Janet Mbugua to start another show just weeks after joining NTV

TV host Janet Mbugua a few months ago launched her new show on NTV dubbed “Here and Now”. 

The popular TV host it seems has been also working on another show which is set to kick off soon.

New show

Without giving much, the mother of two said that she’s releasing another TV project on social media very soon. She did not, however, disclose the exact date of the beginning and where the show will air.

I’m so excited to announce that very soon, I’ll be releasing what has been a labor of love. A project near and dear to me that I hope will spark the conversations we need to be having and spark the change we need to see as well. Follow @myfirsttimestories on IG for teasers now, and major details in the coming weeks!” she wrote.


Janet Mbugua praises Mike Sonko: I feel like we need more leaders to stand up like him

Since taking the Nairobi County Office, Governor Mike Sonko has been a man facing criticism from his work. Many Kenyans have always insisted he’s not fit for office despite lining up and voting him in.

Janet Mbugua, though not really a fan of the governor, recently took to social media to share that Sonko made the right move after announcing Chandarana Supermarkets licenses’ were revoked after a ‘racist’ email went viral.

Speak up

The leaked email from the supermarket was instructing managers to focus on the white clientele.

“In as much as I don’t think what Sonko did completely solve the issue, cancelling licenses means affecting businesses, means affecting the employees of this company meaning they don’t have work. This is what I will say, the Governor made a strong statement by saying ‘You will treat our people with respect’ and for me, I feel like that is one of the solutions. For leaders to stand up and say ‘Look you are welcome to work in our country, have your own companies and build your own empires but don’t mistreat our citizens.’” said Janet.


“I feel like we need more leaders to stand up and say that …because it’s not just the leaked emails or the apology it’s the nature of how a lot of these companies treat Kenyans. It’s the nature of how the way racism is engrained in these companies; sometimes it’s subtle, sometimes is in your face,” Janet said in her Vlog.


Janet Mbugua’s sons asks her to ‘dress properly’ after stepping out like this 

Janet Mbugua is heavily pregnant and is finding it a little bit hard to find cloths that are comfortable and still fashionable.

Mbugua, who is married to Edward Ndichu, is pregnant with her second child and has been informing her son Huru that he’ll soon have a brother/sister.

“We speak to him like an adult and he has really become independent, which is helping him a lot. We have also made sure that when he asks a question, we try as much as possible to explain to him about that,” Janet revealed awhile ago. 

Not done

It seems Huru has grown up and even now can suggest how his mum should dress. Mbugua shared that Huru commented on a pair of tights she wore which, he wanted his mum to add something else to go with them. He felt his mum wasn’t fully dressed.

Here’s what Janet shared:

“My son looked at this outfit and told me, “Mummy you haven’t finished dressing”. Verbatim ? I think the tights made the look seem incomplete to him but these are one of the few outfits that are comfortable enough at this point! I’d wear a bedsheet if I could ? #PreggersStruggles…Sometimes…?
Sweater from @kachebyangie”

Lilian Muli goes Janet Mbugua’s way and starts her own Vlog on Viusasa

Like many other celebrities, news anchor Lilian Muli won’t let her pregnancy come and go without sharing her journey. The Citizen TV employee has announced that she will be starting a new TV show which will air on Viusasa, Royal Media’s digital platform that provides local videos for Kenyans.

The show will be called “Pregnant with Lilian” and like many others we have seen from celebrities like Janet Mbugua, Ess and Brenda Wairimu, the show will involve sharing some of things women go through while carrying a baby.

“Coming soon…#pregnantwithLillianI’m way past 20 weeks pregnant but retracing my footsteps…the challenges and milestones, the things I’ve learnt that have helped me cope better…answers to the many questions I’ve had. This journey is one I am so excited to share with expectant mums and new mums and even daddies and daddies to be actually all of you who care to learn like I have.,” she said on her Instagram page.


“Pregnancy can be a lot of things Terrifying, exciting, overwhelming, lonely but one thing is certain it is an incredibly eye-opening and fulfilling journey. As the weeks go by join me in this convo as we learn and share with each other in this pregnancy diary. Lots more to come. Lots of preggo hugs to you all. ❤” 



This is how Janet Mbugua and her family are enjoying their vacation (photos)

It has been all work and little play for Janet Mbugua and her family. The family has however decided to steam off a little and head to the beach for a short vacation together after having a long first quarter.

Mbugua, her hubby Eddie Ndichu, their two year old son Ethan Uhuru and a soon-to-pop one still stuck in the belly headed to Watamu beach to enjoy their holiday.

First trip in 2018

Mbugua hasn’t shared a lot about the vacation choosing to stay away from social media instead and enjoy her time out. It’s the first trip the young family has taken since 2018 started and it seems they are really having fun.

Here ares the photos:


Janet Mbugua’s message to Betty Kyallo after reading her story on popular Magazine which highlighted her life, love and former marriage

Janet Mbugua joins the list of popular people to congratulate Betty Kyallo for opening up for the first time about her life, love and why she walked out on Dennis Okari.

Betty Kyallo

For those who have not had the chance to grab a copy of the True Love Magazine August issue, then I bet you have read a few stories highlighting some of the things Betty Kyallo talked about.

Anyway, Janet Mbugua wrote through her Instagram stories telling Betty Kyallo,

@Bettymuteikyallo you’re a strong woman. Great interview @ truelove_ea

Though we know Janet Mbugua is a woman who has shown interest in supporting other ladies through her program – I must admit that I never thought she would have followed up with Betty Kyallo’s message.

Anyway checkout her post below;