Janet Mbugua finally clears airs that she has been dumped by husband

Former Citizen TV news anchor Janet Mbugua has finally addressed rumours that her marriages went to the dogs and is no longer with Eddie Ndichu.

Speaking on Upclose and Personal TV show, with Betty Kyalo, Mbugua denied that she has been having troubles at home and that her marriage has crampled. She started by urging Kenyans to take their time before starting a family and only to do it when completely sure.

“I always tell those who keep on saying: ‘Oh my God, I can’t wait to start a family…’ I say two things: ‘Take your time, and make sure that you are ready; because you could be good at being in love, but you do not really need to be married’. Mbugua stated.


Janet Mbugua with Baby Huru

The 35-year old also spoke about balancing her work with family saying:

“Trying to balance family, work and expectations is really hard…I love my family, I love where I am.

“And, I know, the moment you say it is not easy, I can predict what the blog posts would say… But, it is fine, they would talk about it” said the mother of two.

Stick or Skip? A first look at Janet Mbugua’s comeback show premiering on NTV 

It has been two years now since Janet Mbugua resigned at Citizen TV. Recently, social media has been buzzing after she official announced her comeback which will be on NTV.

Mbugua will be hosting a new show called “Here and Now”, which will be centered on the youth and will tackle social, economic and political issues they are facing.

“I am so jittery and that shows that I care about the product. A mentor once told me, the day you stop being nervous you should be worried,” she said.

Episode 1

Mbugua has now dropped a snippet  of the show and we want you to be the judge. The first episode includes her brother and former radio presenter Anita Nderu as they talk about depression and mental health.

“A difficult conversation with my older brother Kevin, plus a look in to a subject affecting many young people today and more. @hereandnowke premiers at 8 o’clock tonight on @ntvkenya. Use #HereAndNowKE,” she said on social media.

Watch it below


Wewe endelea kungoja bike! Janet Mbugua and hubby adopted an elephant for son as birthday gift 

Janet Mbugua and Eddie Ndichu’s son Huru is now officially three years old and he got a present not many would ever think of giving their son. Janet Mbugua took social media to share that they adopted him a baby elephant on his first birthday.

“Some of you have asked me what we got #babyhuru as a birthday gift? We adopted an elephant for him named ambo, from the @dswt in nairobi. I hope one day he understands the importance of #elephantconservation.” she said. 


Things however are a bit different this time round and even Janet confessed that Huru has changed a lot.

“Huru has totally changed, especially after we explained to him about it. I noticed that there is a difference and he constantly wanted to be with me. I tried and explained to him so that he does not get too shocked. But I was told that the transition would be a bit tricky, and that in the first few months there may be a little bit of jealousy. So what I should do is include him in washing the baby and even changing diapers,” said Janet Mbugua in her Vlog. 

Important things Janet Mbugua is addressing before she finally delivers her second born 

Veteran journalist Julie Gichuru has been in the business for a long time now and knows the ups and downs that come with the job. The mum of one is expecting number two soon and is doing everything possible not be caught off guard.

Paris visit

Mbugua announced her pregnancy on TV after she had taken a long break from social media to focus on her first trimester.

Now that she’s done with her long trip in Paris, France to celebrate their wedding anniversary, Janet shared that she’s getting ready to deliver.

Opening up on what she’s doing to face her finali trimester she said:

  1. I’ve upped my #supplements intake…and I feel so much better!
  2. Second trimester cravings are in full effect but I’m trying hard to maintain a decent diet.
  3. I’m already planning my delivery to-do list; getting in to the right frame of mind around birth the second time around, double checking my insurance, selecting the right hospital with good care. Speaking of ?? it’s appalling how many stories of quack doctors are still out there. We need to be fast in spreading word about this. Let’s keep that conversation open.

Why Julie Gichuru believes Janet Mbugua is an inspiration to Kenyans, Women

Veteran journalist Julie Gichuru has been in the business for a long time now and knows the ups and downs that come with the job.

In fact, Julie, who has been married for almost two decades, knows that maintaining a marriage while in the limelight is not an easy thing and was on Instagram to applaud her friend Janet Mbugua who is on her way to get her second child, still has a huge career and a thriving marriage.

We can have both

The two wanted women to know that though it’s hard, it’s very possible to have both a nice marriage and a career.

“With this inspirational babe @officialjanetmbugua yesterday ❤ Let no one tell us we can’t have it all, family, career, passion and fulfilment. Yes we can,” She said. 

“You are super awesome and totally inspirational Janet! ???❤❤❤ Ladies, as we do all these things lets never forget to find our quiet time… I always ensure that I make time to wind down and commune with myself, time to contemplate and connect with life. Time for the ‘little’ things that sing to our souls. ❤ It is a gift to ourselves to make time to ‘see the dew fall on the grass.’ ❤” 

Janet Mbugua’s husband: I became Mr. Janet after marrying her

Former news anchor Janet Mbugua and her husband Edward Ndichu have finally answered their fans who wanted to know the teeny tiny little details about their marriage.

Fans have been posting a lot of questions on Mbugua’s social media pages wanting to know how their marriage works and how they’ve managed to handle different pressures that have been cracking up other famous couples.

Questions from fans

Mbugua had promised fans she’ll drag her hubby in one of her vlogs for the chat. In the video, fans wanted to know things such as if the two couples fight, whether Mbugua gets insecure and how Ndichu sees Mbugua in the relationship considering how famous she is.

“So this is part 1 of my husband tag. I got a ton of questions on my Facebook and we only got through a few so we’ll do another soon! Enjoy,” said Mbugua.

Ndichu and Janet have been together for almost four years now and have been blessed with one kid.

Watch the video here 

Janet Mbugua and hubby celebrate their son as he turns 2 years (Photos)

Former Citizen TV’s news anchor Janet Mbugua and her hubby, Eddie Ndichu are proud parents to see their young boy turn a year older. Just like last year, the couple shared adorable photos spending time with their son on his birthday but since this year his birthday landed on the same day Kenyans held their second election – Janet and her husband chose to have a chilled out celebration.

Through their social media pages Janet Mbugua and her husband shared touching messages as they announced their son’s second birthday. Janet Mbugua wrote saying:

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When your son turns two but you make the turn up about you ? Happy 2nd Birthday son, you make us so proud and you’re every little heart beat in me. God keep you always ??❤#HuruIsTwo #AdventuresOfHuru It’s a big day for Kenya, may all go well!

Baby Huru turns 2 years!
Baby Huru turns 2 years!

She went on to add…

Just a regular morning at our place; messy home, pajamas and a mum playing dress up, leaving her son slightly bewildered but ultimately amused! Beyond that is the picture of a young boy who changed his mama and papas lives two years ago in the best, most profound way. Thank you for teaching us love, thank you for BEING love. Happy birthday son ?

Eddie Ndichu on the other hand went on to appreciate his baby boy by writing;

Baby Huru turns 2 years!
Baby Huru turns 2 years!

Whose birthday is it is again? God’s favour.Thankful. #HuruTurnsTwo

And added to say,

I Bless you Son. May you continue to have God’s favour throughout your life. #HuruTurnsTwo