birthday gift? We adopted an elephant for him named ambo, from the @dswt in nairobi. I hope one day he understands the importance of #elephantconservation.” she said. 


Things however are a bit different this time round and even Janet confessed that Huru has changed a lot.

“Huru has totally changed, especially after we explained to him about it. I noticed that there is a difference and he constantly wanted to be with me. I tried and explained to him so that he does not get too shocked. But I was told that the transition would be a bit tricky, and that in the first few months there may be a little bit of jealousy. So what I should do is include him in washing the baby and even changing diapers,” said Janet Mbugua in her Vlog. 

Janet Mbugua’s sister in law shares how she handle’s Grace Mslame’s twins presence in her marriage 

Before Evaline Momanyi and Paul Ndichu started dating, there was Grace Mslame. Mslame’s union with Ndichu ended but left behind beautiful twins.

Now that Momanyi is in the picture and usually spends time with the two girls, she took to social media to explain how she hacks the tricky relationship without causing friction.

Not that unique

According to her, such families(blended family) thrive on respect and real love. We have seen Ndichu taking care of the twins and still being there for his new bundle of joy.

“Blended families are not that unique. My thoughts on it is there should be real genuine love. There has to be a lot of respect and communication around everybody. For the fathers, you always have to take responsibility and you will live in a peaceful situation,” she explained.


Why Julie Gichuru believes Janet Mbugua is an inspiration to Kenyans, Women

Veteran journalist Julie Gichuru has been in the business for a long time now and knows the ups and downs that come with the job.

In fact, Julie, who has been married for almost two decades, knows that maintaining a marriage while in the limelight is not an easy thing and was on Instagram to applaud her friend Janet Mbugua who is on her way to get her second child, still has a huge career and a thriving marriage.

We can have both

The two wanted women to know that though it’s hard, it’s very possible to have both a nice marriage and a career.

“With this inspirational babe @officialjanetmbugua yesterday ❤ Let no one tell us we can’t have it all, family, career, passion and fulfilment. Yes we can,” She said. 

“You are super awesome and totally inspirational Janet! ???❤❤❤ Ladies, as we do all these things lets never forget to find our quiet time… I always ensure that I make time to wind down and commune with myself, time to contemplate and connect with life. Time for the ‘little’ things that sing to our souls. ❤ It is a gift to ourselves to make time to ‘see the dew fall on the grass.’ ❤” 

This is how Janet Mbugua and her family are enjoying their vacation (photos)

It has been all work and little play for Janet Mbugua and her family. The family has however decided to steam off a little and head to the beach for a short vacation together after having a long first quarter.

Mbugua, her hubby Eddie Ndichu, their two year old son Ethan Uhuru and a soon-to-pop one still stuck in the belly headed to Watamu beach to enjoy their holiday.

First trip in 2018

Mbugua hasn’t shared a lot about the vacation choosing to stay away from social media instead and enjoy her time out. It’s the first trip the young family has taken since 2018 started and it seems they are really having fun.

Here ares the photos:


Janet Mbugua drove a matatu and she loved it (photos)

Janet Mbugua is not afraid of driving a manual car.

The former TV anchor recently posted a video on her social media pushing a matatu, and this was not just any other matatu. This particular one was designed by a female, the only female in the business of customizing matatu.

Long before being in a matatu

Janet shared that she hasn’t been in a matatu for a minute but enjoyed each and every moment.

“Ola folks! So I got the chance to have a great conversation with a group of young, driven women in a matatu designed by the sole Kenyan female matatu designer in Kenya! Whoop!” said Mbugua when posting the clip. 

“I haven’t ridden in a matatu in a while by the way. This was a great way to talk women, art and ambition. Thank you to following people and organizations for working on this great project and allowing me access to talk to the talent behind it”





Watch the video below:

How Eddie Ndichu celebrated his wife’s 34th birthday

Janet Mbugua is happy to have married the love of her life Eddie Ndichu. Well, he doubles up as her husband and best friend as revealed on most of her posts.

Former news anchor Janet Mbugua

After quitting her job as a news anchor, Janet Mbugua seems to have occupied herself with new projects to keep herself busy.

Apart from all her busy schedule, the lady is full time mum and wife to her young family. As she celebrated her 34th birthday, her husband Eddie Ndichu could not hold back from appreciating her through his Instagram page.

The lovely Janet Mbugua

The catchy message

Though the message written by Eddie Ndichu was brief, one can’t help but notice how grateful he is to have Janet Mbugua in his life. He describes her as his best friend and greatest gift from God. He wrote saying;