Janet Mbugua to start another show just weeks after joining NTV

TV host Janet Mbugua a few months ago launched her new show on NTV dubbed “Here and Now”. 

The popular TV host it seems has been also working on another show which is set to kick off soon.

New show

Without giving much, the mother of two said that she’s releasing another TV project on social media very soon. She did not, however, disclose the exact date of the beginning and where the show will air.

I’m so excited to announce that very soon, I’ll be releasing what has been a labor of love. A project near and dear to me that I hope will spark the conversations we need to be having and spark the change we need to see as well. Follow @myfirsttimestories on IG for teasers now, and major details in the coming weeks!” she wrote.


Tunawapeleke na rieng! Fans try to read in between lines after Janet Mbugua unfollows husband on social media 

Janet Mbugua’s husband Eddie Ndichu was recently on social media to share some touching posts.

“Choosing to stay positive despite the highs and lows literally brewing exhaustion through my eyes! Resolve your state of mind to having done your best today and leave tomorrow to God!” he posted. 

According to some, such posts usually don’t just pop up and they sure have meaning.

Apparently, some believe that Ndichu and Mbugua might be undergoing a rocky phase. When some fans went digging they came up with report that a hardworking Janet, who has been married to Ndichu for five years now, has just unfollowed him on social media.

Mother’s post

Also, on Mother’s day, Ndichu only posted a photo of his mother and showered her with praises.

He didn’t share a photo of Janet wishing her a happy mother’s day like the other years. Janet’s fathers day post is also missing.

So some believe all is not well and they are closely monitoring the two. So are we here at Ghafla.

Why 35-year-old Janet Mbugua has left social media

Former Citizen TV news anchor Janet Mbugua has taken a break from social media.

Though she shared it’s not permanent, the mother of two didn’t reveal when she might be making a comeback.

“It’s been such an incredible week! A lot of it spent online and now it’s time to be present offline, at least for a bit. A huge thank you to you who’ve participated in such key conversations around social issues, particularly on health and gender rights,” she posted on social media. 



“A special thanks to those who’ve signed and shared my petition. Let’s get more signatures on there! The more the voices, the better the progress. I’m bummed that I won’t make it to the Women Deliver Conference in Vancouver this year, due to unavoidable circumstances. For our national champions going, like @nicelengete and @josephinekulea among others, make us proud! To all of you, Happy Madaraka Day 2019, see you all soon!”

Janet might just be taking a rest from her busy schedule which has seen her travel to different parts of the country. She needs the rest.


The long wait is over! Janet Mbugua´s 2nd baby boy´s all-chubby face unveiled

It has been 8 months since former TV girl, Janet Mbugua left the delivery room and the product is just too overwhelmingly adorable and cute.

A room that was no easy battle for the media personality who came out victorious amidst the barriers.


The couple´s stand was to keep their newborn away from the public eye but it is finally out after the so much awaited moment.

Up on his Insta stories, the proud father of 2 look-alike sons is seen having a minute with his young ones, up in his arms and all smiley.

Hubby, Eddie Ndichu could hold it back no more after unveiling the baby boy´s chubby cheeked-face while having a day out with the boys.


Up and close, it is easy to tell the striking resemblance in Janet´s house that´s filled with boys.


The couple´s first son, Huru Ndichu, was a target to the ladies but this second one might have saved him.

Mali Mwaura Ndichu is the tender boy´s name.


The world must have been well prepared to wait for the baby´s 1st birthday to see his face just like Huru´s.

But seems the chains have been broken by the new bundle of joy.