Wewe endelea kungoja bike! Janet Mbugua and hubby adopted an elephant for son as birthday gift 

Janet Mbugua and Eddie Ndichu’s son Huru is now officially three years old and he got a present not many would ever think of giving their son. Janet Mbugua took social media to share that they adopted him a baby elephant on his first birthday.

“Some of you have asked me what we got #babyhuru as a birthday gift? We adopted an elephant for him named ambo, from the @dswt in nairobi. I hope one day he understands the importance of #elephantconservation.” she said. 


Things however are a bit different this time round and even Janet confessed that Huru has changed a lot.

“Huru has totally changed, especially after we explained to him about it. I noticed that there is a difference and he constantly wanted to be with me. I tried and explained to him so that he does not get too shocked. But I was told that the transition would be a bit tricky, and that in the first few months there may be a little bit of jealousy. So what I should do is include him in washing the baby and even changing diapers,” said Janet Mbugua in her Vlog. 

Janet Mbugua drove a matatu and she loved it (photos)

Janet Mbugua is not afraid of driving a manual car.

The former TV anchor recently posted a video on her social media pushing a matatu, and this was not just any other matatu. This particular one was designed by a female, the only female in the business of customizing matatu.

Long before being in a matatu

Janet shared that she hasn’t been in a matatu for a minute but enjoyed each and every moment.

“Ola folks! So I got the chance to have a great conversation with a group of young, driven women in a matatu designed by the sole Kenyan female matatu designer in Kenya! Whoop!” said Mbugua when posting the clip. 

“I haven’t ridden in a matatu in a while by the way. This was a great way to talk women, art and ambition. Thank you to following people and organizations for working on this great project and allowing me access to talk to the talent behind it”





Watch the video below:

After quitting her job at Citizen TV, Janet Mbugua goes topless

Bet you never saw the day Janet Mbugua would post a topless photo, right? Well, the day has finally arrived and the ‘reserved’ Janet Mbugua we used to know from then has matured into a fine lady who is capable of taking risks without fearing what people will say.

A few hours ago the mother of one uploaded the unique photo on her official Instagram leaving many surprised as we did not see it coming. She however decided to turn off the comment section – a smart move to block negative comments from fans who would have roasted her for the photo.

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Though the photo did not show much, one can’t help but notice the words on her back “This is the beginning of the beginning” which show she has officially started off a new chapter that will allow fans see another side of her we never knew nothing about.

Anyway, checkout the photo below and let us know what you think.

Janet Mbugua goes topless
Janet Mbugua goes topless